24 Best Military Haircut Ideas for a Clean and Crisp Look

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Clean Cut Brunette Military Crop
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#1: Clean Cut Brunette Crop

A short-trimmed brunette hairstyle balances style and charm well. To get this look, ask your barber for a shorter trim on the sides that blends into a grazed cut on top, with texture added throughout. You can style your hair with a quick blow-dry, applying a matte paste and styling it with your fingers to create a spiked look.

#2: Beard Faded Taper

Beard faded taper is a good soldier haircut for men of all ages. This cut comes highly recommended for men looking for a fresh, trendy look. Make sure to mention to your barber not to go too high on the taper hair cut.

Military Very High Faded Cut for Men
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#3: Very High Faded Cut

This basic yet modern high fade cut is a good choice for your hairstyling needs. It’s a faded crop style that doesn’t need complex care – just a normal haircut and some matte clay for styling at home. If you want a hairstyle that’s easy to maintain, this is an excellent option.

Military-Style Hard Part with a Skin Fade and Combover for Men
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#4: Hard Part with a Skin Fade and Combover

You should try this hard part with a skin fade and combover if you’re seeking a  sleek and refined haircut that offers a sharp, polished look. Adding a distinct hard part and a fade that gradually tapers the hair on the sides and back, this hairstyle achieves a striking contrast that adds depth and dimension, while the combover on top allows for versatility in styling. This haircut works well for individuals seeking confidence and professionalism, making it suitable for formal and casual settings.

#5: Low Fade Military Haircut

A low fade military haircut is a short, tidy cut with a polished finish. It has been taken down to the skin, around the ears, and faded tightly into the top. A strong pomade will keep the hair on top under control and compliment the overall style.

Short Crew Cut for Receding Hairline or Thin Hair
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#6: Short Crew Cut for Receding Hairline or Thin Hair

A short crew cut for receding hairline or thin hair is almost the only option when struggling with hair loss. A lot of men struggle with these issues and don’t know what to do with them. When considering a haircut with a thin or receding hairline, the shorter you go on the sides, the more hair appears to be on top. It is a haircut trick to keep in mind when considering a style for thin hair.

The Regulation Cut
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#7: The Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a simplified haircut. It is about one and a half on the sides, leaving a short, clean-cut that is not showing much scalp. It blends into a professional combover on top. It is a perfect military regulation cut for on-duty military men or career men.

Military undercut hairstyle
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#8: The Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyles for men are growing very popular among military men. High and tight skin fade along the sides are accepted within military guidelines. I recommend leaving about two finger-length of hair on top. It gives a perfect length for styling an army cut for men.

#9: The Regulation Style

The regulation style is a military cut haircut that falls within regulation rules set for haircuts. The high skin fade gives any soldier a clean look that keeps them looking cool while in the field. Combine that with a comb-over on the top, and you will have a style that will look good any time, any place, from the military field to the office. You’ll be ready for anything!

The Induction Hairstyle
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#10: The Induction Hairstyle

The induction hairstyle stands out as the first cut given to new male recruits in the military. The best military haircuts, in general, may seem like a “one size fits all” solution, but the induction cut benefits military men with a thinning hairline or more chiseled features. The induction military hair style is easy to manage, easy to cut, and offers longevity because of its short and even length.

The Butch Cut with High Fade
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#11: The Butch Cut with High Fade

The butch cut with high fade is the way to go for a low-maintenance and on-the-go military hairstyle. The high skin fade on the sides makes the butch cut low-maintenance, giving any man at least a month in-between visits to their local barber. It’s a great option for any man with a hectic schedule with not much time for self-grooming.

The Covert Cut with Beard
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#12: The Covert Cut with Beard

The covert cut with a beard is an appealing option when going for a skin fade. Ask your barber for military cutting. It starts with skin tight and tapering to a crop cut on top that smoothly transitions from its regular fade, down to the beard with razor-sharp lines. Consider a slightly curved hard part in between the transition of the fade to make the covert cut stand out, making you more attractive.

#13: The Short Buzz Cut with Mid Fade

Opt for a short buzz cut with a short mid fade that’s easy to style. Even though it’s short and tight, the hair length on top does not need much effort in styling, while the fade gives a clean, edgy feel to the overall military style haircut.

#14: Cool Flat Top Haircut

Try the flat top haircut for extra height and volume on straight fine hair. This show-stopping cut is easier to achieve for men with longer hair. It requires styling to keep in place, so try using Aveda’s volumizing tonic when blow-drying the hair in an upwards motion. Finish it off with Aveda’s Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to keep the style in place all day long.

#15: The Military Crew Cut

The crew cut works great on thick hair types. This army haircut features tight sides that show off a clean finish with plenty of messy texture on top for a super sharp style. No need to add product, but you can try Aveda’s Control Paste for an added shine on your hair.

Messy brush military style with skin fade
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#16: The Messy Brush Cut with Skin Fade

The messy brush cut with skin fade is a trendy spin to classic military cut hair. The skin fade is and will always be a popular choice for men. Now, the messy brush cut on top has plenty of texture to make styling fun and easy. It’s a trending choice for young adults.

#17: The Burr Cut with Faded Sides

The burr cut is a variation of the skin fade that gives men plenty of options to choose from. Finger length on top allows for versatile styling. It can be to comb to either side, forward, or backward. Add a small amount of hair product and style as often as desired.

#18: The Crew Cut + Fade Haircut

The crew cut + fade haircut is an easy get-up-and-go army hairstyle. The fade gives a nice contrast to any hairstyle, and the crew cut length on top shapes the style. It’s the perfect cut for men with an active lifestyle.

#19: The Long Buzz Cut with Skin Fade

The long buzz cut with skin fade is a great hairstyle when considering a very short and neat haircut. Not every buzz cut is low enough to see the scalp. The long buzz cut is for men with an oblong face shape but versatile to be worn by any guy who prefers it.

Military brush hairstyle
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#20: The Brush Style

The brush style is a sleek and fun hairstyle. Ideal for teens or young adults. The skin fade makes the textured brush style stand out. A bit on the high-maintenance side considering the style on top, but very well worth it.

High and tight recon military cut
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#21: The High and Tight Recon Military Cut

The high and tight recon is perfect for the average military soldier that isn’t sold on long hair but still doesn’t want a shaved look. A skin fade will always complement any style desired on top. This is for any man that doesn’t use products, as it’s a get-up-and-go type of style.

Hard part military cut with shaved sides
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#22: Hard Part with Shaved Sides

A hard part with shaved sides that lead to the facial hair is a classy look for any working professional. The skin fade into the hard part has a classic edgy look. Throw any desired product in, comb-over from the part, and out the door, you go!

Classic Short military ivy league haircut
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#23: The Classic Short Ivy League Cut

The short ivy league cut has a high taper fade that compliments the textured cropped look perfectly. An amazing look for any dapper gentlemen looking for a new style.

The Low-Maintenance High and Tight Fade Haircut
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#24: The Low-Maintenance High and Tight Fade

The high and tight fade is a great choice for guys looking for a low-maintenance style. It’s ideal for any military personnel or anyone unable to make regular visits to the barbershop. High and tight fades are a stylish choice for any adult or child.

A military haircut is where the hair is cut very short and near the scalp, taking on the shape of the head. Although short, this clean and crisp look differs in style. There’s affirmatively one for every man out there!

What used to be a hairstyle only appropriate for personnel, the military cut is now making rounds. It’s for men who desire a neat, casual look that’s ultra-low maintenance and undemanding.

Expect that your head features will stand out. This is why the structure of the cut plays an important role in making the cut work for you. Take note of scars, bumps, and the shape of your head when choosing which military cut to wear. Fades and sideburns make for a super smooth and accurate look that can hide these details away.

Keep it cool with a short cut like how barber Stanley Hordijk works by pairing it with beards and faded sides. “My number one piece of advice is to get a fade. Do a zero on the sides and the back and a #3 guard on top. Strong jaws and contour lines complement the cut best,” he says.

A good shampoo and conditioner will keep your hair and scalp healthy. Stanley uses Depot for his clients to combat irritating scalp and dryness. “If you get the military cut hairstyle, you definitely have to go every two weeks! Keeping it clean is the key,” he tells us.

Before your next trip to the barber, check out these photos of trendy and high-ranking military haircut and hairstyle ideas.