11 Awesome Man Bun Hairstyles With a Fade for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A man bun fade is a men’s hairstyle that blends two hairstyles. First, the man bun is created by pulling back the longer hair on top into a top knot, aka the man bun. Next, the fade is created by shaving the back and sides of the hair with clippers, a razor, or scissors. Man bun fades use shaved or tapered techniques that produce an edgy and modern men’s hairstyle. Man bun hairstyles have evolved over the years.

Faded sides and back allow you to wear a bun without all the messy feels of hair touching your ears and nape. It offers a cool, neat look that can enhance your strong facial features and angles, plus the complete freedom to style your long top mane any way you prefer.

Give spirit into your basic bun by getting a fade that will perk up your long hair style game by giving it striking contrast and attention. Regular maintenance is essential if you want to keep it clean and stylish for longer. Some fades to consider: taper, skin/bald, burst, and each can be high, mid, or low. You’ll find plenty of examples below.

The photos below feature the best man bun fade hairstyles you’ll find right now and is exactly what you need to add a serious masculine edge to your style!

Man Bun with a Fade Design for Men
Instagram @kiarajaid.barber

#1: With a Fade Design

Sport your natural hair with intricate artwork that will keep you looking hip and always ready to party. Adding flair to this undercut man bun by shaving a stylish shaved line is necessary.

Man Bun Fade with a Bald Fade
Instagram @migsclips

#2: With a Bald Fade

This haircut is a simple medium bald fade with a bun. The fade is completely disconnected from the bun, making it extremely simple. It’s the best of both worlds—a clean, sharp fade and beard lineup with long messy hair on top. Beards have been popular with man bun hairstyles.

Top Knot with a Man Bun Fade
Instagram @stylish.cutting

#3: Top Knot with a Fade

Get that super cool samurai vibe with this hipster style that’s sharp as a blade. This top knot is a hairstyle similar to a man bun. Beards complement such neat man bun haircuts and styles.

#4: Man Bun Fade with Cornrows

This braided pattern will surely turn heads around, asking how you rock this style without effort. Look incredibly fashionable and hip with this impressive look.

#5: With a Low Fade

Look dapper with this cut! On simple straight hair, a man bun haircut looks rustic and effortless.

#6: With a Beard Fade

Upgrade your style with a hip textured up-top man bun fade hairstyle. Showcase it all in a sharp fading graduated to your temple and densely going down to your chin. Having a bun and beard has gained many followers for man bun hairstyles.

#7: Bun Hairstyle With an Undercut Fade

This man bun low fade takes braiding to the next level! These skin-tight braids create a halo around your top, resulting in this crisp look.

skin bun fade
Instagram @barberjhiggins

#8: Bun With a Skin Fade

This modern styling pairs well with warm brown hair. These shaved sides are ideal for a more put-together everyday look. Ask your stylist how to do a man bun to ensure your everyday look is sharp.

bun hairstyle high fade
Instagram @oliver.tv

#9: With a High Bun Fade

It’s a definite head-turner on your night out when you walk in with light hair to go with that messy man bun with cool, shaved sides. Long-haired gents will look fantastic sporting high man buns.

With a Taper Fade
Instagram @gradeadre

#10: With a Taper Fade

This tapered man bun undercut is trendy. It gives an edgy look. The greatest thing about it would have to be the taper. It makes the haircut pop. My only advice is when you’re ready for this look, see me  I’ll take care of you!

Braided Bun
Instagram @yaasssriah

#11: Braided Man Bun

This look is a braided man bun. The coolest thing about this look is the pattern I used to braid it. It adds a free-flowing feel to the overall look.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • This all depends on the style you are going for and the position you want the bun. The easiest answer is as long as it needs to be to all go up into the hair tie and leaving a little bit of excess to create the bun. Some like to have an undercut with the bun, so all of the back and side shaved and long on top and some like the edges trimmed and some like it all long.

  • Yes, they can be a contributing factor to hair loss, we call this traction alopecia. If you pull your hair tight and tie it up this can cause stress on the roots and cause the hair to become loose from the follicle. The average life span of a hair is 7 years, it will naturally fall out, this is called the telogen phase. If your hair comes away early then the thickness of it can be affected, it’s best to keep the bun loose.

  • The only way a man bun can mess up your hairline is if you pull it up too tight. Over time this will cause undue stress on your hair follicles and can cause the hair to fall out easier. If you have a looser man bun then this will take away the stress from the follicle. Some styles and hair types will shave away a couple of mm of hair to create the perfect rounded line, the only trouble is that this will require upkeep and once it’s done you will have to continue to do so.

  • Depends on the style. For the hair itself, you wash and condition it as normal. Also, you can apply hair masks and other treatments to keep it strong and healthy. If you have shaved edges or undercuts then these will need to be seen regularly. Most people will get them done every two to three weeks, it’s all about the individual's personal preference.

  • The easiest answer is to just let it grow. As we all know hair does go through a rubbish stage when growing out styles that don’t sit right and can be annoying. A good way to get past this is to slick back your hair. This means using some products like a pomade and combing it back. This will get you used to what your face will look like with a man bun and you can decide if you like it or not.

  • With this, you need to decide for yourself what the lesser of two evils is. Sleeping with it up can aid the pulling of the roots that cause traction alopecia and also be uncomfortable as you may keep turning and laying on the bun. Sleeping with it out will be more comfortable but it will end up matted by the morning and will require conditioning.