28 Textured Fringe Haircuts Men Are Getting Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Drop Low Fade with Textured Wavy Bangs for Dudes with Medium Hair
Instagram @d.d.sangenjaya

#1: Drop Low Fade with Wavy Bangs

The drop low fade with wavy bangs is a stylish and modern hairstyle for guys looking to make a statement. The fade starts high and tapers toward the neckline, creating a sharp and clean look. The wavy bangs add texture and movement to the style, giving it a trendy and relaxed vibe.

#2: Messy French Crop with Undercut

Updating your hairstyle with a messy French crop, paired with an undercut, is a creative idea. To get this look, talk to your barber. See how an undercut can work with your hair type, as different textures may affect the style. For straight hair like this, ask your stylist to point cut. This technique adds texture and a pro touch to your undercut. Using matte clay can add layers and a slight, edgy look.

Textured Messy Fringe and Top for Guys
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#3: Messy Fringe and Top

Looking to switch up your hairstyle? Consider a textured messy fringe and top! This trendy look adds ruggedness and versatility to your everyday style with its tousled texture and carefree vibe. This hairstyle works best for guys who want a stylish, low-maintenance look. Avoid a flat look in this style. How? Make sure your hairstylist uses point-cutting techniques. These techniques create uneven ends and a natural finish. When styling, use a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to enhance the volume and texture.

#4: Textured Curly Fringe

If you want a versatile and trendy hairstyle for curly hair, ask for a textured curly fringe. This look shows longer, textured curls towards the front, turning into a fringe. It gives a modern look with the least effort. These curls add volume and movement to the hair. The textured curly fringe works well if you naturally have curly hair. It lets your curls show instead of trying to tame them down. For a more dynamic and lived-in look, ask your barber to enhance the texture with techniques like point cutting.

#5: Thick Mullet with Mini Bangs

The thick mullet with mini bangs is a bold hairstyle that embraces a retro-inspired look. The iconic mullet features shorter hair in the front and longer strands in the back. This creates a unique contrast. The mini bangs add a playful and edgy twist to the style. They are a statement choice for dudes who dare to be different.

Mature Men's Angular Haircut with Textured Fringe
Instagram @beautifinder

#6: Angular Haircut with Texture

An angular men’s haircut with texture is a bold hairstyle. It combines sharp, defined lines with textured elements. The haircut often incorporates precise angles and clean-cut edges, creating a strong and structured look.

Neat Temple Taper Fade with Textured Bangs for Guys
Instagram @kamalsafar_

#7: Temple Taper Fade with Textured Bangs

The temple taper fade with textured bangs is a modern, stylish haircut. It combines sharpness and texture. The taper fade begins at the temples and blends into longer hair on top, creating a clean and polished look. The textured bangs add movement to the style, giving it a contemporary and trendy edge.

Short Blunt Fringe with Textured Cut and Skin Fade on Males
Instagram @doug.benjamin.hair

#8: Short Blunt Fringe with Textured Cut

The short blunt fringe with a textured cut is a tidy and edgy hairstyle. It combines precision with a touch of playfulness. The blunt fringe sits just above the eyebrows, framing the face. I recommend a textured cut to add movement and volume to the look. It will create a stylish and modern appearance. Doesn’t it remind you of the Edgar haircut?

#9: Curled Faux Hawk with Fringe

The curled faux hawk with fringe is a daring hairstyle that blends edginess and class. The faux hawk creates a bold and voluminous silhouette, with the hair styled upward in the center. The addition of curled fringe adds a softness to the look. This makes it a standout choice for guys seeking a statement hairstyle.

Medium Messy Hair with Textured Layers and Parted Bangs for Boys
Instagram @d.d.sangenjaya

#10: Medium Messy Hair with Parted Bangs

Medium messy hair with parted bangs is a relaxed, cool hairstyle with a laid-back vibe. The medium length allows for versatility in styling. Wear it tousled with hairspray for a casual look or a pomade for a more polished appearance. The parted bangs add a structure and frame the face, creating a stylish contrast to the messy texture. If your hair is thick, remove weight by asking for a two-block haircut.

Textured Mullet and Bangs with Short Sides for Guys
Instagram @tamaraporto__

#11: Textured Mullet and Bangs with Short Sides

Mullets are back with a bang. I get asked for more and more weekly. The basis of a mullet is short around the ears and long at the back. The top can take many forms. This textured mullet with bangs is a good example of a popular modern twist. The top is normally disconnected to allow for length, and the back is left to grow. I would cut this one with lots of texture using point cutting and texture scissors. This creates as much movement as possible.

High Bald Fade with Textured Micro Bangs on Men
Instagram @beatbarbershop

#12: High Bald Fade with Micro Bangs

The high bald fade with micro bangs is a bold and avant-garde hairstyle. It showcases a striking contrast between shaved sides and a defined fringe. The high bald fade starts high on the sides and back, creating a clean and sharp look. The micro bangs, positioned just above the forehead, add an edgy and unique element to the style. This makes it a standout choice for dudes who want to make a statement.

#13: Zero Mid Fade with Short Bangs

The zero mid fade with short bangs is a bold, daring haircut that exudes confidence. The fade starts at the mid-section of the head. This creates a brushed-back blend and emphasizes the length on top. The short bangs add a touch of attitude, giving the style an edgy and contemporary feel.

#14: Long and Textured No-Fade Haircut

The long and textured no-fade haircut is a versatile and low-maintenance style. It showcases natural length and texture. With no fade, the hair is kept at a consistent length throughout, creating a seamless flow from top to bottom. The textured layers add movement and dimension. I recommend this hairstyle as an ideal choice for men seeking a laid-back and cool look.

Blonde Short Hair with Textured Fringe Cut on Young Men
Instagram @andrewdoeshair

#15: Blonde Short Hair with Textured Cut

Short hair with textured fringe is a cool hairstyle that combines the blonde color with an edgy texture. The short length creates a fresh appearance. While the textured cut adds depth and dimension to the overall style. The blonde hue adds a vibrant and sunny touch, making it a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement.

Men's Temple Fade Mullet with Choppy Textured Straight Bangs
Instagram @salongpeople

#16: Temple Fade with Straight Bangs

The temple fade with straight bangs is a trendy haircut that combines clean lines with a touch of class. The temple fade gradually transitions from a short length at the temples to longer hair on top. The straight bangs add a trendy and polished element to the style. They frame the face and add a touch of elegance to your traditional mullet.

Textured Fringe with Mid Fade on Young Men
Instagram @arkinston_

#17: Textured Fringe with Mid Fade

Crops don’t have to be worn with straight hair. They can be curly too. This textured fringe with mid fade has an edge to it. Its natural finish compliments it. It has faded to the skin around the ears and blended tightly into the top. To accentuate the top, I recommend using a good pomade.

Choppy Layers and Textured Bangs with Short Sides for Men
Instagram @stylish.cutting

#18: Choppy Layers and Bangs with Short Sides

Crops are a classic style that is reworked time and time again. Choppy layers and bangs with short sides are an example of that. This has been cut with texture. This allows the fringe to fall on the forehead naturally. It compliments the short sides. I recommend Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder to achieve the finish.

Classic Cut with Textured Piece-y Bangs for Men with Glasses
Instagram @mel.barbiere

#19: Classic Cut with Piece-y Bangs

A classic cut with piece-y bangs can be seen time and time again. This style has faded out into the beard to finish it off. The top has had texture cut into it to create a choppy finish. To replicate the finished look, you could use matte clay.

Faded Curly Haircut with Textured Bangs on Gents with Thick Hair
Instagram @barber.khass

#20: Faded Curly Haircut with Bangs

Curls do create high volume. Work with it to create styles like this faded curly haircut with bangs. It has faded to the skin on the sides, blending heavily into the top. It’s best to let curls dry naturally to avoid frizz. You can apply argan oil to help.

#21: Skin Fade with Short Fringe

Summer will make you look for a short style. This skin fade with a short fringe doesn’t disappoint. It has been faded high into the top. The short style makes it easy and simple to maintain. Use a pomade to create a gloss shine and a strong hold.

#22: Kpop Messy Layered Cut with Textured Fringe

Long style can be hard to choose from. This Kpop messy layered cut with textured fringe could be an option. It has been cut with texture in mind and cut around the eyes to suit. The texture has been cut using a point-cut method. Using a good styling powder can help to achieve the desired look.

#23: Textured Blonde Hair with Cropped Bangs

Men’s crops have taken many forms over the years. This textured blonde hair with cropped bangs is a good example. It’s best to consider face shape, as the blunt bangs can highlight certain parts. You must select the right styling products to achieve a natural texture. I would recommend Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Faded Cut with Wavy Textured Fringe for gentlemen with Thin Hair
Instagram @aka_saint

#24: Faded Cut with Wavy Fringe

Many like a shorter cut for summer. You might want to consider this elegant faded cut with a wavy fringe. This is in fashion this season and achievable. The sides have been faded around the ears leaving length on top to style. To achieve the same glossy finish, I recommend using a good pomade.

Burst Fade with Textured Top and Fringe for Young Men
Instagram @ad.wavy

#25: Burst Fade with Textured Top

The burst fade with textured top is a modern and stylish haircut. The cut combines a side and back fade with a textured and voluminous top. The burst fade has the hair gradually tapering down from the temples. The textured top adds depth and movement. This allows for versatile styling options such as tousled spikes or a textured crop. Each results in a trendy and effortlessly cool hairstyle.

Textured Bangs Side-Swept Hairstyle with Faded Sides for Men
Instagram @andrewdoeshair

#26: Textured Side-Swept Hairstyle

The textured side-swept hairstyle is a versatile look. It combines texture and a sweeping motion. I recommend this style for adding texture to the hair. Styling products create tousled waves or defined textures.

Low Drop Fade Cut with Razored Texture and Full Fringe for Men
Instagram @rjaylefty

#27: Drop Fade Cut with Razored Texture and Full Fringe

The drop fade cut with razored texture and full fringe is a cutting-edge hairstyle. It highlights precision and texture. The drop fade starts high on the sides and back, creating a distinctive gradient effect. The razored texture adds a rebellious and edgy touch. It’s recommended for a sense of style and versatility to the overall look.

Mid Taper Fade Mullet with Textured Top and Bangs on Guys
Instagram @sanchez.peluqueros

#28: Mid-Taper Fade with Textured Top and Bangs

The mid-taper fade with a textured top, and bangs is a trendy hairstyle. This haircut for men balances sharpness with texture. The taper fade starts at the head’s mid-section and transitions between shorter and longer hair. The textured top and bangs add volume and movement, giving the style a modern and stylish edge.

Are you looking for a versatile and trendy hairstyle that suits all hair types? Look no further than textured fringe haircuts for men. We had the privilege of interviewing Anthony Giannotti, a renowned barber, and expert in men’s haircuts, who shared his valuable insights on this popular hairstyle.

Meet The Expert

Anthony Giannotti
Anthony Giannotti
Anthony is a barber with over 17 years of experience.
You can find Anthony at his barber shops in Sacramento, CA

Catering to All Hair Textures and Thickness

According to Giannotti, the beauty of textured fringe haircuts lies in their adaptability to various hair textures. Whether you have fine, thin hair or thick, luscious locks, this hairstyle can work wonders for you. The key lies in understanding how to style your hair properly.

When dealing with curly or fine hair, excessive texturizing can be damaging. Instead, a little texture goes a long way in creating movement without compromising the health of your hair. Giannotti particularly recommends this cut for curly hair, as it allows the natural texture and movement to shine.

Face Shapes and Framing Considerations

The great news is that textured fringe haircuts complement all major face shapes. From round to square, long to oval, or heart-shaped, this style can frame your face beautifully. It’s especially advantageous for those with a widow’s peak or receding hairline, discreetly concealing signs of aging.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

To achieve a flawless textured fringe hairstyle, Giannotti suggests a simple styling routine. First, blow dry your hair in the desired direction to set the foundation. Then, apply a styling product to dry hair. Be mindful that residual moisture can affect the hold of the product. Giannotti recommends his own creation, the Victory Crown Barber Co Texture Spray, or a texture powder. These products strike a balance, offering a lightweight feel, a matte finish, and a strong hold, ensuring the style looks effortlessly natural.

Pictures of the Most Stylist Textured Fringe Haircuts for Men