42 Fresh Disconnected Undercut Examples + 2022 How to Guide

The disconnected undercut haircut is when you have long hair on top and short hair on the sides. Instead of blending the sides with the hair on top, there’s a sharp contrast or transition between the two that creates a disconnection, hence the name “disconnected undercut.” In this way, the two sides are separated and it really makes this an edgy look right now.

Further Defining the Disconnect and Undercut:

This disconnection is usually called a hard part line or surgical line. Longer hair is usually styled by either having it slicked back or back and to the side, which is called a modern quiff. The length of the undercut is best when your hair touches anywhere between your eyebrows and the bottom of your chin.

These short haircuts and styles are sure to be a hit with young boys, hipsters, and men in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. You’ll see a mix of styles from pompadours, side parts, messy, quiffs, casual and formal. Whether your hair is thick, thin, thinning, wavy, curly or fine, you’ll find a cool haircut for you.

fading disconnected undercuts

Types of Fades for a Disconnected Undercut

Typically, there will be a slight fade on the sides and back leading up to the line separating it from the top. Lately, the fade has been getting shorter.

Some men prefer a bald fade at the bottom and some prefer a more gradual fade, up to a size 1 guard near the top. If you’re a guy who’s not comfortable with a disconnected bald fade, then ask your barber for the clipper to be set between #1 and #3.

A more modern look is to have a taper fade at the bottom, to give your undercut a more natural and clean style.

what to tell your barber

How To Ask a Barber for a Disconnected Undercut

How to style a disconnected undercut

How to Style a Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle:

  1. Start with wet hair and add a control and volumizing product, also known as a pre-styler that sets the foundation.
  2. Take a brush or comb and blowdry from front to back or to the side and back until your hair is dry.
  3. Use a quarter-size amount of clay wax with a matte finish, texture clay, or a pomade and rub all through your hair.
  4. Either use a comb to comb it back for a clean look or use your fingers for a more casual, messy look.
  5. Finish with a holding spray if you plan on being a little more active that day.

Before your next haircut, check out these photos of the most popular disconnected undercut men’s hairstyles:

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Long and Casual Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle

Long and Casual Disconnected Undercut Hairstyle
Undercut by @kylelieberman

What’s great about a long and casual disconnected undercut hairstyle is it can either be sleek or textured, depending on your mood.

Layered Disconnected Undercut Style

Layered disconnected undercut style
Instagram @seniorsasan

Layered disconnected undercut style is an edgy variation to the traditional undercut. Tapered fade on the side that isn’t too high comes highly recommended with this cut. To get this cut correctly, ask your stylist to avoid using scissors for the top. A precise razor cut on top would give the hair the right amount of texture that this style needs.

The Popular and Original Skin High Fade Disconnected Undercut

The Popular and Original Skin High Fade Disconnected Undercut
Undercut by @alanmainster

This disconnected undercut is matched with a high skin fade for a neat and easy-to-style look. Men with a beard can totally rock an edgy style such as this disconnected skin fade pompadour.

Combed Back Casual Disconnection

Combed Back Casual Disconnection
Undercut by @erichagberg

Achieve this combed-back disconnected style by making use of your best hair gel or pomade. Feel free to use the finger combing technique for a more natural effect.

Mid-Fade with High Volume Undercut

Mid Fade With High Volume Undercut
Undercut by @wuuulli

Gentlemen with any hair type and texture will enjoy wearing this mid-fade cut with a high volume undercut. The faded sides give thick hair a neater finish, while the volume at the top makes thin hair seem fuller.

Low & Disconnected Cut with Very Short Sides

Low & Disconnected Cut With Very Short Sides

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s easy to style and maintain, go for a low and disconnected one with very short sides. Match it with a beard for a balanced stylish effect.

Disconnected Short Comb Over Haircut

A short disconnected undercut comb over
Instagram @philyscuts

A disconnected short comb over haircut is a perfect option for guys who love sleek hairstyles!

Faux Hawk Undercut

Faux Hawk Disconnected Haircut
Instagram @hagopart

A faux hawk undercut never fails to provide an edgy appearance. It looks very masculine when paired with a beard.

Combed Forward Undercut

Combed Forward Undercut
Instagram @singandstyle

This combed forward disconnected undercut can be compared to an old-school bowl cut. It was created by barber Kendal Strong of Fayetteville, AR.

Strong mentions, “I love the contrast between the harsh, structured lines and the soft, airy texture on top.”

Strong suggests, “The round shape of this cut could add too much emphasis to round face shape. If you’re looking for a way to spice up a short hair cut, this is definitely a fun option.”

Undercut with Long Surgical Disconnected Line

Undercut with long surgical line
Undercut by @criminal_barber

Opt for an undercut with a long surgical disconnected line for an up-to-date style that will benefit men with thicker locks.

Disconnected Undercut with Tall Quiff on Top

Disconnected Undercut with Tall Quiff on Top
Undercut by @marianodivaio

This disconnected undercut with quiff flatters men with thick hair and would look great on casual occasions.

Low Fade Pompadour Undercut

An low fade with a pompadour undercut
Undercut by @andyauthentic

A disconnected low fade pompadour undercut is sure to look great on men with a natural straight hair texture.

Brushed Back Undercut

brushed back undercut
Undercut by @titan_barber

This brushed back undercut has a piece-y texture, which makes it unique and in style. Recreate the look by pinching strands with a bit of hair product on the fingers.

Long Hair with Disconnected Undercut Bald Sides

Long Hair With Disconnected Undercut Bald Sides
Undercut by @braidbarbers

Undercut sides are a great and stylish option for gentlemen with long hair, wanting a fresh chop without losing a lot of length.

Combover Disconnected Pompadour with Line-Up

Combover Disconnected Pompadour with Line-Up
Undercut by @_mannys

Isn’t this combover disconnected pompadour unique? The line-up is what makes it stand out, for sure.

The Perfect Short Piece-y Low Faded Undercut

The Perfect Short Piece-y Low Faded Undercut
Undercut by @willsalon

For guys with thicker hair, try this piece-y low faded undercut. It looks appealing with or without the beard.

Medium Undercut & Messy Hair

Medium Undercut & Messy Hair
Undercut by @braidbarbers

This medium undercut, paired with a messy style, screams extreme edginess! Achieved a textured finish like in this medium-length hair using a good clay product.

Swept-Up with Disconnected Short Tapered Sides

Swept Up With Disconnected Short Tapered Sides
Haircut by @jordan_king30

Here’s a swept-up hairstyle with disconnected short tapered sides for men who want a textured yet neat finish.

Side-Swept Disconnected Undercut with a Deep Hard Part

Side-Swept Disconnected Undercut With a Deep Hard Part
Haircut by @horatiuthebarber

A good pomade is sure to be your best friend when wanting to achieve a sleek side-swept disconnected undercut with a hard part style like this.

California Thick Wavy Undercut

California Thick Wavy Undercut
Haircut by @viktorfrisks

A California thick wavy undercut gives men’s hair movement and soft texture. It can flatter men with a square face shape or with a strong jawline.

Disconnected Undercut Slicked Back Style

Disconnected Undercut Slicked Back Style
Haircut by @sr4oficial

Of course, slicked back and disconnected undercut can result in a fashionable trend! This will sweep ladies off their feet.

Disconnected Undercut for Thin Hair

Disconnected Undercut for Thin Hair
Haircut by @napolesbarbershop

This is an ideal disconnected undercut for thin hair that’s very easy to style. Short-length cuts like this will make it appear fuller and thicker.

Disconnected Undercut for Thick Hair

Disconnected Undercut for Thick Hair
Haircut by @lianos_urban_cutz

A disconnected undercut for thick hair, if brushed up, offers a voluminous effect that boosts its texture. It works on both straight and wavy hair texture.

Disconnected Undercut with Man Bun

Disconnected Undercut with Man Bun
Haircut by @eddie_rtb

Give your man bun a disconnected undercut for a clean and fresher style.

Textured with a Mid-Fade Undercut

Textured With Mid-Fade Undercut
Haircut by @ayozecastellano

This textured hair with a mid-fade undercut features a swooping effect to flatter gentlemen with a heart or square face shape.

Undercut with Side Part and Beard

Undercut With Side Part and Beard
Haircut by @flatmax

This disconnected undercut with side part is blended well into the beard, creating such a suave appearance.

Medium-Length Undercut Wavy Hair

Medium-Length Undercut Wavy Hair
Haircut by @r.braid

To provide your undercut wavy hair the maximum texture it needs, use a salon-grade salt spray or styling cream.

Disconnected Low Razor Part With Long Fringe

Disconnected Low Razor Part With Long Fringe
Haircut by @casquero_officialbarber

This disconnected haircut features sharp lines for a smart, trendy look that’s easy to mimic.

Disconnected Forward Facing Long Wavy Hair

Disconnected Forward Facing Long Wavy Hair
Haircut by @beholdthybarber

Pairing long wavy hair with a disconnected undercut helps to show off the volume even better.

Disconnected Undercut for Curly Hair

Disconnected Undercut for Curly Hair
Haircut by @jakebbarber

Disconnected curls offer a clean and tight look, for sure. When styling, choose a salt spray to boost its texture.

Cool Textured Waves & Disconnected Shaved Sides

Cool Textured Waves & Disconnected Shaved Sides
Haircut by @vazgen.oga

Textured waves and disconnected shaved sides go well together, creating a nice balanced look. Feel free to pair it with a beard for an added appeal.

Natural Twists with Line Designs

Natural Twists With Line Designs
Instagram @z_ramsey

Get a tight disconnected cut that is surprisingly easy to pull off! A long surgical line paired with a neat line-up make a cool hair design if you wanna feel confident and fresh!

Disconnected Long Straight Hair Pomp

Disconnected Long Straight Hair Pomp
Instagram @marconybarber

Add disconnect to a long, straight pompadour with a shaved line for a sharp and finish.

Spiky Textured Disconnected Undercut

Spiky Textured Disconnected Undercut
Instagram @juanmapeluka

Another disconnected undercut that younger men must try. This spiky haircut and style give thick locks fullness and texture without looking bulky.

Short Pompadour for Straight Hair

Short Pompadour for Straight Hair
Instagram @linothebarber

A short disconnected pompadour like this is ideal for medium to thick hair density. Use a pomade or clay when styling it for a sleek result.

Asian Undercut Fade

Asian Undercut Fade

This Asian undercut fade offers a clean finish without sacrificing some length. Guys with a long face shape would look great with this haircut.

Disconnected Cut to Hide Receding Hairline

Disconnected Cut to Hide Receding Hairline
Instagram @camillemoore.s

When in need of a haircut to cover a receding hairline, here’s a variation of disconnected undercut that works for any hair type and texture.

A Gentleman Undercut

A Gentleman Undercut
Instagram @jesuszambrana_barber

Who says a sleek disconnected undercut is boring? This hair trend is perfect for men who prefer a clean and classy style.

Disconnected Cut with Asymmetrical Fringe

Disconnected Cut with Asymmetrical Fringe
Instagram @jesuszambrana_barber

For a modern and very stylish look, here’s a disconnected undercut with fringe that’s worth a try!

Undercut for Men with Long Curly Hair

Undercut for Men with Long Curly Hair
Instagram @miamihairmel

Don’t be afraid to go under the razor with a buzz cut of your own. The wavy, long hair does the job of giving you all the body.

Disconnected Military Undercut

This disconnected military undercut is a very classic, timeless style with a little modern twist. Barber Travis Hill of Oregon created this chop and calls this a classic side-part with a mid-bald fade.

“It’s also one of the most popular hairstyles for men. This style is a pretty attractive hairstyle on most head shapes. You can associate it with a man who is passionate about looking nice,” Hill claims.

This disconnected style could be for a man who enjoys extensively styling their hair. Hill says this hairstyle works best with straight hair. But for curly hair, Hill uses Clay-Pomade by Baxter of California to achieve this disconnected style.

Disconnected Undercut with Skin Fade for Thinning Hair

In this disconnected haircut for thinning hair, stylist Mackey Atkinson shows off a great artistic side and attention to detail.

The Alabama-based stylist says, “I love the texture on the top and the fading with a dramatic disconnected style.”

This haircut can be high-maintenance. To keep up the skin fade, Atkinson recommends a touch-up every 2 weeks.

“I love seeing this on guys with curly hair. I would not recommend this for men looking for haircuts for thin/fine hair or who have a highly progressed receding hairline. If you have facial hair, fading your beard into the cut is a perfect way to tie it all in,” he states.