25 Mid Fade Haircut Ideas for Men Trending in 2022

Popular mid fade haircuts for men

A mid fade haircut is a type of fade cut that starts at a level between the temples and the ears. Starting the fade halfway down gives you the benefits of length and contrast simultaneously, allowing for the perfect balance in any cut.

Everyday styling’s a breeze when you’ve got a fade like this paired with a long-top-short-sides haircut. There’d be no problem if you decide on showing off a quiff, a pompadour, a brush-back, and even a simple side part or an edgy undercut.

If you’re the type who digs short haircuts, the middle fade is still your prime choice. Believe it when you see Will Smith, Jake Gyllenhaal, Justin Bieber, and Tom Hardy’s signature looks matched with this fitting fade!

Whether you decide to keep volume, texture, or neatness for your mane – this fade always manifests how versatile it can be. With regular barber visits and trims, it’s candidly easy to maintain your desired side and back faded lengths.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of popular mid fade haircuts for men!

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Mid Fade + Long Hair with Slicked Back Style

Mid Fade + Long Hair with Slicked Back Style
Instagram @nickbarford

A clear canvas like a medium bald fade is the unmatched partner for long hair that is combed straight. It has a shadow fade effect that goes well with a slicked-back style by using wide-tooth combs to create patterns.

Mid Fade with Waves

Mid Fade with Waves
Instagram @sol__depth

Waves in your crew cut are very popular, and these can be created with a comb and pomade to keep the hold. The mid fade with waves has been executed to perfection, taking the fade down to the skin and keeping it tight to the midpoint following the curve of the head shape. Not all afro hair types can achieve the wave so you will have to consult with your barber.

Mid Fade V Cut for Men

Mid Fade V Cut for Men
Instagram @reyzorz

A mid fade V-cut for men is a fun variation of a mohawk. It features a blurry mid fade along the sides, leaving the back of the fade incomplete for the V-cut. This style differs from a mohawk because of how high the V-cut is done on the back. It’s definitely an edgy, fun choice when open to different hairstyles for men.

Short Mid Fade for Thin Hair

Short Mid Fade for Thin Hair
Instagram @pedrolima0g

A short mid fade gives men’s hair an appearance of fullness. When suffering from thin hair the objective is the make the hair appear more full, and that’s exactly what a short mid fade does for you. Cutting the top to somewhat blend the thinner spots with a skin mid fade is a recipe for a happy individual with thin hair.

Mid Taper Haircut

Mid Taper Haircut
Instagram @jp_blndz

Go for a mid-fade taper haircut with length on top for a classic gentleman’s cut. The hair is long on top and swept to the side, transitioning into a mid-fade taper with a low-maintenance diffused side part. The key to sleek hairstyles for men is a high sheen pomade.

Medium Bald Fade Hairstyle

Medium Bald Fade Hairstyle
Instagram @_the_little_barber

A medium bald fade hairstyle is a great option for men who prefer a short close cut. This haircut is low-maintenance and doesn’t require product, but a low sheen wax or paste is useful to keep thicker hair tamed. Visit your stylist or barber every 3-4 weeks to maintain this hairstyle.

Low Mid Fade

Low Mid Fade
Instagram @jp_blndz

Try a low mid fade for an edgy and super stylish cut. With a low fade, it’s best to keep more length on top to get a gradual effect of short to long. Ask your barber to line up your edges for a sharply defined hairline.

Razor Fade

Razor Mid Fade
Instagram @lyang.barber

Try a razor fade haircut if you want to debulk thick hair. This short mid fade razored look is clean-cut, yet stylish, and looks best on long face shapes. Ask your barber or stylist to line up your hairline for that extra wow factor.

Mid Fade Crop Top

Mid Fade Crop Top
Instagram @jake_thebarber1

A mid fade crop top offers a bold look while still being appropriate for a professional setting. The taper starts between your temples and ears, without being too dramatic. Mid fades are an overall flattering haircut, especially for round face shapes, because they take away width from the sides.

High Top and Medium High Fade

High top and medium high fade
Instagram @zac_luiz

A high top and medium high fade are ideal for coarse kinky hair. This type of hair can be difficult to deal with and forget about styling. If your not into a short hairstyle this will be a great option for anyone with coarse to kinky hair.

High-Mid Fade with Shaved Part

High-mid fade with shaved part
Instagram @_daniel.hoffman

A high-mid fade with a shaved part makes for a fresh combover option. Not too low yet not a high makes this tight military haircut stand out. Length on top gives plenty of styling options. If you grow the top out a bit more try styling more like a pompadour.

Mid-Low Fade for Afro Curls

Mid-low fade for afro curls
Instagram @barbeiro_dicas

A mid-low fade for afro curls is pure perfection for black men. Not only do you have plenty of length to play with, but you’re also razor sharp with no hair in the way. Opt for a skin-tight taper along the temple and nape area, and don’t forget the slightly tapered area over the ears to leave a clean over all style.

Low Mid Fade with a Side Part

Low mid fade with a side part
Instagram @borys_lee

A low mid fade with a side part is a sharp yet elegant haircut. The razor sharp precision on the side part, mixed with elegant combover style makes for a style fit for a date night or board room.

Hard Part Comb Over with Medium Skin Fade for Thick Hair

Hard Part Comb Over with Medium Skin Fade for Thick Hair
Instagram @abu_barber

A hard part haircut with a medium skin fade creates a majestic frame for the brushed-up or comb over top to really be the star of the cut. Of course, a smooth medium fade shave around the head must be done to balance out the whole look. Gentlemen with thick hair will enjoy wearing this cut.

Short Top Crew Cut with Mid Taper Fade

short top crew cut with mid taper fade
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

Geometric edges give this mid taper fade haircut the shape it needs to appear all tidy against the full-on crew cut. Even with a short trim, the top can be styled in any manner, like side-swept, like this one.

Mid Fade Hairstyle for Black Men with Short Waves

Mid Fade Hairstyle for Black Men with Short Waves
Instagram @vicblends

Yes, you can do waves on short hair with this neat-looking mid fade haircut for black men. Get the latest clean-up with neat edges, a zero shave around the head, and some distinct waves. The line-up is what makes it even sharper.

Mid Fade Cut on Curly Hair

Mid Fade Cut on Curly Hair
Instagram @zackthebarber

A clean, shaved arch sets a wonderful stage for the medium fade haircut for curly hair to stand out. Just make sure to trim the sides short enough then leave the curly top long to show off the texture better.

The Medium Fade Quiff on Straight Hair

medium fade Quiff on Straight Hair
Instagram @josielschaper

The medium mid fade hairstyle is the essential partner of this brushed-up quiff that has longer hair on top. The surgical line on the fade further highlights the short sides. When styling such a mid fade with a long top, use a hair wax with a matte finish to build the structure of the style well.

Disconnect Undercut with Mid Bald Fade

Disconnect Undercut with Mid Bald Fade
Instagram @bolly.c.u

This mid bald fade plus the textured wavy mohawk-like hairstyle is separated with a blunt line. Sweeping hair to the front makes it fashion-forward and innovative.

A disconnected mid fade on a short textured haircut like this, is a men’s haircut that’s revolutionary and brings masculinity to another level.

The Mid Drop Fade on Wavy Short Hair

the mid drop fade on wavy short hair
Instagram @sami_barbershop

Even with short hair, you can still achieve your desired mid drop fade haircut that gradually lowers behind the ears. You’ll just need a little bit of layering and texture. Style this mid fade with waves and clean up along the temples and the beard for an overall connected look.

The Long Top Pompadour with Mid Fade Side

A high pompadour and mid fade make a great combination that works for men with thicker hair.

This is a mid skin fade pompadour with lots of texture, made by barber Anthony Giannotti of Sacramento, CA. “I really love classic cuts like this. It allows for a modern approach to style with a classic look,” says Giannotti.

“Furthermore, you’re definitely going to need the right barber and product for this look,” says the stylist. “The bangs need to be cut longer than the crown, so it folds over correctly. You’ll need a light feeling but heavy hold product like my Victory Crown Barber Co Matte to hold it in place.”

According to Giannotti, “This cut is great for guys with wider faces. The long narrow top will square out the corners of your head and thin your face out.”

Messy Hair with Mid Zero Fade

The layers are much more evident with this mid fade cut. Even a shorter trim is like a simple fade but contributes to a tidier cut.

This look is a drop fade undercut by stylist Luke Queen of West Virginia. “The best thing about this cut is the drop fade itself. In my opinion, it complements the head shape better than just a low fade,” Queen notes.

Use a product like a paste when styling. Queen recommends Original By Blumaan Styling Meraki for men to try. It has a nice fresh mint scent with a good hold and low shine.

The Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade

The Buzz Cut with Mid Skin Fade
Instagram @jord_thebarber

This is a very clean mid fade cut and smart look. It was designed by UK-based barber Jordan Giles,

“I love the straight cut fringe with just enough length left so that it can also be worn messy and still look very cool and natural. Here, I used an 8 grade on top,” Giles explains.

The skin fade is smart and timeless, giving a very masculine touch to a crop.

Giles states, “This is a very easy haircut to maintain if you have straight hair. Get a light hold product to keep it in place and maybe some hairspray. If you have curly hair, blow-dry the hair forward, then using a strong dry-look clay.”

The Faux Hawk Crop Haircut with Mid Fade

The faux hawk cut with a mid fade is a very modern cut that can also be discreet. “It’s also a very versatile cut because it can be made in any type of hair (smooth, curly, or wavy). It’s also free to use in any face format,” says barber Gustavo Vieira of Brazil.

The main feature that Vieira loves about faux hawk types of haircuts for men is the convenience and the ease of combing since it’s a messy cut.

“My main tip when styling men’s haircuts is to use matte effect ointments or powdered ointment. And always remember to pull the tuft to separate the threads and make it fall on the forehead,” Vieira suggests.

Textured Spiky Hair + Medium Fade

Textured Spiky Hair + Medium Fade
Instagram @stevestyles__

Check out how evenly the contrast from the mid fade and the beard fade is flowing throughout the whole head.

“The spiky hair texture is what makes this all stand out. Adding the right amount of texture and style will allow you to have the right balance with the fade and style,” states barber Steve Olivares of California.

“This medium taper hairstyle was created to fits guys with long oval face shapes. Men without sharp edge ups or receding hair help to add more volume and density to the hair,” Olivares notes.

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