107 of the Best Curly Hairstyles for Men (Haircut Ideas)

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

There are tons of curly hairstyles for men to choose from. Even though hairstyles for curly hair can be hard to manage, there’s no need to cut all of your hair off. With the right cut and product for your unique texture, you can have an awesome-looking style at almost any length.

Get some inspiration and pick out your cool cut below to show your barber or stylist. Here are the best curly hairstyles for men:


#1: Long Curly Hair with Side Part

Here’s a simple long curly haircut with a side part that you must try! Let your dark hair grow, and paint some blonde highlights if you want a bit of brightness. Longer and tight curls need love more than any other hair texture. Thus, always find a product that provides intense moisture for your curls to prevent dryness.

Popular Natural Curls for Men
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#2: Popular Natural Curls

If you have natural curls, a defined coil hairstyle can be a stylish choice. This look lets your curls stand out while giving your hair shape. Men with any type of curl, from loose waves to tighter coils, will find this style suits them. Use the right hair products to get this look. Choose those made for curly hair, like moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Regular haircuts will keep your style sharp and prevent frizz. Choose a defined coily hairstyle and show off your unique curls.

#3: Curly Afro with the Perfect Ringlets

Afro hair can form perfect ringlets, but it needs special products. Do some research to find a skilled barber or hairdresser suitable for Afro hair. If you’re looking for the right person, social media can be useful. We often display our work there.

Suave Ringlets for Men
Instagram @novaperruquers

#4: Suave Ringlets

Curls need control, so these suave ringlets have been styled specifically to combat frizz. To wear your hair naturally, you must follow a certain process to achieve these ringlets. Start from the beginning: wash with a controlling shampoo, and while damp, apply some curling cream or mousse. I recommend letting it dry naturally, as too much heat can result in unwanted frizz.

#5: Old School Curly Mullet

Looking for a new curly hairstyle that is both special and versatile? You might fancy an old-school curly mullet. This hairstyle has longer hair at the back and a fringe that surrounds your face. The curly mullet brings a bold, retro style that is great for men with natural curls or waves. You can also alter it to feature a fade or undercut for more texture and contrast. To keep this look, ensure your hair stays well-conditioned. Regularly visiting your hair stylist every 6-8 weeks for a cut and shape-up is advisable. To style it, apply a curl-defining product and let your hair air dry or diffuse for clear curly effects.

Curly Burst Fade Haircut for Men
Instagram @eastonhair

#6: Curly Burst Fade Haircut

The curly burst fade haircut is a stylish mix of the classic burst fade buzz cut and natural curls. It is a versatile choice for men. This haircut gradually fades from short to long on the sides. The top and back are left longer to show curly hair’s natural texture and bounce. The faded sides give this haircut a clean look. The curls on top add personality. The curly burst fade suits men with thick, curly hair who want a trendy yet easy-to-maintain look.

Curly Mullet with Shaved Sides for Men
Instagram @barberfirmat

#7: Curly Mullet with Shaved Sides

The curly mullet with shaved sides is a stylish hairstyle that blends the classic mullet form with a fresh angle. This hairstyle has long, curly hair at the top tapering towards the neck, with shaved sides for contrast. The curly mullet is a good choice for men with natural curls. It gives an edgy feel to their look. Although it is best suited for thick, curly hair, it can also work with most hair textures.

#8: Faded Cut with Dimensional Curls

Master your curly locks with the 3 P’s: Practice, Patience, and Product. Curls can sometimes have a mind of their own so this is where your patience and patience will come in. Don’t give up; just try again! Product is going to be a major factor. You want to make sure you use something that will help frizz, hydration, and shape. Ask your stylist or barber for suggestions on how to care for hairstyles for men with curly hair.

Spiral Curly Hair with Front Pieces for Guys
Instagram @socialmedhi

#9: Spiral Curly Hair with Front Pieces

Curls can come in many different shapes. This spiral curly hair with front pieces is a good example of curly hairstyles men love. It has been cut in a technique that we call short graduation. This means that the base of the neck is the shortest point and it gradually gets longer up to the fringe. Spiral curls do generally sit well naturally without any products. If you want to use anything then I would use some mousse or curling cream.

Piece-y Curls and Side Taper Fade for Guys
Instagram @different_style_a.t

#10: Piece-y Curls and Side Taper Fade

Side taper fades are a quick and easy way to give you that “fresh cut” haircut for men with curly hair. It’s the smaller, fine details of a haircut that bring the whole look together. This is also a great technique if you’re looking to keep a good amount of your length.

Men's Low Fade and Sharp Line-Up on Black Hair
Instagram @kabandacoupe

#11: Low Fade and Sharp Line-Up on Black Hair

A low taper fade is a perfect option for a guy who wants to keep a lot of their length. If you have facial hair, this option can be blended into your beard line. It will create a flawless flow between your beard and haircut. If you are seeing a barber, ask them to use a straight razor to give you the crispiest, cleanest line up.

Mini Quiff on Curled Hair for a Man
Instagram @kabandacoupe

#12: Mini Quiff on Curled Hair

Accentuate your curls by keeping length on top and fading the sides! A low bald fade will bring an edginess to your cut that will also draw attention to the softer length on top. Make your curls pop by finishing with a shiny pomade.

Layered Cut with Waves and Curls for Guys
Instagram @takihodi

#13: Layered Cut with Waves and Curls

A layered cut with waves and curls shows that looser curls can be kept under control and frizz kept at bay. This style has been cut to one length with a little more at the base of the neck. And, some layers have been cut into it to give a little shape. The front has been dried straight to hold it in position and held with some light product like hairspray. A quick spray will add a layer of hold to the rest of the style.

Very Short Afro Fade for Men with Curly Hair
Instagram @kabandacoupe

#14: Very Short Afro Fade

If you’re looking for a short style for your hair then this very short afro fade may be what you’re looking for. It has been faded down to skin around the ears and then blended at the midpoint. This creates a transition into the short top. With the blend at the mid point it allows the barber to line in the temple arch which compliments the fringe line up. This leaves a very sharp finish to a curly mens haircut.

Curly Blowout Hairstyle for Men
Instagram @sbhm_stylists

#15: Curly Blowout Hairstyle

If you are looking for a curly style with more length, then this curly blowout hairstyle may be the one for you. This has been cut into a short graduation. This means that the hair is at its shortest point at the base of the neck. And it gradually gets longer up to the front of the fringe. Volume has been styled into this. I would recommend using a volume spray and scrunch-drying it in. This would be enough product to give you an all day hold.

#16: Choppy Curls with an Undercut Fade

If you want to keep length only on the top, ask your barber to shape the top and fade the sides. An undercut on the sides will also help keep length on the top. The sides aren’t blended into the top like a normal fade is. Ask about products to enhance the texture of your curls.

Men's side-swept curls
Instagram @danillomoretti

#17: Men’s Side-Swept Curls

A natural pompadour is a great way to keep your curly locks long and stylish. Ask your barber or stylist to show you how to style it without a part, giving it an effortless look. Pair this style with a low taper fade haircuts to give it a clean finish.

Bearded Fade on a Short Curly Mullet for Men
Instagram @gusmacbarber

#18: Bearded Fade on a Short Mullet

Mullets have made a massive come back in the last few years. A classic twist on one is this bearded fade on a short mullet. You will see that the sides have been taken tight around the ears and then faded out in to the beard for a nice flow. The sides have then been blended heavily into the top with a slight disconnection. This allows for more length to be left on top to style. Use a pomade to style on top. It will give you a glossy finish and hold the curls tightly.

Shaved Temple with Curled Hair and Fringe for Guys
Instagram @gentlemens.everydaybarber

#19: Shaved Temple with Curled Hair and Fringe

Modern day mullets are trending high right now, especially for men! This is an awesome style if you have curly hair, as it will take no effort for you to create a textured look. The best way to create a modern mullet is to taper the sides short while keeping the back long. Ask your barber or stylist for tips.

Mid Skin Fade with Dense Curls for Men
Instagram @hentoroso

#20: Mid Skin Fade with Dense Curls

Dense, curly hair can sometimes be difficult to manage. A great men’s style for this type of hair density would be a mid skin fade. This will get rid of a lot of weight while keeping your cut looking clean and fresh. Dense hair is generally pretty easy to fade so you will just need to determine what length you want to keep the top. Ask your stylist or barber for tips.

Textured Curly Hair with Sharp Faded Sides for Men
Instagram @cultbarbers

#21: Textured Curly Hair with Sharp Faded Sides

A popular style is a textured curly top with sharp faded sides. The back and sides have been faded to the skin around the ears and nape of the neck. Then disconnected from the top. This way of cutting allows more length to be left to style the curls. If too much is taken off the top you will run the risk of the center being too heavy and you’ll be left with a faux hawk. I recommend using a styling cream and letting it dry naturally to avoid frizz.

Chin-Length Curly Cut with Layers for Men
Instagram @_realooks

#22: Chin-Length Curly Cut with Layers

Long surfer hair has always been in style. This chin-length curly cut with layers is an option for you. It has been cut using a variety of techniques such as club and point cutting. If your hair is thick, then it can be thinned to help take the weight out and ease your styling regime. To style, I would recommend using a curling cream on slightly damp hair. Leave it to dry naturally, and avoid brushing it as it will cause frizz.

Long Faux Hawk Cut with Curls for Men
Instagram @luxedevilsalon

#23: Long Faux Hawk Cut with Curls

If you’re looking for a haircut that allows you to go shorter while also keeping length, consider a faux hawk. This cut will give you the best of both worlds—a nice fade on the sides with length on top and in the back. Not quite a full mullet status, but pretty close! This is a great hairstyle for any guy who has curly hair. Ask your stylist or barber for tips on styling.

Curly Crop Cut for Guys
Instagram @themaneartist

#24: Curly Crop Cut

If you’re looking for a way to still enjoy your curls and a short cut as well, consider a curly crop cut. This will allow you to keep your curly locks on top while enjoying the sharpness of a fade on the rest of your hair. Some styling tips for your curls would be to try a curl cream, something to enhance the shape. Then finish with either air drying or a diffuser. This will allow your curls to dry in shape without any frizz!

Curled Fluffy Haircut for Men
Instagram @alketacoiffeur

#25: Curled Fluffy Haircut

Longer hair can be cut and styled into a variety of styles. This curled fluffy haircut is an example of something different. It has been cut in what we call a uniform layer, meaning all of the hair is the same length. This cut has been styled with volume. To emulate this, I recommend scrunch drying some volume spray in. Then, finish off with hairspray to hold.

Temple Undercut on Curly Copper Hair for Guys
Instagram @aktdoa

#26: Temple Undercut on Curly Copper Hair

Sometimes the best haircuts for guys with curly hair are created by combining different techniques. This allows for unique hairstyles. By keeping length on top and in the back, you create the shape of a mullet. While tapering the sides gives the effect of an undercut or fade. If you’re looking for something new, ask your barber or stylist to try this look on you.

#27: Gradual Fade with Curly Top

The easiest way to get a clean haircut is to go with a fade. This technique is customizable and can be altered based on how short you want to go, as well as how high. A gradual fade allows for a natural grow out.  If you want to keep the length on top, ask your barber for products and styling tips.

#28: Brushed-Up Curly Hair

Curls are a great way to get volume, and this brushed-up curly hairstyle utilizes curls to get the height. The hair has been cut in short graduation. This means shorter at the nape of the neck, transitioning into a long fringe. Curls can get unruly, so avoid using bushes too often. The easiest way to style this is to dry some volume spray at the front scrunching to keep your curls together. Finish off with some hairspray for extra hold.

#29: Slick Back Style with Curls

Longer hairstyles can have an added edge with curls. Just keep it manageable with a curly slicked-back style. With longer hair, you may want to use a lighter product. This will work if you have a tendency to run your fingers through your hair. With some of my clients, I use argan oil to style. This will give you a light hold and also condition your hair at the same time. Use it sparingly, though. Too much will make your hair greasy, and the slicked-back top will become unmanageable.

#30: Medium Cut on Thick Curls

Curls can come in many forms, some tight and some loose. The density of your hair will also play a factor in the product used and styles achieved. Some time and effort have been spent on this medium cut on thick curls. To keep your hair in place, avoid using a brush on curls like this as over-brushing will cause frizz. I would recommend using a mousse or curling cream while your hair is damp and leave it to dry naturally.

Modern Short Mullet with Tousled Top for Men
Instagram @hairbyaudr3y

#31: Modern Short Mullet with Tousled Top

Mullets are on trend again, and modern takes on the style appear more and more. The sides have been taken shorter around the ears and some length in the back. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend using a brush, but to achieve this finish, you will need one. Shampoo your hair so it’s easier to style. Dry some holding spray into your hair scrunching the top. Then, apply the styling product and brush both sides of the back into the center.

Natural Soft Curls on Thin Hair for Men
Instagram @cutsbysen

#32: Natural Soft Curls on Thin Hair

Even loose curls can be styled to make the most of them, and these natural soft curls on thin hair are a formal example. This style is a modern take on the classic crop. It has been styled forward in the same way and the curls are manipulated to sit softly on the forehead. If you want a softer finish then a lighter product like a volume spray will work. Finish off with a light styling cream that will give you a lighter finish.

Edgy Mullet Mohawk for Guys
Instagram @katekate_hair

#33: Edgy Mullet Mohawk

This edgy mullet mohawk is a good example of how two styles can be combined for a different finished style. With a style like this, the wearer can keep it real and at the same time add a bit of edge to his look. There are a few products that can be used, but a classic one is mousse. Just massage a good handful into your curls and then scrunch dry it. Generally, this will be enough, but you can add a bit of hairspray for added hold.

Mens Comb Over Style on Long Curly Hair
Instagram @acapella_hair

#34: Comb Over Style on Long Curly Hair

Curls need looking after more than your average straight hair. Even a long curly comb-over style needs the right products. The key is to use the right products. Otherwise, you can end up with frizz. A curling cream creates much more together curls even for a masculine look. A very common misconception is that you need to brush curls to stop the matting. Although in part that is correct, over-brushing will frizz it. Ask your hair professional for product advice.

Undercut Loose Perm for Men
Instagram @j.gimm

#35: Undercut Loose Perm

If your hair is straight you can still get curls, this loose perm with undercut may be the perfect style for you. With undercuts, the top is completely sectioned off. Your barber will give your side and back a short buzz with clippers. The section then left on top will be given a perm. Remember, the smaller the rods, the tighter the curl so be sure to be clear on how curly you want to go.

Curly Hi-Top Fade for Men
Instagram @different_style_a.t

#36: Curly Hi-Top Fade

Curls do range in tightness, some are super tight, and some are more of a wave. This curly hi-top fade is more on the tighter side. To maintain it in its best condition use the products recommended by your barber. With the tighter curls, I find it easier to apply product such as a curling cream or argan oil to damp hair. Then, simply let it dry naturally. Try not to use too much oil in your hair as it will be greasy to touch.

Curly Burst Fade Cut with Short Bangs for Guys
Instagram @jessicaevelym_

#37: Curly Burst Fade Cut with Short Bangs

More guys are being inventive with their styles now as can be seen with this curly burst fade with short bangs. This style is meant to be a head turner. Keeping it short around the ears, leaving length on top giving a bold and sharp finish. It has been faded to the shortest clipper length to look polished. A matte effect has been created on top, I would recommend a sea salt spray and a styling powder for maximum hold.

Sharp Skin Fade and Curls for Guys
Instagram @abdo_5aretaa

#38: Sharp Skin Fade and Curls

This sharp skin fade and curls are a good example of a clean tidy finish and easy to maintain every day. The top has been disconnected from the sides, the reason for this is to make the most of the curls and complete the look. Do not brush the curls as this will create unwanted frizz as will add time and stress to your day. The easiest way to style is to scrunch some pomade into the curls while your hair is damp and leave it to dry naturally.

Tapered Cut and Highlighted Curls for Guys
Instagram @styled.by.makayla_

#39: Tapered Cut and Highlighted Curls

A small amount of color can change the look of a cut as can be seen with this tapered cut and highlighted curls. The hair on the sides and back have been taken short and tapered heavily into the curls to make the most of the style. The hairline has been cut in all around the head for a sharp finish. Tapered cuts are all the rage at the moment, so many barbers will be able to do this.

Faded Voluminous Curls with a Beard Lineup for Men
Instagram @delpierobarber

#40: Faded Voluminous Curls with a Beard Lineup

A lot of curly styles are disconnected at the top as can be seen with this faded voluminous curls with beard line up. This is a very popular style at the moment. Most will ask for tips on how to get the hair long, but the truth of it is to leave the hair to grow. It has been faded to skin quite low and this works leaving a small amount of length to blend into the top and the beard. A small amount styling powder is more than enough for a natural finish.

Drop Fade on Perm Hair for Guys
Instagram @barber.romar

#41: Drop Fade on Perm Hair

There are options for men with straight hair for curls as is shown in this drop fade on perm hair. A perm is a great option. You can have those curls in the exact place that you want leaving enough straight hair to create a nice fade. Level up with wax for a glossy but strong hold to keep it in place throughout your day. Some barbershops do over services like perms but you may find you will need to get it done separately.

#42: Sharp Fade with Shaved Line

Skin fades have become more popular over time, a good example is this sharp fade with a shaved line. The simplest of designs can be effective, this one has been shaved in with a cut throat razor to make it stand out more. This will work for all styles no matter the color of the density of your hair. That curly hair has been disconnected and shaped in to a flat top, the tighter the curls the better the volume. A small amount of hair oil will finish off this dapper look.

Piece-y Curly Bangs on Short Hair for Men
Instagram @shadmehri.mohammd

#43: Piece-y Curly Bangs on Short Hair

When you style curls, you can separate sections to make a focal point as these curly bangs on short hair for dudes show. The side has been tapered quite tightly to leave as much length as possible for a relaxed look. When you style your curls, it’s best to use product and leave it to dry naturally. You can also heat style them but this will give volume and less control over your separate sections.

#44: Taper Fade Blowout

With some big curls, some guys do like to heat style them to create volume like this taper fade blowout. The base of the neck and the side burns have been tapered out quite tightly to leave as much of the hair on top as possible. Personally, I would use a sea salt spray and dry it in when styling. That will give you more volume and use a styling powder to leave a natural finish all day hold.

#45: Brown Curly Mullet with Blonde Tips

Mullets have risen again from the ashes, and guys are taking a more modern approach to them. This curly mullet has had a small side piece disconnected to leave as much length and volume as possible. There is a small amount of color applied toward the ends, and these work with dark tones to create a small ombre. This has been styled with curling cream to insinuate the curls.

Shaved Sides and Nape with Mini Curls for Guys
Instagram @bulu.it

#46: Shaved Sides and Nape with Mini Curls

Curls can give you so much volume and shape when styles as can be seen with these shaved sides and nape with mini curls. It has been taken down to skin at the midpoint and blended heavily in to the top to best work with the bangs and taper look. You can use many products to hold your curls in place. A good pomade with make your curls pop and give you a strong glossy hold for the day.

#47: Jaw-Length Loose Curls

Curls are great to create texture and volume as you can see with these jaw-length loose curls. It has been cut to keep it the same length all the way around. This suits an oval face shape as there is nothing for the base of the cut to draw attention to. It takes a bit of time to style this as it’s longer, a good way is to scrunch some curling cream into it and leave it to dry. You can create waves in your hair by brushing out, over brushing can cause frizz though.

Messy Style on Curly Short Hair for Guys
Instagram @greymatterla

#48: Messy Style on Curly Short Hair

Curls can be styled in many different ways. This messy style has been effortlessly molded into a natural look. What product you use makes a difference. A pomade will give you this glossy, natural look. Meanwhile, styling powder will give you looser curls and a matte finish. This has been taken down to a 0.5-1 grade, keeping it tight and fresh around the ears.

Side-Parted Sleek Curls for Men
Instagram @jmredgrave

#49: Side-Parted Sleek Curls

Some long styles need regular maintenance. So, if you choose to wear it down, consider these side-parted sleek curls. The main base of the style is to sweep the curly hair to one side. Some layers and thinning may have been done to create a haircut that is easier to manage. The best way to articulate your thoughts on a new style is to have a photo. This will make it easier for your barber to understand what you want.

#50: Medium Curly Quiff Hairstyle

Looser curls can give you a bit more volume if styled perfectly. This quiff hairstyle requires a bit of work but is manageable. It has been cut shorter at the nape of the neck and getting longer up to the fringe. I would rough dry some volume spray into it, then finish off with a light cream for hold. This leaves your hair pliable throughout the day.

Middle Part Style on Long Blonde Curls for Men
Instagram @hairbypucci

#51: Middle Part Style on Long Blonde Curls

Longer hair can be worn in many styles, such as a man bun or down, like in this middle part. Avoid brushing your hair dry as it will cause a lot of dense frizz, which will cause it to be out of control. It’s a process of going from short curly hair to long. But, with the right care and conditioning products, you can achieve it.

#52: Layered Cut with Defined Curls

With a cut like this, the attention will focus on your head shape so the layers need to be the right length. You need to discuss this with your barber. Layers cut in the wrong place can draw attention to features and face shapes that you don’t want them to.

Curly Crop Haircut with a Beard
Instagram @shearproof

#53: Curly Crop Haircut with a Beard

For a curly crop haircut, I recommend it’s disconnected from the sides, then faded into the beard. It has been taken down to a zero around the ears, keeping it sharp and neat, then blended to the disconnection. For you to style this easily, I would dampen your hair, then use some strong pomade and leave it to dry naturally. Too much heat styling can cause frizz and be out of control.

Disconnected Curly Cut with a Curved Razor Line for Men
Instagram @adribarbeiro

#54: Disconnected Curly Cut with a Curved Razor Line

A very popular style at the moment is this disconnected curly cut with a curved razor line, the disconnection makes the most of the weight on top for more curls. The fade has been kept low to leave room for the razored design on the side. To style your ringlets, apply curling cream at the roots to the tip and avoid brushing it; otherwise, it will frizz, and no one wants big fluff!

Long Afro Hair with a Mohawk Cut for Guys
Instagram @mouseybrowne

#55: Long Afro Hair with a Mohawk Cut

This long afro hair with a mohawk is an example of the versatility of the afro Caribbean hair type. This style will have been left to grow out long with regular shaping around the ears to create the finished look. The textures of afro hair aid and complement the volume needed for the mohawk. Look for specific conditioner and styling products for this hair type, or, better yet, ask your barber.

Fancy Curls with Tapered Design and Bangs for Guys
Instagram @amir.ghahremanii22

#56: Fancy Curls with Tapered Design and Bangs

Some guys like disconnecting the top to get the most from their fancy curls. And when coupled with tapered design and bangs, you put a new twist on a popular style. The fade has been taken quite high into the disconnection, and a design finishes it nicely. To keep your curls under control, it takes time and effort to style in the mornings, so allow time to pull off this finish. With curls this size, I would use curling cream on damp hair and leave it to dry naturally.

Curly Tousled Top with Short Sides for Men
Instagram @ali_urk_kapper

#57: Curly Tousled Top with Short Sides

Some curls look good with a natural finish, like this tousled top with short sides that have been styled with nonglossy products. This youthful style has kept the sides quite low, keeping the top longer. You will need to see your barber regularly to trim up the sides and keep them fresh. To style, I would gently dry some sea salt spray in and use a styling powder to form the natural curl.

Heavy Angular Fringe on Faded Curly Hair for Dudes
Instagram @tady.striham.ja

#58: Heavy Angular Fringe on Faded Curly Hair

With curly hair, it can take longer to achieve the length as the bend in the hair can make it look shorter than it is. This heavy angular fringe has been disconnected from the faded curly hair. The thickness in your hair will help you to style your curls and make them sit nicely. There are a few products that can make your hair look like this, a glossy pomade will give you full shine or a matte paste will give you a less greasy finish.

#59: Deep Side-Parted Long Curls

Curly hair generally comes hand in hand with a thick type of hair. But, defined with the right products, it can be easier to control. These deep side-parted long curls have been coupled up with an undercut, and this will take a lot of the thickness out helping to provide ease of styling. The best thing about longer hair is you can create a variety of looks. All up in a man bun for a quick start to the day or you can spend more time styling it down for a completely different look.

#60: Blonde Curly Perm

Even guys with straight hair can achieve curls, as can be seen with this blonde curly perm. A perm is a chemical treatment so it needs taking care of. An easy way is to use hair-strengthening masks and a good conditioner. This style has been disconnected from the top, and this enables the top to be permed leaving the back and sides straight to get a good fade. To help style, apply a blob of curling cream and try to avoid heat styling to help take care of the condition of your hair.

Brushed Up Curly Hair with Shorter Sides and Nape for Guys
Instagram @sr.vybz

#61: Brushed Up Curly Hair with Shorter Sides and Nape

There are many ways to style curly hair; here, it’s brushed up with shorter sides and nape. You need to ensure not to brush your hair too much; otherwise, you will mess up your curls and end up with frizz. It’s easier to style if your hair is wet with a little product; brush up and dry the roots, then scrunch dry the ends to control your curls.

#62: Asymmetrical Curly Fringe and Taper Fade

With curls, you can create different lengths for an asymmetrical curly fringe and this look is finished off with a taper fade. This gives you an edgy appeal while controlling your top hair. The taper will need regular trips to the barber to keep it fresh and you will need to style it daily to get the desired look. I advise you to massage curling cream into your locks and leave it to dry naturally.

Extra Short Curls with a Taper Fade for Men
Instagram @getright.bymike

#63: Extra Short Curls with a Taper Fade

Check this out, extra short curls with a taper fade that has been taken down to the skin at the midpoint and faded up. You will need to give your curls some love. One method I have seen used is sponging. The barber will have an afro sponge and rub it gently in circular motions to finish off this stylish curly cut. I recommend seeing your barber every 2 weeks to keep the fade fresh.

#64: High Top Curly Hair

You can create height with curls to achieve this curly hair high top. Men’s grooming has evolved over the years and barbers are learning more styling techniques to go hand in hand with the cutting. To add height to your hair, I would add volume spray and dry it gently while scrunching to add extra curl. Most decent barbers will be able to advise the best products to use.

Curly Taper Fade with Highlights for Guys
Instagram @duxbarbiere

#65: Curly Taper Fade with Highlights

Coloring has become more popular with men, and a good way to experiment is with highlights. Mixed up with this curly taper fade, the finished style really pops. A good way to keep the highlights vibrant is to use a toning shampoo, this allows you to keep the color fresh. After washing, work some curling cream into the curly side and leave it to dry naturally to avoid frizz.

Long Rugged Curly Hair for Men
Instagram @kyleastadig

#66: Long Rugged Curly Hair

Some dudes opt for the long look as can be seen with this rugged curly hair, and you have many options with long curly hairstyles. You will see a lot of guys opting for the classic man bun which is an easy choice for a busy day or a variety of tied-back styles or even plaits that are widely popular. The best thing with curls is that you can make them the center of attention by working your curls to leave a nice mane of hair. A choice of styling would be a curling cream or mousse scrunched in and left to dry naturally.

Loose Curly Hair with a Gradual Fade for Dudes
Instagram @moserprospain

#67: Loose Curly Hair with a Gradual Fade

The loose curly hair with a gradual fade is a good style to pull off and relatively easy to maintain. This male look has been styled with extended hair strands on the forehead and the curls on top sit to create a natural finish. There has been a slight disconnection from the top to leave some weight to style the curls, and the fade around the ears keeps the finished look sharp and fresh. I would advise seeing your barber every two weeks to keep your look.

Textured Curls with Undercut and Fringe for Men
Instagram @spankthesinner

#68: Textured Curls with Undercut and Fringe

The textured curls with an undercut and fringe have been disconnected to leave as much weight as possible on top to create an attractive finish. Curls do need looking after and require some time to style to achieve the look for the day. The hair on this client is thick so some good product will be needed. Personally, I would scrunch some good pomade into it to maintain the style.

Bowl Cut with Spiral Curls for Men
Instagram @p_cachos

#69: Bowl Cut with Spiral Curls

This guy has very tight curls and this hairstyle is one of those that needs the right products to keep the condition of the hair. The bowl cut with spiral curls is best left un-brushed or combed otherwise, you will create a lot of frizz, and it will be hard to manage. I would advise finding a barber who has experience in tight curls or even an afro barber. The right product used all over your locks will complement your curls, and your barber will be able to advise the best way to go forward.

Curly Bob with Layers and Bangs for Guys
Instagram @bosnea.barber

#70: Curly Bob with Layers and Bangs

Barbering has evolved over the years with some taking hairdressing skills and putting them into their barbering skills to create longer styles like this curly bob with layers and bangs. The definition of bangs nowadays means structure on the side of your face, coupled with curls which will leave you with a great tangled finish. You will need to let your hair grow long to achieve this style but as you can see, it will be worth it.

#71: Beach Curls with a Razor Line

Beach curls are on trend this season and styled right you can get a lot of shape and fullness. The sides have been taken down to the skin, blended up to the midpoint, and a razor line has been shaved in. This eye-catching finish needs a lot of styling and you will have to set time aside to do it in the morning. There are many ways to control your curls, but the way I do it is to use a curling cream and either naturally dry it or use a diffuser on a low heat and low-speed setting. Avoid brushing your curls as this causes frizz.

#72: Bouncy Curls with Low Taper Fade

This look with a low taper fade really does complement your bouncy curls. The nape of the neck and sideburns have been tapered out to the skin. Opting for this will enable your style to grow out nicely. The hair in this shot is in great condition and there are many ways to maintain this. One way I would suggest is to dampen your hair down and scrunch a small amount of argan oil in. Leaving it to dry naturally will lock in moisture and keep your curls together.

Mid Curly Skin Fade for Men
Instagram @midou.hdm3

#73: Mid Curly Skin Fade

Curls are a growing trend, as can be seen in this mid-curly skin fade. The fade is kept quite low and blended heavily into the curls. This is more common with tighter curls for a better-finished shape. To get the look, it’s always advisable to show your barber a picture as this is the best way for us to see exactly what you want. Your barber will be able to point you in the right direction for styling products and may even stock them.

#74: Messy Curly Top with Tapered Sides

You are always best to go with your curls rather than fight them. To show off your curls, but if you want it off your ears, go for tapered sides with a messy curly top. You will need to learn how to style your curly hair to get the best of them and this is the way I would advise you to do so for this look. Damp your hair and massage some curling cream into the curls, then, using a diffuser on your dryer, tousle the curls on low heat and low speed. For this glossy finish, scrunch some pomade in at the end.

Coolest Short Curls for Men
Instagram @alan_beak

#75: Coolest Short Curls

Curls are on trend this season and these coolest short curls are no exception! More and more guys are embracing their curls so don’t be afraid to. This bowl-cut style has been cut in with scissors and kept out of the eyes for ease. If you don’t mess around or tousle your curls too much then you can avoid the frizz of constant touch. Some curls will sit nicely naturally or you can scrunch some argan oil into condition and hold them.

#76: Thick Curly Top

Thick curly tops are relatively easy to maintain as long as you get the right advice. The back and side have been taken down to the skin quite low, leaving enough for a sharp lineup and a heavy blend. One of the most common mistakes with curly hair is that guys brush them, and this causes frizz and leaves it out of control. It’s best to avoid drying your curls, but if you do, use a diffuser with your drier on medium heat and medium speed. I would advise a small amount of argan oil to help tame your curls.

Mid-Length Curls with Side Bangs for Men
Instagram @aoki_hair

#77: Mid-Length Curls with Side Bangs

Mid-length curls with bangs really do suit the gent that likes longer hair. The side has been cut into bangs to create a separate layer and draw attention away from the overall length, perfect for dudes that want a different style. The curls will need attending to daily to avoid frizz, there are so many decent products on the market now ranging from a simple curl-boosting moose to the afro Caribbean products to hold tight curls.

70s-Inspired Shag for Men with Curly Hair
Instagram @simondoylehair

#78: 70s-Inspired Shag

This 70’s inspired shag is a good example that variety is key in the barbering world. This was cut with scissors leaving more length in the back, while layering techniques were used to create the ‘shag’. Ask your barber for day-to-day styling tips to maintain your look and try to follow his/her advice for the best results. A good blow dry with a curling cream will give you the bounce and curl you desire.

Classic Curls with Shaved Sides for Men
Instagram @kapo_cabelos

#79: Classic Curls with Shaved Sides

Classic curls paired with shaved sides are a good style if you’re a dude with thick curly hair as there is no need to straighten and heat style your hair. The top has been disconnected from the sides and allowed to sit heavy, this helps to avoid too much volume and keeps control. Avoid blow drying your hair as it can cause frizziness and try to use a curling cream to keep the shape of your curls.

Men's Curly Short Flat Top Fro
Instagram @thebarberveteran

#80: Trendy Short Flat Curly Top

A fusion of the high top fade and voluptuous curls! Making use of your curls but softening them a bit, this cut is an adaptation of the classic flat top fro.

Classic curly drop fade
Instagram @gilliefades

#81: Classic Curly Drop Fade

A classic curly drop fade gives a little more style and contrast than the traditional fade. Make sure to tell your barber not to go too high in the back of the fade. It will take away the style you want to have. This cut is a get-up-and-go type of cut. All that is needed to style is a curl sponge, and out the door, you go!

#82: Modern Curled Mullet Style

The modern curled mullet style brings edginess to a man’s haircut. When considering a haircut not too many men have, a modern curled mullet is the way to go because it exudes confidence.

#83: Curly Wavy Hair with Hard Part

Curly wavy hair with a hard part is the closest any man can get to a combover. It’s challenging to achieve a combover on coarse, curly, or wavy hair. But with the right length on top, you can somehow comb over your hair from the hard part. When styling, use a product with a good hold to keep your curly, wavy hair under control throughout the day.

#84: Shaggy Curls and Waves for Men

Shaggy curls and waves look better on men with long hair, as the extra length highlights the intricacy of your curls. Men with pear-shaped faces and a chiseled jawline benefit from this hairstyle the most as it flatters your face, balancing it with the volume of your hair.

mid fade short curly hair with surgical line designs
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

#85: Mid Fade Short Curly Hair with Surgical Line Design

This is a great haircut for guys with short curly hair who are looking to get an innocent but cool look. Depending on your style and social freedom, you can spice up your look with a mid fade and a trimmed line design on either side or tone it down by going without.

Skin Fade Curly Frohawk with Line-Up for Men
Instagram @lyndell_44

#86: Skin Fade Curly Frohawk with Line-Up

A skin fade frohawk is one of the best men’s hairstyles for a curly texture that’s trendy, easy to maintain, and super versatile! Basically, it’s the VW of haircuts, if you possess a naturally curly hair type. A faded short haircut like this would look great with a sharp line-up, too, to highlight your curly hair on top.

Short Textured Curls for Fine Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#87: Short Textured Curls for Fine Hair

Consider short textured curls if you have fine hair. The best part of this look is the tight sides with the crazy fun texture and curl on top. If you have curly hair, this is a great short look. The #1 product for curly hair is an oil by Dark Oil by Sebastian. Make sure to hydrate your curls! Then get your favorite curl cream, Kevin Murphy’s Motion Lotion, to style your hair.

#88: Stylish Long Messy Curls

These long messy curls are on a rounded, layered curly cut. What’s great about curly hairstyles for men like this is the volume and texture that the layers through the top bring out. This haircut on tousled curls is fairly low-maintenance on a daily basis. Use a curl-enhancing product such as Davine’s curl cream. Use a diffuser to dry if you like extra volume, otherwise, air drying is fine. Also, it’s a great style for a curly-haired guy whose hairline is beginning to recede.

#89: Casual Curly Undercut with Zero High Fade

This curly haircut is a zero high fade with disconnection or a long top. I like to call it the fade and curl! No effort – it naturally looks great overall. This is a curly undercut with a disconnected fade that gives a clean, modern, professional look while enhancing your natural hair texture. The requirements for styling undercut fade haircuts  are minimal. Use a foam or curl cream and apply while your hair is damp. After that, you have the choice of using a blow dryer for a faster dry time, or you let nature take its course!

#90: Longer Curly Hair on Top with Short Sides

This is a natural look with long messy curls on soft hair and short sides and sharp edges. Use a sea salt spray and a matte paste when styling your haircut. Curly hairstyles for men are ideal for the cool dude who wants to stand out with light curls.

#91: Medium Curly Hair with Tapered Sides

Opt for a curly haircut with taper fade to show off the natural texture of your medium curls! When styling, use clay for added definition. A mist of hairspray will also maximize the texture of your tapered curly hair.

#92: Curly Zero Fade

With a curly zero fade, you’ll stand out without the typical mainstream straight hair style! It’ll show more of your skin from the sides and the nape area while flaunting your dark curly strands on top. This cut works wonders on both permed and naturally curly hair, and with or without facial hair.

Mid-Length Naturally Red Curls for Men
Instagram @kamalsafar_

#93: Mid-Length Naturally Red Curls

This curly cut has the best of both worlds. These red, choppy curls were cut with smooth graduation and a ton of texture and movement. Clearly, the natural men hair color is the best thing about this overall look. Redheads are a dying breed. Try out this curly cut if you’re a guy with thick curly hair. As for the fade, depending on the size and shape of your head, you can always bring the fade a bit higher or lower.

#94: Soft Slicked Back Curly Hair with Low Fade

This is a variation of a tight low fade, long curls, and slicked-back hair. The best thing about curly hairstyles for men is their versatility. For the wet hair effect, use American Crew Gel styling products for control and high shine. Apply the gel to your damp hair while combing it through with a standard cutting comb and some minimal blow-dry styling to keep your curls soft and crisp. Finish off with the high-hold hairspray from Ion.

Faded Medium-Length Curly Hair for Guys
Instagram @gfpeluqueros

#95: Faded Medium-Length Curly Hair

The best medium-length curly hair styles feature curls as a variation of many different cuts. It’s a “South of France” mixed with a burst fade and a semi-blowout taper. The product used for the curls in this style was Ultimate Wave by Paul Mitchell. This product is great for guys with curly hair. The type of guy that should consider this style would be someone with natural curls that is of medium texture and with a more rounded and full face shape. It’s perfect for guys whose lifestyle allows them to slap some product in and be on their way.

Curly Haircut + Temple Fade for Men
Instagram @cutsbyneeks

#96: Curly Haircut + Temple Fade

Go for a bald temple fade for curly hair,  and keep the fade low to enhance your outline. These are natural curls, so no products were used to curl his hair. Try Wahl clippers and Andis outliners to create your haircut. This temple fade with short curls is a classic look that doesn’t go out of style. Round or oblong-shaped heads will suit this style the best. And remember, the longer the hairstyle, the tighter the curls!

The Curly Undercut for Men
Instagram @blockhair_

#97: The Curly Undercut

These textured curls with an undercut are an asymmetrical shape between both sides, rather than the popular side part. This curly undercut is a great option for men who want to embrace their natural curls. Usually, guys with this amount of curl prefer shorter, square shape cuts. If you don’t like to tame your hair down much, use a lighter paste rather than clay.

#98: Curly Faux Hawk + Burst Fade

This curly faux hawk haircut is a burst fade, and the texture of the hair allows for a great blend. It’s not rocket science when trying to find a product for curly hair. For a natural curl, a small amount of gel or pomade of choice does your hair right. Men with naturally coarse but fine hair can sport this curly faux hawk. It’s a loud haircut with a lot of class all in one with curls in the mix.

#99: Old-School Fade on Tight Curls with Curly Fringe

An old-school fade with a curly fringe makes an excellent, modern look! With this chop, men with curly hair can stay nice and clean. When styling, you can use both sea salt spray and clay, respectively, as they are sure to boost your ginger red curls’ texture.

bald fade with short curly twists
Instagram @ali_bar.ber

#100: Bald Fade with Short Curly Twists

Try a bald fade with short curly twists if you want to make a lasting impression! Keep your hair moisturized for a healthier-looking edge.

curly pompadour with Beard for Thick Black hair
Instagram @seuelias

#101: The Curly Pompadour with Beard for Thick Black Hair

Sharp and sophisticated, the curly pompadour is for gents who love a textured look. The sides are clean and faded to give the black, thick curls more emphasis. Add shaved lines on one side to make your cut edgier. Feel free to also pair this short curly hairstyle with a beard for an exceptional outcome.

Low-Maintenance Curly Quiff
Instagram @alchemyorlando

#102: Low-Maintenance Curly Quiff

This tapered messy curly quiff on brown hair combines classic and modern. No-effort styling meets an accomplished appearance in your men’s hairstyle.

Stylish Curls for Men with Fine Hair
Instagram @friahair

#103: Stylish Curls for Men with Fine Hair

These are such stylish curls for fine hair! Grow your hair longer to show off your texture, creating an illusion of density and more body. Curls are all around a great texture, especially for men. Natural curls are an effortless style that can be dressed up or dressed down. For men trying to wear their natural curl in this shorter style, you should be open to purchasing the right product to help maintain it and control it.

Copper Shoulder-Length Curly Hair
Instagram @stylemelexx

#104: Copper Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

One of the best haircuts for men with curly hair texture is here! Flaunt your shoulder-length loose curls to make a statement. The length is a great choice, especially if you have a face shape with a bigger forehead. When styling these side-swept curls, amp up your volume and shape by using a curl enhancer that also adds a shine to your copper shade.

Fresh Curly Afro with Taper Fade
Instagram @patrick_ina

#105: Fresh Curly Afro with Taper Fade

Frizzy is in as you rock your natural hair with an afro curls style. Tapered sides are a bonus to an already astonishing and cool hairstyle like this one.

#106: The Clean Curly Man Bun

Play with your natural texture, and consider wearing a curly man bun if you’re a black man. It features neat sides and nape for a fresher, cleaner vibe. This hairstyle for black men will accentuate the warm blonde streaks on your black shade.

#107: Funky Short Curly Ringlets

Get that funky, bouncy look with short curly ringlets! Paint blonde highlights on your black hair for a dimensional finish. These hairstyles will need extra moisture to keep them looking shiny and healthy.