33 Quiff Haircut Ideas for the Fashion-Forward Men

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A quiff hairstyle is a combination of the 1950s pompadour and flattop. The men’s modern quiff is typically a medium-length hairstyle with short hair on the sides and back and long on top. Suited to casual and office settings, it’s now one of the most demanded guys’ hairstyles.

Master barber, James Terry from South Carolina, talks about his number one piece of advice. “Make sure it fits your face shape. Round faces have less structure. A square-shaped hairstyle with height, such as a quiff, will be more favorable.”

The qiff is one of the most versatile hairstyles for men. James shares his favorite feature of the quiff, “you can mess it up, part it, slick it back, or comb it over, to name a few. Go with the flow of which way your hair wants to go, and don’t fight it. Accent your natural movement!”

Every day allows you to explore and own a new look! When styling, James said, “a hair spray/tonic for volume and a styling product that is matte and will build the structure.” He starts by “using a comb with the blow-dryer to create the base of the quiff. Then, use the styling product as the final touch.”

“See your barber every three to four weeks for maintenance,” he says, telling me how low the upkeep is for this hot look. That’s why it has been in the fashion scene since the ’50s. It won’t be going off the list anytime soon!

Before your next haircut, check out these photos of the edgiest quiff hairstyle ideas!

barber-approved 1950s quiff style
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#1: Barber-Approved 1950s Quiff Style

The key to 1950s quiff hairstyles is volume. With your natural texture, it adds shape to your dark hair resembling a faded pompadour. The razor fades on the sides are necessary to complement a manly beard.

#2: Disconnected Undercut Quiff for Boys

Quiffs can work for guys of all ages. This disconnected undercut with a quiff for boys will upgrade your guy’s appearance. The shaved lines on both sides will match the sharply styled hair on top.

Messy Quiff with a Bald Fade for Guys
Instagram @osman.karaev

#3: Messy Quiff with a Bald Fade

A messy quiff with a bald fade is a great option for those who want a neat yet slightly messier look than a combover or pompadour haircut. The look features a zero fade on the sides that blends into a square silhouette. This is achieved using a clipper-over-comb method. Then, a textured length on top is added, which can be tailored to match your features. The style is versatile and suits nearly all hair textures. For top styling results and home care, wash your hair every other day. Hand style it using a blow dryer, then apply a matte paste from roots to ends. This provides an all-day hold and more texture.

Quiff with a Hard Side Part for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#4: Quiff with a Hard Side Part

If you’re looking for a smart and traditional style, a quiff with a side part style is a great option. The hairstyle requires shaving the hair down to the skin and blending it into the top hair at the temple line. This creates a shape that mirrors the crown. Ask your barber how you can maintain this hairstyle, as it requires regular upkeep. A matte paste is my recommended product for maintaining this style.

#5: Silver Fox Short Quiff

Consider this silver fox short quiff. It’s a stylish and sophisticated haircut for men who wish to embrace their gray hair. This adaptable hairstyle has short hair on the sides and back. Yet, it leaves more length on top, adding texture and volume. This suits men of all ages who want a refined and sharp look. To achieve the perfect quiff, blow-dry your hair, directing it upwards and away from your face. If you want texture and hold, finish the look with a matte styling paste to keep the quiff in place.

Classic Short Quiff with a Mid Fade for Men
Instagram @restgar_kakaie

#6: Classic Short Quiff with a Mid Fade

Don’t settle for a basic haircut. Consider this stylish short quiff with a mid fade. This hairstyle provides a modern twist on a timeless look. It features a shorter cut on the sides and a longer length on top. That creates a notable contrast that gives depth to your overall appearance. The mid fade creates a seamless transition between the longer hair on top and the shorter sides, creating a clean look. This hairstyle suits men with different face shapes. The enhanced style can balance and highlight various facial features. For added texture and volume in your quiff, use a matte styling product. Apply it to your blow-dried hair.

#7: Stretched Fade and Side Quiff

If you have thick hair, you might want to consider a stretched fade, especially one combined with a side quiff. The fade starts at a zero and stretches into about a grade one to one and a half, which helps keep the sides neat and allows for a smooth transition to the top. There is enough length left for styling a large quiff easily and maintaining style. Ask your barber for product advice, as they will know what’s best to use for the style you want.

Classic Crew Cut with a Quiff
Instagram @zoltan_cutzz

#8: Classic Crew Cut with a Quiff

Classic cuts always stay in style. This take on a classic crew cut with a quiff shows that. It has faded to the skin around the ears and blended into the longer crew cut. That leaves enough length at the front for the quiff. If you plan to use this quiff style, you must style it for the same finish. Time will be needed to do so. I recommend drying some sea salt spray so you can set the quiff in place and finish off with a styling paste.

#9: Side Quiff and Low Fade

A side quiff and low fade compliment any dude with an oblong-shaped face. Certain styles can enhance your facial features but also point out flaws. Side quiffs are an awesome choice if you want to be in style.

Dramatic Quiff with a Beard
Instagram @spukthebarber

#10: Dramatic Quiff with a Beard

A stand-out look can set you apart from the rest. This dramatic quiff with a beard is a great example. The quiff fade has been kept tight around the ears. This is the key to the lineup at the temple. The length has been left on top to create the texture and quiff. This will need styling daily to maintain the look. I suggest drying some sea salt spray to achieve this, ensuring the front is blown upwards. I would then finish off with a strong paste.

Men's quiff with side part
Instagram @f.dbarber

#11: Quiff with Side Part

A quiff with a side part is a dope variation of a combover for men’s hair. It features a nicely blended skin fade, turning dark contrast into a natural side part. A quiff is all in the styling, so get a pomade because it offers you good hold and shine with mobility.

#12: Comb Over Quiff

A comb-over quiff is great for any guy with thick straight hair. Ask your barber for an all-shears haircut slightly tapered around the sideburns and nape area. When executed correctly, you can go 4 to 6 weeks between haircuts.

#13: Long Blow-Dried Quiff

A long blow-dried quiff is a shearful haircut. This layered shear cut is ideal for anyone with long, thick hair who wants to style. It’s a long flowing hair tapering 3 to 4 inches on the side. It’s low-maintenance and looks amazing.

#14: Tousled Side Quiffed Hair

Tousled side quiffed hair is a great way to update a pompador in an edgy and sophisticated way. The fade-up in the quiff style slims the sides of the face, chiseling and elongating the facial features even more. The tousled top of the quiff gives flexibility through easy upkeep and versatile styling.

Slicked back undercut quiff
Instagram @hosseinsarv

#15: Slicked Back Undercut Quiff

The slicked-back undercut quiff is great for those that love a clean-cut with texture. The undone look of the quiff looks sophisticated when added with texture for extra movement. Style with Aveda’s grooming clay to keep in place all day, sitting neatly on top of the tight fade.

#16: Finger-Combed Quiff

Finger-combed quiff is a remix to the popular undercut. The main difference is that the quiff is blended into the desired style. The undercut is parted around the partial ridge, and a division is made on the sides and the top. Throw in a little product, and you are ready to go!

Big Volume Hair Quiff
Instagram @willsalon

#17: Big Volume Hair Quiff

This big volume quiff with shaved lines on one side is something to be obsessed with! It’ll compliment your dapperness and charm, bringing a dynamic twist to your dark hair.

The Textured Quiff for Long Hair
Instagram @amir.oxygen_

#18: The Textured Quiff for Long Hair

This is an awesome long quiff haircut males love. You can see how volume and texture bring life to your lengthy, dark hair. Strands are delicately fixed, creating an illusion of a textured quiff with layers and waves. Even without a beard, the payoff of this long hair cut is sure to make ladies sweep off their feet.

#19: Voluminous Quiff Fringe

If you think volume is everything in styling, this high-volume quiff can be your go-to look! This voluminous quiff fringe makes your dark, thin hair appear fuller and suave at all angles.

Perfect Slicked Back Quiff
Instagram @jimk_hair

#20: Perfect Slicked Back Quiff

If you think that a perfect slicked-back quiff doesn’t exist, you might haven’t seen this trend. Rock a loose textured and pompadour-styled look by getting yourself sharp faded sides. With a pop of brown hue, your dark hair will make a great impression.

Quiff hairstyle for curly hair
Instagram @_deepercut

#21: Modern Quiff for Curly Hair

The best quiffs for curly hair men have texture. Looking for an alternative way to flaunt your curls? Aim for curly hair fades like this dude because a tousled look is in style nowadays. The sides are faded to easily emphasize the movement that’s happening to the hair on top. This curly quiff is a must-try!

modern messy quiff hairstyle
Instagram @bykadek

#22: Messy Quiff

This messy quiff is dope, and there’s no denying it! Try this messy modern quiff hairstyle men love if you love to add some texture and movement to your black hair to go with neat sides.

#23: Wavy Quiff

This wavy quiff hairstyle is different from your typical quiff! Bring out your natural texture and hair type; let it be your most attractive feature. The bald fade sides help the curls stand out, resulting in this very stylish, tousled quiff style.

short quiff haircut
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#24: Short Quiff

A neat, short quiff is your perfect bet for a more discreet edge. Achieve it by giving your light, medium hair on top some soft spikes for styling.

cool and classic quiff hairstyle for short hair
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#25: Cool and Classic Quiff Hairstyle for Short Hair

Build your “good guy” image by wearing a suave hairstyle like this quiff. The fusion of long hair on top plus the faded sides make a cool, classic quiff hairstyle.

#26: High Fade Quiff Haircut

This textured high fade quiff haircut is your best option to add some volumized spikes to your look. This is the high fade quiff with a shaved line on the sides to establish the undercut finish to your black hair.

small quiff hairstyle
Instagram @dimarzobarber

#27: Small Quiff Style

Adding subdued shaved lines on the faded side is a fitting idea to ginger up this small quiff style. Partner it with a full beard for a masculine and dapper edge.

Cool Quiff Short Sides
Instagram @seuelias

#28: A Cool Quiff Short Sides

This is one of the shortest quiffs you’ll see here, guys. Achieve a sharp haircut and style with a brushed-up quiff with short sides to emphasize the hair on top. Complete the look with a beard and mustache to create a vigorous finish.

Trending Quiff Hairstyle for Medium Hair
Instagram @titan.mcz

#29: Trending Quiff Hairstyle for Medium Hair

When your copper brown hair seems unexciting, add volume to a messy quiff haircut, and you’ll never go wrong. Waves create texture, stirring up a trending short quiff hairstyle for your medium hair. Use the right amount of styling product for a flawless look that lasts all day.

Side-Swept Quiff
Instagram @heretic_matth

#30: The Side-Swept Quiff

A side-swept quiff with a side spit curl? That’s a clever hair idea for men. You’ll be one very attractive gentleman with faded sides and texturized black hair on top.

shaved sides quiff hairstyle for guys
Instagram @cheobarberpr

#31: The Shaved Sides Quiff

To make your look stand out, guarantee that your black hair is texturized with a neat skin fade quiff cut. The shaved sides and nape of this quiff are about to give you that edgy finish you’re longing for.

Best Quiff Hairstyle with Tapered Sides
Instagram @hairbyemilka

#32: Quiff Hairstyle with Tapered Sides

This quiff with tapered sides is for the lazy guy – to the ordinary and hasty guy who can’t devote time to laying their hair every morning. What I like most about the quiff haircut is it’s simple, easy, and looks good. Even if you don’t style it carefully, you can use your handles to style it.

After washing the hair, I recommend using a hair conditioner to make it easier to style with a matte wax. Dry the hair from the top of the head to break the whirlwind towards the end. Use maximum heat power and minimum speed to avoid the hair flying in all directions. In the final part, I prefer a strong fixative that uses very little to shine and fix the rebellious threads. Dry your hair to almost 80% and then style it at home, and don’t rub the hair with a towel, but gently damp it down instead. When washing, avoid using nails.  Lastly, use professional products for beautiful, shiny, and easy-to-style hair!

Asian Quiff Hairstyle with Fade
Instagram @dionvrn

#33: Asian Quiff Hairstyle with Taper Fade

This is the Asian quiff hairstyle with a taper fade to class up your hair. It’s a play on a traditional side part with short tapered sides and a good amount of disconnection at the partial from the ear forward. When committing to a style like this, ensure you’re ready to style daily. Use a blow dryer to polish and create separation and movement and a low-moisture matte styling product. This shape is perfect for square face and head shapes.