The 23 Best High Top Fade Black Hairstyles for 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

High top fade (or hi-top fade) is a classic haircut for black men styled with a flat-top afro and a longer, more tapered fade toward the sides.

Will Abanador, a celebrity barber based in Canada, says it creates a younger, modern look for African-American men. Plus, it’s a money saver! It will buy you more time before booking your next haircut appointment.

💡 Key Things to Know First

  • Do your research on the hairstylist or barber first. They must be versatile with their fading skills, as well as their scissor work.
  • Consultation is crucial to come up with the perfect fade styles that best suit your personality, look, and taste.
  • Bring a reference photo to the meeting and tell them what you like about the look. Ask if it’ll suit your head shape.
  • Number #1 rule is to understand your face and head shape to ensure your hairstyle complements your face.
  • Keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. For instance, if you have a long facial structure, don’t go with a high fade.
  • High fade doesn’t always have to start from a #0, but rather a #1 or even a #2. It’s all about how high you take your initial guard length.

As soon as you’ve settled on these factors, you’ll be ready to rock a new killer look. Look at these images to get ideas for wearing a high top fade!

Short High Top with Taper Fade
Instagram @los_the_barber

#1: Short High Top with Taper Sides

Glad they kept that bushy afro up top that keeps the high top skin fade ever so smoothly.

High Top Afro with Temp Fade and Surgical Line

#2 High Top Fade With Surgical Line

Marvel at those lines with this fade on a high top haircut with a side part. Now, you are a walking piece of art! This high fade highlights the surgical lines across the head.

Very Short High Top Cut with a Bald Fade
Instagram @vitaly.melchenko

#3: Very Short High Top Cut with a Bald Fade

The natural afro curl is so tight that it’s great for shaping with ease. This very short high top cut with a bald fade is a good example. It has been faded high into the top to create a very clean finish. Remember that these do grow out quickly and regular trips to your barber will be needed. Afro-barbering is a specialty, so always ask your barber for tips.

#4: Sharp High Top Cut

Studies show that the number one classic, old-school cut you can ask for in a barber shop are high top haircuts. Pairing this style with a high skin fade creates a sharp look. If you’re feeling extra bold, ask your barber for a design.

#5: Hi Top Fade

The hi top fade is a classic hairstyle. Originally introduced around the late ’80s and early ’90s, the high top hairstyle creates a super clean look that gets better with time. Keep in mind you’ll need to inform your barber not to go too high on the fade because the contrast of this haircut is everything needed to execute the cut.

#6: Hip Hop High Top Fade

The hip-hop hightop fade is exactly that – Hip Hop! In the early hip hop days this was the ideal look, well it’s here to stay now with so many variations. Just make sure the blend is not too high because you want a flat top hair style, not a disconnect hairstyle.

#7: Urban Contemporary Faded Cut

What makes an urban contemporary faded cut? The fade itself is what makes the difference. A blurry fade is the difference between a regular faded cut and an urban contemporary fade. When the fade has a spray paint-like effect, the results are flawless.

#8: Tapered Sides + High Top and Fade

Tapered sides coupled with a high top and fade makes an amazing high top. Not every high top needs a mid to high fade. Sometimes, you just want to get cleaned up around the edges and go out the door. This high taper fade black men love, is your haircut! Low-maintenance and a great cut to avoid the barber chair for a couple weeks.

#9: High Top Skin Fade

The high top skin fade is a haircut solely based on the blend. If your fade isn’t properly blended this haircut will never look good. Keep in mind to not go too high with the blend, you want a high top, not a disconnected style.

#10: Faded with Designs

Get faded with designs. It’s definitely a head-turner. A long high top fade nicely blended on one side and a surgical razor-sharp design to complete the opposite side, gives the extra swag wanted when asking for a faded with design high top fade.

Very High Hi-Top Fade
Instagram @bakin109

#11: Very High Fade

A young and fashionable man may love such a high top fade for a white guy. If you’re looking to stand out in the crowd then this haircut is a must-try.

High Top Fade for a White Guy
Instagram @brodatygolarz

#12: High Top Fade for a White Guy

A high top fade for a white guy is a haircut where the sides are cropped very short and the top is left long. This classic cut will benefit guys looking to appear polished with a bit of flair.

High Top Fade for a Hispanic Guy
Instagram @barackbarber

#13: High Top Fade for a Hispanic Guy

Sure, there’s a perfect high top fade for a Hispanic guy. With the sides cropped short, all you need to do is add a little pomade to the top, comb in place, and you’re good to go. A short high top fade on straight hair would also work with both thin and thick hair densities.

#14: Hi-Top for Long Hair with Fade

Keep rows of curls growing with this hairstyle. Keep your high top fade thick and full while having it short.

High Top Afro Fade with Hard Part
Instagram @quincy.jones1

#15: Afro Fade with Hard Part

A nice-looking high afro fade with a hard part proves that there’s a vast expanse of styles and cuts you can do with the afro-textured hair. An afro haircut, the skin fade, and the surgical line are a playful way to spice up your curls!

Nappy High Top with Temp Fade
Instagram @xbigwesx

#16: Nappy High Top with Temp Fade

I’m all for the frizzy look! The messy high top fade cut gives an attitude to the style, with the fade as its trusty sidekick. This high top fade hairstyle brings attention towards the front and sides of the facial area.

High Flat Top with Drop Fade
Instagram @binhobarbeiro

#17: Hi Flat Top with Drop Fade

With all sorts of tapers and shaves, a high top with a drop fade stands out. It is definitely a must-try for all hairstyles with kinky afro curls.

#18: High Top for Thick Hair with Fade

Bush out the top mane then shave off the sides in a gradual style. You’ll be rocking that mohawk high top in no time.

Kinky Hair High Top with Fade
Instagram @andyauthentic

#19: Kinky Hair High Top

Let those tight curls be free with tapered-off sides. This way, you can still play with styling the high top, concentrating on the fuller hair.

#20: High Top Fade Haircut with Stripes

Fullness at the top gradients to a clean shave giving that smooth mid-transition. The mid top fade gives more lift from the scalp and can be contoured around the hair lines.

High Top for Naturally Curly Hair with Bald Fade
Instagram @johnnyfades

#21: Naturally Curly Hair with Bald Fade

A mid-to-high skin fade with natural curly top complements a dark blended beard. When it comes to creating a high-top fade haircut, ask for a dry razor shave.

Curly High Top Fade with Line Design
Instagram @djerrycutz

#22: Curly Hair with Line Design

A high top fade haircut with a shaved line design offers a fresh, modern look that’s something unique and very fashionable.  For men wanting a curly fade, consider your lifestyle, style, and personality.

#23: Dreads with Skin Fade

Dreads with a high top fade for black men can be described as a low fade with nice detailing. This high top fade with dreads looks neat yet fun and edgy to wear!