Frosted Tips Are Tending Again: 25 Modern Ideas for Men

Avery Hunt
Avery Hunt Hair Colorist
Textured Mullet with Blonde Frosty Tips for Younger Men
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#1: Textured Mullet with Blonde Frosty Tips

Adding color to a mullet can change the way it looks. This mullet has been textured with blonde frost tips. The best thing I say about frosted tips is that you don’t need to constantly color them. They look just as good growing out. I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder for added finished texture and a strong hold.

'90s Tight Frosted Tips for Men's Short Hair
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#2: ’90s Tight Frosted Tips

Frosted tips was massive in the 90s you saw it in every boy band you could imagine. The best thing about these tips is that they grow out nicely and have little upkeep. If you keep a short cut after 3-4 haircuts, they will be cut out, so this keeps hair damage down to a minimum. Using purple shampoo will keep them vibrant and light.

Choppy Hair with Front Frosted Blonde Tips on Young Men
Instagram @eddyliao

#3: Choppy Hair with Front Blonde Tips

Choppy hair with front blonde tips is a trendy and edgy hairstyle. It’s characterized by short, uneven layers that create a textured and tousled look. I recommend adding blonde tips at the front to add a striking contrast. Style with your favorite matte clay. Try Malin + Goetz Hair Pomade for the best piecey, spiked results.

Medium Frosted Highlighted Mullet with Side Burns for Men
Instagram @the.hairbender

#4: Highlighted Mullet with Side Burns

The highlighted mullet with sideburns is a bold hairstyle if you’re looking for a new, edgy style. It combines the classic mullet shape with vibrant highlights. The sideburns, accentuated with the same striking color, add a touch of rebelliousness.

#5: Icy Highlights on Short Crop Cut

This is a great way to add striking contrast to your short cut hairstyle. The pale, icy tones blend with the short length effortlessly. They deliver a fresh and edgy look that turns heads wherever you go. I recommend a haircut every 2 to 4 weeks and a highlight every 6 weeks to maintain your new, fun color.

#6: Blonde Faux Hawk on Black Hair

The blonde faux hawk on black hair is a modern hairstyle. It combines contrasting elements for a bold and edgy look. By adding blonde highlights, the faux hawk style creates a visual contrast. This hairstyle is a great choice for dudes who want to embrace their rebellious side with a unique hairstyle.

#7: Short Frosted Blonde Mullet

The frosted blonde mullet is a hairstyle that combines a retro-inspired cut with a twist. The frosted, bleached tips add dimension and depth to the hair. While the short length and mullet shape create a stylish and edgy look. This hairstyle is perfect for guys who want to rock a bold and daring haircut that is easy to style!

#8: Platinum Brushed-Up Hair with Short Sides

Try this platinum brushed-up hair with short sides if you want a sleek hairstyle. The platinum color adds a bold statement to the brushed-up top. The short sides create a clean and sharp contrast, resulting in a stylish and refined look. Blowdry upwards for volume, and hold and lock your look in with your favorite pomade finish.

Curly Frosted Tips and Temp Fade on Guys
Instagram @shearsbybeth

#9: Curly Frosted Tips and Temp Fade

I recommend these curly frosted tips and a temp fade to create a stylish and modern hairstyle. It’s easy to maintain and adds contrast to the hair. The temp fade on the sides creates a clean and well-blended transition for a polished look. Don’t forget to ask your stylist for a curl cream or gel to keep you styled at home!

Men's Tapered Side and Shaved Line with Frosted Smokey Highlights
Instagram @elle_hairr

#10: Tapered Side and Shaved Line with Smokey Highlights

If you want a trendy hairstyle, I recommend a tapered side and shaved line with smokey highlights. The tapered sides offer a clean and sleek appearance.

Men's Short Hair with Bald Fade and Subtle Frosted Blonde Tips
Instagram @balibarber

#11: Bald Fade and Subtle Blonde Highlights

Ask your barber for this bald fade and subtle blonde highlights. It’s a clean and seamless look with brightness and dimension. Consider taking a gel home for shine or wax for a dry textured feel to keep your hair on point.

Choppy Layers and White Frosted Tips on guys with beard
Instagram @unsaltedhair

#12: Choppy Layers and White Frosted Tips

Choppy layers paired with white frosted tips create a trendy and edgy hairstyle. I recommend it for guys with fine to coarse straight hair. The white tips add a striking contrast and a touch of boldness to the overall look. Prebook with your barber in 2-4 weeks to keep this haircut on point while your highlights grow out.

Pale Blonde Frosted Tips on Sleek Brown Hair for Men
Instagram @luzi_coiffure

#13: Pale Blonde on Sleek Brown Hair

Blonde highlights on brown hair add dimension to the hairstyle. The mix of the light blonde hues with the rich brown base creates a striking and eye-catching look. These highlights can be placed to frame the face or distributed in the hair. This enhances its sleekness in the overall style.

#14: Short Brown Mullet with Bleached Tips

The short brown mullet with bleached tips is a trendy and sleek hairstyle. It combines the retro mullet with a modern twist. The hair is cut shorter on the sides and longer at the back, creating a distinctive mullet shape. The tips of the hair are then bleached, adding a bold contrast and creating a striking visual effect. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to embrace a bold and unique look.

Short Taper with Frosted Silver Tips for Gentlemen
Instagram @nugent.shannon

#15: Short Taper with Silver Tips

The short taper with silver tips is a hairstyle that combines a classic short taper cut with a bold twist. The sides and back are tapered close to the scalp, while the top is left slightly longer. The standout feature of this style is the silver tips. The ends of the hair are dyed in a striking color, adding a touch of edginess to the overall look. This hairstyle is perfect for guys who want to make a statement with their hair.

#16: Short Sides Long Top for Frosted Black Curls

Dark hair is harder to get lightly frosted tips on. It can be a process and involve toning out brassy colors. Remember this if you want to embark on the journey, but the results speak for themselves. Using purple shampoo will always aid the brightness. Left on for 5-10 mins can take the color up considerably.

Men's Temple Fade Cut with Frosted Grey Highlights
Instagram @fede.barber._

#17: Temple Fade Cut with Grey Highlights

The temple fade cut with grey highlights is a stylish haircut. It combines a faded hairstyle with a touch of subtle grey color. The hair is faded short at the temples, creating a clean and sharp transition. Grey highlights are added to certain sections of the hair. This adds a cool and sophisticated accent that complements various hair colors. This hairstyle is ideal for men who want a modern and on-trend look.

Mohawk with Frosted Tips and Shaved Design for Guys
Instagram @fede.barber._

#18: Mohawk with Frosted Tips and Shaved Design

The mohawk with frosted tips and shaved design is a bold and edgy hairstyle. It combines the iconic mohawk with a modern twist. The hair is styled into a strip of longer hair in the center. The sides are shaved close to the scalp. The tips, achieved through lightening or coloring, contrast the look. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to make a statement.

High Fade Cut with Frosted White Blonde Highlights on Men
Instagram @fede.barber._

#19: High Fade Cut with White Blonde Highlights

Some like to experiment with color when growing their hair. It can leave you with another look. This high fade cut with white-blonde highlights shows dark regrowth. This gives another dimension to the finished look. Faded to the skin around the ears, it shows off the dark roots transitioning into the light top.

#20: Icy Silver on Tapered Cut

Icy silver hair on a tapered cut is a versatile and modern hairstyle. It combines bold colors with a sharp haircut. The silver color adds a cool touch to the hair, while the tapered cut provides clean lines and a polished look. A hot trend for spring and summertime!

#21: Short Pompadour with Subtle Highlights

The short pomp with subtle highlights is a stylish hairstyle that adds depth to the tips of the hair. The pompadour shape creates height and volume at the front. While the subtle highlights add a touch of contrast and visual interest. This mix of a classic cut with highlights offers an edgy twist. It’s an excellent choice for guys who want a refined yet trendy look.

#22: Messy Spiky Silver Hair

Messy spiky silver hair is a bold and daring hairstyle. It exudes confidence and can complement your individuality. The messy, tousled texture adds edge, while the silver color adds more contrast. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want to make a statement and embrace a unique and avant-garde look.

Frosted Short Ash Blonde Messy Top on Gentlemen
Instagram @hairbyapril_tigerlamb

#23: Short Ash Blonde Messy Top

Short ash blonde hair with a messy top is a trendy and effortlessly cool hairstyle. The short length keeps the hair low-maintenance and easy to style. The ash-blonde color adds a modern and edgy touch. The messy top adds texture and a carefree vibe. It creates a stylish look perfect for men who want dimension with a relaxed hairstyle.

Grown-Out Medium Mullet Undercut with Frosted Highlights for Young Guys
Instagram @tay_does_hair_

#24: Grown-Out Mullet Undercut with Frosted Highlights

The grown-out mullet undercut with frosted highlights is a daring and fashion-forward hairstyle. It combines elements of retro and modern aesthetics. The mullet’s longer back, and shorter sides offer a unique and edgy look. And the frosted highlights add a touch of contrast and dimension to the hair. This bold mix creates a statement style that exudes confidence.

#25: Blonde Accents on Taper Fade Cut

Blonde accents on a taper fade cut provide a stylish twist to the classic haircut. Blonde highlights on the tapered sides and back create a contrast against the hair color. This mix of colors adds depth and visual interest to the hairstyle. It enhances the overall texture and creates an eye-catching look.

Frosted tips have become a popular trend for men of all ages and backgrounds. This trendy hair color style can add a touch of excitement and playfulness to your appearance. Larn Kieninger shares their expertise and experience in choosing and maintaining frosted tips.

Meet The Expert

Larn Kieninger
Larn Kieninger
Larn is a stylist and salon owner with over 17 years of experience.
You can find them at Barbara & Barbara in Chicago, IL.

Understanding Your Skin Tone

Frosted tips can work wonders for all skin tones and hair textures. However, it’s crucial to set realistic expectations about how light the stylist can go based on your natural hair color. Darker hair may need to lean towards warmer tones, such as golden, caramel, or honey, rather than platinum or silver.

To ensure the health of your hair, it’s essential not to over-lighten just for cooler, ashy tones. Larn emphasizes the significance of thoroughly consulting your stylist to discuss your lifestyle, preferred care routine, and maintenance expectations.

Effective Maintenance

Maintenance is crucial for a lasting, vibrant look. Larn advises that most people need touch-ups every 6 to 10 weeks, depending on how fast their hair grows. If you have shorter hair and get regular haircuts, touch-ups may be required more frequently, around every 4 weeks, to maintain a consistent appearance. After getting your tips frosted, invest in a color care regimen to preserve the fresh color. Avoid using drugstore products that might dull or damage your newly colored hair.

Larn recommends using products like Eleven Australia Keep My Blonde shampoo and treatment for those aiming to maintain platinum or cool tones. Additionally, Innersense Organics Color hair bath and conditioner are excellent choices for all hair textures, especially curly hair. To protect and maintain hair health during the lightening process, Larn swears by the transformative K18 treatment.

What to Discuss with Your Stylist or Barber

When discussing the look with your stylist, clarify the desired outcome. Do you want a subtle, sun-kissed effect, or are you seeking an eye-catching wow factor?

Larn stresses the importance of understanding your client’s preferences and comfort levels. For those feeling unsure, starting with a subtle version of frosted tips can be a great way to ease into the style. The best part is that if you don’t love the look, it can be easily removed during your next haircut.

Photos of the Coolest Frosted Tips for Men