23 of the Best Caesar Haircut Ideas for Guys

Best Caesar Haircuts for Guys

The Caesar haircut is a men’s haircut that has a horizontally-cut short fringe styled forward. Named after the historically famous Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, its sometimes referred to as a French crop, too.

The traditional Caesar cut was worn by men who experienced early-onset baldness or hair thinning. Although, in the modern world this cut can be seen infused with various styles, shapes, and textures. It’s still recommended for guys who have thin hair, especially now that contemporary versions of this cut are styled to be more textured and faded.

No touch-ups and only a little maintenance and styling are needed for this emperor French crop. No wonder why leading Hollywood movie actors Zac Efron, George Clooney, and Russell Crowe have been sporting this classic hairstyle on and off the set!

Before your next haircut, check out these trendy pictures of Caesar haircuts and hairstyles for men.

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Short Caesar Haircut with High Fade

short caesar haircut with high fade
Instagram @chrismirandahair

The clean blend of the fade and the layered hair on top—you probably won’t ask for more when you wear a high fade and Caesar crop like this one. Everything here makes it one of the most trendy Caesar haircuts you’ll see.

Low Caesar Haircut

Low Caesar Haircut
Instagram @caesar_haircuts_spb

If you’re looking for some versatility in your hair try a low Caesar haircut. This cut is great for straight, wavy, or curly hair and adds a touch of class for added style.

Short Caesar Cut for Balding

Short caesar cut for balding
Instagram @flowershai

Consider a short Caesar cut for balding men. With the bangs left straight across it can help give the illusion of thickness.

George Clooney-Inspired Caesar

George Clooney-inspired caesar
Instagram @teddyblends

The 1990s and 2000s have collided and brought us this George Clooney-Inspired Caesar cut. This classic men’s haircut has been modernized with a low hard part and fade. Finish with GAGE Shaping Paste for texture and definition.

Caesar Cut Fade

Caesar Cut Fade
Instagram @kailee_hairpartner_kzn

A Caesar cut fade is an excellent choice for any guy with an active lifestyle. Ideal for young adults, Caesar cut fades give you a mid to high skin fade on the sides and a heavily textured top. Heavily texturizing the top gives anyone the ability to give that edgy look when styling the top.

Julius Caesar Haircut

Julius caesar haircut
Instagram @jh_saloninclusivo

The Julius Caesar haircut is an awesome look for any young adult. The skin fade on the side always leaves a very clean look. On the top it’s really up to the individual on styling, you can always throw some pomade in and style as desired, or you can wake up and go with a messy look and still be an effective style.

Caesar with Blunt Fringe

Caesar with blunt fringe
Instagram @dalehince

The Caesar with blunt fringe is your typical Caesar haircut with a slight difference. A clean skin fade completes the side and on top a nicely textured style. What separates this Caesar haircut is the fringe area that is sharply done straight across the forehead giving a clean sharp hairline.

French Cropped Caesar Style

French cropped caesar style
Instagram @kult.yuri

A French cropped Caesar style makes a great short men’s haircut. It features a sharp fade on the sides transitioning smoothly to texturized top. Overly texturizing can leave gaps in your hair and completely ruin your haircut, so find a barber who is familiar with this type of cut.

Caesar Haircut with Low Fade

Caesar haircut with low fade
Instagram @ayuso_magichands

A Caesar haircut with a low fade is arguably the cleanest haircut you can get. It features an all-even length on top and along the partial ridge, and a skin-tight low fade place right under the temple area fading evenly around the head.

Buzz Cut and Caesar Cut

Buzz cut and caesar cut
Instagram @thebarberroomofficial

A buzz cut and caesar cut are best when complemented with a sharp line. Typically an even-length haircut will do wonders. You can always tape the side to transform this simple style into an eye-catching look. It’s a good option for men of all ages.

Straight Fringe on Caesar Cut with Modern Fade

straight fringe on caesar cut with modern fade
Instagram @vault_barbershop

Straight cut bangs on a Caesar haircut are ideal to give a longer face shape the illusion of a shorter forehead. The fringe may be too much for you, but the mid fade on the sides will even it all out, resulting in a clean cut.

Caesar For Curly Hair

Caesar For Curly Hair
Instagram @_srlucaslima

A Caesar haircut that brings out the sexy wavy texture in this forward cut. Whatever texture you have with your hair on top, the tapered sides will give it some emphasis.

Classic Caesar with Box Fade for Black Men

Classic Caesar with Box Fade for Black Men
Instagram @themarstouch

The box fade came in hard, allowing a classic Caesar haircut to have a neater finish! The shaving technique is unreal and is one of the more popular Caesar hairstyles for black guys.

Dark Caesar Haircut for Black Guys

Dark Caesar Haircut for Black Guys
Instagram @bean_yourfavorite_barber

A ground-breaking Caesar haircut for that beautiful, chocolate man. The fade from the waves and the horizontal cut completes the package.

Wavy Caesar Haircut with Line-Up

Wavy Caesar Haircut with Line-Up
Instagram @bossfadezbarbershop

Those waves in this wondrous Caesar cut are phenomenal! It’s the line-up that’s keeping it real around the hairline. This wavy Caesar style offers black men with natural textured hair a neat finish.

Modern Caesar Haircut with Taper Fade

Modern Caesar Haircut with Taper Fade
Instagram @abbie_vanessa

This Caesar with faded sides is a modern take on classic men’s hairstyles. Stylist Abbie did a smooth side fade while keeping the top short and full to create a modern caesar cut with a brushed-up hairstyle.

Caesar Cut with Tapered Sides and Wavy Top

Caesar Cut with Tapered Sides and Wavy Top
Instagram @bolly.c.u

Caesar or blunt cuts go superbly with thick hair and a wavy top, especially when sides are clean with a shaved fade style. No doubt that this Caesar with tapered sideburns gives an edgier touch. Also, just look how suave this is—textured Caesar cuts with a taper fade do work well with a beard.

The Caesar Haircut for Thin Hair and Receding Hairline

The Caesar Haircut for Thin Hair and Receding Hairline
Instagram @jennpompandproper

A traditional Caesar haircut complements fine, delicate hair since you get that wispy look at the front. Edges should also be cut straight for that fresh look. Not just for thin hair, this also makes a nice Caesar haircut for a receding hairline.

Mod Caesar Style

Mod Caesar Style
Instagram @noisy_head_

This Caesar haircut is a classic that’s always on the rise. According to barber Raquel Saim of Brazil, it had its most recent emphasis in the ’90s and is now being innovated with new techniques that are changing and adapting to the more modern style without losing the retro style.

“What I like most about this cut is that it is light, easy to pack, and makes the person look very stylish,” Saim states.

In this cut, Saim used all Paul Mitchell products, ending with Super Sculpt and with a Reformer wax. It’s also used on men who have straight hair with not much volume, but it’s very interesting in curly hair too when the bunch is more open to not get heavy.

Long Textured Caesar Haircut

To have this long Caesar hairstyle means you like looking shaggy and clean at the same time. What’s great about it will have to be that it’s nearly effortless as far as styling, depending on the kind of texture your hair has.

For men who have wavy or curly hair, stylist Daniel Samano of California thinks this long Caesar haircut would be perfect because it’s very hard to style if you try to do something else.

Samano adds, “With the crop, you can just run over the hair with some paste or matte product to keep it down.” If needed, you can leave a little more hair at the crown or down by the nape (occipital bone). The fade can be adjusted by your barber, too.

Messy Caesar Haircut for Medium to Long-Length Hair

This messy Caesar haircut was created by barber Jack Regan of Australia. It creates the best result on medium to long hair length.

The coolest part about this haircut is how easy it is to do at home. Regan explains, “It looks visually amazing with a nice clean skin fade shape through the sides, left nice and heavy through the recession line so that those curls just sit down into the skin fade nice and effortlessly.”

According to Regan, the reason why the fringe is left nice and long is to complement the face shape. “If I cut it really short, it would have made the face look really long,” Regan states.

Men’s Ivy League Caesar

This Caesar haircut is pretty common. A lot of guys these days love the skin fades. What’s best about a skin fade comes down to hair type and color, as per style creator Anthony Dibari of Australia.

Dibari says to use a hairdryer to push the hair over to the side. He notes, “Using a comb to separate the part and the top of the hair really helps, too, and keeps it looking somewhat fresh.”

Black Caesar Haircut with Temple Fade

Black Caesar Haircut with Temple Fade
Instagram @curlyboyjosh

Here’s another Caesar haircut that every black man will love! The Caesar and temple fade is a short cut that requires little to no styling commitment, depending on the hair’s natural wave texture.