24 Low Fade Haircut Ideas for Stylish Dudes in 2022

Low fade haircut with a beard

The low fade haircut is a classic men’s haircutting technique used to add a touch of edge and style to any men’s hairstyle. With a lower fade cut, the hair on the sides of the head is tapered down towards the lower portion of the head. The fade is incredibly versatile, too, as you can combine it with other men’s hairstyles like pomps, faux hawks, and side parts.

A fade that’s lower works with any haircut or hairstyle, for men who are white, black, Latino, and Asian. All you need to know and decide upon is what kind of lower fade at the sides you’ll get. If you feel disconnected and you’re tired of your classic fade or high fade, then this might be a great new option for you.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these pictures of low fade haircut ideas from some of the world’s best barbers.

The Best Low Fade Haircuts for Men

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#1: Classic Low Fade with Bangs

The classic low fade with bangs is one of the best men’s hairstyles. You can easily keep your length on top and give your overall look a boost with an expert fade around the ears and neck.

Low Fade with a Messy Top for Men
Instagram @alexssena

#2: Low Fade with a Messy Top

Thick Curls and Low Fade for Men
Instagram @z_ramsey

#3: Thick Curls + Low Fade

The thick curls and low fade style is one that is getting more and more popular. Keeping a really low fade, almost even a skin taper around the edges keeps them tight and clean. You will need to treat and style your curls to avoid frizz and matting a good styling cream or curling moose will really help. The beauty about this cut is that you control how often you want it done as a good low fade will grow out nicely.

#4: Short Crew Cut with Low Bald Fade

A low bald fade cut for guys doesn’t only have to be stylish; it must also make you feel something. Feel free and fresh with this clean-cut chop! It’s a short crew cut with a low fade that suits men with thick hair.

#5: Low Fade and Hard Part Hairstyle

A low fade and hard part hairstyle is an awesome choice for any young adult. Any man with any lifestyle can rock this cut. A great choice when growing out the top of your hair and don’t know what to do, don’t forget to ask your barber for a hard part to really make this cut a head turner.

Low fade blowout for textured hair
Instagram @taybeleira

#6: Low Fade Blowout for Textured Hair

A low fade blowout for textured hair is a go-to for this hair type. While textured hair the areas around the ears and nape can be annoying, a low fade blowout is a perfect solution to that. It gets rid of the area annoying you the most while looking sharp.

#7: Short Textured Waves with Low Fade

Short textured waves with low fade is a very trendy hairstyle. A bit high-maintenance considering the styling on top. The texture waves give a fuller look. Anyone suffering from thinning hair would benefit from this style.

Messy pompadour with low fade
Instagram @thyagoaaraujo

#8: Messy Pompadour with Low Fade

Messy pompadour with low fade is a sleek stylish look. The low fade gives the perfect amount of contrast to compliment the pompadour. Any light pomade will complete the look and is ideal for all working professionals.

low fade faux hawk
Instagram @dbarber203_

#9: Low Fade Faux Hawk

Looks neat and dapper—how can you say no to a nice low fade plus faux hawk hairstyle like this? This fade fauxhawk shows off the fullness of low-cut hair. It’s a popular choice for men who love both business attire and casual street style outfits.

Textured Crop with Low Fade haircut
Instagram @trimkardashian

#10: Textured Crop with a Lower Fade Haircut

Show your charm and cool vibes by having this subtle textured crop with low fade style. This haircut looks great on men with oval faces and all hair types.

Modern Pompadour Side Part with Low Fade
Instagram @virgiltb

#11: Modern Pompadour Side Part with Low Fade

Here’s a modern pompadour side part with a low cut. It offers neat sides and nape that complement long top hair. This side-parted pompadour with low fade works great on men’s hair that’s either fine or dense.

Low Skin Fade for Black Men
Instagram @sr__tocloro

#12: Low Skin Fade for Black Men

Aspire to look fresh and clean by pairing a haircut with a low skin fade for black men. The messy top and low razor fade bring it all together.

👉 See more black men haircuts.

#13: Low Taper Fade

This cut is known as a low taper fade. To achieve a more voluminous style, ask your barber to give you tapered sides, and leave your top hair long. When styling this low taper fade haircut, a hairspray or tonic is a good option.

Low Fade Comb-Over
Instagram @marconybarber

#14: Low Fade Comb-Over

A low fade short comb-over is one of the best classic low fade hairstyles for gentlemen that works great for any hair texture or length. Haircuts like this are very trendy right now.

Slicked Back with Low Fade
Instagram @ferni_barber

#15: Slicked Back with Low Fade

A slicked back with low fade pompadour can be rocked in any style or matched with any outfit as long as your hair provides the length. Medium to long hair on top works best.

#16: Cropped Curls with Low Fade

These cropped curls with a low fade haircut for men are edgy and messy. A haircut with a low fade around the sides will upgrade your simple mohawk to this kind of curly hair  faux hawk and brings youthfulness and attraction without being too stylized.

#17: Low Fade with a Beard

This haircut is a low skin fade with a little texture crop on the top and a combover for the finished style, plus the beard as the finishing style. This is created by barber German Mena of Waterbury, CT.

If you have a long face, try this well-trimmed chin strap beard, so you can freely wear any hairstyle without making your face seem longer.

“If you want to try this low top fade, you have to have a suitable hair type such as spiky or wavy hair,” Mena suggests.

#18: Low Drop Fade with Twists Blowout

Standout twisted curls look more modern when paired with a low drop fade cut and that tight , which will leave you feeling fresh all day!

If you’re wanting a sponge twist low faded style like this, seek out a stylist like Yvonne Diogo of South Africa. It has an on-trend look for gents who want to add texture to their afro. This fade cut gives a clean finish and draws the eyes to the defined curls.

“In order to achieve this fade, your hair has to be shampooed and conditioned first, preferably with high moisture products that are mineral oil, paraben, and sulfate-free,” Diogo emphasizes. “A leave-in conditioner should be applied liberally to the hair to add moisture. Follow it with a shea butter and castor oil cocktail to accentuate the curls. To make the cocktail, place a pea-sized scoop of shea butter and castor oil onto the palm of your hands, rub your hands together, then work the cocktail into your hair.”

Now, you are ready to use the twist sponge! Simply rub it around the hair for 3 to 5 minutes depending on the extent of curl definition you want above your low faded sides.

low fade for curly hair
Instagram @kingdomcuts_

#19: Lower Fade for Curly Hair

With neat sides and nape plus the thick, fuller-looking hair on top, the contrast in this haircut + low fade is exquisite. Try this low-cut fade for curly hair of yours, and you’ll embrace your natural texture with so much flair. Use clay when styling to help define your curls.

#20: Low Drop Fade

Go shorter and neater without sacrificing a stylish edge with this low drop fade cut! You should try it when you have thick, straight hair.

You can style it however you want, but adding more volume makes a true statement. To get this low fade with long hair, blowdry your hair, then use wax to achieve this very suave finish.

bald low fade line up
Instagram @hairgrooming

#21: Bald + Low Faded Line Up

A bald fade haircut is so effortless to style! The thing about a fresh faded haircut is it’s classic and never goes out of style. This bald low fade + line up works on thin hair and will suit whatever vibe you’re going for.

#22: Low Fade Buzz Cut

If you’re the guy with straight and thick hair who loves a sleek finish, this buzz cut with a low fade is for you! The fullness of your thicker hair is what will make it look so dapper. Opt for this low fade buzz cut, and you won’t have a problem with styling.

#23: Low Burst Faded Cut

Yes, short and low faded haircuts make a stylish look, too! This low burst fade will emphasize your hair texture on top. Your natural waves will bring out fullness to your brown hair. Finish it off with a sea salt foam to enhance your hair texture while acting as a heat protectant, as well.

#24: Quiff with Low Fade Undercut

A low fade quiff is one of those trends that give elegant touch and cleaner finish to your style. So, here’s one, paired with a low fade undercut that you must try! With clean sides and longer hair on top, you’re gonna achieve a versatile quiff. Freehand styling will help you shape your hair after a good blow-dry.

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