The 18 Best Examples of a Low Fade Comb Over Haircut

The best low fade comb over haircuts for men

A low fade combover is a combination of two classic haircuts for men, featuring a fade that begins lower near the ears and a top hair combed or deeply parted to one side. With this fade’s smart finish, any combover hairstyle would have distinct freshness and individuality.

Texas lady barber Nataly Medina shapes up a few slick classics that demonstrate the versatility of comb overs, markedly enhanced by a clean fade. With enough length on top, you’re able to easily switch things up by styling it in various ways.

Male celebrities who looked magnificent when spotted sporting this hair combo include Chris Pine, Ben Affleck, Adam Levine, and Zac Efron. Professional and edgy at the same time – it’s highly guaranteed that there is no place on earth where it’s inappropriate to wear this impressive cut!

Skilled hands are a requirement for owning this look, so make sure you’re going to the best barber in town. Obviously, this nicely groomed style needs product for styling. Your barber-recommended pomade, wax, or gel would surely do the trick, plus, of course, a handy comb.

For the most popular low fade comb over haircuts, take a look below and get exclusive info from expert barbers to get you going. Cheers!

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Skin Fade Military Cut

Low skin fade comb over
Instagram @brihanna_jayde

Having a very strict low fade comb over cut does not mean you can’t have fun with it. The different contrasted areas makes for a nice upfront look.

Long Comb Over

Low fade with long comb over
Instagram @christinaxclips

Going for a low fade with a comb over may seem to be a risky thing. But when you’ve gone for the end, why not go for the other extreme with a long comb over to the other side? Now that’s making a statement!

With an Undercut

Undercut low fade comb over
Instagram @stebbicutter

This is a great comb over low fade to enlarge your head area. It really gives you a lot of room to work on different stylings.

Medium Low Fade

Medium low fade comb over
Instagram @cjdabarber_

A great choice for professionals in the office or out in the sun. This low fade comb over hairstyle has got versatility and easy upkeep that any boy or man can try.

Sharp Side Part

Sharp Side Part
Instagram @king_hollywood_barber

The volume given by this low fade hairstyle is perfectly balanced with a satisfying surgical part. It definitely looks clean and proper!

Ivy League Taper Fade

Low taper fade comb over ivy league
Instagram @salondejavunj

An everyday look that does not sacrifice style. Casual for work and comfy for play. You can get all the goods in this low faded comb over cut.

Shadow Fade

Low shadow fade comb over
Instagram @marcos_barber27

Try this faded low comb over haircut for when you start to grow your hair longer but still want that skin fade magic. Short hair blends impeccably into the full top.

Hard Part

Hard Part
Instagram @paul_barbercode

A clean surgical along the side of the head gives the illusion of fuller, more organized comb over haircut with a low fade.

Fade with Beard

Low fade comb over with beard
Instagram @criminal__barber

Low fade comb over hairstyles like this one puts an ordinary cut to a higher level because of the overall visual appeal of the beard with a low fade.

Drop Fade

Low drop fade comb over
Instagram @elizuniga14

This clean take on the classic low fade will leave everyone swooning over you.

Razor Fade

Low razor fade comb over
Instagram @jr_blurrystyles

Sharpened blades will be your friend when you want to try this beaming comb over cut with a low fade. A clean shave that stops mid-sides creates a wonderful contrast of hair fullness.

Zero Fade Crew Cut

Low zero fade comb over crew cut
Instagram @cutsbyjenniferlynn

Similar to a tapered fade, this low skin fade with a comb over keeps the hair on top with a hard part to medium-shaved sides.

Bald Fade

Low bald fade comb over
Instagram @saynomore_barbers

Don’t be too fearful of getting this low fade. Exposing your scalp every now and then is a fresh and easy way to maintain the hair on top.

Long Comb Over

Q&A with style creator, David Marchant
Barber @ Rowdy Barbershop in Berlin, DE

How would you describe this look?

This is a low fade side parted hairstyle with a dipped outline to strengthen the shape. We took the side part pretty tight and square to the head, so the weight sits close to the head using the shape of the client’s head to determine length and size. Leaving the corner square prevents the parting from jumping or sticking out.

Any advice for someone considering it?

The number one obstacle to having this cut is longer on top. The most common reason this cut doesn’t work on guys is that they ask for it too short, so take your barber or hairdresser’s advice if they recommend growing the top.

Also, anything worn away from the face usually requires blow drying, as everyone’s hair naturally grows towards the face. Heat is usually necessary to put it into this shape. Even a strong wax or pomade won’t work without blow drying. That’s why before you get this cut, think about if you are willing to blow dry your hair into this style regularly.

Temp Fade

low temp fade comb over
Instagram @jeffthebarber

This temp fade haircut looks neat and straightforward, yet stylish! It gives men both a smart and mischievous style. The chop does a better job on thick, black hair to show off its fuller edge.

With a Hard Line

Low fade comb over with line
Instagram @isacmagno

A surgical line might be the one you need to get your grooves up! Simple styles like this fade and comb over could have a new look with a single, clean line.

Fade for Curly Hair

Fade for Curly Hair
Instagram @charmiguel

Q&A with style creator, Charleen Miguel
Barber / Stylist @ LXVE Studios in Las Vegas, NV

How would you describe this look?

This haircut is a combover with a low skin fade on the sides. My favorite thing about this haircut is definitely the gradient of the fade on the sides and how it complements my client’s head shape nicely. He has thick curly hair, so this haircut is a great, low-maintenance style that can be cleaned up every couple of weeks.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Skin fades are a little more maintenance for the sides of your haircut. Since the hair is cut to its shortest possible (bald) and faded up, you’ll notice it grow in a little quicker. If you’re in the barbershop or salon every 1-2 weeks, this could be something you can keep up with to keep it looking fresh!

This haircut also includes a hard part where a thin line is cut into the natural parting of the hair giving the part a definite, sharp look. This also needs more upkeep since the part does grow out. The part does make styling the top much easier, or so I’ve been told by my clients.

I think anyone can pull off this look! If you’re comfortable with showing a little skin then why not? Some clients ask me to not go too short, as to keep their haircut professional, but I believe that as long as you are a professional, then you can, of course, rock a haircut this short!

Mid-Low Fade

Q&A with style creator, Francesco Amoroso
Barber @ Hair Loving in Naples, Italy

How would you describe this look?

There are so many types of fades, but for me, the true fade is the graduation of a low fade paired with a comb over.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Consider the height of the fade. I usually always recommend a nice shade with graduation that is always beautiful to look at and very clean.