23 Coolest Flat Top Haircuts for Men in 2023 + How to Style

Best flat top haircuts for men
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A flat top is a men’s haircut with upright hair on top and sides that are shaved or tapered short, creating a boxy shaped top. Originating from the 1950’s and reappearing in the 1980’s, this vintage haircut is making its rounds again on this year’s charts!

The possibilities of this cut are endless! What used to be a popular look for military men can now be seen on all kinds of guys – from black guys with afro hair to those with naturally wavy or straight hair.

It’s also known for its precisely-cut square shape, but modern versions include rounded boxes and asymmetrical flat tops that make it easier to pair with both thick hair and thin hair. To maintain the sharp angles and volume of this haircut, barber visits are a must regularly depending on how quick your hair grows.

If you’re seeking a fresh and crisp ‘do to flaunt, it’s time for you to check these trendy pictures of flat top haircuts!

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#1: High and Tight Flat Top

This look is rooted from the classic high and tight flat top haircut with a twist of psychobilly infuse influenced by the psychobilly and hardcore music scenes and musical genres. The coolest thing about it is that it’s a very detailed and difficult haircut and it’s always a challenge for perfection.

First of all, the client that would ask for this flat top hair cut should have round face shape, basically straight hair and not curly, and should use an oily type of stronghold pomade (not a water-based pomade). Usually, the lifestyle and personality of a person with this haircut could be also for a normal type of guy but mostly you can see it on people from the underground urban styles.

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#2: Tall Flat Top for Black Guys

Feeling nostalgic? Bring back a 90’s flat top jive with this clean flat top haircut. Smooth edges and shave balance the bouncy top.

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#3: Very Short Flattop

The classic very short flat top hair style has been a favorite for many for decades. This style suits the rounder face guy as it elongates the face. It’s a very short cut so it will grow out very quickly, I would suggest an average 2-3 weeks between cuts. Depending on the hair type, it may need daily styling and it may not. The easiest way to style your hair is to blow dry it up with some moose or volume spray.

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#4: Cool Flat Top for Little Boys

And to think that you’ve never been this chill with a flat top hair! Check out this little dude rockin’ it with cool blue hair.

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#5: Sharp High Flattop

Sharp high flat tops are a specialty cut, so do your research before choosing your barber. The flattop haircuts are generally combed out and up to create the volume of the style. The barber will then use a combination of clipper over comb and freehand clipping to achieve the shape. The fade has been kept at the midpoint to create the perfect transition into the flat top. Regular visits to your barber will be required to keep this iconic look sharp.

Flat Top with Hair Designs
Instagram @gatinhobarber
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#6: Flat Top with Hair Designs

A flat top with hair designs makes an awesome style for a special occasion. The detailed razor work with a deep yet, vibrant green color definitely makes this style eye-catching. The flat top best fits any young adult to teen, a funky timeless haircut.

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#7: Dyed Flat Top Hair

Looking for a style that’s not too common yet stylish? A dyed flat top is your style. A properly blended side makes a perfect contrast to the blend right into a bleach blonde. The color and the faded side should complement each other to make this flattop haircut work.

Flat Top for Receding Hairline
Instagram @t.a.b.kyiv
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#8: Flat Top for Receding Hairline

If you’re an older gentleman worried about thinning hair then ask for a flat top for a receding hairline. The structure of this haircut will keep you looking sharp and put together.

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#9: Modern Flat Top with Pompadour

A modern flat top with a pompadour is a trendy twist on the classic rockabilly flat top. This haircut offers a vintage masculine edge while maintaining that nostalgic “Elvis” vibe.

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#10: Semi Flat Top Haircut

If you’re in the military try a semi-flat top haircut. The modern cut is low-maintenance because it is a little shorter than a traditional flat top fade haircut.

Long Flat Top Mullet Haircut
Instagram @erik_powell22
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#11: Long Flat Top Mullet Haircut

Young trendsetters need to give a long flat top mullet haircut a try. Using a styling product such as Hanz de Fuko Gravity Paste will keep your long flat top haircut in place.

Flat Top with Buzz Cut and Hard Part
Instagram @frizerben
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#12: Flat Top with Buzz Cut and Hard Part

Try a flat top with a buzz cut and hard part if you’re looking for a modern twist on a traditional haircut. Since the sides are a short buzz cut you can go longer between appointments.

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#13: High Flat Top

Such a great way of wearing a flat top haircut! The styling is exquisite and is a stand out from most flat top haircuts.

Retro Horse Shoe Flat Top
Instagram @jarviskuts
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#14: Retro Horse Shoe Flat Top

Stylist Kristian has divine hands for making this eccentric flat top cut an admirable one. Only a good-looking madman could pull this off!

Flat Top Fade
Instagram @sailingbarber
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#15: Flat Top Fade

Create a full flat top hairstyle quiff then press down top part to flatten out hair.

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#16: Flat Top Dreads for Black Men

My guy’s looking steamy! Some patterned braids in a flat top? Can it get any slicker?

Flat Top Boogie
Instagram @barbersukraine
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#17: Flat Top Boogie

Have that Johnny Bravo energy that takes you to the past and the future! Having flat top fenders means longer and more careful styling, but don’t let that stop you from rocking this bangin’ cut.

Curly Flat Top with Taper Fade
Instagram @slickjameshill
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#18: Curly Flat Top with Taper Fade

A casual flat top style spiced up with transition shaved sides. Curly hair completes the package, giving volume and life to the whole style.

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#19: Short Flat Top with Skin Fade

Fashion a military style on the streets as the mini pompadour on the top makes for one of the most modern flat top hairstyles.

Rockabilly Flat Top
Instagram @21_nik_one
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#20: Rockabilly Flat Top

You got to be a different type of cool to rock this straight flat top!

Old School Flat Top Haircut High-Top Fade
Instagram @sailingbarber
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#21: Old School Flat Top Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Raymond DeCandia
Barber / Owner @ True North Barber Shop in Phoenix, AZ

How would you describe this look?

On the Schorem haircuts poster, this one is called a “scumpadour”. Although it’s just a funny way of saying a razor faded flat top haircut that inclines in the front. My favorite thing about this cut is, well, the whole haircut. My favorite haircut to do is a flat top. The thing about them is there are all kinds of versions, lengths, and variations of a flat top haircut. I also like the fact that not many barbers nowadays seem to want to do them or can do them. That makes me want to do them even more.

Any advice for someone considering it?

It’s a masculine cut. It really takes the “square” shape, which is the shape of all the traditional men’s cuts to the highest level. As it grows out it won’t be as precision looking so you may want to come in to get the cut every two or three weeks. Use a strong product to keep the top in place. Usually, I’ll use a matte clay first to style it. If I want to shine, I’ll add some pomade with the clay. Personally, I love it, and I wish more guys would get them. Unfortunately, it can be a haircut that gets associated with being a gym teacher or a police officer. That’s bullshit. There are all sorts of people who wear flats that look cool with them. Get flat tops! I want to do more!

Military Flat Top Haircut
Instagram @ave_kiddy
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#22: Military Flat Top Haircut

Q&A with style creator, Avetisyan Lernik
Barber @ Barabas Barbershop in Russia, Bryansk

How would you describe this look?

This is an old-school military flat top haircut, first of all, and I like that style. Secondly, this very haircut disguises some particular hair growth features, like hair loss. The smooth, though definite flat top fade matches head shape perfectly, accentuating distinct facial features.

Any advice for someone considering it?

First of all, if you decide to get yourself a flat top haircut, you should keep in mind the necessity of visiting your barber weekly or so, as the shorter your haircut is the more often your visits should be. Choosing a product is absolutely due to your preferred style. For example, if you want to add some rockabilly feel to your look, choose some kind of higher psycho flat top or flat top boogie, styling it with high shine grease or water-based pomade. Actually, the shape is affected by the profession, lifestyle, your personal desires and so on. Unfortunately, this haircut is rare to be seen in Russia, usually worn by the bold and brave folks.

Curly Flat Top for Black Guys
Instagram @m_arcoscristo
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#23: Curly Flat Top for Black Guys

Q&A with style creator, Marcos de Almeida
Barber @ Syrian Barbers Club in Paraná, Brazil

How would you describe this look?

This is a popular flat top haircut here in Brazil, we already have some references such as Babu barber, Dedblack, and Rafael Mota.

This flat top haircut I did in my free hand hair dryer after the cut finished with nudread hairstyle with the styling sponge and pigments in the flash line.

What I like most is to carve, as I do the free hand so I let the imagination flow.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Clients who have afro hair should use products suitable for this type of hair and look for excellent professionals in this area. The hair makeup applied in this cut is usually professional handling, but today there is hair makeup that can be used by customers at home.

I use hair fiber, pencil, and airbrush (professional exclusive use).