25 Cleanest High Taper Fade Haircuts for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
High Taper Fade with Brushed Forward Fringe
Instagram @osman.karaev

#1: High Taper with Brushed Forward Fringe

If you’re looking for a new style, consider a high taper with a brushed forward fringe. This style became popular in London. It offers a change from the side-parted hairstyles we’ve seen recently. It features a forward 3-4 inch top, a cropped fringe, and a bald mid-fade. To style this haircut, apply hair powder to dry hair. Use your hands to help create a dry, spiked texture.

High Taper Fade with a Spiky Top for Men
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#2: High Taper with a Spiky Top

A high taper with a spiky top is trendy and effortless! Ask your barber to use a texturizing technique on the top part of your hair. This will give it a relaxed, full look. Then, ask for point or razor cutting. After that, a skin fade on the sides reduces bulk and makes a trendy blend. To style this look, spray Rockaway Salt Spray onto damp hair. Let your hair air dry. This will give you a matte, textured style.

Grey Curly High Taper for Older Men
Instagram @heilimng

#3: Grey Curly High Taper for Older Men

A curly high taper is a good and easy style to maintain for older men. The curly top has been disconnected at the front to keep a heavy fringe but blended at the back. It has been tapered around the edges for a tidy finish and will grow out well. This is a low-maintenance cut. A trim every 4-6 weeks will be enough to keep it tidy. A styling powder or a low-sheen paste will give a natural finish.

High Taper Fade with Longer Top for Dudes
Instagram @omurbek_barber

#4: High Taper with Longer Top

This high taper with length on top looks quite fresh, right? To prevent misunderstandings, have a detailed discussion with your barber. Show them photos of the hairstyle you want. Also, ask them to recommend products you can use to maintain your style at home. They will likely give you a mid-fade cut. There will be enough hair left on top to create contrast.

#5: High Taper with Textured Fringe

Consider a fresh and modern men’s hairstyle – the high taper fade with textured fringe. This hairstyle features shorter sides merging gradually into longer hair on top for a stylish contrast. The fade is a versatile option that suits various face shapes and hair types, it gives a clean and polished appearance. Adding a textured fringe adds texture and movement to the hairstyle, giving it an easygoing and cool vibe.

Faded High Taper with a Line Up for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#6: Faded High Taper with a Line Up

If you’re looking to modernize your style, try this faded high taper with a line-up. This style is best for anyone wanting a trendy style that offers versatility with its ability to be worn forward as a crop or up and back to keep your hair off the forehead. To keep this look, ask your barber for a zero fade. It should blend to a manageable length up top that suits your hair type and daily life. Get great cutting tips for at-home care from your trusted hair pro.

#7: Messy French Crop with Taper Fade

Classics never die. They can be modernized to add your personal touch. We’ve cut lots of texture into the top of this messy French crop for a tousled finish. At the temple line, we’ve kept the blend heavy. This helps transition nicely and leaves more room for a taper. I would use a good styling powder for a natural finish.

High Taper Fade with Fringe for Men
Instagram @vbodnarr

#8: High Taper with Fringe

The high taper fade with fringe is a modern and stylish haircut option for men. This hairstyle features a gradually faded cut on the sides and back, contrasting sharply with the longer hair on top. The fringe adds versatility to the look, allowing you to experiment with different styles and textures, while the high taper fade with fringe is especially ideal for men with thick hair, as it helps to reduce bulkiness and add dimension. To maintain the hairstyle, try to book regular trims, as these are necessary to keep the fade sharp and the fringe well-defined.

High Taper Fade for Men with Thick Wavy Hair
Instagram @yourtroll

#9: High Taper for Thick Wavy Hair

I get asked for classics all the time. This high taper for thick wavy hair is very popular. I suggest with thick hair, take the blend tight and high. This will make it grow better and keep it tidier for longer. This style has been finished off for a natural finish. I recommend Crazy Bull Styling Powder.

High Taper Fade for Men with Thick Hair
Instagram @xbigwesx

#10: High Taper for Thick Hair

If you can stand to lose some hair, try this high taper for thick hair! I suggest asking your barber for a mid-taper on the sides and a short scissor cut on top. It should suit your hair texture and face shape. With a bit of thinning and texture, it will help debulking and styling! To maintain this high taper fade haircut, you must pre-book with your barber every 2-4 weeks for the best results.

Fresh High Taper Fade for Men with Wavy Hair
Instagram @alibar.ro

#11: Fresh High Taper for Wavy Hair

One of the best haircuts for males with curly hair is a cropped cut. This allows length to be preserved while creating a nice shape. Pair this cut with a high temple fade, and you’ll be extra sharp. Avoid over-texturizing the top, as this will cause your curls to frizz. Ask your barber or stylist about finishing products.

Korean-Inspired High Taper Fade for Men
Instagram @tatangwibowo_

#12: Korean-Inspired High Taper

Asian hair grows differently from Caucasian hair. The hair grows straight and out, so the approach to fading is slightly different. This Korean-inspired high taper has been left heavy with the transition point sharp. This is because the client wanted some length left on top. The skin has been left low so the barber can transition the fade into the top, keeping the shape. If you’re confused about explaining this, try to have this picture to show your barber.

High Top with a High Taper Fade
Instagram @oh_mike_d

#13: High Top with a High Taper Fade

Those flat top hair cut fades are a match made in heaven with shaved sides! This men’s taper fade haircut is all about that top design. To recreate the look, ask for an all-around taper.

#14: Taper Fade Hairstyle on Straight Hair

One of the styles that go well with a tapered fade is a fluffed-up top, which is great for building up texture. If you want to convey your inner rebel, a taper fade like this, and a messy top is a way to go.

Hard Part hair
Instagram @topknot.sarina

#15: Hard Part with a High Fade

The smooth shave comes perfectly, with an abrupt part continuing with a mini faux hawk. You may dress up or dress down with this high fade haircut.

Quiff with a High Taper Fade
Instagram @zaebis.haircuts

#16: Quiff with a High Fade

The duo that never fails to impress! Sport a masculine look while keeping it chill. Keep the taper fade high to emphasize the high, choppy strands on top.

#17: Afro Haircut

The difference in hair volume is astounding, wherein the skin fade accentuates the bodied ‘fro and vice versa. If you want to highlight your naturally curly texture, a high taper haircut will do the trick.

Skin Taper Fade
Instagram @davis_hair_cut

#18: Skin Fade

A bald fade is one of the most popular hairstyles for men nowadays. Perfect for spring and summer but still awesome all year-’round!

Taper haircut with Waves
Instagram @dario_d_bordon

#19: Taper Haircut with Waves

There is much to style, even with a considerably short hair cut. Stylist Dario did a wonderful job on the waves and layers on this fade and taper haircut men love.

 Curly Hair
Instagram @headkase_crewe

#20: Curly Hair

If you’re tired of having a full-on curl party, having shaved sides is the next big thing for you. With such men’s taper fade styles, management comes easy without sacrificing a dapper look.

Mohawk with a High Taper Fade
Instagram @titan_barber

#21: Mohawk

A great centerpiece is what a graduated fade needs. Such taper haircuts are the epitome of edgy individualism.

High Taper Fade Comb Over Haircut
Instagram @taisebrongar

#22: High Top Fade Comb Over

Nothing speaks style on a man like high top fade comb over. Style with a pomade or gel for that sleek shine to keep this taper cut extra classic. But incorporate a fade on the sides to keep it modern.

#23: Taper Fade with Long Hair

The high taper is a versatile fade that can be rocked with every hair texture and all hairstyles – from waves to side parts or a man-bun as, as pictured above. What I love about it is that you get the best of both worlds. From the front profile to the client, you get the feel of a mid/high skin fade, but around the ears, you still have a crisp line up. Longer hair with a side part makes an awesome fade with hair on top.

Try it! You can’t go wrong with this high fade taper cut. Whether you want a fohawk, a buzz cut, or a contour, this fade pairs nicely with them all. To execute this taper fade cut properly, some bulk hair from around the back of the ear must be taken down, adding a slimmer front profile to your head. Of all the tapers, it’s the longest-lasting one, so you’re getting your money’s worth, but since it is a taper, if you decide you want to try a different look, you can do so in little time, and the transition is easy.

Short Crew Cut
Instagram @ti.ngo_

#24: Short Crew Cut

I describe this look as a classic, unique hairstyle. This specific comb-over haircut with a mid-bald fade is a nice cut for someone that wants a new trendy look but at the same time has a professional look. My favorite thing about this haircut is the “blurry” effect on the fade. I achieved a “blurry” fade by using the corners of my clippers while fading to give the fade a grainy look. I love how the overall haircut came out to be.

I recommend people that are looking to have this taper fade haircut. You must always style your hair with products, especially with this comb-over haircut. You rather have a nice volume well hold together comb-over than just letting it flap over to the side.

Everybody has different head shapes; if you have a wider head shape, I recommend the highest part of the fade, which is a longer length. Leaving longer hair like this creates a unique appeal. When receiving a comb-over haircut, you want that overall box look. Depending on your hair thickness and whether you like more of a shiny look or a matte look, I recommend using clay for a strong hold and matte finish, pomade for medium hold and medium shine, and cream for a medium hold and matte finish.

Slick Back Hair
Instagram @virydbk

#25: Slick Back Taper Haircut

This is an undercut fade, low maintenance, and trendy, and it is easy to style. My favorite thing about this look is that it is stylish and versatile. It’s very important to use styling products such as pomade or gel. Men’s taper fade haircut like this is great for any face shape and easy to style if the hair is straight.

A high taper fade is a men’s haircut with the sides trimmed gradually shorter, starting at 2 inches maximum from the top of the hair down to the sides of the head. Guys everywhere are hooked on this versatile fade because of the incredible contrast it creates when combined with any hairstyle!

High tops, combovers, man buns, quiffs, high and tight haircuts, and any other edgy cut you can think of – all of these were proven to result in a strong and neat look when paired with a high taper fade. Zayn Malik’s spiked hair, Adam Levine’s undercut, and Channing Tatum’s brushed-back tresses are only a few examples of how this stylish fade has been effective and trendy!

The sharp definition is best achieved with dense hair since most sides will be trimmed off, allowing for more versatility in styling. Use strong hold styling products like gels and pomades to maximize the benefits of this clean and crisp cut.

Stop the hesitation and check out these popular high taper fade haircuts for the modern, stylish man!