24 Best Pompadour Fade Haircuts for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Very High Pomp Fade for Men
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#1: Very High Pomp Fade

This very high pomp fade is a cool style. The hair is faded perfectly on the sides. The top is left long for height. This style suits round and square face shapes because it lengthens the face. It also fits any timeless look, whether parted to the side or styled up. To get the best results, use a paddle brush on damp hair. This will help you style the long top away from your face. For all day hold, apply Ruezel’s Concrete hold matte pomade onto your dry hair and finish with hairspray for all day, trouble free hold.

Pomp with a Mid Fade
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#2: Pomp with a Mid Fade

The pompadour has been around for years, and modern twists have been popping up since the first one. This pomp has been coupled with a mid fade leaving enough weight to transition into the height. When it comes to this mid fade with pompadour style, thicker hair helps with creating volume. It would be best if you blew dry some volume spray into it and finished with a light paste. I advise avoiding this style if you have a long face shape, as it can elongate your face more.

Slicked Up Pomp with a Mid Fade for Guys with thick hair
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#3: Slicked Up Pomp with a Mid Fade

The pomp with a mid fade is a stylish and versatile haircut option for men with thick hair. This haircut features longer hair on top styled into the pomp. This creates volume and height, while the mid fade on the sides adds a sleek and clean look to the overall style. This haircut works well for those with thick hair, as the volume on top can be easily achieved. To maintain this look, use a styling product like pomade or wax to add shine and hold to the hair. Use a comb or your fingers to shape the pomp into place gently into place. There is little to be aware of while wearing this haircut. I recommend asking your stylist for a haircut maintenance routine based on the texture and density of your hair.

Pomp Fade with a Surgical Line Design for guys with a thin beard
Instagram @tonyseleznev

#4: Pomp Fade with a Surgical Line Design

If you want to wear your hair different from the rest, consider this pomp fade with a surgical design! Remember that this is not a service that all barbers and stylists provide. So do your research to find someone who can execute this look for you!

Glossy Slicked-Back Pompadour Fade for Men
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#5: Glossy Slicked-Back Pomp

The slick-backed pomp is an absolute classic that will always be on-trend. This retro style has been taken down to the skin and faded at the mid point into the top. This will need styling every day, so ensure you have the time to do so. You will need a good glossy pomade to create the hold and style and a trip to your barber every 2-3 weeks to keep it looking fresh.

#6: Modern Pompadour Undercut Fade

Rock and rollin’ til the mornin’ with this modern pompadour undercut fade! There’s another way to style an undercut pompadour fade with short sides.

#7: Brushed Up Pomp with a Beard

One of the most classic styles is the pompadour, and a brushed-up pomp couples well with a beard. The sides tapered to the skin and faded into the beard to finish the look. If you style this every morning, you can rock the look daily. The best way to style it is to blow dry it up with volume spray, shape it with a light paste and finish off with hairspray to hold.

#8: Long Hair Pomp with Drop Fade

A long hair pomp with a drop fade is ideal for keeping it long on top. The drop fade makes it easier to blend into the pomp. You want a pompadour, not a disconnected haircut. There’s a big difference, so keep that in mind.

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#9: Textured Pompadour with Razor Fade for Curly Hair

A textured pompadour with a razor fade for curly hair is a great style because minimal product is needed. Grow your hair out a little bit more to lay better on top. A curly pompadour is still a great style at a shorter length, as you can train your hair as it gets longer.

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#10: Low Taper Fade Pomp on Thin Hair

The lower taper fade pomp on thin hair brings the focus away from the density and instead embraces the lightweight qualities thinning hair has. Bringing the sides in and tapering low, the hair does not have to cover as much space and brings focus to the sleek, sophisticated volume on top. To encourage the medium pompadour hairstyle to be styled back without parting, the top is blown dry with a Demi or medium round brush and a volumizing hair mousse or gel. A light pomade or hair spray finishes the look and helps keep the thin hair in place all day.

Razor Fade Pompadour
Instagram @joramvdgeer

#11: Razor Faded Pompadour

Using a razor makes a smooth transition from skin to medium fade on this pompadour. The perfect form of a razor faded pompadour makes the look all put together!

Short Pompadour Fade Haircut
Instagram @rorrothebarber

#12: Short Pompadour Fade Haircut

The fine lines hit it home for this short pompadour fade haircut. Not too much going up top. It’s just the right height for short hair styles to have a modest cut.

Loose Pomp Fade for Men's Hair Style
Instagram @josielschaper

#13: Loose Pomp Fade for Men’s Hair Style

Here for a good time and a long time, this loose pompadour fade hairstyle has been transcendent for numerous generations. It isn’t the typical old school or classic pompadour hairstyle, showing an upgraded quiff finish.

Skin Fade Pompadour
Instagram @barber_oju

#14: Skin Fade Pompadour

Tricky layers keep this skin fade pompadour so smooth and sharp. This keeps your hair full and few at the same time!

#15: Side Part Pompadour

Tame those wild, faded pompadours by combing them over to the sides. This side-part pompadour gives a casual, chill vibe while keeping everything professional.

#16: Pompadour Comb Over Fade

As the name suggests, a pompadour comb over fade is an easy style to do. Have a comb, wax, and some self-confidence, and you’ll be rocking this classic style of cut in no time.

Hard Part Pompadour
Instagram @barberfefo88

#17: Hard Part Pompadour

I can’t even imagine the suaveness of having a polished hard part pompadour with a skin fade. The surgical line that defines the edges of fluff and shaved skin has been put together well.

#18: High Fade Pompadour for Thick Hair

Ideal for guys with thick hair, this is a high fade pompadour that offers a clean and manageable cut without losing all the length. Recreate it by shaving the sides neatly, leaving longer hair as you go up. Create a section at the top and style accordingly for a full pomp fade look.

#19: Low Fade Pompadour

A softer approach to having shaved sides is to opt for a low fade pompadour. Hair in layers is rolled at the back while having a gradual fade at the sides. Ask your barber if a pompadour low fade will work for your hair length and texture.

Long Pompadour Fade
Instagram @renjworld

#20: Long Pompadour Fade

Keep the pomp high on top, subtly giving you more height and volume. The fade could connect to the beard for a more polished look. This long pompadour fade style will flatter men with straight to wavy hair.

#21: Pompadour Fade with Beard

This pompadour fade with a beard makes a style that provides a masculine approach to hiding your age. It proves that a faded-out hairline serves a youthful look!

#22: Taper Fade Pompadour

This pompadour taper fade haircut will help you ease into having fades that flatter you. It’s great for men trying out those near-scalp cuts. Opt for the razor fade to mimic the sides, as it’s one of the easiest techniques to achieve it.

#23: Mid Fade Pompadour

Cutting skin short at mid-length is a great way to ease a mid-fade pompadour. This haircut is perfect for gents with straight or wavy hair texture who prefer a neat mid-skin fade to match their facial hair.

Bald Fade Pompadour
Instagram @barberobengie

#24: Bald Fade Pompadour

Only the sleekest barbers could master this pompadour bald fade cut! The connection with the beard, the edges, and the comb-over style is the perfect package you can get any time! Also, this high skin fade pompadour is complete with a precise line-up.

The pompadour fade haircut is a men’s haircut that combines classic pompadour with a taper fade. Pomp fade haircuts have cool short sides and long, high-volume hair on top. The pompadour fade is very versatile. Wear it slicked back or loose and shiny.

Loose and messy pompadours look like a natural, laidback vibe, but you can also style it slicked back and polished for a more structured effect. What makes this cut even more versatile and unique is the variation of fades you can choose from!

Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, Brad Pitt, and Justin Bieber each had their versions of a pomp complemented by a neat fade, styling it in an undercut, a hard side part, or a slicked-back. Celebrity barber Everson Perninha has tried working all kinds of fades with a classic pompadour, and the results on his feed are impressive!

You can easily create the pompadour-signature volume with strong hold products like pomade, clay, and wax. Beards can also add extra crisp when combined with a pomp and fade.

Before going to the barbershop, check out these photos of the most popular men’s pompadour fade haircuts.