25 Low Burst Fade Haircut Ideas to Add A Subtle Pop to Your Cut

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Low Burst Fade Mohawk Crop for Young Gents
Instagram @barberfirmat

#1: Burst Fade Mohawk Crop

This burst fade mohawk crop is a great choice for teen boys and young men. This youthful haircut features a low fade that blends into a mohawk shape. This shape extends from the area around the ears to the back of the head. The length on the top and back gives it a lived-in, carefree feel. The high contrast shape of this haircut makes it grow out well. Using a volume powder, it can be styled to have perfect texture.

Tousled Wavy Hair with Low Tapered Burst Fade on Gents
Instagram @lims_barber

#2: Tousled Wavy Hair with Low Tapered Fade

A tousled wavy hair with a low tapered fade is a popular choice in men’s hairstyles and for a good reason. This hairstyle has more personality than a high-face haircut and more shape than a buzzcut. It features a low bald fade that tapers up to a soft scissor cut on top. The result is a laid-back look suitable for both leisure and professional settings.

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Low Burst Faded Cut with Short Back for Boys
Instagram @stavroulakis.th

#3: Burst Faded Cut with Short Back

The burst faded cut with a short back is popular with boys and men. It’s a unique variation on a traditional men’s cut. An expert might start with a low bald fade at the sides and back. They can then adjust the length on top to match your hair type and face shape. They may suggest a styling cream for use on both wet and dry hair. This can enhance your style and give it a more polished look.

Low Burst Faded Thick Hair with Long Bangs for Young Men
Instagram @closblendzz

#4: Low Faded Thick Hair with Long Bangs

For men who want to add more shape to their hairstyle, a low-faded, thick haircut with long bangs is an excellent choice. Despite the youthful look, with proper care, the faux hawk and other men’s hairstyles with additional length can appear neat and suitable for office wear. At your next appointment, request your barber for a low fade cut around the ears. The top and back should be shaped into a mullet style, with the fringe being combed down.

Low Mullet Burst Fade with Curls on Younger Men
Instagram @zeta_barbercl

#5: Low Mullet Fade with Curls

Show off your coils with this low mullet fade for curls. This look is a unique way to display your curly locks in a fun way. Ask your barber to give you a mohawk cut with a short fade around the ears. A good barber will make sure the style suits your hair type and face shape. They will provide tips on how to style your hair and inform you when to visit next for touch-ups or a new cut.

Quiff with Low Burst Fade for Guys
Instagram @menshairs

#6: Quiff with Low Burst Fade

Quiff hairstyles are a popular choice for many men, suitable for various hair types and textures. The style usually has a longer top and a faded side cut, both common in men’s styles. For fine hair, using matte clay for styling is an excellent choice. In contrast, pomade can work well for coarse, straight hair, adding hydration and shine.

Faux Hawk Low Burst Fade Cut for Men
Instagram @sabirsalon

#7: Faux Hawk Burst Fade Cut

A faux hawk burst fade cut is always a solid choice for men of various hair textures. Featuring a low drop fade on the sides, the length of your hair on top can be tailored to fit your specific needs and overall look. This haircut can easily match any type of facial hair you may have. It also requires very little styling cream to style the hair on top.

Low Burst Fade with Cropped Bangs for Men
Instagram @leroy.thebarber

#8: Low Burst Fade with Cropped Bangs

The crop is a timeless classic. It has taken on many shapes and forms over the years. This time, we’ve paired the crop with a burst fade. The style stays tight around the ears, with added length for styling. The cropped bang gives a chic, bold finish. I do like to add texture to the top for varied look options. Crazy Bull Styling Powder is the best product to achieve this style.

#9: Low Fade with Tapered Back

I love the low taper because it provides a clean and subtle finish. The low taper leaves extra hair on top, which allows for styling into a pompadour or slick back if desired. The low taper is a low-maintenance style as it allows the hair to grow out attractively. If the low taper is cut well, it will maintain its stylish look for as long as desired.

#10: Burst Faded Side Part with Voluminous Top

When clients want to keep as much length as possible on top, I always suggest going for a burst fade with disconnection at the top. The fade involves trimming the skin at the base, leaving hair at the periphery for lining. If the client’s hair is darker, the boldness of the line enhances. Some barbers use a spray enhancement for a bolder effect, but this isn’t permanent.

#11: Low Faded Straight Hair with Micro Bangs

A low faded straight hair with micro bangs is a trendy hairstyle for men. This style blends a Caesar cut on top that extends into a mohawk at the back and a temple fade around the ears. This ready-to-wear style is ideal for men who prefer a low-maintenance yet sharp look daily.

Low Burst Fade Line Design on Wavy Hair for Boys
Instagram @roly.barber_

#12: Burst Fade Line Design on Wavy Hair

The haircut is a burst fade, disconnected from the top to allow for longer upper growth and tighter sides. The hairstyle features a mullet style, with length left at the back and a fade burst around the ears. The hairstyle’s unique design was achieved with razor art, further highlighted using a white design pencil. Not all barbers use white design pencils, so you may need to request this if you want such a design.

Choppy Straight Hair with Low Burst Skin Fade for Men
Instagram @rafaelbavarus

#13: Choppy Straight Hair with Skin Fade

Creating texture in straight hair requires some work. My preferred method involves a combination of point-cutting and fishbone-texture scissors. The hair on the sides has been trimmed down to the skin and faded seamlessly into the top. Around the ears, I’ve maintained this as a burst fade. To finish, ask for a design at the base of the neck.

Curly Hair with Mohawk Fade Low Burst Fade Cut on Guys with Thick Beard
Instagram @zaiclipz

#14: Curly Hair with Mohawk Fade Cut

This is a perfect example of curly hair with a mohawk fade cut. Curly clients often prefer this style. It is different from a traditional fade cut. It reduces side bulk, preventing your curls from forming a rounded shape. Ask your barber to blend the mohawk fade into your facial hair. This will keep your hairstyle and facial hair coordinated. Let your curls dry naturally, or use hair gel. Hair gel adds shine and reduces frizz.

Medium-Length Textured Mullet with Low Burst Fade for Young Men
Instagram @mizfitbarber

#15: Medium-Length Textured Mullet

Mullets have made a stylish comeback with various modern interpretations. Their curls add a lot of texture to the style. I always opt for point-cutting the ends of the curls. This technique provides the curls with additional bounce and twists. Drying your hair rough with sea salt spray can create volume. However, don’t be too vigorous, as this action can cause frizz.

Spiky Style with Low Burst Fade Cut for Guys
Instagram @dfadedit

#16: Spiky Style with Low Fade Cut

If you like volume in your look, a spiky style with a low fade cut could suit you. The hairline is usually lined in with this low fade cut. However, this can generally only be done on certain hair types. You should seek advice from your barber first. I recommend using a volume spray for drying and a matte paste to sculpt the spikes.

#17: Low Burst Fade Mullet with Shaved Lines

Burst fades are gaining more popularity as they go well with mullet styles. Keep the fade low and close around the ears for a more extended length in the back, forming the base of a classic mullet. If you have darker hair, you can achieve great results with a smooth and elegant fade. A shaved design enhances such fades and makes them stand out more.

Textured Top with Short Low Burst Faded Sides and V-Cut Nape for Boys
Instagram @medinuhcutss

#18: Textured Top with Short Sides and V-Cut Nape

Burst fades allow diverse neckline styles, such as a v-cut nape design. The v-cut nape design is cut to flow with the haircut and razored for prominence. Fading dark hair gives a flattering finish. The contrast from the skin to the faded sides and the top is noticeable. A textured top completes this stand-out style.

Tapered Low Burst Fade with Messy Top for Guys
Instagram @ck_cuts

#19: Tapered Burst Fade with Messy Top

Burst fades are an eye-catching, modern take on the mullet style. Their popularity is growing. This tapered burst fade has been taken down to the skin and faded tightly into the textured top, leaving enough hair for a sharp line-up. I’ve always found that the darker the hair, the smoother the burst fade.

Low Skin Burst Fade for Men's Thick Hair
Instagram @barberfirmat

#20: Skin Burst Fade for Thick Hair

If done right, thick hair can give eye-catching results. But it can also create issues. So, consider your desired style carefully. I cut the thick hair very short, almost to the skin level. Then, I gradually faded it toward the top. I added a lot of texture to the hair. For thick hair, I always thin it more around where styles transition.

Textured Low Burst Fade Haircut with Beard Line-Up for Men
Instagram @newwavecuts_

#21: Textured Burst Fade Haircut with Beard Line-Up

The textured burst fade haircut suits the hair’s top length and blends nicely into the beard line up. Burst fades are trendy and are designed around the ears to keep a tight edge, leaving longer hair at the back. When I texture the top hair, I prefer the point-cutting technique, which enhances the movement in the final hairstyle. However, a great product for styling is styling powder, as it provides a very dry and natural finish.

#22: Burst Faded Cut with Hair Design

For burst fades, there tends to be more length left at the back. This makes a good spot for a design and an edgy finish. In this version of a burst fade, the cut extends high up, leaving more length at the back. The top has been cut to create a lot of stylish texture. For a similar style, I recommend using sea salt spray and finishing with styling powder.

Edgy Low Burst Fade Long Hair with Shaved Design for Guys
Instagram @aangel.fadez

#23: Burst Fade Long Hair with Shaved Design

The burst fade long hair with a shaved design is a unique hairstyle for men with extra personality. If you like to be bold, ask your barber for this style. It has a low burst fade that blends into a mohawk. Ask your barber about their expert design options. You can pick one to add more flair to your look. You can style most hair types with a gel, such as Johnny B’s Mode.

Low Buzz Burst Fade and Short Bangs for Young Guys
Instagram @justfadezz

#24: Low Buzz Fade and Short Bangs

Looking for something short but stylish? A low buzz fade with short bangs fits this description perfectly. The top part of the hair is cut short using a scissor. It’s given a lot of texture and finished with a blunt fringe. The burst fade is trimmed close to the head around the ears. It’s distinctly lined at the neckline to add a finishing touch to the style. Lastly, I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust for a natural matte finish.

Men's Textured Natural Hair with Low Burst Fade
Instagram @cutsby.nick

#25: Textured Natural Hair with Low Burst Fade

If a crew cut is not your cup of tea, try out the textured natural hair with a low burst fade. This style has a mohawk shape for curly hair. It also features a taper fade around the ears that blends into a round shape. A benefit of this style is that it prevents curls from forming a round shape by reducing bulkiness on the sides. Remember to keep your curls hydrated using curl cream. This can be applied to your damp hair as part of your daily routine.

Have you ever thought about getting a low burst fade? Zach Levene, a seasoned hairstylist, shares his expert tips on this trendy cut. After years perfecting the art of barbering, Levene offers his take on this timeless look.

Meet The Expert

Zach Levene
Zach Levene
Zach is a barber and educator with over 2 years of experience.
You can find Zach at his own studio in Sussex/Surrey, England

Ideal Hair for a Low Burst Fade

“What makes a burst fade stand out is its round outline around the ear,” says Levene. To make it shine, you need a seamless blend that meets a heavy weight line. “This connects the fade to the bulk of the hair’s length,” he adds. He suggests that the low burst fade looks better on thicker hair. He also points out that adding texture to curly or thick hair can greatly improve the hairstyle’s overall look.

Adapting a Low Burst Fade to Different Face Shapes

Levene assures that, while the look can vary, there’s no single face shape that’s perfect for a burst fade—it merely depends on the individual’s preference. He uses the example of different face lengths. On a long face, the cut might resemble a modern mohawk. On a wider face, it could look more like a mullet. “Both these styles are cool,” Levene says, while he recommends adjusting the length and width at the back based on the client’s liking.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products

According to Levene, a diffuser and some salt spray make the best combo for styling a low burst fade. “Using this combo brings out the hair’s natural flow, gives it more texture,” he explains. To hold the style in place yet allow it some movement, Levene recommends light wax or powder addition to the list of must-have products for this trendy style.

Photos of the Most Dapper Low Burst Fade Cuts for Men