25 Men on Instagram Rocking The Best Man Braid

The man bun has certainly gained momentum over recent months. Celebrities, YouTube stars, IG users and your everyday Joe walking down the street can be found sporting the look, and we have to admit that we here at Latest-Hairstyles are a bit partial to the look.

However, after news surfaced that the beloved man bun could potentially lead to receding hairlines (GASP!), we’ve seen not only a flurry of worried responses, but a certain decline in the trend and, conversely, an uptick in other styles donned by men wanting to make a hair statement. Taking the man bun’s place in popular culture is – wait for it – the illustrious man braid.

To celebrate, and to inspire, we’re sharing 25 examples of man braids found on Instagram and two rockin’ man braid tutorials.

#4 @adelaidehenderson

French Man Braid

#13 @swaggnosurf

French Braids for Man

#19 @stephen2386

Man Pompadour with Cornrows

Tutorial #1: Braided Top Knot Combo

Not ready to make the transition into full on man braid? Or maybe you don’t believe in all the “receding hairline” hype? If either is the case, then we suggest you give this man-braid-meets-man-bun tutorial, by YouTube user Levi Rocha, a fair shake. The tutorial is pretty thorough, so it’s a great place to start if you’re a newbie to this world of decorative man hair.

Tutorial #2: French Man Braid

Oui oui! The French Braid is a staple in women’s hairstyles, so why not make it a staple in men’s? YouTube user Thomas in Action says that he plans to make this plait a go-to for himself and encourages his viewers to do the same. With a little help from Thomas and his friend, you can learn how to recreate this look on your own head. This one’s great for those who have the sides of their head shaved.

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