78 Best Skin Fade Haircut / Bald Fade Haircut Styles in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A skin fade haircut is a type of men’s haircut that has a gradual fade starting near the top of the head and gradually gets shorter until it reaches the skin at the neckline. Previously associated with the ’50s and military-type cuts, this clean-cut look is now relished for its unparalleled contrast.

Regardless of the length and texture of your mane on top, the skin fade, a.k.a. bald or zero fade, always produces a contemporary, versatile look suited for all environments. It’s just how you style your top strands, and you have full control!

Depending on your desired output, you can opt for a low, mid, or high fade. High fades complement classy, subtle looks compared to casual and sporty hairstyles that work best with mid to low fades.

When asked what a skin fade is best for, English barber Oscar Mcmillan said it goes well with a wide range of hair types – straight, wavy, curly, and afro. It can also pair with well-known modern haircuts, proving the fade’s versatility!

Before your next haircut, check out these stylish photos of the best skin fade haircut ideas.


#1: Everyday Bald Fade with a Beard

Why go mid-way when you can go with a bald fade haircut with a beard? Looks great, feels great, and takes the top quiff to another level.

#2: Skin Fade with a Spiky Top

This haircut is a modern and versatile style that blends the slickness of a fade with the height and texture of a spiky top. The spiky top adds an element of youth and edge to the style. A gradual taper on the sides and back fades from very short to the skin, contributing to a clean and sharp look. To keep the spiky top in shape, use a lightweight styling product like pomade or clay to add texture and hold.

Skin Faded with a Short Quiff for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#3: Skin Faded with a Short Quiff

Ask for this skin fade paired with a short quiff as a stylish and modern choice for men looking to elevate their overall appearance. This haircut features a gradual fade on the sides, creating a striking contrast with the longer length on top. The short quiff adds versatility to the look, allowing for both casual and formal styling options. This cut works well for guys of all ages and hair types, particularly those who prefer a clean and polished aesthetic.

Skin Fade with a Messy Quiff Top for Guys
Instagram @vbodnarr

#4: Messy Quiff Top

The short back and sides style has been popular among men for decades. Keeping the hair short suits most styles. This style suits dudes who have thick hair. The natural volume in thick hair can aid with styling. You will need good hair products if you want to try this style. I recommend sea salt spray and styling powder for the best results.

Skin Faded Razored Messy French Crop for Guys
Instagram @czaja_barber_

#5: Razored Messy French Crop

This French crop is a classic that is always in style. It features a razored, messy look. The crop is faded around the ears and smoothly blends into the top section. Using a razor is an old-school method to create texture. This technique gives the ends a feathered finish, allowing more movement for styling.

#6: Precise Fade with Fringe

A precise fade with a fringe is a modern hairstyle for men. This hairstyle transitions smoothly from longer hair on top to a closely shaved fade on the sides and back, creating a neat and polished look. Adding texture to the fringe adds style and adds to the hairstyle’s versatility.

#7: Sharp Fade with Precision Edges

Ask for this sharp fade with precision edges – a modern and clean haircut option for men. This hairstyle seamlessly transitions from longer hair on top to short sides and back, creating a striking, faded contrast. This style will work great if you prefer a neat and well-groomed appearance.

Classic Example of a Skin Fade for Men with a beard
Instagram @vbodnarr

#8: Classic Example of a Skin Fade

Ask for this skin fade with a beard as a classic example of a stylish haircut that offers a sharp and clean look. This haircut gradually blends from longer hair on top to shaved sides and back. It accentuates your hair color and density.

Fresh Skin Fade for Thick-Haired Men with a Beard
Instagram @barber.denishezha

#9: Fresh Fade for Thick-Haired Men with a Beard

If you need a short cut and need to tame facial hair, ask about this fresh fade for thick-haired guys with a beard! It’s best for masculine face shapes and structure. This style can be neatly elegant and minimalist with the right style.

Sharp Skin Fade with a Beard Trim for Guys with platinum blonde highlighted hair
Instagram @_deepercut

#10: Sharp Fade with a Beard Trim

Are you considering a sharp fade with a beard trim? You can use this photo for reference during your next visit with your barber or stylist. For best at-home styling results, I suggest matte clay such as Malin and Goetz Hair Pomade or similar. This type of styler aids in a natural hold with a matte, textured finish.

V-Shaped Bangs and a Skin Fade for Men with a funky style
Instagram @barbersukraine

#11: V-Shaped Bangs

Check out this v-shaped bang for a trendy style. Not only is this haircut easy to style, but it offers unlimited texture and shape on top. This gives you a trendy look. I advise pre-booking your next haircut for 2-4 weeks to keep up with the faded sides. Take home a matte clay or a volumizing powder to style.

#12: Super Sharp Fade with Long Top

If you’re looking for a break from your old haircut, try this super sharp fade with a long top! It has a zero-low fade on the sides with a short, textured scissor haircut on top. The best thing about this trendy style is that it looks great and is just as easy to style with matte clay or gel. I suggest Johnny B. Mode Styling Gel if you like a bit of shine or Hans De Fuko’s Quicksand for a matte, textured finish.

#13: Slick Back Style and Drop Taper Fade

If you want hair that is sleek and timeless, nothing is more classic than a slick back style and drop taper fade. When visiting your barber, ask how this haircut will work best for you. If you have any facial hair, remember to ask for a blended taper into the beard!

Textured Crop with Tapered Skin Fade for Men with Dense Hair
Instagram @tsallekou_cutz

#14: Textured Crop with Tapered Fade

If you need to step up your style game, a textured crop with tapered fade is a modernized version of the men’s crop. This haircut has a short, textured length on top styled with matte clay and a zero fade over the ears on the sides. If your hair is dense, you can try a bit more texture up top for added style. I recommend a matte paste, preferably Hanz De Fuko Quicksand, to style your new hair.

Bald Fade with Volume on Top for Guys with curly hair
Instagram @vitaly.melchenko

#15: Bald Fade with Volume on Top

If you’re feeling adventurous, ask your barber for this bald fade with volume on top. Ideal for guys with curly hair. Add product to your hair right after washing. It will give you the best results and reduce frizz.

Sharp Skin Fade with Forward-Facing Spikes for Guys with Thick Hair
Instagram @dragnarcuts

#16: Sharp Fade with Forward-Facing Spikes

Are you trying to add interest to your haircut? Are you trying to learn how to add a little hair product to your routine? Consider this sharp fade with forward-facing spikes! A haircut like this has a zero fade on the sides and 3 to 4 inches of length left up top. But ask your barber how this haircut will work for you, your face shape, and your hair texture. I recommend matte clay such as Malin and Goetz Hair Pomade to add volume with a natural finish to your strands.

Short Skin Fade Low-Maintenance Cut with Tapered Sides on Young Gentlemen with no Beard
Instagram @mr.jamiro_barbearia

#17: Short Low-Maintenance Cut with Tapered Sides

There’s something about a haircut as simple as this low-maintenance cut. The tapered sides will always look clean and simple! Throw a bit of Johnny B Mode Styling Gel in this style to make it wash and wear. Or add a quick blow-dry with matte clay such as ELEVEN AUSTRALIA Matte Texture Styling Paste for added volume and texture.

Mid Skin Fade Gray Hair with Textured Style for Thick-Haired Men
Instagram @sutton.barber.shop

#18: Mid Fade Gray Hair

Try this mid fade for gray hair if you’re looking to get a fresh cut and add some fun color to your new style. Don’t be afraid to change it up and add something bold to your daily look!

Soft Messy Texture with Fringe and Taper Skin Fade on Young Men with Brown Hair
Instagram @youngsbarbers

#19: Soft Messy Texture with Fringe and Taper Fade

This style consists of texture carved into the top length with a razor to accentuate the wave. And also, a fade on the sides adds a darker contrast near the top of the head—style with a cream-based product like Number 4 High-Performance Hair Care Texture Styling Cream for best results.

Brushed-Up Short Mohawk with Choppy Texture and Skin Fade on Men's Dark Hair
Instagram @scarbrabarbra

#20: Brushed-Up Short Mohawk

Looking for a new style that’s easy to maintain and has some personality to boot? If so, let’s talk about this brushed-up short mohawk! Not only are the sides of this fade short enough to last you a few weeks before getting too bushy. But the top, combined with the right texture, is easy and requires a bit of light gel over the ends. For the best results and to hold its style throughout the day, try this hair product.

#21: High Fade with Hard Part and Quiff

The classic and tidy look never dies. A high fade with a hard part, and quiff typically suits those with a strong front hairline. It has faded down to the skin around the ears and blended up at the temple line to leave some weight for the part. This must be styled; it’s not a “to-go” cut. A strong pomade will give you the shine shown and all-day hold.

Bald Fade Combed-Back Hair on Older Men with Beards
Instagram @hairbyda

#22: Faded Combed-Back Hair

This has been disconnected at the temple point, leaving length on the top to style. It’s quite the same as a pomp but with no volume while creating more of a slick back style. You’ll see the interesting hair growth pattern on the side.

#23: Contemporary Haircut

This contemporary haircut is a popular choice for today’s gents. It’s short and tidy on the sides and has enough length on top to create a style. This is called a low skin fade haircut. It’s kept low to the nape of the neck and around the ears. Some choose this to keep a bit of length on the side so as not to look too extreme. A pomade will give you a shine like this example and an all-day hold.

Skin Fade Mini Pompadour with Bald Fade Haircut
Instagram @danb_barber

#24: Faded Mini Pompadour

Pomps have been adapted over the years to create new looks. This faded mini pompadour is a good example. The beard has faded out to leave a short tight finish that is easy to maintain. The top has been cut to create a bit of texture. This is usually done using a technique called point cutting. To create a natural finish, I recommend drying in sea salt spray. Use styling powder for the ultimate hold.

#25: High Fade for Wavy Side Quiff

A longer style can suit any guy with a strong hairline, a high fade for a wavy side quiff is a good example. The fade can create a definition blending into the length on top. Leaving it slightly heavy gives it a nice shelf to be styled on. This style has been created for a loose natural finish. Drying in a light-volume spray will allow you to have some movement throughout the day. Coupled with a styling powder, it gives you hold and pliability.

Wide Teeth Combed Style and Skin Fade with Disconnected Undercut for Men
Instagram @ninety5.malegrooming

#26: Combed Style with Disconnected Undercut

There are many ways to create texture. This combed style with a disconnected undercut shows this. It has faded to the skin and blended up at the midpoint, leaving some length to suit the undercut. A wide tooth comb is the best way to create the textured wave.

#27: Classic Brushed-Up Undercut

A good style for medium-length hair is a classic brushed-up finish. It has faded to the skin on the sides and back and blended up at the midpoint. This leaves some structure to compliment the finished look. The beard has faded out, leaving some weight on the chin.

#28: Disconnected Undercut on Short Hair

Shorter hair can give you some flair, and the blunt crop at the front stands out. The fade has been kept tight and blended heavily at the temple. This creates shape and structure for the blunt fringe. It can be styled to give you a natural finish by drying it in sea salt spray and finishing with styling powder. I recommend seeing your barber every 2 to 3 weeks to keep the style looking fresh.

Sleek Blonde Quiff with Piece-y Texture and Disconnected Skin Fade
Instagram @raynddox

#29: Sleek Blonde Quiff with Disconnected Fade

Hair color for guys can make your style pop. This sleek blonde quiff is eye-catching, sharp, and modern. It has faded to the skin and blended at the temple. The regrowth of hair has made a color disconnection making the shape stand out. Colors need some upkeep, but you can also have a sharp look with it growing out. I recommend using a strong pomade for a glossy finish and all-day hold.

Short High and Tight Skin Fade Haircut on Black Gentlemen
Instagram @tyerrecosta

#30: High and Tight Fade Haircut

High and tight fade haircuts are preferred by many. They’re easy to manage and maintain. The top has been cut with clippers on a lower grade. The benefit of this is that it doesn’t need any products to style. The back and sides have been faded down to skin blending at the temple point. This transitions well into the short length on top. If you want a style ready to go every morning, this will suit you.

#31: Brush Up Style with Skin Taper Fade

Longer hair can be styled in many different ways. A brushed-up style with a skin taper fade is a good example. Longer hair on top cut adds structure to the style and will suit a pompadour. I recommend drying in some sea salt spray for the best hold. Finish off with a matte paste for a natural-looking finish.

Low Side-Swept Pomp with Disconnected Skin Fade and Beard Fade
Instagram @iza_thebarber

#32: Low Side-Swept Pomp with Disconnected Fade

You might be looking for a short and easy style to maintain. A low side-swept pomp with a disconnected fade into the beard is a great option. It has been faded to the skin and blended higher at the temple for the perfect finish. The fade with the beard complements the style. The shape of the beard gives a chiseled and masculine jawline.

Finger-Combed Short Swept Hairstyle with Skin Faded Sides and Nape
Instagram @the.mz.barber

#33: Finger-Combed Short Swept Hairstyle

Some guys prefer a more natural finish for their hair. A finger combed short, swept hairstyle is a good option. The fade has been kept at the midpoint at the back. This adds some structure to the length on top. The beard had faded tightly at the sideburn to leave some weight to it. I recommend using good styling powder to hold the front and give a natural finish.

#34: Side-Swept Fringe with Fade

Some like a bit of length but short sides. This side-swept fringe with a fade fits nicely. It has faded down to the skin and disconnected at the front, adding length to the fringe. The hair is swept to the side without any volume. A matte clay will hold this in position well.

Sleek Side Part Undercut for Guys' Straight Locks with a skin fade
Instagram @cove17_

#35: Sleek Side Part Undercut

Classic styles are always relevant. This sleek side part undercut is a great example. It’s faded to the skin and blended up at the midpoint to leave some weight. This also leaves a high contrast to blend into the weight at the top. To achieve this style, I recommended using a good strong hold pomade.

#36: Very Short Cut with High Fade and Sideburns

If you’re looking for an easy style to maintain, this short cut with a high fade and sideburns may be for you. It’s similar to a traditional crew cut but has been styled to the side. Set it in position with a strong hold pomade. This will also sit well without any styling, so it still looks good if you don’t have time in the morning.

#37: Tight High Fade with Beard Line-Up

This tight high fade with beard lineup is a smart short cut that still gives character. It has faded down to the skin and kept tight to the back of the head, blending into the top. The beard has been kept short with a fade in and out at the top of the sideburn. This lets it grow well. A matte clay will give you a similar finish.

Mid Skin Fade with Shaved Hair Design and Choppy Texture for Fine Locks
Instagram @70_barbers

#38: Hair Design and Choppy Texture

A popular cut among younger men comes with a hair design and choppy texture. The fade on the sides has been kept tight for a polished finish leaving enough hair in the blend for the design. The design has been shaved out with a cutthroat to fit into the look and stand out more. For a textured finish, I recommend using a good styling powder.

#39: Textured Red Hair with Faded Undercut

This textured red hair with a faded undercut gives a high-contrast look to compliment the hair color. It has been faded high and tight, leaving just enough hair to blend into the top. It has faded out into the beard to leave a sharp look to compliment the face shape. Use a touch of styling powder for a natural finish.

#40: Subtle Combover with a Fade

Curious about ways to add density to a thinning hairline? Consider this subtle combover with a fade. A drawback to a style like this is it requires a blow-dry or product to stay in place. However, the advantage is the appearance of full, styled hair. Take some time to decide whether this style will be right for you!

#41: Popular Slicked Back Style with Skin Taper Fade

Ample gel or pomade and a nice comb-over are key to this successful skin taper fade with a slicked-back look. The haircut is more appreciated with a nice accent like this.

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Clean Cut Burst Skin Fade for Guys
Instagram @cal_newsome

#42: Clean Cut Burst Fade

I recommend asking for a clean-cut burst fade. If you can wear shorter-length hair, you can ask for a five-guard. And if you can’t, ask for a scissor cut with a burst fade on the sides to maintain extra length on the top and back.

#43: Classic High Fade with Fringe

The edgy fringe up front helps give the fade some composure, making this haircut work with his facial hair.

Jet Black Sharp Skin Fade with Choppy Fringe for Men
Instagram @nikolaymezhva

#44: Jet Black Sharp Fade with Choppy Fringe

A jet-black sharp fade with a choppy fringe is ideal if you have a round face shape, as the height on the scissor cut elongates the head. It has faded tightly around the ears and blended into the dark, dense top. The top will have been cut with various techniques to create the texture, so tell your barber you want texture and volume. One of the best ways to get the volume is to use a good volume spray, and you can also use styling powder to finish it off.

#45: Extra Short Buzz Cut with a Fade

If you want an easy-to-maintain style, you might consider an extra short buzz cut with a fade. This fade has been dropped at the temple and the crown to create the curved flow. This then leaves some hair at the edges to line up, leaving a sharp finish. The biggest advantage of such styles is that you don’t need any morning time to style. I recommend a grade 4 on top at the longest.

Disconnected Skin Bald Fade with a Curly Top
Instagram @olsions.hair

#46: Disconnected with a Curly Top

A current trend is long curly tops, this style has been coupled up with a disconnected bald fade. It has been taken down to the skin around the ears and the nape of the neck. A line has then been razored in at the top of the fade to disconnect the top. I highly recommend scrunching some pomade into the curls to give you the formed curl and strong hold. Your best bet is to do it while your hair is damp and let it dry naturally.

Blonde Spiky Top with a Skin Fade for Men
Instagram @bootboy_cutz

#47: Blonde Spiky Top

A popular choice for many men now is short and easy. You should consider a blonde spiky top. The fade has been taken high and tight and left heavy at the blend. This leaves enough hair on top to create texture. I advise styling powder to create a matte finish and good hold. Don’t forget to make sure your hair is bone dry. Otherwise, you can end up with a greasy-looking finish.

Dapper Very Short Cut with a Skin Fade for Men
Instagram @benjamintuita

#48: Dapper Very Short Cut

Hair enhancements are being used more and more. You can see that a dark spray has been used to finish off the hairline for this dapper very short cut. A sharp hairline will enhance your facial features. I recommend this for a rounder jawline as it can make a square chiseled jaw stand out more. Check with your barber if he does this service beforehand in case you want it. They might need the equipment to do so.

Mid Skin with a Dark Textured Top for Guys
Instagram @xbigwesx

#49: Mid Skin with a Dark Textured Top

This mid-skin fade with a dark textured top has been left heavy to create a nice transition into the top. If you’re concerned about mushrooming as it grows out, you can always have it cut tighter. Mushrooming occurs when your hair grows out instead of down. This gives the illusion of more volume. The best way to style your top is to dry some sea salt spray. Then, finish off with a styling powder for a natural look.

Skin Fade for a Natural Redheaded Man
Instagram @vbodnarr

#50: Skin Fade for a Natural Redhead

Some nice effects can be created with bright-colored hair. This fade for a natural redhead is a great example. It has been faded to the skin but dipped at the temple; this enables the barber to line the edges in to make it stand out more. If you’ve got thick red hair, consider this style, as it’s modern and creates a statement. Remember to explain what you want. A picture is the best way to show your barber.

Cool Skin Faded Cut with a Messy Top for Men
Instagram @barberhdm3

#51: Cool Faded Cut with a Messy Top

Skin fades are popular and can be coupled with many styles, such as this faded cut with a messy top. The fringe has been left blunt, and much texture has been created on the top using point cutting. One of the best things you can do for this style is to dry some sea salt into it to give you an all-day hold. Using hairspray on top will give you added longevity.

Casual Mid-Skin Fade for Curly Hair
Instagram @barber_bladez5

#52: Casual Fade for Curly Hair

So much volume and texture can be created with thick curly hair, as this cut shows. It has been taken down to the skin at the midpoint and faded up to the top from the temple line, transitioning into the top. The curls have been cut, creating texture with techniques such as point cutting. I recommend using sea salt spray and styling powder for a natural look.

#53: Tall Afro with a Fade

A tall afro takes time and commitment to grow, but when you have achieved the length required, you are left with a classic look finished off with a fade. The edges have been lined in with a blade to give you the sharpest finish possible. You will need to do your research to find an afro specialist barber to give you this look. Be prepared to comb the afro daily to keep the shape, and ask your barber for advice on styling products.

#54: Classic Skin Fade + Slick Back

The classic skin fade paired with a slick back has been a staple for many years. This classic look dates back decades and is still relevant now. The style has been taken tight around the ears and blended up to the scissor work. The top will be cut with a short graduation to leave a foundation for the slick back. You control the look of this trim. It will grow out evenly and works with a longer style too. I recommend a strong pomade to hold the style.

#55: Handsome Ivy League Fade

An Ivy League fade is the ultimate crisp and clean style. Guys looking for a high and tight men’s haircut will prefer this chop as the expertly faded sides give off a fashionable edge, along with appearing clean cut.

#56: Shaved Hair Design with Skin Burst Fade Cut

A shaved hair design with a skin burst fade is a great way to incorporate artistic taste into your hairdo. If you desire a unique take on the classic fade, then this cut is for you!

#57: Amazing Textured Mid-Fade Haircut

A textured haircut suits men with thick hair and is relatively easy to style. This skin fade haircut has been kept low around the ears and neck to create the mid-point of the fade. This style will need regular maintenance to be kept sharp-looking. So you must see your barber every 2-3 weeks to keep it fresh. Blow some sea salt spray into the texture and finish off with styling powder to get the texture on top.

#58: Sharp Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut has reached new acclaim due to the revival of 1920s culture in recent years. The undercut is popular with good reason since it gives the wearer a host of creative adaptations – a fade with an ivy league, slicked back, a hard part, side-swept, quiff, curly, a pompadour, french crop, or long with a topknot.

#59: Awesome Side-Swept Fade Taper

A side-swept fade taper is a great haircut option for any businessman. It is classic and offers a clean cut while being effortlessly cool. Styling this cut requires applying pomade to damp hair while molding hair to the side.

#60: Easy Textured Crop with Temple Fade

A textured crop with a temple fade is best suited to those with a strong hairline and medium coarse hair. The temple line fade works well with the blunt fringe and brings the style together. A styling powder will give the texture needed to style the top.

Line-Up and High Fade for Curly Hair
Instagram @mvsonthebarber

#61: Line-Up and High Fade for Curly Hair

This curly hair confirms that more action can be done on those curls while keeping everything neat with faded sides. Now, you can work that ‘fro with a clean line-up!

#62: Fun Skin Drop Fade for Medium-Length Hair

A masculine skin drop fade on medium-length hair styles are popular. These haircuts and styles like this are ideal for framing the face and creating edges.

Modern French Crop Haircut with Skin Fade
Instagram @_robweston

#63: Modern French Crop

It’s like the gods carved out those edges with a divine fade, short top and bangs combo. This French crop makes a popular style that looks creative and fun!

Old School Skin fade buzz cut for men
Instagram @dsbarbershop

#64: Old School Buzz Cut

When achieving this buzz cut with a skin fade, the clippers are your friend. Your most trusted barber with precise hands and good taste in style is the second requirement.

Spiky, Textured Quiff with Skin Faded Sides
Instagram @bat_fade

#65: Spiky, Textured Quiff with Skin Faded Sides

Mimic a spiky faux hawk with a skin fade with some delicate combing and hair mousse.

#66: Low-Maintenance Low Skin Fade

Young guys would ace this low fade hairstyle. Also known as a low bald fade, this brings a youthful effect that is still fashion-forward.

#67: Stylish Fade on a Crew Cut

The classic gentleman’s haircut can be found in this skin fade crew cut. Low fade haircuts like this always bring a high level of sophistication. Also, this is a clean cut for men.

Long Hair with Undercut and Skin Fade
Instagram @hosseinsarv

#68: Long Hair with Undercut

Bald fade undercuts are helpful when partnered with long hair. In this case, the gentleman’s beard contributes to a wholesome, dapper undercut look.

Professional Mens mid skin fade haircut
Instagram @barberia_jmara

#69: Professional Mid Fade

Like a Brooklyn fade, the fade starts around the temple and goes down the nape and ear area. What a great and simple style to work with.

Messy, Textured Top with Skin Fade and Side Part
Instagram @behrooz.moda

#70: Messy, Textured Top with Side Part

Show off that low fade with a side-parted effect where the shave starts! Both features of your hair can be highlighted in this way. A messy, textured top would look great in this haircut, too!

Simple Low Fade Cut For Wavy Hair
Instagram @yanielbarber

#71: Simple Low Fade For Wavy Hair

Slick back your wavy hair and pair it with a low skin fade cut for a fun and edgy finish. Haircuts like this help to maintain that contrast for a well-maintained cut.

Edgy faux hawk with Skin Fade
Instagram @aldierbarber

#72: Edgy Faux Hawk

If you want a bold taper, try this pattern of a faux hawk, where you can insert several hair trends into one messy cut. A hair design like this comes in handy for a style refresher.

Skin Fade on Funky Mohawk Haircut
Instagram @markyblvdez

#73: Funky Mohawk Haircut

This mohawk trend is fancy, especially with the fade! Layered waves work through the hawk, highlighted by the conspicuous bald fade style. A burst fade cut is the best option to achieve the mohawk effect.

short hair on top with skin faded sides
Instagram @alex.tanase_

#74: Short Hair on Top with Skin Faded Sides

The shaved and faded sides go well with the short length on top. This is a very easy-to-style hairstyle.

Trendy Skin Pompadour Fade for Men
Instagram @leif.cbco

#75: Trendy Skin Pompadour Fade

Prop your hair up with a skin fade pompadour. This trick gives dimension and variability, perfect for adventurous men! For extra edge, style this fade with the line-up and ask for a beard fade.

Hipster Medium Skin Fade
Instagram @juanmapeluka

#76: Hipster Medium Skin Fade

Keep your hair length on top long to be able to style it like this. I used matte ointment and volume powders, then styled the pompadour using my fingers. This is ideal for straight hair, and the best face shape is square.

Hard Part with Comb Over and Bald Fade
Instagram @barbeariaalves

#77: Hard Part with Comb Over

This bald fade cut has a razor side part where the sides are well scraped. I started with the “0” machine and went up gradually to detail well into the hair division.  I made a tuft with a streak in the division, and it’s well-striped and stylish.

High Top Fade with Defined Hairline for Black Men with Afro
Instagram @jj.blendz

#78: High Top Fade with Defined Hairline for Black Men with Afro

This is a haircut called the high top with a mid-skin fade. Ask your barber to put a new spin on it by giving your hair a mid fade instead of a high fade. My favorite thing about this skin-faded afro is the contrast. This comes out nice and smooth and matches his black skin color well, making it somewhat blurry. Lining up the hairline is key to making the haircut pop more than it would with a clean fade. A fresh lineup completes the cut.