30 Coolest Temp Fade Haircut Ideas for Men

Temp fade haircuts

A temp fade haircut is a type of fade that starts around the temples and is usually partnered with a line-up for a complete clean look. What used to be seen only on afro men’s hairstyles, the temple fade haircut, is now incorporated in almost any of the men’s hairstyles. Gents who are White, Asian, or even Hispanic can rock such a look.

LA expert barber Matt Johnston displays his fades on different lengths and styles of afro hair, and the transformations are truly awesome beyond doubt! With waves or twists, a side part or a beard, short or lengthy – this type of fade never fails to suit any hairstyle. Since it’s all about looking crisp and neat, guys who wish to keep the look longer must commit to barber visits every 2-3 weeks.

Need more hair ideas? Don’t stress as this modern fade is sure to tailor to your tastes and boost up your confidence and image.

Before your next haircut, check out these trendy temp fade haircuts now!

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Mohawk Temp Fade with Line-Up

Mohawk Temp Fade with Line-Up
Instagram @dillonsimage

A mohawk temp fade haircut offers an impression of a cool, edgy man. To imitate this haircut, ask the stylist for a temp drop fade to achieve clean sides, then pair it with a sharp line-up. This chop is also one of the best haircuts for men that can be matched with a beard, too!

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High Top Temp Fade

High top temp fade
Instagram @andyfadepro

High top temp fade is a classic haircut that will always be around. Keep the fade not too high to keep the dark contrast going into the high top. When executed correctly, this style will give you endless compliments from people around you.

Temp Fade with Faux Hawk

Temp fade with faux hawk
Instagram @ali_heydari_org

Temp fade with faux hawk is a great way to elevate a traditional faux hawk style. Create a seamless line by focusing the blend in the areas such as in the temple and sideburns. Since no two temple shapes are the same, it instantly creates a unique touch to every haircut.

Textured Quiff with Temple Fade

Textured quiff with temple fade
Instagram @ali_heydari_org

A textured quiff with temple fade has several vital features. They are usually shorter on the side, longer length on top and the front, and combed back. The temple fade is a good way of blending sideburns with the beard to create an effortless transition from haircut to facial hair. This style effortlessly declares youth and rebel status, giving the wearer a cool persona.

Temple Low Fade for Men with Receding Hairline

Temple low fade for men with receding hairline
Instagram @briancaliberhair_

Temple low fade for men with receding hairline is a good choice to try to cover up the hairline. Hairlines creeping back is something men don’t like but hate to admit. This style will take the attention away from your receding hairline. The top is cut short leaving, a small feather on the hairline corner and a tight fade to the temple to complement the style. It is easy and quick to style and can be worn with or without using hair products.

Nappy Temp Fade

Nappy temp fade
Instagram @gilliefades

Nappy temp fade is the go-to cut when dealing with course or nappy hair. Temp fade keeps the outline of your hair clean and tamed. This style also sets it up to style your hair in braids or locks while maintaining a polished finish.

Burst Temp Fade

Burst temp fade
Instagram @sssaulthebarber

Burst temp fade gives a different variation to the classic mohawk. It’s a more conservative style to the traditional exaggerated short to long Mohawk style. Keep in mind not to go too high with the burst temp fade. It can turn your haircut from good to bad fast.

Undercut Temp Fade

Undercut temp fade
Instagram @brianblendz.official

Undercut temp fade is the ideal cut when wanting to maintain long hair. You don’t always have to look scruffy when having longer hair. Temp fade gives you a clean outline that keeps you looking fresh all day and all night long.

High Temple Fade on Crew Cut

High temple fade on crew cut
Instagram @jeffthebarber

High temple fade on crew cut makes a perfect haircut for men never knowing how to style their sideburns. High temple fade blends seamlessly from the skin to its desired length, completely erasing the sideburns. Also, it’s a haircut to consider when wanting a couple of extra days out of your cut before returning to your barber.

Temple Fade with Buzz Cut

Temple fade with buzz cut
Instagram @los_the_barber

A temple fade with buzz cut comes highly recommended to anyone already getting a short haircut. You can never go wrong with a clean skin-tight fade. Just don’t forget to mention to your barber the razor-sharp hairline that brings together the whole style. Great for any age or hair texture.

High Skin Temple Fade

High skin temple fade
Instagram @abstracthand_design

A high skin temple fade is the best cut to go when considering a style for thick curls. This cut is great in avoiding hair from hanging over your ears.

Blowout with Temp Fade

Blowout with Temp Fade
Instagram @thecutapp

Oh, this blowout with temp fade is neat and sharp! The secret to this kind of hairstyle lies in the curls. They must have a piece-y definition to give the style a smart-looking edge. It’s great for men’s everyday look!

Barber-Approved Temp Fade Pompadour

Barber-Approved Temp Fade Pompadour
Instagram @barberiaantonioferreira

This temp fade pompadour strikes an edgy and very handsome style. It gives a clean finish, taking the hair away from the face. It’s best to use a matte paste with no shine to keep the style in place.

Skin Temp Fade and Mini Afro

Skin Temp Fade and Mini Afro
Instagram @thecutapp

Sure, a skin temp fade and mini afro can go great together! This haircut offers neat sides and nape. It leaves the hair on top thick to balance out the style of the chop. Feel free to customize the shape and height of this afro temp fade depending on your face shape.

Temp Fade with Design

Temp Fade with Design
Instagram @salo_thebarber

Wear a masterpiece right above your ear with this temp fade with design. The feather art puts an awesome perspective on your ordinary temp fade.

Temp Fade with Braids

Temp Fade with Braids
Instagram @iamon.bynaomi

A temp fade with dreads is a perfect slate to having medium-length braids. A popular hairstyle for African-American men, ask your professional barber for this stunning cut.

Shadow Temp Fade with Beard

Shadow Temp Fade with Beard
Instagram @thecutapp

A shadow temp fade with beard works well on men’s kinks. This chop carries out a neat style while it adds detail around the face. What makes it outstanding is how it doesn’t demand everyday styling.

Low Temp Fade on Medium-Length Hair

Low temp Fade on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @novatobarber

Try out this low temp fade, which gives minimal skin exposure but maximum suave. You can still work on your thicker locks, which you can style any way you want without any hair getting in your face, thanks to this cool low fade cut.

Mid Temp Fade

Mid Temp Fade
Instagram @pedrinho_cabeloearte

A mid temp fade exposes more skin, thereby helping stouter faces have more length. Balance it out with a brushed back cut to keep everything at bay.

Temp Fade Afro

temp fade afro
Instagram @fade_queen

A temp fade afro is more of a classic and smart-looking style. California-based stylist Siobhan is the one behind this neat haircut. She points out that this chop is ideal for men of any age.

Siobhan shares her fave go-to product for this haircut. “The product I would recommend for twisting the hair up would be Gentlemen Republic Gel. It’s non-flaky and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.”

She continues, “When applying the gel, it would work best on wet hair, then use a curl sponge or a curling paddle for the perfect twists.”

It’s also essential to keep the hair moisturized to show off its perfect rounded shape. The stylist suggests Sta Sof Fro, which cleans the scalp and prevents dandruff, as well.

Cool Mohawk Temp Fade with Red Tips

Cool Mohawk Temp Fade with Red Tips
Instagram @joss.barber.mx

The temp fade mohawk presents the clean-up of the entire look, which embodies this whole rock and roll vibe. Adding red tips on the spiky mohawk is the cherry on top of this whole ‘do.

Temp Fade on Straight Hair

Temp Fade on Straight Hair
Instagram @hosseinsarv

The temple fade on straight is subtly revealed by longer layers, which is a perfect choice if you prefer growing out of your hair. Straight hair comes to life with layers and more loose styling.

All Around Temp Fade

All Around Temp Fade
Instagram @crispy_jeannie

Clean edges support this all-around temp fade that provides a neat shave around your head. Eyes are drawn more to your curls, which adds height and shape to your hair.

Temp Fade with Dreads

Temp Fade with Dreads
Instagram @ledanieljames

The temp fade with dreads is a twisted and braided hairstyle with sharp, neat sides. Stylist Daniel Lemus from Florida created this trend, and it looks so cool!

Aside from twisting the hair, he tapered in the sides and faded down the nape area. “This allows you to have the long hair while keeping it clean and sharp-looking from the front, sides, and back.”

This tapered fade blowout is beneficial for a man who has longer twists or an afro. It would also be easier for him to achieve the style.

For men with shorter hair, any faded style will do. “It keeps the fullness of the hair while removing the weight from the sides and back.” According to Lemus, this shows a subtle contrast and cleanliness, too.

The best thing about the style is it complements facial hair, sideburns, or even a clean “baby face” look.

Bald Temp Fade

Bald Temp Fade
Instagram @kutzbykmari

Waves create texture while the contrast of the bald temp fade cut contributes smoothness. The bald fade plus the texture make the perfect equilibrium that soothes the eyes, making you a satisfying sight.

Temp Fade with Waves

Temp Fade with Waves
Instagram @snipsnips777

Waves add texture to your look, even with a slight skin fade around the temples! This temp fade with waves haircut will greatly tidy up your short hair, revealing this flawless black hairstyle.

Temp Fade with Twists

temp fade with twists
Instagram @xquisite.clipz

Level up a temp fade with twists and a sharp line-up. Such a haircut and style can enhance the texture of natural kinks. Temp fades don’t only provide a neat finish but also look more edgy and unique.

High Temp Fade

High Temp Fade Haircut
Instagram @zayfades

A high temp fade is a cut that provides kinky hair neat sides for a clean finish. Plus, the high temple fade leaves the hair in good shape. When styling, use a salt spray to finish the look off, to enhance the texture, and make the density thicker.

Temp Fade for Curly Hair

For inspiration, here’s a haircut with a temp fade, cut by barber Daniele Gallo of Italy.

This curly temp fade is beautiful to look at and practical to manage! If you love a regular fade but want it to be next level, try shaving it slightly higher at the temple. Add a surgical line for design and scrunch up those unruly curls for maximum volume like this temp fade for curly hair.

“It’s a fresh and modern look that’s very current in today’s younger men. It has a skin tone that gradually rises in the area of the temples. The curly hair above would be very comfortable because it does not take long in combing when the guy is at home,” Gallo states.

Temp Fade with Part

This side-parted temple fade hairstyle is a legitimate work of professionals. The cut is strategically made to cater to busy gentlemen. The brush-up complements the longer strands at the sides for a well-presented look.

“It’s modern and avant-garde, but what I like most is that it frames the face of guys, and it makes you look younger,”  Hermes Guevara Mejia of Chile describes.