31 Best Faux Hawk Haircuts for Men Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Mens Short Faux Hawk with a Spiky Texture
Instagram @jaemarj

#1: Short Faux Hawk with a Spiky Texture

The spikes on this short faux hawk exude texture. The fade around the sides complements the spiky faux hawk style. It’s a fun and fresh look if you’re tired of long hair.

Faux Hawk Mullet

#2 Faux Hawk Mullet

That faux hawk mullet is very popular these days. Shaving from just behind the ears towards the front on the side and letting the top and backflow free, it’s a fun style that looks great on kids and adults. This fohawk mullet is fun for father and son to do.

#3: High-Faded Spiky Faux Hawk

A faux hawk refers to a particular haircut that is styled to have height in the center, similar to a Mohawk. You can style a faux hawk like a regular Mohawk, but it doesn’t need to be as extreme. Usually, the hair is faded high at the temple region of the head, and this fading transitions to the length of the hair. I recommend using a matte paste for an all-day hold. This will give you a strong hold without any gloss.

#4: Slicked Back Style with Blonde Highlights

Hair color for men has grown in popularity over the years. Simple blonde highlights can significantly alter your appearance. The sides of the hair have been cut short with clippers. This method disconnects the top from the sides, leaving more length to style. The best product I use for slicked-back styles is pomade. Pomade gives your hair a traditional glossy finish.

#5: Choppy Vintage Faux Hawk

I get more requests for low fades now. They can blend well with many styles. The low fade here is matched with a choppy vintage faux hawk. It leaves enough hair on top to shape. I suggest using sea salt spray to dry in, then a styling powder can finish the job and create texture.

#6: Faux Hawk with Tousled Spikes and Buzzed Sides

A faux hawk is a great alternative for people who like the Mohawk look but don’t want the drastic contrast. The hair is cut short at the temple line, but it’s left long on top for styling into spiked tousles. Good pomade ensures your hairstyle stays put all day.

#7: Quiff Faux Hawk Cut

If you want a hairstyle with lots of height, you might like a quiff faux hawk cut. The sides of this hairstyle are faded short and blended into the top length for better style. The design is visible where the sides blend with the top. This position makes it stand out. When I create these styles, I use a razor for added endurance.

Layered Faux Hawk with Mid Fade and Thick Beard for Guys
Instagram @barbercodigo061

#8: Layered Faux Hawk with Thick Beard

This faux hawk has many layers. There is also a thick beard. Both elements have been stylishly cut in a specific design. The fade is applied at the midpoint to blend the beard and the top style well. For a uniform height, I recommend using sea salt spray during drying. The sea salt spray would provide a sturdy base to retain the style. Use styling powder to finish. This gives the hair a boost in thickness. It also yields a simple and clean look.

Faded Faux Hawk Cut for Dudes with Fine Hair
Instagram @dom_cutss

#9: Faded Faux Hawk Cut for Fine Hair

I like to keep the fade in the middle when cutting fine hair to give a smoother transition. Fine hair can be easier to style, but style adjustment may be necessary. Sea salt spray works well and provides the necessary hold, while a glossy product has been used for the final touch. A pomade is good for achieving this style.

Bright Blonde Faux Hawk with Shaved Line for guys
Instagram @barbercodigo061

#10: Bright Blonde Faux Hawk with Shaved Line

When the hair color has grown out a bit, it can make a style more distinctive. The dark roots can enhance this transition further. The hair on the sides has been trimmed down to the skin and smoothly blended at the temple line. This leaves room for creating a hair design. The hair design follows the fade shape, making it visually striking. Using a razor to engrave this design ensures its longevity.

Textured Pomp Faux Hawk with High Fade for Males
Instagram @salonsixty6

#11: Textured Pomp with High Fade

Volume and texture can be achieved in many ways. For instance, combining a textured pomp with a high fade works really well. The sides have been faded short, and they blend at the temple point, leaving length on the top to style. I recommend using a volume spray during drying and finishing with some styling powder for an all-day natural hold.

#12: Faux Mohawk Braid with Burst Fade

Athletes can tame their long hair with a faux mohawk braid. No more worrying about your hair falling in your eyes during those crucial moments mid-game.

Faux Hawk with a Clean Fade
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#13: Faux Hawk with Clean Fade and Tapered Back

A textured faux hawk with a clean fade gives plenty of options. When styling the top with the proper length, you can comb it over, spike it up, or just let it hang out like you would the back.

#14: Fohawk with Drop Fade

A fohawk fade is an amazing choice for someone with coarse or kinky hair. When having this type of hair, finding a style to suit you can be difficult. More suitable for an oblong face shape, it still is an awesome option for anyone. This is the frohawk men would love because styling is almost none. You can get up and go and still look great.

#15: Braided Faux Hawk for Men

Long hair is best for the braided faux hawk for men. Once the braids are put in, the style can last for quite a while. The back and sides fade to the skin to emphasize the style. Perfect for men on the go with long hair wanting a low-maintenance style.

#16: Shaved Hair Design on a Faux Hawk

A shaved hair design on a faux hawk is a stand-out style for those that like to keep looking sharp. This design has been razored out to highlight the sharpness of the design and enhanced with
colored sprays to finish it off. The top will need some volume spray and a good styling powder to hold the top. Regular hair trimming will be required to maintain the design.

Faux Hawk and Slick Pompadour
Instagram @mattyconrad

#17: Faux Hawk High Fade and Slick Pompadour

The faux hawk and slick pompadour are classic looks worn by men over the years. It is faded tightly around the ears, leaving heavy pomp. Time, effort, and products are requisites for this style. A volume spray dried into the front is needed to get the elevation. A glossy pomade to finish the hold and look would be perfect.

#18: Fohawk Fade with Surgical Line

A fohawk with a surgical line is perfect for thick-density hair to keep it tight around the ears and heavy on top. The fade is made using a straight razor, creating a polished finish. This faux hawk curly hair requires regular trim to keep it clean. A good holding spray enhances the curls, and a styling powder makes them pop even more.

#19: Faux Hawk with Temple Fade and Beard

The faux hawk with temple fade, and beard suits those with thick hair that want a polished finish. The fade is kept low and blends perfectly into the beard together with the tip of the cut. Dry with some volume spray to dry paste.

#20: Wavy Faux Hawk Hairstyle

The wavy faux hawk hairstyle suits those with length on top who want to create volume and definition. This cut has faded tight around the edges and transitioned into the top to compliment the waves. Dry with a sea salt spray on the top and finish it with styling powder to enhance the curl even more. This could be one of the unisex faux hawks that women with textured hair can rock.

Low-Maintenance Undercut Faux Hawk
Instagram @barber.theory

#21: Low-Maintenance Undercut Faux Hawk

Popular with early teenage boys, this faux hawk with an undercut combines neat shaved sides and neck plus longer, textured hair on top. Stylish and easy to maintain, it’s just right for active boys. This undercut faux hawk is also perfect for thick hair as the cut removes bulk while keeping the fullness and volume of the hair.

Long Faux Hawk
Instagram @asalon.bardoli

#22: Long Faux Hawk

The long faux hawk compliments men with round face shapes. The height of the hair elongates the whole look and style. It is kept tight around the ears and disconnected from the top to finish the look. Blow-dry with some sea salt spray to keep the height of the hair. Finish with a strong holding product like hair spray for the style to last long.

#23: Shaggy Faux Hawk with Mid Fade

That mid fade stood out amidst the rowdy look of his faux hawk. With a balance of texture and arrangement—this mid fade faux hawk is a style that has an adventurous vibe.

#24: Skin Fade Faux Hawk

A skin fade faux hawk is an easy style to maintain and is suitable for men constantly on the keep, aiming for a clean, polished finish. The shaved sides are taken to the skin around the ears and faded high and tight into the top of the hair. A pomade would be a good option for a glossy finish. No need to be jealous of someone’s faux hawk because you can rock your own!

#25: Buzz Cut Faux Hawk

The buzz cut faux hawk is a fresh and easy style to maintain. The sides are skinned high and tight, taken over the ridge of the head to create a military-style buzz cut. No products or styling time are required for this style, but regular trims are needed to keep this short fohawk looking fresh and neat.

Taper Fade Faux Hawk
Instagram @amyjcuts_

#26: Taper Fade Faux Hawk

This taper fade faux hawk is a men’s faded haircut with textured layers on the top section. One thing that I like about it is the contrast between the skin fade on the sides and the length on the top. You have a fade, but at the same time, blended lengths, and on the other hand, it’s aggressive and unique. Men with a square face and fine to medium hair will look flattering wearing this faux hawk with a taper fade. You can create this fo hawk look using products that will give you volume.

#27: Messy Curly Faux Hawk

This Euro hawk haircut is a curly faux hawk, an edgy and modern nod to the mohawk hairstyle. This idea is by Rachel Carlozzi, a hair artist from Santa Monica, CA. “It’s masculine with a softness that I find interesting, and I love the androgynous feel to the overall look,” Carlozzi points out.

When considering these faux hawks, think about how committed you are to styling daily, as it dramatically affects the personal relationship to the style. Also, consider your wardrobe, lifestyle, career, etc.

Carlozzi adds, “As for styling products, I would use a moisturizing cream like Oribe Supershine to hydrate the curls and a curl mousse like the Surfcomber by Oribe to create a definition and hold, giving the mohawk its structure. This is where you can have fun by using a liberal amount of product and a diffuser to build a substantial curl structure.”

Faux Hawk Fro for Black Men
Instagram @drewcutyou

#28: Faux Hawk Fro for Black Men

This is a medium to high faded mohawk/faux hawk with a small design in the nape area, ideal for black men’s afro hair. What’s great about this haircut is that it’s simple and easy to maintain. California-based look creator Andrew Milani used the same steps as with a skin fade but shaped it as a mohawk.

Milani notes that this curly fohawk can be low-maintenance, depending on the texture and look you are going for.

“It can be worn with or without a product. I like the dry, natural look and use a small dab of matte pomade to give texture and a light hold,” Milani expresses.

Low Fade Faux Hawk
Instagram @finessedstyles

#29: Low Fade Faux Hawk

This low fade faux hawk features a rich texture at the top. For this style, barber Luke Disapio of Newtown, CT, used a sea salt spray with an easy-hold cream first and then blow-dried to add some hold. Some texture powder was added, too, to bring out the textured style.

“Use a blow drier if the hair is having trouble taking shape. Then use a clay/matte cream to get the desired shape and finish it with a textured powder to give it that textured look,” suggests Disapio for guys wanting to recreate the look.

One’s faux hawk fohawk is good for multiple lifestyles and could be professional and relaxed. Disapio confirms that the best face shape would be oval, and the personality isn’t a big deal. “You could be a funny or serious person, and it would still work,” Disapio emphasizes.

Medium Faux Hawk
Instagram @trev_blendz

#30: Medium Faux Hawk

It’s a medium skin fade cut with a texturized fohawk hairstyle. There’s no need to be jealous of a person’s faux hawk. This is one of the best options when a man asks for a high-fashion haircut. When someone like him asks about a style that requires a flatiron or hairdryer, I always recommend using a good shampoo and conditioner and a thermal protector.

long faux hawk for boys
Instagram @milenobarber

#31: Long Faux Hawk for Boys

A long faux hawk for boys is a funky style for those wanting longer lengths. The only downside of those faux hawks would be styling in the morning will take some time. The variety of styles you have makes it worth every minute. Long faux hawks can turn into a combover, slick back, or, if cut a bit shorter on the sides, a stylish mullet. This is the faux hawk men with thick hair can try.

A faux hawk (or fauxhawk) is a men’s haircut with short sides and a strip of longer hair that runs from the front to the back of the head. It’s a mohawk minus the shaved sides but still as stylish as the punk hairstyle!

Celebrity leading men Taylor Lautner, Elijah Wood, Josh Duhamel, and Jeremy Renner are showing off this excellent cut, who even made it their go-to style! And who can forget David Beckham? Keeping your top hair long and your sides short like these men makes it easy to recreate the look anytime.

Play it down during business hours and style it up in the evening – unisex faux hawk haircuts allow you to switch between professional and punk whenever needed. Use your fingers to style your strands up into a crest using your product of choice.

Bea Petty, a California-based barber and owner of Shear Addiction Barber Shop, does men’s fohawks and complements them with all sorts of fade, resulting in an intense contrast that makes their faux hawk hairstyle even sexier. Consider your face shape, hair length, and density, plus if you want to add a matching beard, fade, or an undercut to complete the look.

There are many more reasons to be surprised by this modern hairstyle besides its versatility. Don’t stop reading until you find the best style for you in this up-to-date gallery of the sexiest faux hawk haircuts for men!