26 Best K-Pop Hairstyle Ideas for Guys in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Korean-Style Long Two Block Haircut with Side Part on Gents
Instagram @hiokiwataru

#1: Long Two Block Haircut with Side Part

The long two block haircut with a side part is a classic, polished hairstyle. The long hair length provides versatility for various styling options. You can wear it straight, wavy, or with curls. The side part adds structure, creating a well-groomed and refined look.

#2: Grown Wolf Cut

Are you seeking a new hairstyle that is fashionable, trendy, and easy to manage? Consider a hairstyle known as the grown wolf cut, a trend among K-pop artists. This distinct hairstyle features a longer top that often falls over the eyebrows. It combines this with shorter sides and back for a sleek appearance. This versatile cut flatters various face shapes and is much loved by men. For styling, put some pomade or wax on wet hair. Use your hands or a comb for a rough finish. This provides a modern, casual look without compromising on ease of care.

Men's Straight Layered Kpop Cut with Peek-a-Boo Highlights
Instagram @0314yj

#3: Straight Layered Cut with Peek-a-Boo Highlights

A straight layered cut with highlights is a stylish hairstyle that adds depth to the hair. By adding layers, the haircut creates movement and texture. The highlights add contrasting tones for a visually striking effect. This mix of layering and highlights brings the hairstyle a modern and popular edge. This allows men to express their personal style with flair. Great for Asian hair types and styles easily with your favorite hair creme.

Kpop-Inspired Short Textured Wolf Cut for Men
Instagram @kenmens_pilyo

#4: Short Textured Wolf Cut

The short textured wolf cut is a trendy and modern hairstyle. It combines elements of a classic crew cut on the sides with a tousled, textured finish on top. This style has shorter sides and back, gradually blending into longer lengths on top. It’s styled with textured layers for a disheveled, “just rolled out of bed” look. The wolf cut balances edginess and poise, making it popular for guys seeking a flattering, cool hairstyle. I suggest a pomade applied to damp hair for a soft, windblown appearance.

Kpop-Inspired Tapered Razor Cut for Boys
Instagram @ta2y2on

#5: Tapered Razor Cut

There are many ways to add texture to a style. This tapered razor cut is a good example. When I am asked for lots of texture in a style, I will always recommend a razor cut. To do this, we use something similar to a cutthroat, but it has a safety guard over the razor. This is there to stop you from slicing too much off. It’s similar to the teeth of thinning scissors. It leaves a much more feathered finish.

Korean-Style Tapered Flow Hairstyle for Men
Instagram @yuuuu.unn

#6: Tapered Flow Hairstyle

The tapered flow hairstyle is a stylish and versatile look that combines the best of both worlds. The tapered sides and back create a neat and polished appearance. The longer hair on top adds movement and volume. This cut for men perfectly balances a refined and effortless look. It’s suitable for various occasions and personal styles.

Kpop-Inspired Textured Fohawk Fade on Young Guys
Instagram @miamihairmel

#7: Textured Fohawk Fade

The textured fohawk fade is a bold hairstyle that has a fusion of texture and precision. The fade starts high on the sides and back, contrasting sharply with the longer strands. The textured fohawk adds depth and dimension. This makes it an attention-grabbing style.

#8: Dandy Cut with Heavy Fringe

The dandy cut with heavy fringe is a refined hairstyle that embraces elegance. This haircut features a shorter length on the sides and back. The top is left longer and styled with a heavy, sweeping fringe that covers the forehead. The precise cut and fringe create a polished and dapper look. It’s an excellent choice for guys who want to exude a sense of suave and classic style.

Kpop-Styled Straight Mullet with Blonde Accents For Men
Instagram @cutwith.dleiif

#9: Straight Mullet with Blonde Accents

The straight mullet with blonde accents is a modern twist on a classic hairstyle. It combines the boldness of the mullet with the edginess of blonde highlights. The straight texture adds sleekness to the look. The blonde accents create a contrast against darker hair. I recommend this hairstyle for guys who want to make a fashion statement with their hair.

Kpop Flowy Hairstyle with Blown Back Bangs for Young Guys with Blonde Hair
Instagram @goemon1218

#10: Flowy Hairstyle with Blown Back Bangs

The flowy hairstyle with blown-back bangs is an elegant look. The flowy style allows the hair to cascade down, creating a soft and romantic appearance. The blown-back bangs add a touch of sophistication. They frame the face and add movement to the overall hairstyle.

Korean Peach Hair with Curtain Bangs for Boys
Instagram @goemon1218

#11: Peach Hair with Curtain Bangs

Peach-colored hair with curtain bangs is a playful hairstyle. It brings a pop of color and retro-inspired bangs to the forefront. The peach hue adds a unique and vibrant touch to the overall look. It’s a statement choice for guys who love unconventional colors. The curtain bangs frame the face with soft, parted layers, adding a touch of charm to the style.

Men's Two-Toned Hair with Kpop Middle Part Style
Instagram @goemon1218

#12: Two-Toned Hair with Middle Part

Two-toned hair with a middle part is a trendy hairstyle with contrasting colors for a bold and edgy look. The two-toned effect adds depth and dimension to the hair. It creates a striking visual impact. The middle part adds symmetry and balance. Middle parts frame the face and accentuate the contrasting shades on each side.

Shaved Sides and Curly Top for Men's Kpop Hairstyle
Instagram @hiokiwataru

#13: Shaved Sides and Curly Top

Here’s a dynamic hairstyle that combines contrasting textures for a bold look. The shaved sides create a sleek and clean appearance. While the curly top adds volume and personality. This style perfectly balances the polished and the adventurous, making it perfect for those who want to stand out.

Men's Kpop Look with Center Part Style and Eye-Grazing Fringe
Instagram @0314yj

#14: Center Part Style with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Longer styles are hard to decide on. You spend months growing it out and sometimes find it hard to decide. A center-part style grazes the eye and is long over the collar; this is quite easy to maintain. The way this is styled keeps it out of your eyes, which can annoy some, and lets you continue to grow it.

Korean-Inspired Long Slicked Back with Shaved Sides for Men with Beard
Instagram @modhairsg

#15: Long Slicked Back with Shaved Sides

Some like length on top but want the sides short for ease. This long slick-back style might suit you. The top has been disconnected all the way around to leave as much length as possible. The sides and back have been shaved to keep them tight. You would need a strong hold product to keep it back. I recommend using pomade.

Kpop-Inspired Tousled Bowl Haircut on Men
Instagram @goemon1218

#16: Tousled Bowl Haircut

This tousled bowl haircut is a good option if you prefer longer styles but like it shorter on the back and sides. It has been cut around the ears and the neck for a sharp finish. This leaves a long top to style, and extra texture has been cut into the top for more movement. A good styling paste could be used for hold. Ask your barber for recommendations.

Kpop Medium '90s Haircut with Short Layers for Young Men
Instagram @allnetcutz

#17: ’90s Haircut with Short Layers

The 90’s cut with short layers is a classic cut I see repeated over time. What people find about this style is that you can keep it out of your eyes and maintain a longer length. Upkeep on this style is relatively easy as time can be left between haircuts. I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder for a decent hold and a natural finish.

Kpop Side-Swept Comma Haircut for Men with Longer faces
Instagram @hattidea.hair

#18: Side-Swept Comma Haircut

This side-swept comma haircut has been disconnected on top, leaving the sides short. This will also remove the thickness, making it easy and simple to style. Use a styling powder for a natural finish. This can also enhance the natural color of your hair.

Kpop Blonde Two Block Haircut for Young Gents
Instagram @goemon1218

#19: Blonde Two Block Haircut

You could consider this two-block haircut if you’re after a trendy and neat longer style. It has been cut around the ears leaving as much length on top as possible to fall naturally. Some prefer no product. But if you want a natural-looking hold, I recommend Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Kpop Messy Waves with Fringe on Asian Guys
Instagram @goemon1218

#20: Messy Waves with Fringe

Longer styles can be hard to choose. These messy waves with textured fringe fall naturally and are low-maintenance. It has been left longer on the edges for a more natural finish, and the top is textured. To enhance the waves, you could use a curling cream, I would apply this to damp hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Kpop-Style Middle Part Wolf Silver Hair for Young Men
Instagram @goemon1218

#21: Middle Part Wolf Silver Hair

This middle-part wolf silver hair is a great example of a longer style. Wolf cuts are generally cut around the ears with some length left at the back. This is an ideal haircut for men with little time for upkeep cuts, and a longer time can be left between visits.

Kpop Wavy Wolf Cut on Men
Instagram @0314yj

#22: Wavy Wolf Cut

The wolf cut is similar to a mullet but has a softer finish and more length. This bold longer style falls naturally around the edges and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. The curls need some control. Avoid drying, as it can cause frizz and unwanted volume. Apply some curling cream to damp hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Korean-Inspired Soft Layered Cut with Off Center Part for Guys
Instagram @kenmens_pilyo

#23: Soft Layered Cut with Off Center Part

This soft layered cut with an off-center part has been left as natural as possible. The length has been left on the side to create a smooth transition into the top with textured layers. The off-center part leaves the top to fall naturally with a small amount of product for a loose hold.

#24: Side Part Style with Side Bangs

The side part style with bangs is a classic that can be easily worn. The top has been textured and point cut to avoid the block finish. This leaves it more natural. Keeping it tight around the ears complements the finish. For a natural finish, I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Kpop Center-Parted Short Hair with Layers on Korean Men
Instagram @goemon1218

#25: Center-Parted Short Hair with Layers

The center-parted short hair with layers is a sleek hairstyle for men. This style features a clean center part that divides the hair evenly on both sides. The combination of the center part and layers creates a polished look. It’s professional and on-trend, making it a versatile shape for various occasions.

Kpop Jaw-Length Sleek Hair with Long Bangs and Face Frame on Guys
Instagram @menoke_noa

#26: Sleek Hair with Long Bangs and Face Frame

Something to consider when choosing a longer style is face shape and features. This sleek hair with long bangs frames the face nicely and highlights the good points. If you are self-conscious about certain parts of your face, you can use your hair to focus on other areas instead.

K-Pop hairstyles offer a range of trendy and popular cuts that have gained popularity worldwide. Fion To, an expert hairstylist, shares their insights and experience in achieving the perfect K-Pop haircut. With their expertise, Fion breaks down the most common hair textures and face shapes and provides styling tips and product recommendations for various lifestyles.

Meet The Expert

Fion To
Fion To
Fion is a cosmetologist from Portland, OR with over 6 years of experience.

Understanding K-Pop Haircuts: Styles and Hair Textures

When it comes to K-Pop haircuts, there are several popular styles to consider. The two-block cut, which features a disconnected undercut shave with a textured bowl cut, is a common choice. Additionally, the men’s short wolf/shag cut and the leaf cut (short scissor cut on the sides and back, with a middle part on top that feathers to the back) are also trendy options.

In terms of hair texture, medium to coarse hair is the most common among those seeking these haircuts. Typically, the hair is straight or wavy. However, fine hair can be cut and styled as long as it has sufficient density. K-Pop styles often favor waves and soft curls for added texture. Men with straight hair often opt for perms to achieve this desired texture.

Choosing the Right K-Pop Haircut for Your Face Shape

When considering a K-Pop haircut, it’s important to factor in your face shape. The goal is to achieve a sharp jawline and create the illusion of a slimmer face. Fion suggests that the two-block, leaf, and short wolf/shag cuts are generally compatible with all face shapes, as they help achieve these desired features. However, round and square face shapes benefit the most from these styles. For long face shapes, incorporating textures into the haircut is crucial to avoid elongating the face further. Waves, soft curls, or other texturizing techniques can help add width and balance the appearance of a long face.

Styling Tips and Recommended Products for K-Pop Haircuts

Styling a K-Pop haircut offers various options depending on your lifestyle and preferences. For a casual and fun look, many people wear their two-block haircut down with some added texture. This can be achieved by using a sea salt spray or a light-texture wax, especially for those with straight hair on top. A small flat iron can come in handy to create waves, flips, and other textures. If your hair already has natural curls or waves, a curling mousse or a light curl cream will help define them.

For a professional and stylish appearance, brushing the hair up and slicking it back with volume on top is a great option. To achieve this, Fion recommends using a volumizing blowout mousse and shaping wax, along with a long-lasting hold hairspray to maintain the style throughout the day. If you prefer a slightly feathered and upward look, a small flat iron, light wax, and hairspray will help you achieve the desired effect.

The leaf cut can also be styled similarly to the two-block cut, offering versatility for both professional and casual settings. Unlike the two-block cut, the leaf cut features sides and back that are not disconnected, making it more suitable for various lifestyles.

For those who prefer a more low-maintenance and casual look, the short wolf/shag cut is an ideal choice. Styling this cut depends on your hair type. For straight hair with a desire for flips and textures, a heat protection spray, flat hair iron, and hairspray will be perfect for achieving the desired style. If your hair has natural waves or curls, using curling mousse and curl cream will help define and add shape and body to your hair.

Pictures of the Most Popular Kpop Haircuts