25 Low Taper Fades for Men with Straight Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short Straight Low Faded Tapered Sides with Volume on Top for Boys
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#1: Short Tapered Sides with Volume on Top

A classic hairstyle often features short hair at the back and sides with a top styled as a pompadour or brushed back. Clients have frequently requested this style over the years, which can be styled into various edgy looks. The short taper on the sides, with volume on top, results in a clean and tidy finish. Tapered hairstyles grow out well, lasting longer between cuts than traditional edge ups – definitely something to consider.

#2: Low Tapered Scissor Cut

Most people think scissor cuts are mostly for long hair. This is not true for the classic low-tapered scissor cut. Scissor cuts provide a softer finish because we can achieve more texture using varied scissors and techniques. We use a technique called &ldquoscissor over comb&rdquo to create shorter hair of graduation into the top. A thinner comb allows us to cut the hair much shorter.

Low Taper Fade with Classic Pompadour on Men's Straight Hair
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#3: Low Taper Fade with Classic Pompadour

A low taper fade with a classic pompadour is a neat and classy hairstyle. This hairstyle suits a strong hairline and highlights its shape as the hair sweeps back. You need to style your hair regularly to maintain the shape. I recommend using sea salt spray for a good foundation, then smoothing it down with classic pomade.

Low Faded Side Part Hairstyle for Young Men with Straight Hair
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#4: Low Faded Side Part Hairstyle

A low faded side part requires detailed styling it’s a type of hairstyle. As your barber, I can form this style using special products. However, you will need to maintain it at home. Ask your barber for advice on the best way to style your hair and the right products to use. Also, inquire about how he would style such a hairstyle.

Textured and Low Fade Tapered Haircut for Men with Straight Hair
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#5: Textured and Tapered Haircut

A textured and tapered haircut can work with any classic style. The basis of a tapered haircut is that it starts short and transitions into a longer length, creating a clean finish. There are several ways to create texture on the top of the hair. My preferred method is point-cutting. I recommend drying in sea salt spray and finishing with a good styling powder.

#6: Natural Messy Top with Taper Fade

This messy top with a taper fade is an easy-to-maintain style that falls naturally. The sides are tapered low and short, leading to the textured top. To attain a firm hairstyle, use sea salt spray for rough drying the top and apply styling powder.

Classic Short Sleek Low Taper Fade Hair on guys with straight hair wearing glasses
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#7: Classic Short Sleek Hair

A slick back, a classic short, sleek haircut is easy to maintain. It would be best if you had some length on top. Short styles create more volume, and the weight of the longer style keeps it down. Like most slick backs, a classic short back and sides suit most hair lengths. A good product to use is pomade. Due to its strong hold, pomade will keep your hairstyle in place.

Low Faded Tapered Straight Hair with Bangs for gentlemen with straight, black hair
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#8: Low Faded Straight Hair with Bangs

Having a shorter length at the back and sides with a longer length on top is a popular style. This style shows you can have different looks, like low, faded, straight hair with textured bangs. Straight hair requires more effort to add volume. However, this style shows you can achieve a great finish with less effort. It’s always best to thoroughly dry long hair to keep it in place. However, if you don’t have the time, this style is a good option.

Slicked Back Straight Hair with Low Fade for Mature Men with Beard
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#9: Slicked Back with Low Fade

Classic, elegant styles never go out of fashion. This slick back with a low fade is a timeless look. The haircut has a low fade at the base of the hairline, which blends into the upper hair to create a smooth transition. Pomade is a traditional product for this hairstyle. It holds the hair strongly and leaves you with a glossy finish.

#10: Combed Back with Low Fade and Beard

Slick backs are an absolute classic that has aged well. An example is this style with a combed back, low fade, and beard. The edges of the hair have been tapered tightly to blend seamlessly with the long strands at the top. The beard is also a key part of this style. The edges fade into the beard to finish the look. For the best results, ask your barber for advice on the right hair products.

Low Tapered Fade with Square Layers for boys with thick, straight mane
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#11: Low Tapered Fade with Square Layers

There exist different layer techniques. For instance, the example is a square layer with a low taper. Compared to a short graduation, square layers offer more length and bulk at the edges of the style. If you seek a classic-looking sweepback with a more defined shape in the center, using a square layer is an ideal technique.

Brushed Back Wet Style with Low Taper Fade on boys with sleek hair
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#12: Brushed Back Wet Style with Low Fade

Different products can give you different finishes. A brushed-back wet style with a low fade serves as a great example. This style resembles a classic swept-back pompadour. The edges have been tapered for better growth. The wet look comes from using pomade. Pomade gives a glossy shine when applied.

#13: Choppy Tapered Low Fade Cut

Scissor cuts allow you to create different shapes. For instance, you can achieve a choppy, tapered low fade cut. Using the scissor-over-comb technique allows us to trim quite close. This technique can deliver a softer and more choppy style. You can achieve this by using texture scissors and doing point cutting. Those who prefer a less close, softer finish typically prefer this technique.

Brush Up with Low Tapered Sides for men with straight hair
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#14: Brush Up with Low Tapered Sides

When you think of classic hairstyles, the pompadour is what we often recall. The pompadour style has been popular for decades and continues to be in fashion. You can see this in brush-up style pomp with sides that taper low. It stands out by smoothly transitioning to the top with a well-graduated cut.

Sleek and Straight Low Taper Fade Hairstyle for Men's Full Beard
Instagram @cutbackcorey

#15: Sleek and Straight Fade Hairstyle with Full Beard

This sleek and straight fade hairstyle nicely incorporates a full beard. Knowing how you want your beard to look to achieve a complete style is important. The hair’s edges have been tapered short and then faded back into the beard. The beard has been shaped to follow the jawline. This achieves a masculine finish.

Low Tapered Medium Straight Hair with Fringe on Young Men
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#16: Low Tapered Medium Hair with Fringe

Tapered edges are popular because they allow for a tidy finish while leaving a length to style. When creating tapered edges, I take sideburns and neck hair down to the skin. Then, I fade these areas tightly and blend them into the remaining hair length. Tapering works well with most medium-length haircuts, offering various styling options for the top section.

Subtle Wavy Slick Back with Low Taper Fade on Guys with Straight Hair
Instagram @a_designer_k

#17: Subtle Wavy Slick Back with Low Fade

This subtle wavy slick back with a low fade is a good example of a classic hairstyle. The low fade blends into the top of the hair, leaving enough length to style it back. The haircut is relatively low-maintenance due to its specific cut. The easiest way to style this haircut is to dry it with sea salt spray, sprinkle some styling powder, and run your fingers through it.

Low Tapered Long Hair with Pony for Men's Straight Hair
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#18: Tapered Long Hair with Pony

Many dudes prefer long hair, while others like a tidy look on the sides. Tapered long hair works well. You can hold its length back or let it down for a casual look. Having a taper on the sides keeps your hair neat. However, it would be best if you had regular barber visits to maintain it.

#19: Low Taper with Beard Fade

This low taper with beard fade frames the face well. The hard lines flow with the face’s shape. I like to create a sharp corner at the base of the beard when shaping it. This style gives a very masculine jawline. I aim to keep the beard’s cheek lines close to the natural shape. This method will be easy to maintain and will give a well-grown look.

#20: Low Taper with Voluminous Quiff

Classic styles never die. This low taper fade with a voluminous quiff proves that point. This style is popular, and people ask for it often. It’s tidy around the ears and leaves plenty of length on top. To get height at the front, you must heat style it. I recommend using sea salt spray for a good foundation and matte paste.

Low Taper Faded Blonde Brush Back on Men with Straight Hair
Instagram @barber_jams_

#21: Low Faded Blonde Brush Back

If you want a clean finish, a low faded brush back is a good option. The taper is low, with longer hair on top for stylish transitions. To keep this longer hair in place, try blow-drying it every morning. I suggest using sea salt spray during drying and finishing with a matte paste for a strong hold.

#22: Brushed Back Style with Taper Fade

Classics never go out of style. This brushed-back style with a taper fade is timeless. This style is tapered around the ears. The taper transitions to the top carefully to maintain the length and weight for brushing back. Its versatility suits many people. The style’s growth is also good, allowing it to be worn longer. To help the style hold, I recommend using a strong product. Both a pomade and a matte paste would work.

#23: Low Skin Taper Fade

Taper fades are the new skin fade. I’ve been asked to style this more often than a skin fade. Taper fades keep more length at the back, and the sides than a skin fade does. The transition appears bolder when the hair is darker. Taper fades begin at the base of the neck and sideburns, right at the skin level. Afterward, these are blended tightly with the longer hair on the sides for a rounded finish.

Sleek Layered Low Taper Fade Cut on guy's straighter locks
Instagram @fresco_cuts

#24: Sleek Layered Low Fade Cut

Layers play a significant role in haircutting to create shape. They prevent the style from having a heavy, blocky appearance. There are several ways to create layers. For example, in a sleek, low fade cut, the short graduation layer technique is used. The short graduation layer technique implies that the hair lengths start shortest at the edges and gradually increase as they go up to the top. This is the main base technique for a lot of men’s cuts.

Low Tapered Messy Style on Guys' Thick, Straight Hair
Instagram @c.lothebarber

#25: Low Tapered Messy Hair

Tapered edges are becoming more popular. I often get requests for a style like classy, low-tapered, messy hair. I always cut the rest of the hair first, leaving the taper for last. This allows me to assess the best place for the taper. I begin with skinning it out, followed by a fade-up. I have found that this method maintains neatness and helps create an appealing shape.

Hair has many tales to tell, with each style hinting at its unique story. One such style, the low taper fade for straight hair, has cropped up in men’s fashion. With the expertise of professional barber Dave Broderick, we delve into what makes this hairstyle worth your time.

Meet The Expert

Dave Broderick
Dave Broderick
Dave is a barber with over 10 years of experience.
You can find him at The Bureau Barber Shop in Salt Lake City, UT.

Embrace the Style

First off, David states that the low taper fade isn’t for everyone. “This is a hairstyle for people who like styling their hair, meaning typically there is ample hair throughout the cut to work with and style above the faded portions down low.” If you enjoy putting a few minutes into making your hair look just right, this style can work for you. It offers a mix of long hair on top with a neat cut on the bottom. But take note: this look needs regular upkeep.

Toss Out the Face Shape Theory

On the subject of how the style fits with different face shapes, David takes a bold stance. He argues that rules about what looks good on a particular face shape can lead to client unhappiness. “The client knows what they want, and moreover they know what look makes them feel good, so I say to hell with the face shape dogma and turn to make them feel good into your #1 goal.” Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel good in your cut. If you like it, then it’s the right look.

Understand Products and Usage

When it comes to styling your hair, David offers some key tips. His top piece of advice? “Less is more”. Too much product can harm your hair and scalp. As for the type of product, it depends on the hair’s texture and density. For example, he notes that a fiber-style pomade can make thick hair hard to manage. It’s best for thin hair as it adds the illusion of extra thickness.

Pictures of the Most Popular Low Taper Fade for Straight Hair