Line Up Haircut – 23 Awesome Styles for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A line up haircut is a stylish hairstyle for men that features clean, solid lines around the edges of the hair. Line-up haircuts have sharp angles and straight lines around the hairline, temples, and/or parting, cause the edges of the hair to ‘line up’. Line up haircuts can be paired with other hairstyles for men such as pomps, fades, and undercuts.

Sometimes known as the shape up or edge up, this type of cut is gaining fame for its super clean finish and its razored edges, especially when combined with a skin fade and sharp angles at the temple.

Incorporating the line up to your favorite mens hairstyles can result in the whole look popping out. Plus, the extra contrast and definition can add up to the natural shape of the face, showing off those masculine features.

The line up is one of those versatile styles that work on any haircut, particularly with shorter lengths. “Shorter hair would be better or ideal to line up,” says Elite barber and Visionz Barbershop owner Jose Tapia, “but line ups don’t discriminate towards any length of hair.” Whether it’s a man bun or a buzz cut haircut, it’s guaranteed you’ll get a clean edge and a defined look at the end.

“Short hair line ups are very low to no maintenance,” he adds. Keep it fresh by giving your barber a monthly visit, but make sure that your barber “doesn’t go too far in on the line up, keeping it as natural as possible. You wouldn’t want a hairline that’s too high.”

Before your next visit to the barbershop, check out these images of the most popular line up haircuts for your inspiration:


#1: Men’s Double Line Up Design

Peep that double line up haircut traversing through the brows. The fade matches everything here!

Crew cut + line up for receding hairline
Instagram @dimasbarber

#2: Crew Cut + Line Up for Receding Hairline

A crew cut with a line-up for a receding hairline is the best option when dealing with thinning hair. Who wants to go bald? Nobody. Always remember the shorter you go on the sides, the longer and fuller the hair will appear on top.

Men's side-swept line up style
Instagram @n.gents

#3: Side-Swept Line Up Style

Try a side-swept line up style for a super clean cut that blends perfectly with your beard. The semi-undercut gives length on the top for the perfect side-swept look. The defined line up adds definition to the hairline giving a sharp, clean feel to the hairline. Keep in mind that this cut will require touch-ups every 2-3 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.

#4: High Top with a Line Up

High top with a line-up is a classic haircut that most black men acquire. You can never go wrong with a clean skin fade on the side but avoid going too high, which can turn a high top into a disconnected haircut quickly. Add some texture to the top by styling with a curl sponge.

Spiky line up cut for men
Instagram @jamik_sup

#5: Spiky Line Up Cut

A spiky line up cut is suited to those with medium to thick hair. The style is faded tight around the ears, leaving a line up on the temple and a heavyweight line onto the top. This cut requires low-maintenance. Just a quick blow-dry and styling powder will give you the style and hold needed throughout the day.

Wavy top with faded line up
Instagram @jamik_sup

#6: Wavy Top with Faded Line Up

A wavy top with a faded line-up is perfect for those with thick, coarse hair. It has been taken down to the skin around the ears and faded up into a textured wavy top. It is a cut that’s quick and easy to style. A texturizing clay or styling paste will work well with this cut.

#7: Messy Hairstyle with Line Up

A messy hairstyle with line up is the best of both worlds in achieving a messy hairdo. The line up gives a crisp line on the top of the head using different blades and waxing techniques. It requires frequent trips to the barber to ensure that the line keeps its crispy shape. The messy hairstyle brings ease and versatility to the hairstyle while also creating movement and adding texture to the tresses.

Textured short top with a line up for guys
Instagram @cal_newsome

#8: Textured Short Top with a Line Up

A textured short top with a line up is a great choice if you want to explore a new hairstyle. The textured short top gives this style a simple but edgy look that will turn heads. Any skin fade will complement the textured top with a razor-sharp lineup to execute this style.

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Fresh line up haircut
Instagram @barbersukraine

#9: A Fresh Line Up with Bald Fade

Almost looking like a Caesar cut with a line-up, this fine man is blessed to rock out blunt edges. Not all can do that, but those who do really stand out!

short line up taper haircut
Instagram @omithebarber_

#10: Short Line Up Taper Fade

Keep the angle looking sharp while having that smooth drip on the sides by rocking this line up with taper fade. Can’t get any better than this line up hairstyle!

#11: Lined Up Undercut with Side Part

The sides of this undercut line up make for a great grow-out. This lined up haircut features a sharp hard part for easy styling.

Ultra Clean Up low top fade
Instagram @max_dossantos

#12: Ultra Clean Up Low Top Fade

When you got this swag of a line up cut, no one- and I say, no one- has a thing on you.

Buzz cut with line up and mid fade with a line in hair
Instagram @steezecuttme

#13: The Buzz Cut with Mid Fade + Line In Hair

Lay the foundation on top with kinky hair. Then, shave it till it’s clean at the sides to get a sharp line up hairstyle. Add some designs like a shaved line to one side for that ultimate drip-drip.

#14: High Fade and Line Up Haircut With Hard Part

Aside from framing the face, such a high skin fade with a lineup haircut can be mixed with varied styles to create balance.

The hard part in this one takes the spotlight to the pomp up top, which softens the whole look. This hard part line up with a high fade haircut would also look outstanding with a full-looking beard style.

Fade Line Up for Curly hair
Instagram @barberosupremo

#15: Fade Line Up For Naturally Curly Hair

This fade line up is a sharp haircut style for a curly hair type to showcase its natural texture. Seriously, we’re not asking much—A flawless fade, clean edges, plus curly hair, and we’re good!

Flat top line up with Line Up and High Skin Fade
Instagram @jordantabakman

#16: Flat Top with Line Up and High Skin Fade

Too cool for school with a fresh look of perfectly formed line up hedge and a sweet skin fade.

#17: Comb Over Cut Shape Up

Here’s a line-up style that’s also a modernized take on the comb over. A classic part made catchy by the blunt line down the shaved end.

#18: Afro Line Up for Black Guys with a Curly Top

Here’s the classic afro line up hairstyle for young black men out there! Short curls and line up make the simplest styles that are timeless.

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Sharp Line Up haircut
Instagram @rawbthebarber

#19: Sharp Line Up Haircut

This style of line up is a very popular cut called the gentleman’s cut, made of razored skin-tight sides with a nicely done hairline. This hair design is by barber Rob Ramirez of Turlock, CA.

“I would definitely recommend leaving some length on top, as you want it long enough to style. I also recommend pomades and buying a nice brush and blow-dryer for a nice look,” Ramirez states, providing tips to men who want to wear this.

Line Up with Low Fade
Instagram @califreshcutz

#20: Line Up with Low Fade

This straight razor line up with low fade is a classic, stylish, and modern hairstyle by stylist Javier Hernandez of California.

“Fades have been around for years. They’re stylish because they bring up your style, and you can never go wrong with a fade. Fades are still really popular, and I don’t see them going away,” Hernandez emphasizes.

Before adopting a low skin fade with line up, Hernandez advises considering if you have the proper hair and length on top to style it.

He suggests, “use the right products to style your hair. I think you can never go wrong with a fade depending on what face shape you have, and it’s mind-blowing how a nice haircut will change your personality and the way you look and feel about yourself.”

#21: Line Up with Shaved Designs

This is an extremely short, neat, and urban line up style—a number 4 guard on top and a skin fade on the side. According to Texas-based barber Michael Kelly, the best thing about this line up cut is that it shows off clean lines and smooth transitions.

Kelly suggests this cut for guys who wants a bold look and who likes to frequent the barbershop. This look may take minimal effort because of how short it is. However, it does need to be re-cut and lined within two weeks at most.

“I would suggest this cut to men who have a round shape head, strong jawline, or dudes who don’t have too many dips or indentations. This look requires almost zero time to style. Definitely, it’s a get-up-and-go cut,” Kelly notes.

Line Up Cut With Drop Fade and Beard
Instagram @thatbarbernate

#22: Line Up Cut With Drop Fade and Beard

This line up haircut displays a slick traditional side part with a modern mid-drop fade. It’s blended down into the beard and a medium to long-length up top.

Barber Nate Alexander from Los Angeles states, “I love the contrast from a full dark top into a bald finish, highlighted by the arch around the temporal.”

Ideally, straight to wavy hair and a strong face structure will make these types of mens hairstyles stand out.

For styling, Alexander recommends using a shiny pomade or strong hold gel. “This low-maintenance haircut can get you through a long day,” Alexander adds.

Line Up with Pompadour for Long Hair
Instagram @omarbarberdiaz

#23: Line Up with Pompadour for Long Hair

The style is a line-up with a pompadour, which adds volume to men’s hair. Massachusetts-based Barber Omar Diaz created this based on the type of the face and size of the head.

For a guy that has a lot of hair volume and with a thin face and short forehead, Diaz decided to make a high degrade with a very clean shade. “First, I cut the hair at 90 degrees with angles of 45 degrees. Then, I made texture cuts near the nape and half of the hair already cut to remove weight. Finally, I did the fade with a line on the forehead,” Diaz mentions.

After finishing the cut, Diaz washed the hair then dry and polished it until the hair is shiny. Finally, use a matte wax of the Pacinos brand and a strong and fast-drying spray.