28 Trendy Edgar Haircut Styles for Men to Try in 2024″

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Two-Toned High and Tight Edgar Style with Spikes for Men with Black and Blonde Hair Color
Instagram @legendary.barber

#1: Two-Toned High and Tight with Spikes

If daring enough, add a bold color to your edgy haircut. Check out this two-toned high and tight with spikes! You get a clean mid-fade on the sides. But you also get a fun, edgy haircut on top to be the crown to your modern streetwear style. Keep in mind that achieving this exact style will require a lightening service on top. This may be more attainable to some than others. Consult with your local stylist to see if this will work for you.

#2: Bleached Blonde Edgar with Bangs

The Edgar haircut is a fresh take on the classic crop, the basis of its short back and sides with a blunt fringe. This bleach-blonde version has left a couple of small lengths on the front to help add some texture and leave an eye-catching finish. For a natural finish, I recommend drying sea salt spray and styling powder for added texture.

#3: Shaped Edgar with Fringe

The shaped Edgar with fringe is perfect for guys with straight hair. Ask for it if you are looking for a sleek and stylish haircut with the addition of a textured fringe. This hairstyle features a well-defined shape with a modern twist. It showcases a clean, structured look. The textured fringe is versatile, allowing for a variety of styling options. The cut works best for men who want a polished, refined appearance without sacrificing style. It’s easily maintained daily using a volumizing powder or matte clay.

#4: Classic Edgar with Bald Faded Sides

Ask about the classic Edgar haircut with bald faded sides and textured bangs. It’s a timeless and edgy look for boys and men alike. This haircut features a shaved or low-cut section to longer hair on top. The textured bangs add dimension and movement to the look, giving it a modern and stylish edge. The Edgar cut is versatile and suits a variety of face shapes and hair types. To maintain this hairstyle, regular trims and touch-ups are recommended. The best product for you depends on your hair texture and density. However, a matte clay such as Hans De Fuko’s Scheme Cream is a great option for most.

#5: Skin High Fade with Blunt Hairline

Do you need to thicken up your hairline or a new, fresh chop for summer? If so, why not check out this skin-high fade with a blunt hairline? The bald fade on the side and the hair on top create enough contrast to provide a tasteful silhouette. Style with matte clay for added texture and volume.

#6: Takuache Cut with Wavy Top

Clean and crispy, no better combo than what you see on this Takuache cut with a wavy top. This haircut caters to dense, textured hair types, and you can also have a clean, tailored cut around the face. Ask your barber for a short scissor cut on top with a lineup and a fade around the temples to achieve this look.

Textured Fluffy Edgar Cut for Gents with Wavy or Curly Hair
Instagram @sergiobarron_

#7: Textured Fluffy Edgar Cut

Have you been looking for more men’s cuts with more shape and volume? This textured fluffy edgar cut is a perfect example of this haircut. It’s executed to perfection by a master barber. Keep in mind that this photo is done on wavy hair. But this haircut can work for most hair types if you want variation. As a professional, I would suggest a point cut on your length to accentuate texture. Add a low taper around the temples and nape. Don’t be afraid to go bold during your next haircut visit!

Mid Fade Edgar Cut with Piece-y Texture on Males with Straighter Hair
Instagram @_deepercut

#8: Mid Fade Edgar Cut with Piece-y Texture

This mid-fade edgar cut with piece-y texture looks sharp, doesn’t it? This haircut has a low bald drop fade and a few inches on top left textured for easier styling. It’s perfect for native, Hispanic, and Asian hair types that grow outward from the scalp. I suggest matte clay through the top to achieve this piecey feel.

#9: Soft Edgar Style with High Fade

Are you a trendy guy who needs a trendy cut to match? Why not consider this soft Edgar style with a high fade? It’s a classic cop haircut with a blunt fringe first seen in European streetwear culture. Show this photo to your barber. Or simply ask for a “low drop fade” with a few inches on top to style and sit near the middle of the forehead. I suggest matte clay for straight or wavy textures or curl cream for curls! Style and comb forward, and you’re ready to go.

Spiky Edgar Cut with Bald Fade for Young Men
Instagram @sen.shy

#10: Spiky Edgar Cut with Bald Fade

You might live under a rock if you haven’t seen this spiked Edgar cut with a bald fade out in the wild. The kids love it! The contrast between the shaved, faded sides with a little length up top creates a good shape for most faces. The top styled forward instead of back is a nice break from many slicked-back styles we’ve seen lately. I recommend showing this picture to your barber during your next visit. Then create a custom Edgar cut that works for you.

Faded Curly Edgar Cut with Subtle Bangs on Boys with Beard
Instagram @barber.sd

#11: Faded Curly Cut with Subtle Bangs

Are you looking to change up your hair aesthetic a bit? This faded curly cut with subtle bangs is a great option for a low-key yet well-kept hairstyle. Not only can this haircut be tailored to both straight and curly hair types. But the forward-styled fringe is a nice break from many comb-over and up-styled haircuts. I suggest asking your barber for a low drop fade and 2-4 inches left on top, depending on your hair texture.

Very Short 90's Boyband-Inspired Edgar Crop with Tight Taper Fade
Instagram @samesamebutdifferent.salon

#12: 90’s Boyband-Inspired Crop with Tight Taper Fade

Are you interested in a new shape or a shorter cut for summer? Look at this 90’s boyband-inspired crop with a tight taper fade…it might be just what you were looking for. Not only are crop haircuts trending, but this haircut works with anyone and any texture. A side perk is that it can also make your hairline feel fuller!

Disconnected Bowl Edgar Haircut for Guys' Thin Hair
Instagram @entrusthairpdx

#13: Disconnected Bowl Haircut

Check out this disconnected bowl haircut – a classic for your trendy city crawler. This haircut pairs well with most hair textures and adds a daring, bold twist to your everyday fade. I recommend a quick blow-dry through your strands with matte clay. It helps to thicken up and add volume to finer hair types.

#14: Soft Messy Edgar Cut with Temple Fade

Check out this messy edgar cut with temple fade! This haircut is great for Mexican and other Latin hair types. It’s perfect for those who need weight removal and texture up top. I recommend a quick blow dry and a volume powder applied to dry hair for maximum effect.

Messy Edgar Style with Straight Bangs for Men's Blonde Hair
Instagram @cutcut_connor

#15: Messy Edgar Style with Straight Bangs

Edgy and eye-catching, go for this messy edgar style with straight bangs. It’s a more trendy streetwear style and a popular haircut among younger men. There are many subtle versions of this hairstyle. And this one includes a taper around the nape and ears with added length through the sides and top for volume. Show this to your barber during your next visit to inquire how this style will work best for you!

#16: Short Choppy Cut with Thick Fringe

This short choppy cut with a thick fringe offers a young, updated spin on your classic crop style. A great option to get rid of some excess hair and still look well-styled for the summer months!

Voluminous Scruffy Edgar Bowl Cut on Guys with Thicker Hair
Instagram @suadis.centrobenessere

#17: Voluminous Scruffy Bowl Cut

The voluminous, scruffy bowl cut is popular amongst young men and streetwear enthusiasts. This haircut offers the cleanliness of a taper fade with the relaxed nature of a scissor haircut. After receiving this haircut, I recommend taking a volume powder home to style. Sprinkle in the crown area and build height using your hands!

Wavy Edgar Cut with Temp Skin Fade for Thick-Haired Men
Instagram @javicuhhtz

#18: Wavy Edgar Cut with Temp Skin Fade

Check out this wavy Edgar cut with a temp skin fade! I can’t think of a better way to show off your naturally defined waves than to grow out the top and back. Just remember to ask for a taper around the ears. Throw a bit of curl cream in your waves to instantly elevate your new shape and style.

Modern Edgar Cut for Guys with Wavy Hair
Instagram @capo.boroja

#19: Modern Edgar Cut with Waves

It appeared first in European streetwear and parts of the UK. The modern Edgar cut has been a hair trend in the USA. And it’s a much-needed break from many of the classic slick back styles we’ve seen over the last few years. I suggest talking with your favorite barber about how this style would work best for you.

Edgar Cut with Textured Top and Straight Fringe for Boys with Glasses
Instagram @cozmin1104

#20: Edgar Cut with Textured Top and Straight Fringe

Did this Edgar cut with a textured top and straight fringe catch your eye? If so, that is probably because this haircut has been a popular option for men’s hair over the last year. It offers a break from many of the slick back styles we’ve seen over the last few years. Ask your barber for a blunt fringe and a taper fade on the sides. This with a bit of matte clay distributed evenly through the top will help you achieve this look easily.

Short Edgar Mullet with Micro Bangs and Textured Top for Men
Instagram @cjcuts3

#21: Short Edgar Mullet

Check out this short Edgar mullet! Mullet and shag haircuts have been very popular, and this goes to show that means for guys and girls alike. This haircut offers a more relaxed feel than some of the more high and tight, and faded haircuts we have been seeing over the last few years. I recommend a salt spray or a volume powder to add height and volume to accentuate this style.

Tapered Edgar Haircut with Beard for Guy's Wavy Hair
Instagram @illusion.barbers

#22: Tapered Edgar Haircut with Beard

Nothing lies up the loose ends on a fresh new haircut than a good beard cleanup added to the mix. So if this sounds like what you need, then you should try out this tapered Edgar haircut with a beard edge up. This offers you a relaxed yet cleaned-up barbered silhouette. Show this to your barber on your next visit if this is what you have been searching for.

#23: Thick Bowl Haircut with Nape Line Design

Accent your face and hairline with this thick bowl cut with a nape line design. This haircut defines your face with straight lines. But it also adds volume to the back and leaves room for a fun design. Additionally, you get the benefit of the taper to leave you feeling clean and sharp around the face.

Edgar Tapered Nape with Textured Crown on Guys with Brown Hair
Instagram @borawski.m_cut

#24: Tapered Nape with Textured Crown

Did this tapered nape with a textured crown catch your eye? A haircut like this offers a great shape and texture. Yet it allows for a clean fade through the nape and temples for cleanliness while the blunt fringe contours the forehead. I recommend this haircut if you don’t mind playing with extra length through the top and sides. Style with matte clay for texture.

Straight Edgar Cut with Long Top for Gents with Thicker Hair
Instagram @cmbbarbershop

#25: Straight Edgar Cut with Long Top

Maybe you’ve been looking at fade haircuts but don’t like going too short. If that’s the case, check out this straight Edgar haircut with a long top. This haircut offers tapered temples and a nape that supports the length on top to keep the forehead covered. Best for anyone who wants a clean yet textured feel.

#26: Bowl Cut with Short Fringe and Sides

This bowl cut with a short fringe and sides has started to appear everywhere and on everyone. While the crop haircut has always been popular, this shape offers an edgy option to your classic men’s cut.

Tousled Edgar Style with Low Drop Fade on Men's Dense Hair
Instagram @_mkcutz

#27: Tousled Edgar Style with Low Drop Fade

Are you interested in a longer length up top while maintaining a faded look on the sides? If you do, I recommend this tousled Edgar style with a low drop fade. Perfect for anyone who wants to show off some waves up top with a sharp fade to keep it clean.

#28: Bowl Cut with High Bald Taper and Blunt Bangs

This bowl cut with a high bald taper and blunt bangs is a perfect example of this style executed by a master barber. This haircut can suit most dudes. But it works better with Asian, Indigenous, and Latino straight and coarse hair types.

Are you thinking about getting an Edgar haircut? This men’s hairstyle has been gaining popularity recently. But how do you ensure this style suits your hair type and face shape? To help you out, we spoke with expert barber Anthony Giannotti, who shared his tips and tricks for achieving the perfect Edgar haircut.

Meet The Expert

Anthony Giannotti
Anthony Giannotti
Anthony is a barber with over 17 years of experience
You can find Anthony at his barber shops in Sacramento, CA.

Suitable for All Hair Types and Textures

The first thing to note about the Edgar haircut is that it is very versatile and can work for just about any hair type or texture. According to Giannotti, “The design of the haircut is to look somewhat, if not very, messy. Almost all hair types look well disheveled, the ‘I woke up this way’ theory.”

Face Shapes and Considerations

When it comes to face shapes, the Edgar hairstyle is intended to be very square, which can help enhance most face and head shapes. However, Giannotti cautions against having the blend, which connects the fade and the top, pushed too high. “If you get the corners, technically known as the parietal ridge, rounded, it can give a real Spock type of look, and that’s not the vibe,” he advises. It’s also important to have the person doing the cut point cut into the bangs to give them depth and texture, rather than just layering them, which can give you “perfect Betty Page bangs” – a look that nobody wants.

Styling Tips and Product Recommendations

To style the Edgar haircut, Giannotti recommends using a product that will give a very dry, natural finish. He recommends Victory Crown Barber Co Matte Clay Pomade or Texture Spray. For a matte finish, a towel dries your hair thoroughly and works a dime-sized amount of the Matte Clay Pomade through your hair. Use your fingers to piece apart strands to create an even more messy look. The Texture Spray should also be used on dry hair and sprayed 8-12 inches from your head. Be careful not to overdo it – a few seconds of spraying should suffice. After coating the hair, run your hands through it to give it lift and style.

Pictures of the Coolest Edgar Haircuts