42 Types of Short Fade Haircuts + Trendy Ways Guys Can Get It

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short Ginger Hair with a Fade for Men

#1 Short Ginger Hair with a Fade

Isn’t this short, ginger hair with a cool fade striking? Ask for a spiky look with a bald razor fade into a two on the sides. Blend this into a style with 1.5-2 inch length left on top. Use a point cut or texturized style to remove bulk. To get this look at home, use your fingertips to apply a matte clay like Gorilla Paste from the roots to the ends of dry hair. Style your fringe forward for a cropped haircut look.

#2: Skin Fade and Swept Forward Crew Cut

Looking for an edgy haircut but need to pass as office ready? If so, I would give this skin fade and swept forward crew cut some serious consideration. The zero fade on the sides creates a modern feel. And the short length on top remains manageable yet stylish.

Such fade short hairstyles for men can be wash-and-wear. But you could take it to the next level with Suavecito’s Original Hold Pomade for shine and hold.

Very Short Faded Buzz Cut for Men
Instagram @cutthroatguido

#3: Very Short Faded Buzz Cut

Sometimes easy and stylish don’t come in the same package. But this short faded buzz cut is the best for someone who wants the best of both worlds. When you remove most of the hair on the sides and leave just enough on top to style, a little bit of gel goes a long way. Just ask for a zero fade. Also, any haircut with contrast on the sides and the top will leave you looking fresh and clean.

Short Thick Hair with High Skin Faded Sides and Nape
Instagram @kutzbyoc

#4: Short Thick Hair with Faded Sides and Nape

Crew cuts are an easy style to maintain. They require little if any, time to do. Short thick hair with faded sides and nape suit this hair type. It has faded down to the skin and blended at the midpoint into the short top. Generally, the top will be cut with clippers on a higher-grade comb. The fringe has been cut blunt for a sharp finish to compliment the fade. Hair with this length and short fade, men don’t need any product to style, making it easy to keep up.

#5: High Fade for Short Quiff Hairstyle

If you’re looking for one of the easiest men’s styles, give this high fade for a short quiff hairstyle a chance. This haircut features a zero fade for the longevity of the haircut. Based on your hair texture and preference, it has just enough length, 1 to 2 inches, to throw some gel in and go. My favorite product for a style like this is Johnny B’s Mode Styling Gel.

#6: Zero Fade on Short Piece-y Hair

Crowns can be an issue for a lot of guys. The answer is either long or short. This zero fade has been kept short at the back, leaving length for a hairstyle on top to create a comb-over. This style is often asked for as it controls the crown area and allows the client to have a style at the front. Make sure you explain your hair worries to the barber before he starts.

Short Clean High Skin Fade with Line-Up and Texture for Guys
Instagram @capo_thebarber

#7: Clean High Skin Fade with Line-Up and Texture

I love some curls. So, what better way to show them off than with this clean high skin fade with a line-up and textured feel? The zero fade blending into the sides and beard keeps this haircut edgy and professional. The curls on top can show off your unique identity and texture. Plus, this men’s fade cut refrains your curls from growing into a round shape. Throw a gel or cream on your curls and run!

Short Bald Fade and Extra Choppy and Texture On Top for Dudes
Instagram @silvio__barber

#8: Bald Fade and Extra Choppy and Texture On Top

If you like a little length left on top, you might like this bald fade and extra choppy texture. You can still have a barbered, clean cut of your sides buzzed short without compromising the top.

The French Crop with Skin Fade for Men with Short Hair
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#9: The French Crop with Skin Fade

Look at this fashion-forward version of a French crop with a taper fade. The blunt sides go very well with the shave and the layered fringes. There’s so much going on in this cool cut for guys.

Clean Buzz Cut with Bald Fade
Instagram @dalehince

#10: Clean Buzz Cut with Bald Fade

This is a military haircut with a short fade. All the cleanliness and orderliness of the buzz cut fade serve to give a proper guy’s look.

Short Textured Top with Faded Tapered Sides and Nape
Instagram @vidahairkeilor

#11: Textured Top with Tapered Sides and Nape

A textured top with tapered sides and nape is a hit in the short fade haircuts for men category. Easy to wear and style, but remember that this haircut is high maintenance to maintain. This crop fade requires a visit to the barbershop every 2-4 weeks.

Very Short Faded Hair on Thin Hair for Men
Instagram @barberken99

#12: Very Short-Faded Hair on Thin Hair

If you’re starting to see some scalp and want to wear your hair differently, try a short fade on your thin hair. A zero fade on the sides creates a natural contrast. This faded haircut for men makes the top look thicker and darker without trying too hard.

#13: Curly Textured Crop and a Skin Fade

To create this curly textured crop with a skin fade/buzz cut, you’ll need some hair length to promote great curls. This is a hairstyle for anyone willing to wear their hair 2-3 inches up top with a mousse for styling!

High Skin Fade on a Short Crew Cut
Instagram @chichthebarber

#14: High Skin Fade on a Crew Cut

Looking at haircuts for yourself that might suit your style? I recommend this high skin fade on a crew cut. It adds an edgy vibe to your traditional men’s fade. Ask your barber for a zero fade with a four up top or a zero fade with scissors up top for added texture on the cut.

Fresh Fade on Short Curly Hair for Men
Instagram @hairby.angelapenner

#15: Fresh Fade on Short Curly Hair

Elevate your style with this fresh fade on short curly hair at your next haircut. I suggest styling your curls with a mousse for a firm hold for a glossy shine. Stand up and check out your new haircut for a pleasant surprise.

#16: Modern Cropped Cut with Shaved Sides

Check out this modern cropped cut with shaved sides if you want to level up your haircut. Add color for a more edgy feel!

#17: French Short Crop with a Fringe

Do you think you can rock a French short crop with a fringe? This haircut includes blunt edges along the hairline and a zero fade. It’s perfect for the bold guy with lots of personal styles!

#18: Beard Fade and Shape-up

If you want to make a statement, try this beard fade and shape up. It’s a popular pick for fade haircuts for men. I suggest asking your barber or stylist for a zero fade with a short scissor cut on top, just enough to style.

#19: Short Pompadour with Faded Sides

If you’ve needed a fresh style update, a short pompadour with faded sides might be a perfect choice. Ask your barber for a scissor cut on top with taper fade, style to your liking!

Short Hi-Top Fade with Shaved Lines
Instagram @h.clipzz

#20: Hi-Top Fade with Shaved Lines

Check out this hi-top fade with shaved lines! Ask the barber for a clipper guard up top that suits your face shape, a fade, and a line-up. Add lines to this top fade haircut for a styled look.

Short Low Fade Curly Cut for Black Men
Instagram @kreyolkutz

#21: Low Fade Curly Cut for Black Men

You’ve got a good amount of hair, so why not try this low fade curly cut for black men? Fade cutting your hair is an easy yet professional look. Ensure your barber fades your beard into your haircut before they are done!

Short Crop with Medium Fade for Guys
Instagram @barber_sajan

#22: Short Crop with Medium Fade

A short crop with medium fade is a popular choice in fade hairstyles for men. Ask your barber about your options for different variations of this haircut. You can choose between a clipper cut on the sides and the top. Or, clippers on the sides and scissors on the top for added texture. Add some styling clay, and you’re good to go!

Short Fade Haircut with a Thunder Shaved Line
Instagram @fades.and.braids

#23: Fade Haircut with a Thunder Shaved Line

If you want to change your style, amp up traditional short haircuts for men with a fade haircut. Add a thunder-shaved line to make it more unique. Get the style you desire up top with a firm hold gel or a matte clay for texture.

Short Faded Crop Cut with Short Wavy Bangs for Men
Instagram @liquid_shears

#24: Faded Crop Cut with Short Wavy Bangs

A faded crop cut with short wavy bangs is one of the year’s biggest short fade haircut trends! This drop fade contours the head, and the added length up top gives this style shape and texture. If you want cool men’s short haircuts, ask your barber for a zero fade with length left on top.

#25: Short Waved Cut with a Line-Up

A short, waved cut with a line-up is the definition of good haircuts for men! A zero fade with length up top always looks clean and proper. Having a stylist that can connect your haircut to your beard will define your face nicely.

Sexy Short Curly Fade Haircut for Men
Instagram @alan_beak

#26: Short and Curly Hair Fade

The appeal of a guy’s short cut with a fade is undeniably charming. Add the curled locks, and you’ll have girls swooning all over you. With these short haircuts, men can finally show off their natural texture.

Awesome Wavy Hair with Short Fade for Men
Instagram @barberteaux

#27: Awesome Wavy Hair with Short Fade

Long waves give fluff to this short fade cut. This is a neat fade haircut men with short to medium wavy hair must opt for.

Short drop fade haircut
Instagram @andkyp

#28: The Classic Short Drop Fade

An altered classic fade, the short fade goes low toward the nape. With these short hair cut, men with thinner hair will appreciate the natural form of their locks.

The Popular Short Temp Fade for Guys
Instagram @cutbydiego

#29: The Popular Short Temp Fade

The blowout is a popular style for men. Short fade hairstyles around the temple area with a side part hair cut are a great combo for this kind of cut. A classic line-up will always stay in style in such short men’s haircuts.

the sleek short burst fade
Instagram @xbigwesx

#30: The Sleek Short Burst Fade

This type of short fade tapers around the ear very smoothly. Keep your top full, and you’ll look sleek in no time.

Short crew cut with fade
Instagram @edisonchu7

#31: The Cool Crew Cut Fade

A fundamental cut in a man’s style, a crew cut gives a more defined face shape while giving room for many touch-ups on your hair on top with a short hair fade.

Short Faux Hawk with Fade for Guys
Instagram @andkyp

#32: Short Faux Hawk with Fade

If you have fine or thin hair but still want that height, this short faux hawk cut with a short hair fade is for you.

#33: Classic Short Taper Fade

Whatever has “classic” in its name is a sure winner. They don’t last a lifetime for no reason, don’t they? This short taper fade cut is the perfect business casual look.

#34: The Casual Low Fade on Short Hair

A low fade is a friendly way to keep that contrast of bushy and shaved hair. This short fade hairstyle keeps unruly hair at bay and provides an excellent style.

short fade hairstyle with a bald fade
Instagram @livanio_barber

#35: The Short Pomp with a Bald Fade

Don’t get scared by the name- a short bald fade doesn’t look that bald except for the part of skin-shaved sides and nape. This faded hair style with a pomp works wonders on medium to thick hair densities.

Old-school short curls with fade for black guys
Instagram @cardinaltribe

#36: Old-School Short Curls Fade for Black Hair

The classic kinky curls on a short hairstyle are the secret to a smooth man.

Short high fade haircut
Instagram @ronihalehair

#37: The High Fade Short Hair

Keeping a fade higher on short hair brings a more youthful effect to your style. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, you may need a small hair cut for upkeep.

Short high and tight military fade
Instagram @cina_abdolahi

#38: Trendy High and Tight Military Fade

Having a short fade military haircut with a fade is like carrying a weapon. The only thing you’ll be killing is a properly attractive look. This short hair for men is very easy to maintain and demands little to no styling.

#39: Stylish Short Comb Over Fade

Comb your hair to the sides to let your smooth short fade style shine. This is a proper men’s fade haircut in a modern version.

#40: The Skin Fade Short Crop

This shape is one of my favorites for men with slightly chiseled faces. Using a disconnection and keeping the haircut square to enhance the jawline is always my favorite technique with short men’s cuts.

This men’s short fade cut is a high-maintenance look requiring an appointment every 2-3 weeks. The hairstyle works well for men with all textures. However, it would require blow-drying and volumizing products finished with a lightweight matte cream if you have finer textures. With medium to coarse hair, use a pomade and comb into place through towel-dried hair.

#41: The Mid Fade Short Hairstyle

This fade cut for men is a classic low bald fade on short textured hair. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s edgy, cool, and modern. Such short hair styles for men work for most face shapes and hair textures. If you have a fine, flat hair type, use a volumizing product before you blow-dry, finish with hair wax (medium hold), and spray. If you have a wavy or curly hair type, use anti-frizz hair cream before blow-drying, then blow-dry with a round brush to smooth your hair. Apply hair wax (medium or stronghold) and finish with hairspray.

#42: Shorter Ivy League Cut

This short haircut is a low to medium skin fade with a tight scissor cut on top. My favorite thing about this buzz cut fade is the smooth transition from the skin to the hair on top and how soft the fade is. No harsh or heavy lines – a haircut like this always works well on guys with thick, dark hair. The best thing about this haircut is how low maintenance it is. Because of the sharpness of the fade on the back and sides, it gives you free roam with the top of your hair without it ever really looking messy and unkempt.

Although I would always recommend blow drying your hair, with a nice short haircut fade like this, you could easily get away with simply towel drying the top and adding some clay to style whether you want to go messy and choppy or a bit sharper. Product-wise, I recommend a dry product. For example, in this picture, I used “Johnny’s Chop Shop – Wild Cat Clay.”

A short fade is a short haircut with very short sides and back that are gradually faded close to the skin. A fade on short cuts such as crew cuts, buzz cuts, and high and tight haircuts provides contrast and gives a clean-cut look.

Short fade haircuts have been on trend ever since the start of the decade and won’t be going anywhere soon!

There is only one major reason expert barbers in the modern world of men’s fashion revel in this contemporary look – the style’s versatility.

With all the volume and texture allowed on top, you can easily create endless possibilities of hairstyles. Are you going to a business meeting? Slick those strands back or do a simple comb-over. Have plans for a night out? Brush it up into a faux hawk!

What you’ll be addicted to is how well-kept your mane will appear 24/7 simply because of those short sides. A quick trip to your barber once a month will guarantee the freshness of your chosen fade.

Check out this updated guide on the latest photos of short fade haircuts!