25 Coolest Ways to Get The Freeform Dreads Look Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Black-Brown Freeform Locs for Men's Thick Hair
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#1: Black-Brown Freeform Locs

Let your hair grow into these black-brown freeform locks! Perfect for guys needing to protect their natural hair. It’s also good for guys who tie up their medium-length natural hair. Visit your loc specialist every 4-6 months for maintenance and scalp treatment.

Congo Freeform Dreads for Gentlemen
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#2: Congo Freeform Dreads

Congo freeform dreads are also known as natural dreads or organic dreads. It’s a hairstyle that intentionally cultivates dreadlocks without any specific pattern or maintenance technique. Unlike traditionally styled dreads, these dreads can form and mature naturally. This results in a unique look.

Thin Freeform Dreads with Layers for Black Men
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#3: Thin Freeform Dreads

Do you need to keep your hair in place for summer, or just look for a change in the routine? Try these thin freeform dreads. It’s a great style option for medium-length textured hair and a great way to embrace natural hair. Consult with any stylist specializing in lock and braiding for the best results.

#4: Thick Black Dreads with Blonde Tips

Thick black dreads with blonde tips create a striking and edgy hairstyle. It seamlessly blends boldness and creativity. The contrast between the dark base and the blonde ends adds a touch of flair. This color mix brings attention to the textured and voluminous nature of the dreads. It’s a powerful statement that stands out in any crowd.

Medium-Length Chunky Freeform Dreads on Guys
Instagram @wicksbyace

#5: Medium-Length Chunky Dreads

Dreads can take many shapes and sizes. It all depends on what your end goal is. It’s a specialist style and needs to be done by someone proficient in that area. I recommend doing some research to find a shop that fits your needs. Most modern shops are keen on having a social media footprint, so this is your best source.

Long Blonde Freeform Crochet Dreadlocks for Gents
Instagram @morganbedell

#6: Long Blonde Crochet Dreadlocks

Check out these natural-looking and cool long blonde crochet dreadlocks! Find your favorite loc stylist and schedule maintenance every 4-6 months. This way, you maintain your style for the best results.

#7: Mid-Back Freeform Dreadlocks

Mid-back freeform dreadlocks are a versatile and unique hairstyle for men. With this style, the hair is left to grow freely without being manipulated or sectioned. It results in a more organic and wild appearance. Mid-back length allows for a manageable and visually striking length. Embracing freeform dreadlocks is a commitment. Regular maintenance is necessary to prevent matting and ensure the hair’s health. As a professional, I would consider your length based on your face shape. You will need to be able to tie up your locks out of the way for comfort.

Messy Choppy Bob for Short Fine Hair
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#8: Mid-Length Dreads with Beard

Dreads can come in all lengths, and with growth, the strands can be more effective and stand out more. They are popular in different cultural circles but work best with Afro hair. They need specialist attention, do your research and find the right barber.

Black Freeform Locs with Red Highlights on Men with Kinky Hair
Instagram @__kaiskraft__

#9: Black Freeform Locs with Red Highlights

Black freeform locs with red highlights are a unique hairstyle for men with kinky hair. This style embraces the hair’s natural texture. It allows the locs to form organically without specific parting or twisting techniques. The addition of red highlights adds an element of boldness to the look. Black freeform locs work best for guys looking to express their personal style. I recommend moisturizing and conditioning as an essential part of the maintenance of this hairstyle. Both help to keep the locs healthy, prevent breakage, and add shine.

#10: Brown-Blonde Long Freeform Dreads

Brown-blonde long freeform dreads offer a unique and eye-catching hairstyle. The brown and blonde shades create a contrast, adding vibrancy to the dreadlocks. The freeform style allows the dreads to form organically. This gives them a bohemian and cool aesthetic. I recommend it for those seeking a distinctive and low-maintenance look.

#11: Semi-Freeform Twists with Unique Parts

Dreads come in many forms, these semi freeform twists with unique parts are a great example. These form naturally with the help of a stylist to keep the shape. The sections look more natural rather than uniform sections.

Skin Fade Twist Hairstyle for Men's Freeform Dreads Short Hair
Instagram @fly_ty_nyc

#12: Skin Fade Twist Hairstyle

The skin fade twist hairstyle is a stylish haircut. It combines a skin fade on the sides and back with twisted curls on top. This hairstyle transitions from short, buzzed hair to longer, textured curls. This creates a visually striking contrast. The twist adds a unique and playful element to the hairstyle. It gives it a modern and edgy vibe while maintaining a well-groomed appearance.

Face-Framing Long Freeform Dreads on Guys
Instagram @myrootsnatty

#13: Face-Framing Long Dreads

Does your hair reach shoulder length or slightly below? Face-framing long dreads offer a balance between manageability and expressive styling. This length allows for various styling options. Tye them up in a bun or half-up style. You can do this while retaining the distinct texture and character of dreadlocks.

Freeform Dreads in a Ponytail for Men with Black Hair and Blonde Tips
Instagram @guebesalocs

#14: Freeform Dreads in a Ponytail

Freeform dreads in ponytails offer a stylish way to showcase your natural hair. And you can do so while keeping it neat and manageable. By gathering the dreadlocks into a ponytail, you can create a sleek and polished look. It still highlights the unique texture and character of your dreads. I recommend this style for both casual and formal occasions. It allows you to express your personal style while maintaining a practical appearance.

#15: Very Long Drullet

This is a good example of combining styles to create a new one. The length at the back has grown out into a mullet and has been turned into dreads this is called a drullet. The hair on top has been disconnected and kept short. This will need regular maintenance to be kept sharp.

Men's Freeform Two-Strand Dread Twists with Unique Parts
Instagram @nibeautystudio

#16: Freeform Two-Strand Twists

Have you gone on a natural hair growth journey and looking to add a stylish pattern to twist and protect your hair? These freeform two-strand twists may just do the job if you have 6 months to a year of growth on your hair. I recommend seeing a barber for a lineup after your braiding session to add neat, clean, flattering edges to this style.

#17: Medium Natural Dreadlocks with Short Sides

Dreads can be worn in many shapes and sizes. These medium natural dreadlocks with short sides and long top are neat and defined. This style has ensured a sharp finish by having the short regrowth lined in and kept short. The edges will have to be taken down regularly and relined at the same time. Some barbers use an enhancement spray to create a super sharp finish.

Freeform Layered Dreads for Black Men with Beards
Instagram @47kmajor

#18: Freeform Layered Dreads

Dreads are a great hairstyle for black guys who want to protect and maintain their natural hair. They’re perfect if you don’t want the uniformity of braids or twists. Rinse your hair in warm water and coat your ends in a leave-in conditioner after a shower for styling.

#19: Black Twisted Dreads with Brown Tips

There are many styles of dreads. These black twisted dreads with brown tips show another way of doing them. Each dread has been sectioned to show perfect cross-sections on the scalp. It’s then coiled to get the twisted look. It’s a specialist style so do some research to find the right stylist.

#20: Undercut with Long Dreads

The best of both worlds, check out this undercut with long dreads! You get the satisfaction of a short buzz cut on the sides. And you get to grow and protect your natural hair on top. A great way to add contrast to your edgy style and gain fuller and thicker hair over time.

Textured Freeform Dreads for Young Men
Instagram @4reignbeauty

#21: Textured Freeform Dreads

Dreads are a specialist service that only trained hair professionals can do. They need a certain hair texture to be able to work. Always research to make sure you have a barber confident to carry out your service.

#22: Middle Part Freeform Locs

This middle part freeform locs has been styled to naturally form and fall in the center of the head. The locs fall to accentuate the facial features of this client. This style is very creative. I would recommend researching a barber that has experience in this style.

Layered Short Blonde Freeform Dread Locs for Men with Glasses
Instagram @j_d_r_beauty

#23: Layered Short Blonde Locs

Hair color can change the way you look. It’s becoming more and more popular with men. Some things do need to be considered before diving in. The first one I always go to is skin tone. Some colors can clash with your tone. Darker hair can make a light tone stand out more, and vice versa. Talk to your stylist at your consultation and take their advice.

#24: Spiky Freeform Locs

Spiky freeform locks are a unique hairstyle that combines dreadlocks with spiky texture. Unlike traditional, neatly formed dreadlocks, spikey freeform dreads embrace a wild appearance. This style allows the hair to form into irregular, pointed sections naturally. This results in a bold and unconventional look that exudes attitude.

Black Skinny Freeform Dreads on Guys
Instagram @nenesknots.ps

#25: Black Skinny Freeform Dreads

Check out these black skinny freeform dreads! I recommend these to anyone with a tight curl pattern and at least 6-8 inches of growth on stretched-out hair.

Freeform dreads is a hairstyle that speaks of freedom, creativity, and bold individuality. If you’re considering this daring hairdo, you’re in the right place. Here’s your chance to get insights from Marlaina Lawson, our resident expert, who can guide you on a lush journey into the uncharted territories of dreadlocks mastery.

Meet The Expert

Marlaina Lawson
Marlaina Lawson
Marlaina is a Cosmetologist with 25 years of experience.
You can find her at HAIR EXTENSIONS INC. in Tampa, FL

Understanding Your Hair Texture

Every hair texture reacts differently to dreads. Marlaina’s top advice? Learn your texture and be patient. Coily hair types may dread quicker, while straight and wavy textures may take a longer time. Marlaina recommends a trial run with a small piece of hair. Braid it, let it mat and check the progress after a few days. This little test will give you an idea of how quickly your hair may dread.

Considering Your Face Shape

Each face shape presents its unique set of considerations. Marlaina recommends analyzing your hair situation before you begin. How thick is your hair? Which areas are thinning or receding? These factors will help you make decisions on section size, placement and length.

Style Tips and Tricks

New dreads can be a bit unruly. Tame them with a tight cap or beanie, especially at night. Once mature, wear them in braids or twists to maintain shape.

Lawson recommends shampooing with a tea tree or peppermint base every 7-10 days. Pair this with a dab of jojoba or apricot oil for added moisture. Lawson suggests using dreadlock-specific shampoo brands. She adds, “Thoroughly dry with a microfiber towel or hood dryer to avoid mildew and odor.”

For those who lead active lives, more frequent washing may be necessary. Lawson warns, “Try to avoid products such as waxes and gels. They cause buildup and strip moisture from the scalp and hair.”

In Lawson’s words, “Nature does it best.” Keep the products to a minimum and let your freeform dreadlocks flourish.

Pictures of the Coolest Freeform Dreds