30 Curly Hair Fade Haircuts for Guys in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Curly Hair Drop Fade for Guys
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#1: Curly Hair Drop Fade

Here’s a softer twist to the crop hairstyle. We call it the curly hair drop fade. This versatile style brings a more natural, laid-back touch to the whole look. The first step of creating this style starts with medium-length curls on top. Dry these curls and adjust them to sit nicely over the forehead. The next step is to add a bald drop fade on the sides. Want to get the best results at home? Use Mizani’s Curl Foam. This product helps enrich your hair’s natural curls, boosts volume, and reduces frizz. Comb the product from your roots to the ends and set it to your preferred style.

Mullet with a Curly Fade for Men
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#2: Mullet with a Curly Fade

A curly mullet is currently very popular and offers a great alternative to the common combover styles of the last few years. When speaking with your stylist, use terms like temp fade and mullet. These indicate you want a style longer on top and back but shorter near the temples. Use curl foam for more structured curls and curl cream for a softer, moisturized look.

Curly Hair Fade with a Beard
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#3: Curly Hair Fade with Beard

Curly hair and a skin fade are the likely tandem that still serves fresh looks. Then, a full beard seals in the whole deal. Since straight hair on men is too mainstream, why not try this trend instead? These hairstyles for men with curly hair have a lot of styling options!

Faded Platinum Blonde Curls for Men
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#4: Faded Platinum Blonde Curls

Look at these light platinum blonde curls. To avoid bleach damage, pick a seasoned stylist. They need to know the correct way to use a lightener on the scalp.

Faded Blonde Curls with Tapered Sides for Young Men
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#5: Blonde Curls with Tapered Sides

If you are looking for fade styles for curly hair, consider blonde curls with tapered sides. This high fade with a curly top offers contrast, facial slimming features, and a simple method to style your curls. Initiate your styling with a zero or one fade, blending it into your curly top. If you have facial hair, blend this style for a neater look. For a dry look with volume, style your curls with a salt spray. Use a curl cream if you prefer hydrated, shiny locks.

Voluminous Curls with a Fade Cut for Men
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#6: Voluminous Curls with a Fade Cut

One of the most popular styles is voluminous curls with a fade. Growing the top part of your hair for this style may take some time, but your patience will be rewarded. For this style, you should separate the top hair for growth and increased volume. Keeping the back and sides short is key in this style. A fade provides the final touch to this look.

#7: Curly High Fade

This fade for curly hair is an easy, manageable, fashionable haircut for most teenagers. It has a short fade with a natural curly finish. My favorite part of this haircut is the natural finish to the top and the gradual smooth fade between the short and long hair.

I highly recommend a salt spray to style this haircut. Spray onto the hair and make a scrunching motion while blow-drying and leaving it damp to keep the natural curls. This high fade with the curly top haircut is also recommended to young, trendy men with a busy lifestyle who still want something a little different.

Mid Fade for Curly Hair with a Mustache for Men
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#8: Mid Fade for Curly Hair with a Mustache

Ask for this mid-fade for curly hair with a mustache. It’s a stylish cut that gives your natural texture volume with a well-groomed mustache. Ask your barber for a low cut with a taper around the ears for the best results.

Curly crop and low fade for men
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#9: Curly Crop + Low Fade

This is one of the cleanest curly fade haircuts. Enrich your curly textures while keeping them clean. This combination of a low fade and curly hair is a must-try, and it sure helps you grow out your natural texture in a fine way.

Black Afro with Curly Bald Fade
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#10: Black Afro with Bald Fade

This is one of the more classic curly hair fades for black guys. Full hair is a gift from above because it’s a character on its own. This bald fade on short hair tones down the wildness of an afro but doesn’t remove its attractive impact. This is one of the hairstyles for curly hair men must try!

Stylish Medium-Length Curls with a Fade for Men
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#11: Stylish Medium-Length Curls

Medium-length curls have been disconnected at the top, and skin faded at the back and sides. The disconnection creates the volume and length required to get the curls to style in this way. A trim will be required every 2-3 weeks to keep this curly taper fade fresh, but the top will only need cutting sometimes. A scrunch dry with a good curling spray and finished with styling powder will give you the desired effects.

#12: Nice Curly Top with a Low Skin Fade

For guys that like to keep it short around the ears, you might like a nice curly top with a low skin fade. The fade has been kept low to allow more length on top. Be aware that most curly hair will need styling. You will have to allow time for this in your daily routine. I would scrunch dry sea salt spray into it to emulate this style. Finish off with a good styling powder.

#13: Men’s Curly Fade with Shaved Line

Here, the smoothness of the faded curly hair haircut for men meets a sharp, defining line. This cool curly hair fade with hair design gives the best of both worlds that create a wholesome look! Pro tip: When choosing the best fade haircut, curly hair texture must always be considered.

Sharp Fade with a Curly Top for Men
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#14: Sharp Fade with a Curly Top

Curls can complement many styles; this sharp fade with a curly top is a perfect example. The hair is faded down to the skin and blended to keep as many curls as possible. Using the right styling products is helpful, so don’t forget to ask your barber for recommendations and styling tips. For easy styling, use a pomade to scrunch the hair while damp. The curls will develop as your hair dries.

Curly drop fade with part
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#15: Curly Drop Fade with Part

A curly drop fade with part is perfect for men with thicker hair. It is faded on the sides and at the back, leaving some length at the top. Creating the curls requires some time. Scrunching, blowdrying, and adding pomade will enhance the intricacy of the curls while keeping the style longer.

#16: Burst Fade for Men’s Curls

Burst fade for men’s curls is if you need a short haircut while keeping your curls in check. Make sure to ask your barber for a skin-tight burst fade to keep your edges dark. It gives the perfect blend that you would want with this cut.

Fade with curly blowout haircut
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#17: Fade with Curly Blowout Haircut

Volumize your hair by getting a fade with a curly blowout haircut to keep a tight, clean edge around your hairline. This haircut allows a disconnected length with all the shapes on top. Ensure that you hydrate your natural or blow-dried curls with Aveda’s Brilliant Humectant Pomade for extra shine and light hold.

Curly hair with shadow fade
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#18: Curly Hair with Shadow Fade

Curly hair with shadow fade is a great way to show off your curls with a clean cut. The blended fade around the perimeter of the hairline prevents the curls from becoming bulky. Add a few drops of Aveda’s Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil to keep the curls hydrated.

mid-length curly strands with mid fade
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#19: Mid-Length Curly Strands with Mid Fade

Matching a mid fade and curly hair gives you a classic look that never goes out of style. This mid fade curly hair is on edge between tidy and textured. The hair color on this curly fade creates a shadow that makes the whole look awesome, too!

#20: Long Curly Afro with Fade for Black Men

A fade with curly hair highlights the texture while giving the cut a striking look. Go ahead and see for yourself. What a nice combo this long curly hair and fade make for black men!

#21: Medium-Length Curly Hair + Mid Skin Fade

Faded curly hair can be super clean, like this one here. This cut’s all about being in the middle. Medium cut, long top, shaved sides, and semi-curled hair. This fade with curly hair on top is to die for!

Curly hair mohawk fade
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#22: Curly Mohawk with Temp Fade

A fade with curly hair is just what every mohawk needs. This combo of curly mohawk and temple fade creates balance. This is the curly haircut men who want a distinctive, cutting-edge appearance should wear.

See more mohawk fades.

Drop Fade Haircut on curls
Instagram @ezzy_el_barber

#23: Drop Fade Haircut on Curls

The drip in this curly drop fade is real! This smooth fade cut for curly, thick hair is easy to wear, too. This skin drop fade curly hair gives a great contrast.

#24: Disconnected Undercut Fade for Curly Hair

Sometimes, disconnected connotes a positive meaning. For mens undercut hairstyles and curly hair with a fade, the top is left bushy and full for a contrasting appearance. These haircuts for men with curly hair go well with the beard, which also plays very well with the whole look.

#25: Natural Twists + Temple Fade with Hair Design

This temple fade curly hair is so striking! Add a hair tattoo for that nice little bow on top. This temp fade on curly hair works with a matching beard, too, for that fun and younger-looking finish.

#26: Messy Curly Hair + Taper Fade

You have a lot to work with if you have curly hair, so this fade style can suit you very well. A taper fade on curly hair is a classic look for the semi-professional man. Such men’s curly haircuts also prove that a taper fade haircut doesn’t always mean perfect and sleek; it can also look messy!

High Top Fade on Curly Hair
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#27: High Top Fade on Curly Hair

This fade haircut for men with curly hair is a medium to high bald fade with the top curled up. It’s a creation by a superb barber from North Carolina, Shawn Tapley.

“This high top fade for curly hair is a low-maintenance hairstyle because it requires minimal upkeep. All you have to do is put a light moisturizer in the top and keep the sides faded every 2 to 3 weeks,” Tapley explains.

#28: Slightly Curly with High Bald Fade

This curly cut with a fade is tight, edgy, and undone. If your hair is longer, try a slicked-back style.

Look creator Sarah Turowski of Oregon thinks that the best thing about mens curly hairstyles is that they’re an enticing balance of elements that contrast and complement each other: the sharpness of a skin fade and the soft edge and activation of curls.

According to Turowski, men must be open to using a product or embracing their natural movement. Turowski adds, “A skin fade and curly hair requires regular maintenance, so if you want to keep up this cut, it is a bit more of a commitment. It’s also easy to grow out when you transition into something else. I brought out his natural curls using a diffuser and Kevin Murphy Killer Curl. Highly recommend for curly hair!”

Short Curly Hair with Skin Fade
Instagram @jessicadorais

#29: Short Curly Hair + Skin Fade

This mens short haircut is an updated faded curly men’s style, cut by cosmetologist Jessica Dorais of Huntersville, NC.

“My favorite thing is the skin fade because it’s flawless and blends beautifully! If you are carefree and a “no fuss” kind of guy, it’s for you. Styling product for this look would be a gel or paste,” Dorais explains.

If you’ve got a personality that’s a little on the wild side, Dorais recommends an edgy men’s hairstyle like this! She also warns that maintenance is a must to achieve the best fades for curly hair. With this look, round face shapes work best.

Long Curly Fringe with Fade
Instagram @beaaastyles

#30: Long Curly Fringe with Fade

This curly fade haircut is a modern curl crop designed by hair artist Bea Petty from Monterey, CA.

Petty’s styling tip for this low fade curly hair is to make sure your hair is slightly damp. No need for pre-product (unless you want to, it doesn’t make a huge difference), and then use the diffuser on your blow-dryer and crunch the hair. Petty emphasizes, “Make sure the blow-dryer is set on low with medium to high heat. Dry until there is no more moisture in the hair.”

To finish, Petty used the Cloud Dust Powder from Schwarzkopf and lightly sprinkled the dust around the top while crunching the curls. The powder helps hold the curls in place without the look and feel of any product. You can always add hairspray or a shine spray for a little extra hold if you feel the Dust Powder isn’t enough.

“This easy tossed curl look is great for guys who work in a professional setting and anyone in a rush. This style takes less than 5 minutes to do. All you need is a blow-dryer with an added diffuser and any hair powder. Then you’re set for the day,” Petty points out.

A curly hair fade is a type of fade that’s slightly similar to the undercut but is cut short and tapered. It’s known that curls are harder to work with, so keeping the hair on the sides of the head short and tight guarantees easier maintenance for curly-haired guys.

Texture and volume are the prime traits that a curly mane proudly boasts of, and as an extra factor, curly hair fades add contrast to the hair on top, highlighting your curls’ definition to the next level!

Hollywood actors George Clooney’s wavy hair and Adrian Grenier’s curls are examples of how attractive a fade for curly hair can be.

The main goal is to keep those side hair short and tidy, so monthly barber visits are necessary if you want to maintain a sharp look. Products for hold and definition would also help keep your hairstyle regal.

Before your next trip to the barbershop, check out these trendy photos of curly hair fade haircuts for men!