25 Best Side Part Haircuts for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A side-part haircut is a men’s hairstyle where your hair is parted to one side, depending on your hair’s natural growth. If you’re searching for a 5-minute hairstyle that instantly adds volume and finesse, this classic style would be your best option!

Side part haircuts are also called regular, professional, standard, or businessman cuts. It’s important to take photos with you to your barber so they understand exactly which side part style you’re looking for.

There are easily no restrictions to what type of hair can sport this look. If you’ve got some length and a comb, you can go for a traditional, polished version, a deep side part, or a messy, modern finish.

It’s up to you which product to use – a wax or clay for extra texture or a gel or hairspray for the best hold. Just a few minutes for styling in the morning will get you looking sharp for both work and a night out.

Before your next haircut, check out these popular pictures of side-part haircut ideas for men.

High Fade + Side Part Haircut
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

#1: High Fade + Side Part Haircut

A high fade highlights the side-parted pomp that’s done up top. Plus, a high fade with a sidepart makes styling much easier!

Old School Side Part for Men with short hair and no beard
Instagram @johnny.vintagency

#2: Old School Side Part

Whether you’re a guy with a clean-cut style or if you don’t mind the trends, this old-school side-parted hairstyle works! So long as you’re willing to style this haircut with some pomade, you’ll always look sharp. I suggest Ruezel pomades for best results.

Slick Hard Part Side Part for Men with Glasses and a Beard with a Low Fade
Instagram @barber_kas.v

#3: Slick Hard Part for Men with Glasses

The cool thing about this slick hard part for men with glasses? It works for just about any dude, glasses or not! Please show this picture to your barber to let them know what you’re looking for. They will be able to execute this side part haircut men desire on you in a way that best suits your face and hair texture. Don’t forget to ask for a product recommendation on your way out to keep this slick style in its proper place.

#4: Cool Zero Fade Side Part

A side part fade haircut with a zero fade and hard part is one of the sharpest-looking haircuts for guy’s in their 20s.

#5: Amazing Side Part with Wavy Long Fringe

A side part with a wavy long fringe is an amazing disconnect cut for thick hair. It features short-length hair along the side, stopping at the partial ridge, and there’s a drastic difference on top with no transition from the sides to the top. Style your hair to the opposite side of the side part for the best style.

#6: Clean-Cut Burst Fade and Deep Side Part

A burst fade, and deep side part is a beautiful marriage of clean-cut professional and slick artists. It is made by cutting your hair shorter over the ear, sloping down, and clippering at the nape of the neck. This technique creates fluidity while accentuating the head and crown shape, all while seamlessly blending it. The side part is styling your hair from one side to the next, sometimes called a one-side haircut. For an extra crisp part, a straight razor is used to etch the part into the style.

#7: Professional Side-Swept with Part

Side-swept with part is the best haircut for any businessman to try. It is an all-scissor haircut that makes the appropriate length to sweep the men’s hair to the side when styling. It is nicely tapered around the edges to make a soft hairline, a natural part of the partial ridge.

#8: Classic Side Part and Brush-Back Style

A side part and brush-back style are the ideal men’s haircuts for those with long face shapes. The slick and classic cool look of the brushback with the side part diminishes bulk on the sides. It brings balance to the sharper edges and condenses the length of the face. Consider consulting with a barber or hairstylist to make sure that proper density in the temple and hairline is achievable.

Edgy quiff haircut with side parting style for men
Instagram @seniorsasan

#9: Edgy Quiff Haircut with Side Parting Style

The quiff haircut with a side parting style is a great way to update and individualize the quiff haircut. The side parting haircut can be styled or shaved in with a razor. It instantly tones down the free-spiritedness of the cut. When styling, make sure to part the side, then lift and shape the bangs so the quiff will not transform into a comb-over style.

Side Part Fade For Curly Hair
Instagram @artlessdog

#10: Side Part Fade For Curly Hair

A side part with curly hair is such a dreamy side hairstyle!

#11: The Classic Side Part for Thick Hair

Sometimes, going back to basics with a classic side part is what a man needs as a refresher.

#12: Sharp Side Part for Long Hair

Creating a sharp side part requires a greater contrast of shaved sides and a surgical line just before the part.

#13: Side Part with an Undercut

Here’s a professional men’s haircut idea, an edgy way to express style! Finesse a side part with an undercut fade, and you’ll love the result.

skin fade + Side Part
Instagram @fogos_cutclub

#14: Skin Fade + Side Part

Do it big with a shave close to the scalp. The side part and the skin fade are mutually accentuated with this very contrasting mix.

#15: Trendy Pompadour with a Side Part for Straight Hair

A side part with pompadour works on guys with straight hair who want to show off some length. The mid-fade creates a nice gradation from the flashy, combed-up pomp to the shaved sides.

#16: Dapper Comb Over Side Part with Low Fade

Comb over your hair to the side, and make the shave a bit closer to the ears and nape to achieve this neat, smart-looking low fade comb over the side part!

#17: Edgy Messy Side Part

With this messy side part style, you don’t have to worry about getting that ‘do perfectly. A curly shag with a side part is the cut that you’ll need!

The Ivy League Side Part for Men's Hair
Instagram @hairby_kait_

#18: The Ivy League Side Part

Get it right with the most proper side-parting hairstyle there is. The ivy league side part is ready for work and play! This haircut makes thin hair appear thicker and fuller.

#19: Medium-Length Hair with Mid Fade and Side Part

If you’re in the process of growing out your hair, try asking for this side part cut with a mid fade. Medium-length hairstyles keep everything polished.

Businessman or Professional Cut with Side Part
Instagram @ojackk

#20: Businessman or Professional Cut with Side Part

For every hardworking man who still finds time to unwind, here’s the side-part haircut for you. The days of sacrificing comfort for wearability are now over!

#21: Handsome Hard Side Part

A hard side part like this always impresses. Go for the more adventurous one involving a mid-taper and a comb over to complete the mens side haircut. Pomade or gel will be their best friend for gents wearing a hard part with taper and comb-over style.

#22: Stylish Side Part Style for Wavy Hair

The side part style for wavy hair works well with a fade, leaving more strands in the crown area. A taper fade is a medium to low fade cut. It’s angled from the temple and dropped below the occipital bone. The cut also helps weigh down a strong cowlick for men.

The Gentleman's Cut with Hard Part
Instagram @miguel.ace_

#23: The Gentleman’s Cut with Hard Part

This is a zero-faded side-part haircut with razor-cut parting. It adds a lot of structure and masculine angularity to the face. It looks polished and crisp, requiring little effort to style it. Side haircuts are diverse and suit all but the most conservative professionals, mainly due to the tight side fade and razor part.

Taper Fade with a Side Part and Volume on Top
Instagram @hairbycodyj

#24: Taper Fade with Volume on Top

This is a taper haircut with a side part. It’s for the man who needs to be tidy and professional for work but wants to have fun with his hair. This cut has length on top and can be slicked back if needed, styled with some volume for a more modern look, or even left down in the face for a more textured and messy look.

Modern Short Hair with Short Sides and Side Part
Instagram @ridleybarber

#25: Modern Short Hair with Short Sides

This is a razor side part with graduation that is not too shaved to the skin on the sides. This skin fade side part cut is for men who want a more modern touch. Use an ointment with a matte effect for the finish and also a fixative spray.