16 Awesome Low Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Low bald fade with a quiff
Instagram @tamas_tanos

#1: The Quiff

That layered swoosh upwards is the extra that we all need in life. The matched low fade cut is a timeless staple with every look other than a quiff.

Short Afro for Black Men with a Low Bald Fade

#2 Short Afro for Black Men

This is an Afro mid-low drop bald fade. It’s a faded haircut for men that can be adjusted to many faces and head shapes based on the position the fade is dropped on the occipital bone and the shape built at the side. Use Argan oil, a twist sponge, and a holding spray. It can be dressed up or down. It’s an active man’s haircut, and it’s medium maintenance.

Low Bald Faded Messy French Crop for Young Men
Instagram @barberia.massidi

#3: Low Faded Messy French Crop

The low, faded, messy French crop is trending. It’s a refreshing take on men’s haircuts. The fade blends into a texturized, short top. This style reduces bulk and lets you wear your hair relaxed. It highlights texture. Book your barber every 2-5 weeks to keep the haircut fresh.

#4: For Naturally Curly Hair

A wonderful addition to your masterpiece of hair! The smooth bald taper fade a warm transition between a full curly top to bare skin.

Low bald fade with mohawk
Instagram @3aeed_dehghani

#5: Awesome Mohawk

Having shaved sides puts all eyes on your crazy hair! The low cut fade and the shaved line give the spiky, sleek mohawk on top prominence.

Low bald fade on slick back long hair
Instagram @ahmad_3yesh

#6: Slick Back Long Hair

When you get those shaved sides for a polished look, having long hair fluffed would be a grand compliment to complete this low bald fade cut. So what are you waiting for? Time to level up a usual bald hairstyle!

#7: Short Faux Hawk

Party in the front, chill out at the back! Add a few extra inches with a faux hawk fade that’s smooth like this.

Low bald fade short hair crew cut
Instagram @gillythebarber

#8: Short Crew Cut with Bald Fade

Try this low bald fade that gives more structure and defines your facial features even more! This low faded cut is great since it requires little effort to keep looking good.

Low bald fade with waves for black men
Instagram @afrobarberbr

#9: With Waves for Black Men

Confirmed 360 waves! Black men with this kind of swag should try this style for the ultimate slick. See more hair styles for black men.

#10: Cool Comb Over

The side-part style keeps everything professional, while the low bald fade style brings a reckless vibe. It’s the right balance that men need. To provide contrast with little upkeep, a lower fade haircut is ideal.

low drop fade cut
Instagram @barber.tron

#11: Low Drop Fade

This is what it looks like when the fade gods have blessed you. This is the low fade haircut men with wavy texture should consider getting!

Faded Pompadour
Instagram @yhea_alhsaneah

#12: Faded Bald Pompadour

At one point, you’re looking all thick and full. At another, you’re wearing that cleaned-up bald low fade—an overall polished man.

Low Bald Fade with Beard for Men
Instagram @jdblendz_

#13: Low Bald Fade with Beard

The bow that wraps up this low bald fade haircut in a neat package is the patella connected to the beard.

Disconnected Undercut
Instagram @hungcutshair

#14: Disconnected Undercut with Low Bald Fade

This is a low fade undercut with a short choppy texture on top. It’s easy to wear and style, usually cut to suit the client’s head shape. I love the contrast from light to dark. It’s chaos within the structure!

I suggest using any clay on top for low bald fade haircuts like this. Clay is gritty and also dry. Dry hair usually shows off shorter textures super well. This low bald fade cut is great for a casual, carefree lifestyle and is easy to maintain. Just blow dry while scrunching the hair, throw clay in, and adjust to your liking. It’s a messy style, have fun!

Hard Part
Instagram @darth_fader_12

#15: Low Bald Fade + Hard Part

This look offers satisfaction to those who love a clean low bald fade hairstyle and some styling freedom up top. My favorite part about this client, in particular, is how the lighter shade of his skin contrasts incredibly with the dark color of his hair. This makes for a fade that can be seen from a mile away.

The secret to styling a combover of any kind or length is the blow dryer! Most think that the product will put the hair where you want it. While it does help, the real hero in getting your hair to sit/stand right is the blow dryer before the product goes in. Most of my clients have recently enjoyed a “dry” finish rather than a shine. This calls for a pomade that leaves the hair with a matte look (I prefer ADH Dry) or a powder that helps accentuate texture and leaves the hair looking styled but not shiny (I use Tomb 45 Pure Powder).

Taper Fade
Instagram @jermecide

#16: Taper Bald Fade

When getting a fresh haircut, keep your fade low so it looks super clean, giving a nice shape for most head shapes. My client had very fine/thinning hair, and this cut filled in all the gaps and gave him a fresh look.

A guy who wants to spend less time styling daily would benefit from this look. It works on most hair types and face shapes. Such low fade haircuts can be tweaked to suit most guys. A little paste and some quick blow-drying are all it takes to look as fresh and sharp as this dude.

What’s a bald fade? A low bald fade is a type of fade that starts at the skin level and increases in length shortly above the ear as it goes to the top. Bald fade haircuts for men feature short cropped sides, with more hair on top. Bald fades are extremely versatile haircuts for men.

The utterly precise transition that a bald fade features produce a sleek and neat haircut that can be styled in several ways. Most celebrity actors, Channing Tatum’s and Ryan Reynold’s hairstyles are kept smooth and stylish by this type of fade.

Barber slash fade expert Carlos Miguel Chandia demonstrates on his feed the various styles you can match with an all-around fade like this – undercut, pomp, brushed back, faux hawk, or with a beard. You’ll be surprised how stylish you can get with any trendy hairstyle!

This one’s the ideal fade if you want a laid-back, low-upkeep cut. Once the hair grows from those bald-faded sides, it blends smoothly with the longer hair and creates a look as fresh as the one you started with.

Here are the top and most popular low bald fades to get you started!