26 Awesome Examples of Short Sides, Long Top Haircuts for Men

Mens short sides long top haircuts
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Haircuts with short sides and a long top are what every modern man is sporting today, mostly because of their edge in giving men’s hair amazing lift and so much versatility in styling options. Brush your hair back, go for polished pomp, or rock a hipster undercut – you name it! With just a bit of wax or gel, you can prominently tame and flaunt your straight, wavy, or curly strands.

Shaved or faded sides let you add some real stark contrast and modern, laid-back touch to your appearance while your top hair runs free. A clean-side hairstyle doesn’t just allow your strong facial features to stand out for a cool masculine vibe and lessens the maintenance and barber visits needed.

If you desire a hairstyle about volume, length, and supremacy, you better keep scrolling down.

Before your next haircut, check out these popular pictures of haircuts with short sides and a long top that men love.

Hard part with high taper fade
Instagram @duplexbarberia
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#1: Hard Part with High Taper Fade

A generally low-maintenance cut, this taper fade with a hard side part is a classic favorite for its vintage vibe. Such short hair is perfect for guys who want a professional clean cut!

Textured Hair with Taper Fades
Instagram @pixiejaaah
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#2: Textured Hair with Taper Fade

Refresh your long top short sides haircut with this iconic textured top with taper. This short hairstyle gives way to your longer hair on top and allows you to style it any way you want!

Quiff with Low Skin Fade
Instagram @meladiin
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#3: Quiff with Low Skin Fade

Getting a low skin fade with a quiff will bring you all the attention you want. This brushed-back thick, handsome hair makes a cool style if you have long hair you want to control. Adding light facial hair would complete the style, too.

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#4: Tapered Mohawk and Side Designs

Tapered mohawk and side designs are a fun variation of a mohawk. Skin taper over the ears while keeping the top of the blend dark into the mohawk, creating the perfect blend. Adding several simple lines to this haircut makes all the difference, transforming this haircut into a head-turner piece.

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#5: Curly Mess on Top with Tapered Sides

Opt for a curly mess on top with tapered sides if you are blessed with curls and prefer to keep the length. The sides are tapered down tight to the skin, leaving a weighty blend line into the top, complementing the curly mess on top. This cut will need some maintenance. A scrunch dry with a volume spray and pomade will make the curls bounce all day long.

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#6: Long on Top with Short Sides for Older Men

The long on top with short sides for older men is stylish and suits many hair and face types. The style has been taken down to the skin and graduated tightly into the top, leaving length for men to play with. This cut can create various styles keeping men looking stylish at all times.

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#7: Messy Textured French Crop with Mid Fade Haircut

A messy textured French crop and mid-fade suit men with thin hair and a high hairline as it takes the attention away from it. This mid fade haircut perfectly transitions into the layered length on top to focus on the style. A little bit of work will be needed on the top. For best results, dry in some sea salt spray and finish with texture dust.

Short Sides Long Top Fade for Men's Hair
Instagram @raduvitca
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#8: Short Sides Long Top Fade for Men’s Hair

Balance is key to achieving this crisp and cool short sides and long top cut. A little mess and texture on top, plus a sharp disconnection, equals a dapper, gent look.

Long Man Bun with Dreads and Mid Temp Fade
Instagram @larondabarber
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#9: Long Man Bun with Dreads and Mid Temp Fade

A hot style with dreads is one of the top haircuts offering the best hipster look. Men’s short sides with a long top haircut can be paired with a beard for a rugged, gent look.

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#10: Spiky Hair with High Fade

Leave your hair on top with epic upward spikes. When wearing a textured top and high fade haircut like this, use your best stylist-approved hair gel or wax for maximum hold!

Longer Haircut with High Drop Fade
Instagram @reyesthebarber
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#11: Longer Haircut with High Drop Fade

A well-textured on-trend short sides long on top haircut like this will take you places. It’s a fusion of a drop fade and wavy top that creates a groomed and punk finish and gives lots of versatility for styling.

Side-Swept Hair Long on Top
Instagram @ambarberia
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#12: Side-Swept Hair Long on Top

One style you can create with an undercut is a combover to one side, creating a sleek side-swept top with short sides. This undercut hairstyle especially works on long hair on top, short on sides, regardless of texture.

Surgical Line with High Bald Fade
Instagram @sean_rodman
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#13: Surgical Line with High Bald Fade

Stand out from the other guys with a bold short on sides long on top haircut like this. Its shorter hair features a high textured top, disconnected by a hard part and transitioned neatly to the skin with a bald fade cut.

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#14: Comb Over with Skin Low Fade

These neat shaved-to-the-skin sides work well with a top comb-over style because of their high contrast. Such low-fade haircuts allow you to create a super cool hairstyle plus a rocking beard!

High Pompadour with Bald Fade and Sharp Hairline
Instagram @wester_barber
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#15: High Pompadour with Bald Fade and Sharp Hairline

The play of texture in this super impressive pompadour with faded sides is trendsetting! The sharp hairline plus the long beard and smooth top equals a long on top short on sides haircut that will take you places.

Short Sides Long Top Haircut with Low Drop Fade
Instagram @wayne840903
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#16: Short Sides Long Top Haircut with Low Drop Fade

Look like a legend with this classic pompadour that stands out flawlessly! A men’s short sides long top style like this is perfect for mid to long hair for men.

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#17: Medium-Length Faux Hawk with Drop Fade

Take the bore away from your hair when getting a short sides medium top haircut, and style it like this medium-length faux hawk! Add your best holding product for a cool and impressive output.

Short Hair with Long Front Strands on Top
Instagram @stebbicutter
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#18: Short Hair with Long Front Strands on Top

Opt for men’s haircuts long on top. It’s a classic style that complements textured wavy hair superbly, giving the whole look a stylish, neat finish.

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#19: Brushed Back Hair with Mid Skin Fade

Nothing’s more stand-out when you do classic pomp with a modern mid-skin fade! The style of this brush back and faded undercut can still be improved with a neatly shaped beard.

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#20: Mid-Length Haircut and Beard with Mid Taper Fade

Men’s hairstyles that feature a mid-length cut with taper fade and beard create a funky cool guy look! Add a little wave up to the front for a thicker hair illusion that can be emphasized more with a nice mid-fade.

Thick Hair with Burst Fade
Instagram @itsdwiseptian
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#21: Thick Hair with Burst Fade

Go for a mens haircut short sides long top like this. A sharp burst fade, medium crop and thick surgical lines can create a modern brushed-up style! This line style looks smooth, especially for boys with dense hair.

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#22: Slicked Back Hair with Mid Drop Fade

A simple and smart style – this slicked back hair with neat, shaved sides is one of the most classic looks! Clean each side of the head and slick back your hair so that the top will look dimensional.

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#23: Disconnected Undercut with Mid Bald Fade

This men’s haircut is what you would call a disconnected undercut. This haircut has a very sharp contrast between the short sides and the longer hair on top. It’s clean-cut, but the length on top allows for total versatility! You can style the hair forward for a little mystery, slick it back for more of a suave a-la-Johnny Depp look, or go wild playing with texture. This high-contrast sculpture is unique and memorable and would be recommended to a wearer who wants a classy, refined look. A good gel or a pomade would be recommended to style your long hair short sides, depending on your hair type and density.

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#24: Long Pomp with High Skin Fade

A rugged look is a long pompadour with curly hair ends and high skin fades.  I advise gents who want to try this cut to have enough length to get the desired style. I would use matte clay to hold the desired style for hair products. I used powder to give some volume as the hair lacked volume. And to finish it off, I put hairspray to hold it in place.

Undercut with Shaved Sides
Instagram @cvtthroatxdan
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#25: Undercut with Shaved Sides

Short sides, long top hairstyles that look like this undercut are a mix between old and new school. According to barber Daniel Holmes of Australia, “That’s the exact reason I fell in love with barbering because of the school styles and ways of doing things, and to put my modern look into an old school combover pomp.”

Hairstyles for men like this work best on thick hair. With thick hair, it’s a lot easier to style and hold into shape with a product. As for a product, Holmes would use Hanz De Fuko Gravity paste to give a medium hold with a matte finish.

Man Bun for Shoulder-Length Hair with High Temp Fade
Instagram @ladylavish_
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#26: Man Bun for Shoulder-Length Hair with High Temp Fade

Draw attention to a perfectly sleek and high man bun or top knot placed on top of the head, with a strong high fade. You would surely be the life of the party with long hairstyles like this!