23 Modern Comb Over Haircuts Trending in 2022

Comb over haircuts

The comb over haircut is a style where the hair is parted on one side and combed over to the year. Similar to the classic side part, the haircut typically has longer hair on top and more volume. This haircut usually has shorter hair around the back and sides that are often faded. It’s a classic men’s haircut that is getting a modern twist this year.

Brush it up and give it its most voluminous form or go for tapered, faded sides for that contrasted look. An all-time favorite men’s hairstyle, the comb-over is popular for its versatility and flexibility, partnered with various hair length, color, and texture. Comb overs have evolved over time but still remains a classic.

How to style a comb over haircut:

  1. Start with dry or damp hair.
  2. Add a product like a high-quality pomade.
  3. Grab your standard comb and brush your hair forward.
  4. Find your hair’s natural part that’s typically just above the outside of your eyebrow (either side of the head is fine).
  5. Use your comb to create the part by combing your hair to one side of the part, and then comb the hair down on the other side.
  6. Brush your hair up in the front if you have long hair for a natural wave. If you have shorter hair, you can leave your hair down.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of this year’s most popular comb over haircuts.

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Stylish Long Comb Over with Undercut

Stylish Long Comb Over with Undercut
Instagram @fadealist

Warm brown hair styled in a cool long comb over cut – this look is perfect for a formal event or when you want to impress someone. Such length is also ideal when hiding a bald spot.

Comb Over for Thick Hair

Comb Over for Thick Hair
Instagram @sajad_baarber

A comb over for thick hair is great when wanting a longer hairstyle for thick hair. Thick hair can be hard to manage at times, but, when grown to the right length a comb over is very eye-catching with thicker hair. Styling could get a little lengthy because of the thickness but, all worth it.

Receding Hairline with Comb Over

Receding Hairline with Comb Over
Instagram @talkofthetownbarbers

A receding hairline with a comb over makes a great haircut for men suffering from this same problem. With a receding hairline, it gets hard figuring out a style to try to hide it. Look no further, a combover can do just that. Keep in mind, do not go too high with the fade on the side, the last thing you want is a high fade that protrudes the corners of your already receding hairline.

Comb Over for Thinning Hair

Comb Over for Thinning Hair
Instagram @studio11nick

A comb over for thinning hair is the ideal style for this issue. With thin hair, we can’t choose what area goes first, so a combover can cover all those problem areas. Keep in mind not to go past 2 finger lengths on top for the combover. Anything longer can result in thinner-appearing hair.

Spiky Comb Over Style

Spiky comb over style
Instagram @makothebarber

The spiky comb over style suits men with thick hair, wanting to have some texture on the crown area. It is faded down to the skin around the ears while leaving some length on the top. Use a volumizing spray and styling powder to enhance the shape of the haircut and hold the style a little longer.

Comb Over Pompadour

Comb Over to Hide a Bald Spot
Instagram @getbarbered

This classic comb over pompadour has aged well and remains one of the best timeless haircuts. To recreate this look, ask your stylist to use scissors in cutting and taper the edges with a trimmer clipper. This cut suits men with a rounded face shape as the height of the cut elongates your face. Adding a glossy pomade will create a polished finish that holds the style longer.

Comb Over to Hide a Bald Spot

Comb over pompadour
Instagram @pompasxe

A comb over to hide a bald spot is perfect for men with thinning hair. It covers any thinning spots on the head. To recreate this look, ask your stylist to use scissors in cutting while following a graduated layer technique. Partition the hair wisely to create the right amount of coverage on the thinning areas. Adding a small amount of hairspray would be enough to hold the style throughout the day.

Messy and Curly Comb Over Hair

Messy and curly comb over hair
Instagram @medsbarbers

A messy and curly comb over hair highlights your natural curls. While many hairstyles thrive on creating a messy look, the curly comb over tames the curls with a luxe finish appropriate for working environments. The curly comb over is a perfect solution for thinning or finer-textured hair since the curls naturally add extra volume and camouflage thinner hair densities.

Wavy Comb Over

Wavy comb over
Instagram @lucerohairandwellness

A wavy comb over is the best hairstyle for men with thick wavy hair. A fade and or taper around the sides is ideal for a wavy comb-over. It gets rid of the annoying thick hair hanging over the ears and the nape area. Thinning shears to a tad bit of thinning will help manage wavy hair on top when wanting to style daily. This is the most versatile hairstyle for men across all age range given any hairstyle. It’s a classic style for hard-to-manage hair.

Hipster Comb Over with Beard

Hipster Comb Over with Beard
Instagram @efyourbarber

This classic style will introduce you to the world of hipsters! Keep it tapered with a fade on a sharp black hair.

Comb Over with a High Fade

High Fade Comb Over
Instagram @barberlily05

Keep a cut perfect for a fresh everyday look with this easy-styling comb over with a high fade haircut.

Mid Fade Comb Over

Mid Fade Comb Over
Instagram @kaazbarber

Show that precision-cut in a sleek comb over with mid fade that’s jazzed up with a shaved hard part to complete the style. Facial hair is sure to complement the style of this medium fade comb over, too.

Medium Side Part Combover

medium Side Part Comb Over
Instagram @cutbyjake

Looking for the sharpest hairstyle for men? This neat side-parted hairstyle brushed to the sides is one of the most perfect and easiest groomed looks you can get.

Drop Fade with a Comb Over Style

 Comb Over + Drop Fade
Instagram @barber_hache

Sleek hair faded from the temples down to the nape completes this perfect beard-style comb over for a real gentleman look. This shows how a comb over cuts and drop fades really go well together!

Comb Over with Low Fade

Comb Over with Low Fade
Instagram @silver_cutz

Show off your clean sides with striking black hair and achieve that dapper comb over with a low fade cut.

👉 See more low fade comb over haircuts.

Comb-Over + Bald Fade

Comb Over + Bald Fade
Instagram @hosea_the_barber

Stop crowds with sharp dark hair paired with neat sides and a comb-over cut. Any dude would look bolder and sleeker with this look!

Classic Comb Over Fade

Classic Comb Over Fade
Instagram @rusthemaster

This classic and short comb over haircut can be worn by most dudes. This impressive style can accommodate any guy who has the class and awesomeness to wear it. Use a fade to transition neatly into a handsome beard.

Short Comb Over Haircut

Short Cut Comb Over
Instagram @jds_barber89

Comb over hairstyles are versatile. “You can really slick it back and over for a formal event or just loosely style it for a more everyday relaxed look,” style creator Jonathan Shaeffer of Colorado describes.

To anyone receiving this stylish haircut, Shaeffer’s advice is to make sure you don’t focus all your styling product in the front. This look can be easily achieved regardless of the level of formality desired and regardless of hair type with these proper styling tips provided by Shaeffer:

1. Use a pre-styling product. When your hair is damp, use a small amount of styling cream or paste and spread it throughout your hair evenly.

2. Blow drying. Use medium heat and medium strength on a blow dryer and lift the hair off the scalp for volume. Then set to cool mode for cold air and direct the hair where you want it. This will lock in the style for an all-day hold.

3. Finally, apply a styling product. This is whatever styling product you prefer whether pomade, texture material, etc. Take a dime amount and warm it up by rubbing between your palms and spread it throughout your hair. Then use a comb and/or your hands to direct the hair the way you want it. Hairspray after is optional.

Tapered Comb Over with a Hard Part

Comb Over Taper with Hard Part
Instagram @xhrisdavis

This look is a tapered comb over with a hard part, made by barber Chris Davis of Bellevue, WA. “The best thing about this would have to be the tapered nape and temple tapering. I like a sharp clean look all around with some soft blends in those focal point areas,” Davis states.

“Any hair type can pull this hard part comb over hairstyle off. I personally like the dark more coarse hair, because the contrast is more noticeable,” says Davis.

Skin Fade Comb Over

Skin Fade Comb Over
Instagram @djtrevy

This haircut is a mid skin fade comb over and was created by barber Tre’ Allen of Florida.

“This style is typically achievable with most hair types, but some may need the assistance of hair products. Pomades, soft or hard gels, and specific hairsprays like spritz or holding sprays are all great products to use! If you’re pursuing this haircut but prefer to have more volume to it, you will need a strong wide-tooth comb and a blow dryer to assist that desired look.”

“Physical work or activity, humidity, or wetness could all affectively ruin the style, so keep that in mind! Otherwise, I recommend everyone give this haircut style a try,” Allen adds.

Men’s Undercut Comb Over with a Line

This haircut is an undercut bald fade comb over with line and a faded beard. It was created by barber Oscar Jarvis of Florida.

“I would recommend an undercut comb over to men with straight hair, and to maintain this style you must use a strong holding product,” Jarvis points out.

Comb Over with Taper Fade

Here’s a modern, professional everyday comb over haircut with tapered sides. “What I like about a neat comb over hairstyle is that you may also wear this spiked on top for a more edgy look,” says the style creator from Texas, Shawn Warren.

Warren’s #1 tip is to keep this cut clean. Styling mousse can be used for upkeep. Pretty much any face shape can be worn with this cut.

Disconnected Comb Over Undercut

Disconnected Comb Over Undercut
Instagram @el_barbero_

This disconnected undercut comb-over haircut embodies the method of barbering. “The quiff is a nod to Euro-chic men’s hairstyles. I proceed to take inspiration from my own Latin heritage in the precise razor work and skin-tight blending,” stylist Franky Abundes of Bluffton, SC explains.

The haircut starts as a medium, bald fade, and ends in a “V” in the back, silhouetting a mohawk in the darker areas of the hair. Abundes finished the cut with a simple design flourish to enhance the look, but not detract attention from the bald fade or disconnected quiff.

The coolest part of the haircut is the little details that were put into it. Abundes notes, “In the side profile especially, you can see the way the hard part and shadow of the fade create a wedge or triangular shape.”

The hard part also runs pretty parallel to the simple design slashed into the side, which is ironically also halfway between the beginning of the hard part and the end of the “V” fade.