45 Flattering Haircuts for Men With Thin Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

You may feel limited with your styling options if you’re searching for the best haircuts for men with thin hair. Thin or thinning hair usually means one of two things:

1. Your family genes are causing gradual hair loss and a receding hairline.

2. You have a full head of hair on the top of your head, but it doesn’t feel very thick. In this case, it has a naturally thin density.

Either way, men can still get a great haircut with thinner hair. The right cut and styling products will help your hair look thicker. Your barber will know which hair product works best for you.

Before your next trip to the barber, check out these inspiring photos of the best haircuts for men with thin hair:

Edgar Cut for Thin Haired Men
Instagram @osman.karaev

#1: Edgar Cut for Thin Hair

An Edgar cut is ideal for thin hair due to its unique features. A bald fade on the sides and back of the head, for instance, gives a fuller look to the top of the head. In addition, a skilled barber can tailor the cropped fringe to your forehead. This can hide any hairline recession you may have. Apply volumizing powder to dry hair for added thickness on top. This will make your hair look denser. It will also add texture and style.

#2: Clean Cut Combover with a Beard

The clean-cut combover with a beard is a low-maintenance yet classic hairstyle. It’s a look that shows professionalism without much effort. Ask your stylist for this haircut. It starts with a half blend to two, leaving 1-3 inches of hair on top. After the cut, use a small amount of gel. This allows you to easily comb, brush, or style by hand. For those who use high-end hair care, I recommend Johnny B’s Mode hair gel. It’s a luxury product that is affordable and fits most hair types.

#3: Side Part Comb Over for Men Over 60

A side part is a great option for men in their 60s with thin hair. This look is a business cut with a classic taper. You can have a hard side part as it is styled in the photo or without, giving a more laid-back look. It can be achieved with just a little product. Use pomade to aid in controlling the hard part and to add shine. A mousse or gel would also work if styling wet hair.

#4: Thin Silver Fox Haircut

A silver fox haircut like this can make your hair appear thicker, give a stylish contrast, and make your hair easy to style. Ask your barber or hairstylist to give you a low fade. Start with a half blend and progress to a short length on top, as per your preference. At home, use a blow dryer for volume. Apply matte clay starting from roots to ends for styling.

Flattop Buzz Cut for Thin Hair on Men with a bald fade and a beard
Instagram @cutsbycameron

#5: Flattop Buzz Cut for Thin Hair

Want something simple, wash and wear, and always looks great? This flat top buzz cut for thin hair will suit all your best needs. It gives you a simple style and makes any head of fine hair appear thicker. When you can visit your barber, ask for a zero-high fade on the sides. Then ask for a buzz on top to your liking. I suggest using a 6 guard to have a bit left on top to style.

Wavy Quiff for Silver-Haired Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @spukthebarber

#6: Wavy Quiff for Silver-Haired Men

If you’re aging, your hair doesn’t have to keep aging with you with this wavy quiff for silver-haired men. Give your hair some much-needed style by asking your barber for a soft side fade. Ask for 2-4 inch lengths based on your preference and maintenance.

#7: Deep Side Part with a Mid Fade

Embrace your hairline with a deep side part with a mid fade. It’s suitable for the office or to be the guy where all of his friends ask where he gets his haircut! I recommend rebooking with your barber every 2-4 weeks for maintenance.

#8: Swept Back and a Hard Part

Check out this swept-back hair with a hard part! A fade contrasts the top of your head if you are self-conscious about thinning hair. When styling haircuts for men with thinning hair, use a shiny finish product such as a gel or pomade that will hold your hair in place all day. Nice and easy for the guy on the go.

#9: Tousled Top with Faded Sides

This tousled top with faded sides is a trendy haircut for guys looking for a change. This haircut features hair left along the top and back, a refreshing break from a fade. And, with just a slight fade at the temple for shape and cleanliness. Also, it’s ideal for blending into a full beard. This style is best with matte clay!

#10: Short Salt-And-Pepper Hair with a Beard Fade

Short, salt-and-pepper hair with a beard fade is popular for men with a receding hairline. The extra length up top will softly cover any hairline. The neat sides blend nicely into any facial hair you may have. A clean and proper look for a businessman!

#11: Faded and Spiked Hairstyle

Are you a male with a receding hairline? Try this faded and spiked hairstyle – ideal for anyone looking to give the illusion of more hair on top. Pair with a gel or No.4’s texture paste for a spiked look.

Short Quiff with Faded Sides and Nape for Thin Haired Men
Instagram @birkan.krk

#12: Short Quiff with Faded Sides and Nape

Rather than sporting some long locks, ask for this short quiff with faded sides and nape. I recommend asking your barber or stylist for a “taper fade” to achieve this look on the back and sides. And leave 1-3′ inches on top of the style. This will leave you with sideburns, and a nape faded from a zero to a 2 for extra longevity in your haircut. Plus, it’s easy to style with matte clay or gel!

Side-Parted Sleek Style for Thinning Receding Hairline
Instagram @keanucutz

#13: Side-Parted Sleek Style for Receding Hairline

What hairstyle will help you manage your thinning hair? Contrary to what you may think, there are various styles. But I would recommend this side-parted sleek style for a receding hairline. A high fade will add contrast to the length left at the top of your head to make your strands appear thicker. For max results, blow-dry your hair and style it with matte clay for the fullness.

#14: Clean Fade for Thinning Hair

A clean fade for thinning hair provides a neat and proper result. Especially if you feel that the hair on your scalp may be thinning. I recommend asking your barber or stylist for a high bald fade with an inch of hair left on top to style!

#15: Very Thin with Zero Fade

Are you worried about your hair thinning? If so, try this haircut with zero fade. I recommend you blow-dry your hair. Then, apply matte clay to conceal thinning strands near your hairline or crown.

Neat Choppy Cut on Men's Silver Thin Hair
Instagram @hairsystemsguy

#16: Neat Choppy Cut on Silver Hair

Is your vibe for your hair low-maintenance and easygoing? This choppy cut on men’s silver hair features a clipper cut on the sides that isn’t too short and a texturized cut on top. The final results of this combo feature hair left along the sides and forehead to show off your full head of hair—style with matte clay for texture or a gel for shine.

Short and Straight Slick Back Hairstyle for Guys with Thin Hair
Instagram @farzanbarbershop.gothenburg

#17: Short and Straight Slick Back Hairstyle

A slick back hairstyle is one of the best short haircuts for a gentleman or young professional. There are a few things to ask your stylist or barber when asking for this haircut. Make sure you consult about a fade on the side and back you’re comfortable with and a length on top to suit your face. This haircut is best styled with matte clay on fine hair or pomade on coarse, thick hair.

Low-Maintenance Textured Style on Mature Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @tintedbyhaley

#18: Low-Maintenance Textured Style on Mature Men

Try this low-maintenance textured style if you’re looking for a style that doesn’t try too hard. A razor can add a touch of texture on top of this cropped style. And, due to its relaxed nature, it pairs well if facing any difficult growth patterns—for example, cowlicks on your crown or hairline.

#19: Side-Swept Piece-y Spikes for Men with Thin Hair

Try side-swept spikes if you want a modern twist on a gentleman’s side-parted haircut. Ask your barber for a bald fade on the sides and a disconnected undercut on top. After you are happy with the finished haircut, ask for a gel that suits your hair texture. Then, you can get your desired style at home!

#20: Rugged Quiff Skin Fade

The Quiff with a skin fade is great for guys with fine hair. It works by letting hair gather on top and then pulled back one on top of another to create a sense of fullness. Meanwhile, cutting your sides low will create contrast. A bald fade with the beard gives a total hipster vibe if that’s what you’re going for.

#21: Slicked Back Short Hair with a Bald Fade

A slicked-back haircut with a bald fade is one of the coolest haircuts men with thin hair should try. The shaved sides emphasize the hair on top, creating a much fuller effect.

#22: Modern Ivy League with a Drop Fade

For the classic gentleman’s hairstyle with a modern punch, the ivy league haircut is at the top of the list of the best hairstyles for men with thin hair. The tapered fade makes for the retro vibes of the ivy cut.

#23: Texturized & Masculine Haircut

When you have thin hair and want a short haircut, get it texturized. The sides are faded from one into the transition area with a skin taper in the backhand style to give messy thin hair hairstyles men love.

Clean Cut Grey Skin Faded Haircut for Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @bigmike.thabarber

#24: Clean Cut Grey Skin Faded Hair

You may tend to avoid short crops if you have thin, grey hair. But a clean-cut, skin-faded haircut is one of the best style choices for thin grey hair! If you’re a man who finds himself with a thinning hairline, you should avoid keeping your hair long as it can make your hair look thinner and less voluminous.

The Classic Silver Pompadour for Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @tone_thebarber

#25: The Classic Silver Pompadour

The silver pompadour is a classic style for a middle-aged man. It’s easy to maintain and gives you a sleek and smart finish. It faded tightly at the base and graduated to the top, leaving enough to brush back for the iconic style. A good pomade will give the hold required and the slick sheen to finish it.

Silver Mullet for Older Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @spukthebarber

#26: Silver Mullet for Older Men

Attention, men, mullets are in! However, probably not the mullets you’re imagining. These are modernized mullets. You are bringing a fresh new vibe to an outdated look. This look can be worn messy or suaver, as long as you are comfortable using a small round brush and some product. Ask your barber to show you some tips if you still need to.

Soft Short Shaggy Cut for Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @simondoylehair

#27: Soft Short Shaggy Cut

The soft, shaggy cut is a relatively easy cut to maintain, as the texture can be created with the right products. Most of this cut will be done with scissors incorporating clippers to make the short tapered edges. Although this cut looks natural, be prepared to do some styling in the mornings. I recommend a good sea salt spray and some styling powder to finish off your style.

Trendy High Skin Fade for Men with Thin Hair
Instagram @eltracker

#28: Trendy High Skin Fade

The high skin fade is suited to men who like a tight finish. The fade has been taken past the temple line and rounded into the top to keep it close. The fringe has been disconnected to keep the length and create the height at the front. A trim every two weeks to keep this cut looking fresh. To style, I recommend blow-drying your front up with a volume spray and good styling paste to finish it off.

High and Tight for Thin Hair
Instagram @rebel.bible

#29: The High and Tight

The high and tight is one of the best haircuts for men with thin hair. If you want to see more like this, check out these military cuts.

Undercut faux hawk on thin hair
Instagram @kat.domz

#30: Undercut Faux Hawk on Thin Hair

The undercut faux hawk offers a stylish camouflage for men with thin hair. It utilizes close clippering on the sides and cuts the top short with lots of texture, blending the thinner areas of your hair. If thinning is predominant in the temple and the front hairline, you may have a better cut since hair is needed in the front to create the faux hawk style.

Long slicked back curls for fine hair
Instagram @nathan.b.adams

#31: Long Slicked Back Curls for Fine Hair

Long, slicked-back hair is great for guys with curly, fine hair to add volume to the hair. The fade is kept low, graduating into the top smoothly to help build the transition for the curls. The best way to tame your curls is to dry some sea salt spray into them and then use a strong pomade or paste to hold them back throughout the day.

Trendsetting thin faded undercut
Instagram @topboy_83

#32: Trendsetting Thin Faded Undercut

The faded under cut for men is a wise style choice for any guy suffering from thinning hair. The shorter the sides are, the longer and thicker the hair will appear on top. This cut is easy to style with a little product, a brush, or comb backward, and off you go to start your day!

Easy-to-Manage Buzz Cut on Thin Hair
Instagram @seanhairdesign

#33: Easy-To-Manage Buzz Cut

The buzz cut might be for you if you’re looking for hairstyles for thin hair men that are easy to manage, save a ton of products, and will flatter thin hair.

Thin pompadour fade
Instagram @le_pommadier

#34: Thin Pompadour Fade

How can you extend a fade on the sides when you have thin hair? Through a guard skipping technique! It works wonders in terms of aesthetics and innovation for the trained eye. Plus, it’s a great way to make your thin hair look thicker.

#35: Professional Cut for Men Over 40

This short crop is perfect for men in their 40s experiencing thinning hair and needing a professional haircut. You can achieve this with a tapered nape, temple area, and sharp lines.  This haircut is great for men with thin hair and a straight texture. This is a style that you can wash and go with very little time spent on maintenance.

#36: Clean & Mature Spiky Crop

This haircut is a clean mature look. For styling products, I used a custom-made sandalwood and tea tree oil beard balm to soften and style the beard. The Ampro Coconut Oil Styling Gel also gives the hair a wet look. It also has an attractive fragrance to draw the ladies’ attention! Rub the gel against the grain of your hair direction to create a spiky hair effect. No comb is involved at all! This is classic skin fade on the side, too.

Straight and sleek haircut with a hard part for men with thin hair
Instagram @gusmacbarber

#37: Straight and Sleek Haircut with a Hard Part

The sleek and straight haircut is for the modern-day man with thinning hair. It’s classy but rockstar at the same time and looks fab in a suit and funky in denim. As for face shapes, this haircut doesn’t discriminate, although a sharp square jawline will get the heads turning. This style is for men who like a short, sharp, and crispy clean hairstyle with no fuss in the early mornings while getting ready for work.

#38: Thin Side-Swept Hair with a Taper Fade

Try a very modern side-swept haircut with a taper fade for thin hair. It’s a good mix between leaving it long on the sides and fading the sides extremely short. This haircut is excellent for men with thinning hair because the extra length, both on the top and sides, increases the appearance of volume in your hair.

Tight & Clean Textured Hair Cut
Instagram @nxtlevelboys

#39: Tight & Clean Textured Hair

A tight and clean textured cut is flattering for guys. A textured crop is a no-muss, no-fuss haircut that is great for men with thinner hair who prefer to spend less time styling it.

Mohawk Fade on Fine, Thin Hair for Men
Instagram @joeyinthecut_

#40: Mohawk Fade on Fine, Thin Hair

A mohawk fade with a wet, spiked-up finish will flatter men with finer hair. It’s for guys who want to look juvenile, even wearing a semi-formal suit. This look is for men with fresh and clean faces.

Combover with Razor Shaved Fade
Instagram @gthebarber718

#41: Combover with Razor Shaved Fade

A medium straight razor-shaved fade with a natural and sleek side part is simple with clean lines. This comb-over with fade looks great on men with an oblong, oval, or diamond-shaped head.

Simple Crew Cut Fade for Guys with Thin Hair
Instagram @edisonchu7

#42: Simple Crew Cut Fade

Get a simple fade with a number two crew cut on top. It’s almost a buzz cut, but not quite. If you have thin hair, have it blend in with the top of your hair, bringing more definition to your face.

#43: Dapper Low Skin Bald Fade

A low-skin bald fade haircut is great for men with thinner hair. The blending is what makes this short haircut nice-looking. This style is a nice clean cut for guys who want to keep it short. The low bald fade looks good on any face shape and size, and this haircut suits any lifestyle.

Stylish Skin Fade With Hard Part
Instagram @so.be.men

#44: Stylish Skin Fade With Hard Part

Consider getting a skin fade with a hard parting, pushing the longer hair on top over to make a slight pompadour haircut. For products, opt for something that isn’t greasy to ensure it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Try Bed Head Matte Separation Workable Wax, then finish with hairspray.

Thin faux hawk style
Instagram @exclusive_barbernh

#45: Subtle Faux Hawk Style

Hair that’s faded towards the center and brushed up for the classic fake mohawk style is perfect. A straight hair type makes the style easier to achieve.