17 Best Fohawk Haircuts for Men – AKA The Faux Hawk

mens fohawk haircuts

A fohawk (or faux hawk) is a haircut that resembles a mohawk but is cut shorter, which gives it the illusion of a fake mohawk. It typically requires less product and time to style and offering more styling variations. No shaving of the sides of your head is required – enough length and a bit of wax, clay, or pomade are all you need to own this masculine look.

What’s making faux hawk hairstyles more popular is how it can be worn both at formal or professional settings and at casual events. Plus, it’s modern, versatile, and celebrity-approved!

Take note of how football-hottie David Beckham and Hollywood actors Jeremy Renner and Taylor Lautner does their signature faux hawks, proving how customizable this hairstyle is to suit any personality.

IG-influencer and professional barber Mike Blendz from San Antonio, Texas shows off the different versions of a faux hawk in his feed. Any way you go, this haircut promises fullness, movement, and natural texture to your hair.

With the trendiest styles, fades, and designs, I’ll show you the best fohawk haircuts!

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Inspiring Fohawk Taper Fade

Inspiring Fohawk Taper Fade
Instagram @monefik

Go crazy with a shaved sides and a colored top! Great for highlighting the fohawk haircut even more.

Nice Asian Fohawk With High Fade

Nice Asian Faux hawk
Instagram @lythebarber

This one’s extra pointy at the front and somewhat flatter at the back. This fohawk hairstyle definitely freshens up the face and gives a youthful glow.

Awesome Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

Awesome Short Fade
Instagram @javi_nice

Keep it under control with a shaved sides and a small faux hawk hairstyle on top. Style with gel or mousse for ceaseless volume.

Sweet Faux Hairstyle with Design

Sweet Fohawk with Design
Instagram @grayscalebarbers

Razor cuts create masterpieces with this kind of curly faux hawk cut. You’ll be your coolest self with clean side engravings and top curls.

Cool Faux Hawk Buzz Cut

Cool Buzz Cut
Instagram @gianni_cruciata_barber_shop

Have fun with your clean shave by leaving the center much thicker than the sides. Do this from front to nape and you’ve got yourself a fake mohawk.

Fierce Textured Faux Hawk

Fierce Texture Fohawk
Instagram @wester_barber

Smooth fade, sharp edges, and pumped and spiked hair? Check, check, and check on this faux hawk haircut!

Unreal Fohawk for Medium Length Hair

Medium Length Hair
Instagram @galabananastudio

With long strands, you can recreate a fohawk cut by shaving 5 inches from side then sleeking long hair back, making a fluff.

Sharp Slicked Back

Sharp Slicked Back
Instagram @segovia_blendz

Live that rock and roll life with a faux mohawk. Fohawk cuts like this look awesome with shaved sides, brush hair up from the front to the back and gel in place.

Epic Spiky Hair

Epic Spiky Fohawk
Instagram @savage.sarabia

Turn up that cool fohawk all the way to epic! Barber Alan worked his magic and made this savvy trim ever so smoothly. A spiked faux hawk style is always trendy.

Dope Afro for Black Men

Dope Afro Fohawk for Black Men
Instagram @babyboiizdebarber

This afro fohawk hairstyle is dope AF! Curls arranged in a mohawk manner serves the body while the clean shaved sides give attention over to the fohawk.

Clean High Fade

Clean High Fade
Instagram @thebeardedbeast35

Tone down fohawk hairstyles with a light pomade like this one. Sides can be shaved in a transition for a smooth fade, giving clean edges.

Lit Taper Fade Faux Hawk

Lit Taper Fade
Instagram @losbarber_

Care to be cool this summer with a thick top faded onto the sides. The faux hawk haircuts don’t get any slicker than this!

Tight Military Haircut

Tight Military Haircut
Instagram @corneliucrihan

Faux hawk cuts are pretty popular in the military now. Get away with that strict crew cut with a thick center area. Grow out into fuller hair is expected with this type of cut.

Messy Short Hair

Messy Short hair
Instagram @bk_barber_

Q&A with style creator, Kyle Rowland
Barber @ Fade Barbershop in Ceredigion, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is as natural as a curly top with a skin fade on the sides. My favorite thing about this cut is definitely the lineup! I dropped the fade at the front so that I could really make the lines nice and crisp.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Before any cut, it’s good to ask your client questions and see how they respond to you, getting the right communication for the right style. As for this style, my client has a busy and outgoing lifestyle and does not have much time to do much to his hair. When I started the cut I just reduced the length to a manageable length for him. For the styling, I then enhanced his curls by using sea salt spray and dried it in by using a diffuser. After that, I always finish off with volumizing powder and some hairspray just to keep it in place.

Rad Long Hair Fohawk

Rad Long Hair Fohawk
Instagram @shelwinjafet

Q&A with style creator, Shelwin Jafet
Barber / Stylist @ SJPreciZion in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico

How would you describe this look?

I am a lover of the gentleman’s hairstyle and I am part of the Olympic beauty team of Puerto Rico of the OMC Paris 2018. After this experience last year I was very inspired by the winning works of the avant-garde category of my Puerto Rico team and took this concept to a real model. The most I like about this work are the movements in the design of the hairstyle, as they make it a very particular one taking care of every detail in its color, balance, projection, and cleaning.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Recognize that this work is a complex enough one so that a client can perform the same since it entails the use of specific tools and products. I recommend that if you want to keep it after visiting with a professional, you must acquire the products used. For this work, I used a matte clay to enhance the volume of the drying and a lightweight fixative spray to be able to detail all the movements made with my comb SJPrecizion (wide tooth comb) which helps me to define the hairstyle. Once you finish the desired style you lock the work with a strong fixative spray to keep it.

Stylish Curly Faux Hawk

Stylish Curly Faux hawk
Instagram @cjmintbarber

Q&A with style creator, Cj Bell
Manager / Senior Stylist @ MINT Barbershops in Bournemouth, UK

How would you describe this look?

This look is a faux hawk fro hawk with a skin fade and my favorite part of this haircut is the blonde curls.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Styling a haircut like this, I used sea salt spray to keep the curls and diffused it then finish with a texturizing spray to keep the separation on the curls.

Cute Fohawk for Kids

Q&A with style creator, Alex Popplewell
Barber @ JRs Barbershop in San Marcos, CA

How would you describe this look?

This is a “burst fade” fohawk with a custom design. It’s a look the customer was going for. I love this hairstyle. I feel it was made popular by some celebrities and pro athletes but it looks great on guys with thick hair who want something cooler than just a mohawk.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s a pretty loud hairstyle, so be ready for some attention to go along with it. It’s a custom style cut that looks good with thick hair because you can make the fade really dramatic going into the Mohawk. It’s one of my favorite faux hawk hairstyles.