21 Best Ivy League Haircut Ideas for Men in 2022

The best Ivy League Haircuts for men

An Ivy League haircut, aka Harvard Clip or Princeton Haircut, is a type of crew cut where the men’s hair on top is long enough to be parted and swept to the side. This collegiate haircut gained its origins from the 1960s and has always been among the most sought-after looks for stylish, smart men.

The high-class Ivy League cut is prestigious because it allows so many options in styling! Choices include sleek side-parts, textured tops, forward brush, faded sides, pompadours, and a lot more.

When it comes to Ivy League styles, styling the hair on top of the head with products like wax and pomade does all the trick! Upkeep is minimal since you can grow out this cut and still have an impressive look.

Top actors Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum, and Ryan Reynolds all wore this business hairstyle and proved how it never gets out of style!

So before your next haircut, check out these trendy photos of the most fashionable Ivy League haircut ideas for men!

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The Messy Ivy League Haircut

The Messy Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @lrh_barber

The messy Ivy League cut is a disheveled form on a Princeton cut. Just don’t create too much of a messy style to achieve a suave textured Ivy League finish.

Ivy League Crew Cut

Ivy League Crew Cut
Instagram @akreationsindia

A short Ivy League crew cut combines the clippered sides of a crew cut with a longer top for a dapper affect. Add a side part and you’re ready for a night on the town.

Princeton Haircut

Princeton Haircut
Instagram @cristian_liempi

A Princeton haircut is a sharp haircut good for any guy. As a kid, you will be picture day ready and as an adult boardroom-ready. A super clean and professional haircut for whatever your lifestyle is.

Sleek Ivy League with an Undercut

Mens sleek ivy league with an undercut
Instagram @csar_cutz

A sleek Ivy League with an undercut suits men from all walks of life because of the ease, style, and tidiness it offers. The fade is taken high and tight and blended into the top. The sides hold the undercut, leaving enough length to be able to slick the top down. This Ivy League undercut is quick and easy to style and maintain. A strong pomade and a styling comb are all that you need when styling then you’re good to go!

Ivy League Haircut with Hard Part

Ivy league haircut with hard part for men
Instagram @gary_cutshair

An Ivy League haircut with a hard part can be rocked by men of all ages from different walks of life. The fade is taken down to the skin around the ears and transitioned neatly into the top, cutting in a hard part. Relatively easy to maintain, a quick blow over with a dryer, and a pomade to hold the style in for the day, are the essentials that you need.

Asian Ivy League Haircut

Asian ivy league mens haircut
Instagram @koburay

Go for an Asian Ivy League haircut if you have thick, straight hair. The sides are cut and blended into the top. A parting is created, leaving more length to make it easier and quicker to style. A strong product like pomade is needed to hold this style throughout the day.

The Side-Swept Ivy League Hairstyle

The Side-Swept Ivy League Hairstyle
Instagram @bishop_hairstyle

An awesome sleek Ivy League haircut gives more definition to the side comb-over, creating volume and form to this part of the cut.

The Tapered Collegiate Haircut with a Side Part

The Tapered Collegiate Haircut with a Side Part
Instagram @awethebarber

A popular Ivy League cut with a side part has shaved sides and nape. Apply styling products for maximum hold and shine.

The Crew Ivy League Cut

The Crew Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @barbeariasapompeiasp

Opt for a smooth taper and a thicker top with this trendy look for thick hair.

Medium-Length Ivy League Haircut with Skin Fade

Medium-Length Ivy League Haircut with Skin Fade
Instagram @barberbysinan

A skin fade creates an edgier medium-length Ivy League haircut. Short back and sides really go well with a full top!

The Collegiate Haircut and Comb Over

The Collegiate Haircut with Comb Over
Instagram @janikatuovila

A cousin of the crew cut, you get more versatility in this style with a bit of the fluff on top.

The Textured Ivy League Haircut

The Textured Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @wit.salon

The best Ivy League haircuts for guys with thin hair have layered hair on top. Ruffle it out for that messy gentleman look. and you’ll have the most dapper texture Ivy League hairstyles for men.

The Curly Ivy League Hairstyle

The Curly Ivy League Hairstyle
Instagram @rachelringwood

To achieve the perfect messy Ivy League hairstyles for guys with curly hair, they must have lots of texture. A cool curly Ivy League haircut shows the quirky side of that business suit.

The Military Ivy League Cut

The Military Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @gjack907

Buzzed sides and a short top means less up-keep on the shortest cuts. The strictest of the strictest cuts is fashionably dapper!

The Modern Ivy League Haircut

The Modern Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @barbershop_port

Improvement on the Harvard clip means faded sides and a well-combed pompadour! The pompadour is an old classic Ivy League haircut that has never gone out of style.

The Ivy League Haircut with a Fade

The Ivy League Haircut with Fade
Instagram @gentlemens_evoke

An Ivy League haircut with a fade looks sharp for gents wanting a razor-sharp style. Tapering the sides accentuates the styling done on the top. Plus, it’s easier to manage!

The Short Ivy League Haircut

The Short Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @nick_barber_arts

Short collegiate haircuts for men like this one are easier to maintain and style. Brandish an on-the-go look that any gentleman can wear at any moment.

The Long Ivy League Haircut

The Long Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @javi_thebarber_

Cool long Ivy League haircuts pair perfectly with a clean side shave and gelled up top.

Ivy League Haircut for Receding Hairline

The Ivy League Haircut for Receding Hairline
Instagram @bobbybanks

This Ivy League haircut for receding hairline is in a form of a textured style, made by stylist Robyn Pape of Calgary, AB.

An Ivy League hairstyle is great for men who want to look put together and professional but don’t want to put in the styling work.

Pape suggests, “For product, I prefer something matte and textured, such as Schwarzkopf’s ‘Mess Up’. This style also looks really nice with cropped sides instead of a high fade, for men who think a fade is too harsh.”

The Side-Parted Ivy League Hairstyle

This sleek and side-parted Ivy League haircut was created by barber Rais of Russia.

“Style it matte or slightly shiny for straight or curly hair. The best face shape for a Princeton haircut like this is oval or elongated,” Rais explains.

The Classic Ivy League Haircut

The Classic Ivy League Haircut
Instagram @rodzstyle

Classic Princeton cuts like this are always trendy. It’s the perfect cut for the guy who has a professional job and likes to maintain a clean-cut look all day and all night.