51 Mid Fade Haircut Ideas for Men Trending in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A mid fade haircut men desire is a type of fade cut that starts at a level between your temples and your ears. Starting the fade halfway down gives you the benefits of length and contrast simultaneously, allowing for the perfect balance in any cut.

Everyday styling’s a breeze when you’ve got a fade like this paired with a long-top-short-sides haircut. There’d be no problem if you show off a quiff, a pompadour, a brush-back, and even a simple side part or an edgy undercut.

If you’re the type who digs short haircuts, the middle fade is still your prime choice. Believe it when you see Will Smith, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Bieber, and Tom Hardy’s signature looks matched with this fitting fade!

Whether you decide to keep volume, texture, or neatness for your mane – this fade always manifests how versatile it can be. Regular barber visits and trims make it easy to maintain your desired side and back faded lengths.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular mid fade haircuts for men!

Pushed Forward Long Top with a Mid Fade Shave for Guys
Instagram @turkishtouch_

#1: Pushed Forward Long Top with a Mid Fade Shave

If you need a new men’s hairstyle, try this pushed-forward long top with a mid-fade shave. This style is ideal for guys exploring a faded haircut or shorter, shaved sides. It’s best for men who want a bit of length on top instead of a buzz cut. Show your barber this photo if this is what you’ve been looking for!

#2: Fresh Mid Fade with a Long Top

The fresh mid-fade is a popular choice. It suits most straight-to-wavy hair types. You can easily style it into a quiff or a combover based on your liking. Consider the style if you want a clean and polished look. It works well for both professional settings and day-to-day life. To style it best, use a pomade or cream for a shiny look. You can use matte clay if you prefer a dry, textured finish.

#3: Messy French Crop with Clean Fade

A messy French crop with a clean fade is a versatile hairstyle that offers a few different looks, giving you options for your day-to-day styling. This style involves a clipper cut that smoothly blends into a longer look on top. You can style it in two ways – upwards and swept back or downwards and combed forward for a cropped look. To keep this style neat, visit your barber every 4 weeks. This will prevent your hair from growing out of shape and looking messy.

Mid Faded with a Brushed Up Quiff for Men
Instagram @restgar_kakaie

#4: Mid Faded with a Brushed Up Quiff

If you want to revamp your hair, a mid fade paired with a brushed-up quiff is ideal. A quiff is easy to keep due to the extra length on top, unlike the sides. This prevents your hair from becoming too round, which in turn, makes styling simpler. The good news is that this style suits almost all hair textures and can blend in with any fade you prefer. For straight hair, secure the style using a blowdryer and matte clay. If you have wavy or curly hair, apply curl cream from roots to ends and let it air dry.

Champion Mid Fade for Guys
Instagram @osman.karaev

#5: Champion Fade

Men seeking a stylish and versatile haircut option should consider the champion mid fade. The champion mid fade is the perfect balance between a low and high fade. It creates a sharp contrast while keeping a smooth transition from the longer top hair to the shorter sides. The champion mid fade works well for those with thicker hair. It reduces bulk and gives a clean look. To add a polished finish to your champion mid-fade, consider asking your barber for point cutting. This technique adds texture to the hair.

Sharp Mid Fade for Kinky Hair for Black Men with short hair
Instagram @_deepercut

#6: Sharp Mid Fade for Kinky Hair

The sharp mid fade is a fantastic haircut choice for those with textured and kinky hair. This style features a mid-fade that is precisely blended to keep your hair clean and sharp. It has a transition from shorter hair to longer curls on top. The contrast between the fade and the voluminous kinky hair adds dimension to the look.

Slicked Back with a Mid Fade for Dudes with a beard and short sides
Instagram @barbersukraine

#7: Slicked Back with a Mid-Fade

Whether you’re a trendy guy, or a classic man, this slicked-back haircut with a mid fade is a great cut. Especially if you like to stay neat and styled, if this haircut is new to you, ask for a taper fade on the sides and enough length on top to slick back. But be mindful that the length you need on top may vary due to your hair type. Thicker hair needs more length and weight to lay down. Whereas finer, thin hair can be much shorter to achieve this vibe.

Classic Short Pomp with a Mid Fade
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#8: Classic Short Pomp

The pompadour is one of the most classic cuts. It can be interpreted in many ways, like this classic short pomp. It has faded low on the head and blended heavily up, leaving more length for the pomp. A glossy pomade is one of the best ways to style this classic look. Blow dry some volume spray to get the height at the front, and the pomade will give you an all-day hold.

#9: Handsome Caesar Cut with a Mid Fade and Beard

If you’re looking for an easy style to maintain, a caesar cut with mid fade and beard is easy to look after. It has been taken down to the skin around the ears and faded at the midpoint transitioning nicely into the top. The mid-tapered textured fringe has been cut blunt. This will make it easier for the wearer to style. Consider drying some sea salt spray on the top for a natural finish. Finish off with a good styling powder for an all-day hold.

#10: Burst Mid Fade with a Longer Top

I like an easy style to maintain. A burst mid-fade with a longer top is right up my street. The advantage of this style is that you only need a little time to do your hair before heading out. The midfade has been taken down to the skin and blended at the midpoint to keep it tight. To keep a uniform length, the top has been cut short, possibly with a high grade on a clipper. If you like this mid burst fade, I would advise requesting a clipper on top but with a longer grade.

Brushed Up with a Mid Skin Fade
Instagram @xbigwesx

#11: Brushed Up with a Mid Skin Fade

Ask for a zero blended up to a two, and be sure to get your haircut blended into any facial you may have. The best styling aid for this haircut is a matte clay applied to dry hair. Finish with a light-hold hairspray.

Cool-Dude Slicked Up Top with a Mid-Fade
Instagram @nikolaymezhva

#12: Cool-Dude Slicked-Up Top

This cool-dude slicked-up top works well for the guy who has a strong hairline and nice thick hair. When it comes to thick hair, the owners generally find it hard to deal with. The top will be cut into a short graduation, and I would thin it and texturize it to make it easier to style. It’s coupled with a mid fade, and the whole look pieces together well. I recommend a volume spray to be dried and finished with a good styling powder.

Trendy Mid Fade with a Curly Thick Top for Men
Instagram @marty__edward

#13: Trendy Mid Fade with a Curly Thick Top

Do you have curly hair and want a new, trendy haircut? Ask your stylist to give you a crop cut with a curly mid-fade. The crop on top gives a unique shape while keeping the length. To prevent frizz, you’ll want to ask your barber about products. A leave-in conditioner will add moisture to your hair, while a matte paste will keep the shape in place. You can also try a regular pomade if you prefer shine in your curly mens haircut.

Messy Top with Bangs and a Mid Fade for Guys
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#14: Messy Top with Bangs and a Mid Fade

One of the best-trending cuts for men right now is a cropped cut with a fade. This type of cut creates international texture, shape, and fullness. How high and short you want your fade to go is up to you. A mid-fade is a great choice if you are still deciding, as it’s not too short or too high. Ask your barber what they think may look best on you according to your face and head shape.

Clean-Cut Mid-Fade with a Messy Top for Men
Instagram @m13ky

#15: Clean-Cut Mid-Fade with a Messy Top

One of the most popular clean cuts is a mid fade with a messy top. This is quite an easy style to maintain with the right products. The mid fade messy hair has been dropped around the ears to the skin and blended nicely into the top to compliment the dark hair. You can recreate the style by drying some sea salt spray and finishing with a good styling powder.

Long Wavy Hair with a Mid Fade for Men
Instagram @alexssena

#16: Long Wavy Hair with a Mid Fade

If you have long wavy hair and want to keep your length on top, you must maintain it with the product. To keep the shape of your curls, try using a curl cream and a leave-in conditioner. Wavy hair needs a little more TLC. Pair this with a mid-drop fade, and everyone will ask where you get your haircut!

Textured Mid-Fade with a Beard Fade
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#17: Textured Mid-Fade with a Beard Fade

With thick hair, you can create a statement style like this textured mid-fade with a beard fade. Fading the beard out and transitioning it into a skin fade keeps the sides tight. I highly recommend this for a round face shape. The sides have been disconnected to keep the top heavy and textured. You must style this every day to achieve the look. A good styling paste will give you the ultimate hold.

Mid-Faded Long Top with Short Sides for Men
Instagram @nikolaymezhva

#18: Faded Long Top with Short Sides

The right product is needed to create a voluminous top like this faded long top with short sides. It has been taken to the skin around the ears, blending into the top. There will be a disconnection to allow for length. Some barbers will thin the top to make keeping the height in the style easier. I highly recommend using a volume spray dried in and finishing with a strong paste for hold.

Dirty Blonde Mid Fade for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#19: Dirty Blonde Mid Fade

One of the most trendy styles is heavy mid fades and dirty blonde loose curls. The fade has been taken down to the skin around the back and sides and blended heavily. The heavy blend leaves weight and length on the top to style the loose curls. Styles like this can be left without any product, but use a decent styling powder when you want to.

#20: Mid Fade with a Kinky Top

As with all afro Caribbean hair, you can have a variety of textures on top depending on the length, as you can see with this mid fade with a kinky top. The fade has been taken down to the skin around the ears and the base of the neck, blending up into the top and lined in at the front and top. One of the best things to do is to go to an afro barber and avoid barbers without afro experience. Make sure you do your research.

#21: Mid-Faded Curly Hair with a V-Cut

Another style making a comeback is the V fade haircut, as seen in this curly hair. The top has been disconnected so the barber can transition the fade into the V Cut. You can see it’s been skinned to the V and quickly faded into the sides. This complements the curls on top, which are left to hang heavy onto the fade. It would be best to have regular fades to keep the shape of the fade and the V prominent.

Icy White Spiky Mid Fade Haircut for Men
Instagram @alexssena

#22: Icy White Spiky Mid Fade

An icy white, spiky mid fade is the haircut that every guy should try. Dyeing your hair can be a great way to change your look, and a mid fade adds that fashion-forward edge you see all over magazines and social media. Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist to reach for the bleach!

#23: Modern Mid-Fade Mohawk

A mid-fade mohawk is faded tightly to the skin around the ears and transitioned heavily into the mohawk. This is a modern twist on the classic disconnected mohawk that has brought the 70’s punk look into the modern era. This style suits thick, dark hair as the transition stands out, and you can get a good shape to the mohawk. For a matte finish, dry in sea salt spray and use styling powder.

#24: Everyday Mid-Fade with a Beard

The men’s mid-fade haircut works seamlessly with a beard and thick dark hair. It has been taken down to the skin at the midpoint and perfectly transitioned into the hair and down into the beard. The top has been cut with lots of texture to create the finished look. The fringe has been cropped shorter to match the height of the fade to create the illusion of extra thick hair. A good styling powder and sea salt spray will give you the desired finish.

#25: Classic Short Quiff with a Skin Fade

The short quiff with a skin fade is a tidy and low-maintenance style for the busy man. It has been taken down to the skin on the back and sides and blended into the top. The top has been left relatively short but with enough length to get the quiff in at the front and sweep the rest over. I recommend a cut every 3-4 weeks to keep this style looking fresh. Various products can be used to style this cut, like mud or paste for a matte finish or a pomade for a bit of shine.

#26: Dapper Mid-Fade Pompadour

This mid-fade pompadour has been taken down to the skin around the ears and the base of the neck. The cut and style complement the dark thick hair as the fade transition is so prominent. As with all fades, some maintenance is required. 2-3 weeks between visits is very normal. Pomade would be best to hold your style, giving you a nice glossy finish.

Mid Fade + Long Hair with Slicked Back Style
Instagram @nickbarford

#27: Mid Fade + Long Hair with Slicked Back Style

A clear canvas like a medium bald fade is the unmatched partner for long hair combed straight. It has a shadow fade effect that goes well with a slicked-back style by using wide-tooth combs to create patterns.

Very Popular Mid Fade with Waves
Instagram @sol__depth

#28: Very Popular Mid Fade with Waves

Waves in your crew cut are very popular, and these can be created with a comb and pomade to keep the hold. The mid fade with waves has been executed to perfection, taking the fade down to the skin and keeping it tight to the midpoint following the curve of your head shape. Not all afro hair types can achieve the wave, so consult your barber.

Mid Fade V Cut for Men
Instagram @reyzorz

#29: Mid Fade V-Cut

A mid fade V-cut for men is a fun variation of a mohawk. It features a blurry mid-fade along the sides, leaving the back of the fade incomplete for the V-cut. This style differs from a mohawk because of how high the V-cut is done on the back. It’s an edgy, fun choice when choosing different hairstyles for men.

Outstanding Short Mid Fade for Thin Hair
Instagram @pedrolima0g

#30: Outstanding Short Mid Fade for Thin Hair

A short, mid fade gives men’s hair an appearance of fullness. When you are suffering from thin hair, the objective is to make your hair appear more full, and that’s exactly what a short, mid fade does for you. Cutting the top to somewhat blend the thinner spots with a skin mid fade is a recipe for a happy dude with thin hair.

Low-Maintenance Mid Taper Haircut
Instagram @jp_blndz

#31: Low-Maintenance Mid Taper Haircut

For a classic gentleman’s cut, go for a mid-fade taper haircut with length on top. The hair is long on top and swept to the side, transitioning into a mid-fade taper with a low-maintenance diffused side part. The key to sleek hairstyles for men is a high-sheen pomade.

#32: Trendy Medium Bald Fade

A medium bald fade hairstyle is a great option for men who prefer a short close-cut. This haircut is low-maintenance and doesn’t require product, but a low-sheen wax or paste is useful to keep your thicker hair tamed. Visit your stylist or barber every 3-4 weeks to maintain your hairstyle.

Super Stylish Low Mid Fade for Men
Instagram @jp_blndz

#33: Super Stylish Low Mid Fade

Try a low mid fade for an edgy and super stylish cut. With a low fade, it’s best to keep more length on top to get a gradual effect of short to long. Ask your barber to line up your edges for a sharply defined hairline.

Old School Razor Mid Fade
Instagram @lyang.barber

#34: Old School Razor Fade

Try a razor fade haircut if you want to debulk your thick hair. This short mid fade razored look is clean-cut yet stylish and looks best on long-face shapes. Ask your barber or stylist to line up your hairline for that extra wow factor.

#35: Bold Mid Fade Crop Top

A mid fade crop top offers a bold look while still appropriate for a professional setting. The taper starts between your temples and ears without being too dramatic. Mid fades are flattering haircuts, especially for round face shapes, because they take width away from the sides.

High top and medium high fade
Instagram @zac_luiz

#36: High Top and Medium High Fade

A high top and medium-high fade are ideal for coarse kinky hair. This type of hair can be difficult to deal with and forget about the styling. If you are not into a short hairstyle, this will be a great option if you have coarse to kinky hair.

#37: High-Mid Fade with Shaved Part

A high-mid fade with a shaved part makes for a fresh combover option. Not too low, yet not a high, makes this tight military haircut stand out. The length on top gives plenty of styling options. If you grow the top a bit more, try styling it like a pompadour.

Mid-low fade for afro curls
Instagram @barbeiro_dicas

#38: Mid-Low Fade for Afro Curls

A mid-low fade for afro curls is pure perfection for black men. Not only do you have plenty of length to play with, but you’re also razor-sharp with no hair in the way. Opt for a skin-tight taper along your temple and nape area, and don’t forget the slightly tapered area over your ears to leave a clean overall style.

Vintage low mid fade with a side part
Instagram @borys_lee

#39: Vintage Low Mid Fade with a Side Part

A sharp yet elegant haircut is a low mid fade paired with a side part. The razor-sharp precision on the side part, combined with the elegant combover style, makes a style fit for a date night or board room.

Hard Part Comb Over with Medium Skin Fade for Thick Hair
Instagram @abu_barber

#40: Hard Part Comb Over with Medium Skin Fade for Thick Hair

A hard part haircut with a medium skin fade creates a majestic frame for the brushed-up or comb over the top to be the star of the cut. Of course, a smooth medium fade shave around your head must be done to balance out your whole look. Gentlemen with thick hair will enjoy wearing this cut.

short top crew cut with mid taper fade
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

#41: Short Top Crew Cut with Mid Taper Fade

Geometric edges give this mid taper fade haircut the shape it needs to appear all tidy against the full-on crew cut. Even with a short trim, your top can be styled in any manner, like side-swept, as seen in this picture.

Mid Fade Hairstyle for Black Men with Short Waves
Instagram @vicblends

#42: Mid Fade for Black Men with Short Waves

Yes, you can add waves to your short hair with a neat-looking mid-fade haircut for black men. Get the latest clean-up with neat edges, a zero shave around your head, and some distinct waves. The line-up is what makes it even sharper.

#43: Clean Mid Fade on Curly Hair

A clean, shaved arch sets a wonderful stage for the medium fade haircut for curly hair to stand out. Just trim the sides short enough, then leave your curly top long to show off your texture better.

medium fade Quiff on Straight Hair
Instagram @josielschaper

#44: The Medium Fade Quiff on Straight Hair

The medium mid fade hairstyle is the essential partner of this brushed-up quiff that has longer hair on top. The surgical line on the fade further highlights the short sides. When styling such a mid fade with a long top, use hair wax with a matte finish to build the structure of your style well.

Edgy Disconnect Undercut with Mid Bald Fade
Instagram @bolly.c.u

#45: Edgy Disconnect Undercut with Mid Bald Fade

A mid bald fade plus the textured wavy mohawk-like hairstyle is separated with a blunt line. Sweeping your hair to the front makes it fashion-forward and innovative.

#46: The Mid Drop Fade on Wavy Short Hair

Even with short hair, you can still achieve your desired mid drop fade haircut that gradually lowers behind your ears. You’ll need a little bit of layering and texture. Style with waves and clean up along your temples and your beard for an overall connected look.

#47: The Long Top Pompadour with Mid-Fade Sides

A high pompadour and mid fade make a great combination for men with thicker hair. This is a mid skin fade pompadour with lots of texture, and I love classic cuts like this because they allow for a modern approach to style with a classic look. This cut is great for guys with wider faces. The long narrow top will square out the corners of your head and thin your face out.

#48: Messy Hair with Mid Zero Fade

The layers are much more evident with this mid fade cut. A shorter trim is like a simple fade but contributes to a tidier cut. This look is a drop fade undercut, and the best thing about this cut is the drop fade itself. In my experience, it complements your head shape better than just a low fade.

The Classy Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade
Instagram @jord_thebarber

#49: The Classy Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade

This is a very clean mid fade cut and a smart look.  I love the straight-cut fringe with just enough length left so that it can also be worn messy and still look cool and natural. The skin fade is smart and timeless, giving a very masculine touch to a crop. This is a very easy haircut to maintain if you have straight hair.

#50: The Faux Hawk Crop Haircut

The faux hawk cut with a mid fade is a very modern cut that can also be discreet. It’s also a very versatile cut because it can be made in any type of hair (smooth, curly, or wavy). The main features of a faux hawk are its convenience and ease of combing since it’s a messy cut. My main tip when styling men’s haircuts is to use matte effect or powdered ointment. And always remember to pull your tuft to separate the threads and make them fall on the forehead.

#51: Textured Spiky Hair + Medium Fade

Check out how evenly the contrast from the mid fade and the beard fade flows throughout the whole head. The spiky hair texture is what makes this all stand out. Adding the right amount of texture and style will allow you to have the right balance with the fade and style. This medium taper hairstyle was created to fit guys with long, oval face shapes. Men without sharp edge-ups or receding hair help to add more volume and density to their hair.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Like any fade, a mid fade starts at the base of the neck. The fade is generally taken to the maximum height of the temples and then scissor in to the top of the hair. This is to give the look of a tighter fade with a bit more natural color hair in the transition.

  • Most barbers will know what a mid fade is and how they look. It’s always best to show them how high you want it to go and clarify the length. As always, the best point of reference is a picture so do a search before hand to show your barber.

  • The average rate of growth is half an inch a month (1.25cm), so I would say three to four weeks as a common benchmark. The clipper work isn’t taken as high then there is a possibility that it could ‘mushroom’. This could make it look quite big and over grown quite quickly.

  • Yes mid fades are higher maintenance than high fades. There is more hair left at the temples so it will grow out quicker. You may well find that the desired style has miss shaped after a couple of weeks and will need cutting again to get it back to the way it was.

  • It depends on the finished style and how you want it to grow out. Most mid fades will start at 0.5 – 1 guard and then fade quite tightly in to the scissor cut. Scissor over comb or clipper over comb will be used after the fade so it will generally go up to a grade 2-3.