17 Best Gentleman Haircut Styles You’ll See in 2022

The gentleman haircut

The gentleman haircut is a classic men’s haircut that is typically shorter and styled with a side part or a comb-over. Inspired by vintage haircuts that epitomize the qualities of a gentleman, this haircut stays refined and stylish through time.

Hollywood celebrities Colin Farrell, Henry Cavill, and Orlando Bloom have been pioneering this cut that is appropriate not only for formal looks but also for dramatic and outgoing styles.

Barber Alexis Nikollaou features on his feed the different variations of a gent’s cut on all kinds of hair textures – wavy, straight, and thick hair.

The secret for gentleman’s hairstyles is a good hold product. The barbershop favorites include pomade, gel, wax, and clay plus a handy comb, which easily does the trick and makes any structured hairstyle uncomplicated to replicate.

Before your next haircut, check out these trendy images of the best collections of the gentleman haircut!

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Long Slick Back Hair

Gentleman's long slick back hair cut
Instagram @emma_ccbs

Even long hair can produce a trimmed up, slick back look. Just style it slicked back and keep it there using gel or your favorite pomade for that neat, suave finish.

Messy Quiff for Curly Hair

Messy Quiff for Curly Hair
Instagram @przebarber

A messy quiff for curly hair is an awesome choice for any young adult. It features a skin-tight low fade on the side that is nicely transitioned into a messy quiff. Make sure you have an experienced barber to do this haircut for you because this style can easily take a wrong turn if he or she is not experienced enough.

High Fade Haircut on Afro

High fade haircut on afro
Instagram @alexwoods.barber

A high fade haircut on Afro is a great option when looking for a new Afro style. Inform your barber not to go too high on the fade, for it can quickly turn a high fade into a disconnected man bun.

The Modern Gentleman

The modern Gentleman haircut
Instagram @envybarbers

A cut does not make a gentleman. A true classic man owns even the seemingly normal barber’s cut. The best thing about the modern gentleman cut is it works on both straight and wavy hair types.

The Gentleman Cut for Wavy Hair

The Gentleman Cut for Wavy Hair
Instagram @_srlucaslima

A light fade and layered cut for a catch like you. This gentleman cut is sure to flaunt your natural wavy hair texture.

The Black Gentleman Haircut

The black Gentleman Haircut
Instagram @cal_newsome

This gentleman’s cut does not need any introduction. Clean fade haircut and slapping waves make a suave black gentleman.

Short Comb Over Haircut

Short comb over haircut
Instagram @maisie_mrobinsons

A simple man’s look, this classic comb over with part is nothing but casual and savvy. Worn with suits, a standout from the crowd and let your facial features be highlighted.

Side Part with Beard for Gentlemen

Side part with a beard for gentlemen
Instagram @eddie_rtb

Connect the fade to your beard by having a faint sideburns area. This serves to keep hair polished all over, not sacrificing style and fashion.

Side Part Quiff Hairstyle

side part quiff hairstyle
Instagram @lucas_kemper_hair

Stylish and sneaky— a quiff with a defined part plus a lower fade comb over is a neat way to pull up your sleeve for a cool gentleman’s hairstyle. This is great for hiding those long locks when you’ve got a strict dress code for the office.

Undercut with Fade Haircut for Thick Hair

Undercut with Fade Haircut for Thick Hair
Instagram @theheroine_

Gradation in an undercut comb over is what keeps this gentleman hairstyle looking fresh. Long hair up top maintains a very frisky attitude. Adding texture will create more movement in straight hair.

Dapper Long on Top + Short Sides

Dapper Long on Top + Short Sides
Instagram @nextlevel_barber_shop

With a short sides haircut, you have so much room to explore and play around different styling techniques. You can try out different hair products that suit your needs, all while keeping a straight look.

Side-Swept Fringe for Thin Hair

Side-Swept Fringe for Thin Hair
Instagram @leekaja.hanif

If you have thin hair, having a trendy side-swept fringe over your hairline could create a fuller look. And since haircut styles like this are easy to jazz up, why not give it a try?

The Classic Gentleman Cut on Short Hair

The Classic Gentleman Cut on Short Hair
Instagram @buhair_frizerskisalon_maribor

If the famous Captain America can get away with this retro hairstyle and still be dapper all those years, then you can too! Less is more, they say, and you can bring so much more to the look without trying to hard.

Gentlemen’s Simple Side Part

Gentlemen's Simple Side Part
Instagram @bushmanbarber

Ah, a classic side comb-over. Never fails to leave the girls admiring your fresh gentleman’s haircut.

Combover for Medium-Length Hair

Combover for Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @thugcuts

This medium-length haircut is classic and professional. Created by barber Isabelle Enei from Canada, the best thing about this haircut is that it looks sophisticated and as though time and effort went into it.

A combover haircut like this requires time to style and products. Enei explains, “It’s not suitable for low-maintenance men or men who want to “wash and wear.” It works well for those with wavy and straight hair textures.”

This look is best achieved when blow dried with a vented brush or round brush for more volume. “I always recommend applying a grooming spray to damp hair prior to blowdrying for extra hold. After blowdrying, apply a paste throughout the hair. For a softer finish, use your fingers to style it, and for a more structured look, comb it into place,” Enei explains.

The Ivy League

The Ivy League
Instagram @_hairbypamela

This modern gentleman’s hairstyle is an ivy league haircut with a side part, designed by hairdresser Pamela Panousis of Australia. What’s great about it is it’s sophisticated yet fun and modern.

“I’ll always look at the hair type and consider all things necessary in order for my guy to walk out and be able to style his hair easily and effectively after he leaves my chair,” Panousis explains.

Side Part + Classic Taper

This classic gentleman haircut is a side part pompadour with a taper fade on the back. A lot of dudes used to wear these kinds of haircuts in the 1950s and barber Roman Tsubera from Ukrain is a big fan of the style.

“As a barber, I try to advise these haircuts to all guys because they’re practical, stylish, simple to comb, etc. Side parts are one of the most casual haircuts you can go to a job interview, party, date. If you know how to comb or apply some hair product in it, they will become your signature style. That’s why I love cuts like this side part with classic taper! They look great on duty or even at home,” Tsubera explains.

If you don’t know which haircut or style to get, Tsubera proposes the classics because they never get out of fashion. “The interesting thing is that every man with any hair type can afford classic cuts. You can find any haircut depending on face shape, personality, lifestyle and etc,” Tsubera notes.