34 Awesome Slicked Back Hairstyles for Stylish Guys

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Slicked back hairstyles are attractive and perfect for men wanting a new trendy style.

Hailing from the 20th century, slicked-back hairstyles for men have taken on a variety of versions. From pompadours to military crops, it all depends on your personal preference. Texas-based expert barber Sonya Hernandez says, “Always check the hair texture and growth pattern. It may be a struggle to train the slicked back hair to go against its natural growth pattern.”

Slick backs works on all hair lengths – short, medium, and long. And the good news is that it’s easy to do! If you have enough hair on top, the only thing left to do is to lacquer your mane with styling products. Sonya loves Layrite products. Her go-to for a stronghold with a matte finish would be the Layrite Cement Clay. For a shiny look, she recommends the Layrite Superhold.

Hernandez encourages you to know how high or low you want your fade. “For instance, if the fade gets too high on the sides, the strands on top may not be long enough to slick back men’s hair. Choose a knowledgeable barber to provide you with the cut and style you desire,” she advises.

Before your next haircut or trip to the barber, check out these photos of the most popular slick back hairstyles for men!

Slicked-Back for Men with Short Hair
Instagram @cutthroatguido

#1: Slicked-Back for Short Hair

A very clean and easy style to manage is slicked back for short hair. It’s ideal for the guy that needs to be out quickly. The top has been disconnected from the sides to keep its length and weight to hold it back. The tight fade on the sides finished the look nicely, keeping it fresh and tidy. I would use a thick pomade to give you the stronghold.

Brushed Slicked Back Short Haircut for Men
Instagram @arian.pormahdavi

#2: Brushed Back Short Haircut

The brushed-back short haircut for men is stylish and versatile. It features shorter sides that blend into a longer top length. It provides a sleek, polished look that is suitable for many occasions, including formal events and professional settings. If you have time, style your hair in this way. Start by blow-drying the hair with a vented brush to create root volume. Then, comb your hair back and away from your face. Use a grooming cream or pomade for a controlled, smooth finish.

#3: Slicked Back Pomp for Fine Hair

The slicked-back pomp is a great choice for men with fine hair. This classic look involves making long hair on top slicked-back. It adds volume and looks polished, especially for those with fine hair. This hairstyle suits men with shorter to medium-length hair. It gives a clean, put-together look for formal and casual events. To get the slicked-back look, apply a styling gel or pomade to wet hair. Start at the roots and go to the ends. Use a comb to style.

Slicked Back with Precision for Men with sharp edges and a beard
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#4: Slicked Back with Precision

Try this slicked-back with precision hairstyle if you are looking for a new style. Avoid leaving your sideburns bushy to make this style suave for any occasion.

Slicked Back with a Beard for Guys with short hair
Instagram @cutsbycameron

#5: Slicked Back with a Beard

Laid back, yet put together and ready for a day at the office or a night downtown, that’s what this slick back with a beard is. Show this photo to your barber or ask for a slick back with a taper around the ears and neck. As a professional, I recommend using a pomade or a styling cream to keep this style slicked back and in place all day.

#6: Fresh Slick Back with a Beard Fade

When you want a haircut that allows some length up top, ask for this fresh slick back with a beard fade. Not only do you get a bit of length on top to keep your hair interesting. But you are satisfied with a slick back fade on the sides to eliminate unnecessary hair to style. Ask your barber for an appropriate length on top that works for your hair texture to lay down.

#7: Low-Faded Slick Back

A classic style that never goes out of fashion is the low fade slick back. The fade has been kept low and disconnected to keep enough length and weight to slick back the top. You can variate the style by taking the fade higher for your needs. For example, take the fade to your temples, keeping it tighter. Pomade is the best product for this look because it has a strong hold and gives you a classic glossy finish.

#8: Classic Medium-Length Slick Back

If you have medium-length hair and are looking for a hairstyle you can just slick back, ask your barber for pomp. This lets you keep the top long as it’s blended into the sides. Using a strong pomade will be beneficial to keep your hair in place while adding shine. Ask your barber to add a short low taper fade to the sides and back to make your haircut crisp!

#9: Mid-Length Slick

A mid-length slick back is a classic style that most guys can wear. The hair has been cut with scissors using the short graduation technique. This will keep the hair long at the front and short at the edges. You will notice that it has been tapered at the sideburn. This is commonly used for those without beards. This is a low-maintenance cut. I would say 6-8 weekly visits, depending on how long you can handle it. A good pomade will keep it in place and create a glossy finish.

Clean Cut Slick Back
Instagram @bk_barber_

#10: Clean Cut Slick Back

This clean-cut slick back is a modern take on the classic pompadour. Most of the cut will have been done with scissors leaving a tight slick back taper on the ear. My advice is to blow dry some volume spray into the top to give you height when styling. You can use different holding products depending on whether you want a glossy or a matte finish when you use a finishing product, apply it from root to tip and then comb it into place.

#11: Slicked Back Pomp with Skin Fade

A slicked-back pomp with skin fade is a new spin on a classic men’s hairstyle. Perfect for business and professional looks, yet still trendy, slicked-back pomp can be personalized for any occasion. Be sure to ask your stylist or barber how to tailor to your head shape and styling needs.

Wavy and Slicked Back
Instagram @jakeburns_atb

#12: Wavy and Slicked Back

This slicked-back wavy hair with neat sides and nape is so cool! It features a classic, wet result that uplifts your good looks. To style a loose slick back haircut, comb your dark blonde hair back first and let your natural texture do its magic.

Curly Hair with a Slicked Back Style
Instagram @take_thebarber

#13: Curly Hair with a Slicked Back Style

High fades are all the rage; this curly hair with a slicked back style is no exception. Men with curly hair should try this coif as it keeps unruly sides at bay while showcasing (and taming) texture on top. This cut looks great with or without facial hair, but if you are rocking a beard, ask for a line-up.

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#14: Slick Back Bun

A slick back bun is perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle who wants long hair. Longer hair can be difficult to maintain with an active lifestyle, but a slick back bun makes everything simple. Your options are a shaved or faded side up to the partial ridge, whichever is desired. Throw the top in a bun, and out the door, you go.

Textured slick back
Instagram @slickgorilla

#15: Textured Slick Back

Go for textured slicked back hair men love for a perfectly undone look. The low fade blends seamlessly into the textured sides and top of the haircut, giving finer hair the illusion of appearing thicker. Consider enhancing your waves with Murdock London sea salt spray on wet or dry hair.

#16: Layered Slicked Back Pompadour

A layered slicked back pompadour is a great all-around haircut. The high and tight skin fade is always a good fade choice. Mix it in with the eye-popping styling of a pompadour, and you’ll bring this whole haircut to life.

Slicked back side part
Instagram @cheobarberpr

#17: Slicked Back Side Part

A slicked back side part makes a perfect professional business style. When you add a nicely blended fade and side part, it adds personal style while keeping it professional.

Slicked back with low fade
Instagram @boostbarber

#18: Slicked Back with Low Fade

Slicked back with a low fade is a great option when desiring a slicked-back style. It is clean and tapered around the edges to keep the fullness and body of the hair when styled. Ask your barber to do some razor work or texturize the top to make the hair fall better and to make it easier and quicker to style.

#19: Slicked Back with Finger Comb Style

Slicked back with a finger comb style works well for those who like the length. It is faded tight around the base of the cut and transitions into a nice heavy top. Maintenance is needed to keep this style throughout the day. A blowback with a blow-drier and a styling paste will keep it looking sharp all day.

Slick back undercut
Instagram @jamik_sup

#20: Slick Back Undercut

The slick back undercut is a modern variation of an undercut. The skin-tight fade around the side gives a definite separation at the partial ridge from the top and sides. The slick back uses plenty of product to keep the hair in position. Ask your barber to drop the fade slightly in the back. By doing so, the hair hanging over the back can lay right on the darkest or thickest part of the fade, leaving a seamless transition.

Slicked back with a mid fade
Instagram @mayakiselova

#21: Slicked Back with a Mid Fade

Slicked back with a mid fade is a head-turning variation to a mid fade. It’s important to remember not to take too much fullness when transitioning to the slicked back. The hair won’t lay right and can ruin the whole haircut. This cut is a clean, professional look for young men to try.

High Fade Slick Back Style for Thin Hair with Receding Hairline
Instagram @vinnycleancuts

#22: High Fade Slick Back Style for Thin Hair with Receding Hairline

What else could be neater and finer than the short, slicked back styles? Seeing your black hair in one direction seems flawless, which goes well with the clean sides and nape. This high fade cut works on men with thin hair or a receding hairline.

Long Slicked Back
Instagram @ommeeed

#23: Long Slicked Back

Running out of ideas on what to do to your long men’s hairstyle this time? A Charismatic long slicked back hair, matched with a gray color plus a beard, will solve your problem. It isn’t the old-school long-length slick hairstyle for men but has a modern twist. You can’t go wrong as you brush your hair to the back with subdued waves for styling.

Classic Slicked Back Hair with a Beard
Instagram @nurii_b

#24: Classic Slicked Back Hair with a Beard

Time to explore the dapperness of this slicked back style! A slick back with a beard offers a classic finish. Having dark and dense hair emphasizes your entire style. When styling, towel dry your damp hair for a clean canvas before using gel or pomade.

Hipster Slicked Back Style
Instagram @iisakkinummi

#25: Hipster Slicked Back Style

Achieving this slicked back hipster style takes a bold and stylish move. Shave three lines from each sideburn and style your hair over the head with subtle volume and texture. This hipster style is the slicked back look you should get to follow the trend and upgrade your brown hair.

#26: Thick Slicked Back Hair

A thick, slicked-back hair fades very smoothly. The shaved sides and nape would work well with a beard, too. Do it on your black hair to flatter your fair skin tone.

Slicked Back Undercut with Longer Hair on Top
Instagram @yosef.n.j

#27: Slicked Back Undercut with Longer Hair on Top

This slicked back undercut is so in style! It suits you, especially when you have dark, thick hair for a fuller edge. Notice the contrast between the longer hair on top and the neat cut on both sides behind the ears. A good pomade and enough hairspray will hold the style together throughout the day.

#28: Straight Short Slicked Back Hair

There’s always something attractive about dark, straight slicked back hairstyles for men. This classic style has a finish that looks flawless and is ideal for dense hair.

Slicked Back Hairstyle + Skin Fade
Instagram @bagir94

#29: Slicked Back Hairstyle + Skin Fade

Brushing and pushing your hair back is a neat slicked back hairstyle. But what happens if you match this hair trend with a sharp fade? This skin fade on slicked back hairstyle will surely beef up your fine, bronde hair.

The Gangster Slick Look
Instagram @amir.oxygen_

#30: The Gangster Slick Look

How cool is this slicked back haircut? The gangster slicked back look is a statement in itself with those shaved lines on the sides. The slick back and dark hair on top don’t always need to be flat. Resembling a pompadour style can make a huge difference.

Slicked Back Taper Fade on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @waxxapeldoorn

#31: Slicked Back Taper Fade on Medium-Length Hair

A classic slicked back haircut with a fade is simple but also needs to be striking. Here’s a slicked back with a taper fade haircut, jazzed up with a soft texture to complement your brown hair color. Though you have mid-length hair, the sharp fade cut will make it look extra neat.

#32: The Volume Effect for Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair styled with volume and texture is so much better. You can achieve this slicked back trend without a hitch with medium-length, dark brown hair on top and neat sides. The styling process of a slick back hairstyle may take some time in front of the mirror, but the volume effect will gladly repay you.

#33: Natural Slicked Back Bun with Disconnected Undercut

A natural slicked-back bun with a disconnected undercut is a cool men’s hairstyle done in a snap. It takes a little to no effort to achieve that sleek finish of slicked back hair for men. Man buns are perfect for guys who still want a neat style without cutting their hair length.

Messy Slicked Back 'Do + Curly Hair
Instagram @twistedmisster

#34: Messy Slicked Back ‘Do + Curly Hair

This curly slicked back style will allow you to embrace your natural hair texture. Like your usual messy look, this messy slicked back hairstyle on curly hair offers the same stylishness but in a neater form. Ensure your sides and nape are faded to emphasize your textured brown slicked-back hair on top.