27 Best Mohawk Fade Haircuts for an Edgy, Yet Modern Look

mohawk fade

Are you ready to amp up your look? Unlike a regular ‘hawk, a mohawk fade is an edgy cut with shaved sides and a strip of hair from the top to the nape area. Its fade can be high, mid, low, or what they call a burst fade.

JP The Barber from New Bedford, MA shares his knowledge about the faded mohawk haircut with us. He notes, “For men who want to try it, his golden rule is to grow an even amount of hair on both the top and back of the head. It makes the form of the cut much more visible.”

For the upkeep, JP suggests getting a regular trim so it stays fresh. “It’d be great to maintain if you keep a routine of getting a trim every week or at the most, every two weeks,” he says.

Another way to preserve its fresh-looking outcome is to use good hair products when styling. JP recommends the Marmara Barber waxes or the new L3vel 3 dust pomade powder, so the hair on top can be styled.

Don’t be afraid to wear new faded mohawk cuts and styles.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular images of the trendiest mohawk fade haircuts and hairstyles.

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Naturally Textured Faded Mohawk for Men
Instagram @bk_barber_

#1: Naturally Textured Faded Mohawk

Mohawks are a classic style from the punk era and have been adapted and modernized over the years. This naturally textured faded mohawk has been disconnected with a design and faded around the ears. To create the natural finish, avoid pomades and clay to help keep a matte texture. This is a great style, if you can style it every morning, but will also sit well with a quick dry and some texture powder used to style.

#2: Punk Rock Spiky Mohawk

A modern twist on a classic style can be seen here with this punk rock spiky mohawk. You can see that it’s been tapered tight around the ears and blended into the top, rather than disconnected. I’ve found that you have more choice over your style with this version of a mohawk. Your barber should know different mohawk styles. But, I would always have a picture reference to show them for clarification.

Faded Mohawk for Men with Wavy Hair
Instagram @hairbyskyley

#3: Faded Mohawk for Wavy Hair

A faded mohawk for wavy hair is a classic twist on the old-school punk mohawk. Although this is slightly disconnected, it still blends to the top and back. The sides are kept short, but not to the skin. This complements the dark hair, and texture has been put into the top using slicing and point cutting. To style, use a volume spray and some matte paste with give you all day hold.

#4: Curly Mullet Mohawk with a Beard

Don’t be afraid to get creative! This curly mullet mohawk with a beard is an attractive way to incorporate your unique style with a cleaned-up haircut.

Mohawk Fade Hairstyle on Thick Hair
Instagram @milenobarber

#5: Mohawk Fade on Thick Hair

Make a high-contrast hairstyle happen! A spiky mohawk fade on thick hair will help bring out your stylish vibe. Your black, dense hair will work well with sharp sides and a shaped-up beard.

#6: Wide Mohawk Fade

Get a fresh wide mohawk fade for one dramatic look. With a touch of texture added to your hair, you’ll get that striking finish and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Mohawk Fade with Line Cut
Instagram @nik_hairdesign

#7: Mohawk Fade with Line Hairstyle

For a hundred perfect dapper look, this mohawk fade with a line is a must-try. The shaved part creates a clear contrast between the skin fade sides and enough hair on top and nape area. Styling it with spikes will break the soft look of your brown hair color.

#8: Faux Mohawk with Mid Fade

Faux Mohawk with mid fade is perfect when considering a faux Mohawk style. Men can never go wrong with a properly executed skin fade on the sides. On top, a little bit of texturizing shears will do wonders! Get the help of hair products to make this cut easier to style and maintain.

#9: Wavy Mohawk Fade for Long Hair

Flaunt your punk rocker side in a modern way! If you’re always down to try something different, get yourself this long mohawk fade. Clean sides and slick-looking, wavy, brown hair appears wild when merged.

#10: Mohawk Fade on Afro

Pull off this mohawk fade on afro to keep your hair easy to maintain. Wear it to show everyone how a short haircut suits you well.

Mohawk + Drop Fade for Curly Hair
Instagram @midas_irv

#11: Mohawk + Drop Fade for Curly Hair

Mohawk with a drop fade and curly, dark hair? Oh yes, that’s straight-up suave. The sides look sharp with this neat faded mohawk cut, which matches the fluffy-textured hair on top.

Mohawk Fade on Short Hair
Instagram @13byblackstar

#12: Mohawk Fade on Short Hair

A short hair mohawk fade is the haircut for every rocker. The contrast is evident, separating the neat sides and the medium-length hair on top. No one can resist short bangs and soft spikes on dark hair.

Mohawk Fade with Design
Instagram @katya_barber

#13: Mohawk Fade with Design

A mohawk hairstyle is cool, but try to make it cooler with a shaved design on the nape area. Jazz up your black hair by pulling off a mohawk fade with a design.

#14: Low-Maintenance Mohawk Bald Fade

A neat mohawk bald fade is hard to beat if it’s as fly like this one. This is the kind of low-maintenance haircut you’ll love, for sure.

Mohawk Fade on Straight Hair
Instagram @barberobengie

#15: Mohawk Fade on Straight Hair

A mohawk fade on straight hair looks so sleek and fine. If your hair is a shade of black, the result will appear fuller and perfectly shaped.

#16: Black Man’s Mohawk Fade Haircut with Beard

Ask your barber for a black man’s mohawk fade with a beard. The sides will give you a neat finish to balance out the edginess of this look. A well-kept faded mohawk hairstyle like this suits a manly guy.

Mohawk Fade's Back View of the Haircut
Instagram @melodyzazueta

#17: Mohawk Fade’s Back View

Here’s a mohawk fades back view that’s full of suaveness! The hard part forms a disconnection between the sides and the lengthy black hair on top.

#18: Skin Fade Mohawk

Consider a skin fade mohawk that will enhance the fullness of your brown hair. Adding texture will not hurt; in fact, it’ll bring out the best in your mohawk faded hairstyle.

#19: Mohawk Mullet Fade

Wear an exceptional mohawk hairstyle if you’re one of those guys who are bold enough to try something different. Showcase the retro side of yours by pulling off this mohawk mullet fade. LA-based stylist April Virgen utilized Paul Mitchell’s Reformer to create a natural-looking texture.

#20: Mohawk with Taper Fade

Incorporating a lot of details into your look? Not a problem. This mohawk with a taper fade features spike, texture, and volume to jazz up your black hair. The shaved lines right at the temples plus the on-fleek beard look creative, for sure.

Mohawk + High Fade Cut
Instagram @noelblends

#21: Mohawk + High Fade

It’s a modern mohawk style that’s more of a new generation type of mohawk. Barber Noel Sanchez of Texas says, “The best thing about it has to be the shape of the hairstyle and how it all comes together with a beautiful blend.”

To recreate the style, use pomade for that strong mohawk look. Sanchez adds, “Do lots of blow-drying, if not then it won’t ever come out the same.”

Mohawk + Low Fade
Instagram @al.the.barber

#22: Mohawk + Low Fade

Give this mohawk low fade a shot if you want your sides to be clean, and with longer hair plus shaved lines at the nape area. It only needs a little bit of styling powder for texturing your black hair, and the end result will be dope.

This mohawk with a fade is a modern combover with a little touch of a fohawk as described by Alondra Rodriguez, a stylist from Caldwell, ID. “You can mix this faded haircut up a little bit and adding a design in it gives it more of a look! It’s business in the front and party in the back,” Rodriguez emphasizes.

Note that this is a maintenance haircut. You have to be able to style it and have the motivation to do it.

#23: Curly Mohawk Fade

Try a curly mohawk fade to add an element of excitement to your dark hair.

“I love this look because it gives you a fresh feel with the sides that are faded tight around the ears and temple. There is a lot of texture and movement throughout the mohawk which gradually becomes longer as you move towards the neckline,” says stylist Samantha Cummings from Chesapeake, VA.

Cummings also mentions, “All face shapes and hair textures are welcome in this fading mohawk hairstyle. If you like the look of the curls, I would definitely consider getting a perm, as it helps form structure and height to the haircut.”

👉 See more faded hairstyles for curly hair.

#24: Temple Fade on Mohawk Haircut

Take out the best hair wax and spray you got there because a temple fade mohawk haircut will require these.

Barber Petey Rock of Troy, NY describes this cut as a clean well-balanced mohawk. “My favorite thing about this style is the hair placement on top with 2 clean lines to set off the fade, giving it a very updated look,” Rock explains.

Any dude looking to get this style should grow their hair out, allowing the barber to sculpt the hawk shape properly.

Low Burst Fade On Wavy Mohawk Hair
Instagram @javcutsyou

#25: Low Burst Fade On Wavy Mohawk Hair

Got a thick, black hair with a trace of natural movement? Well, you’re one lucky man because you found the perfect cut and style for you. Your effortless waves are sure to carry out texture without a hitch in this low fade mohawk.

This haircut is known as the South of France fade or burst mohawk fade.

Florida-based stylist Javier Hernandez explains, “It’s like a traditional mohawk but less dramatic. I like that it’s fun and versatile. It allows you to stand out while still looking clean and classy. I enjoy doing them, as it allows me to use many different skills on one haircut.”

He adds, “When posing for a photo, slightly turn head to give a profile of your awesome haircut.”

burst mohawk fade haircut
Instagram @mmichaeljoseph

#26: Burst Mohawk Fade

Craving a haircut to enhance your black, dense hair? Here’s the mohawk burst fade to satisfy your thirst!

As California-based stylist Michael Joseph describes, “It’s a burst mid fade on the sides with a textured mohawk that ends with a V-shape in the back. It’s not like your traditional punk mohawk, but it’s more seen on some professional athletes such as soccer players. We have more of a wider section through the top and the back versus the skinny hawk.”

Joseph recommends touching up the sides every two weeks, no more than a month. The top and back maintain the length you want and get that V or square shape in the back.

wavy faded mohawk for men
Instagram @hirohair

#27: Wavy Faded Mohawk

Wavy faded mohawks can be styled to suit your funky and professional sides. Faded mohawks also pair well with a beard fade to clean up and create a smooth transition to any beard length. Ask your stylist or barber to tidy edges and reinforce lines to compliment the face shape.

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