27 Buzz Cut Ideas for Masculine and Stylish Guys in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A buzz cut is a very short haircut, usually all around the head, and close to the scalp using electric clippers. This is the ultimate wake-up-and-go haircut if you’re a busy dude. Before your next haircut, check out these updated photos of the best buzz cut ideas!

Fade Buzz Cut
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#1: Awesome Fade Buzz Cut

Sport this faded buzz cut by rocking out clean edges and a mid fade that clears up to your nape and ear area. Popular amongst older and younger men alike, this cut lets your hair regrow in a much healthier state.

Buzz Cut with Designs for Men with very short hair
Instagram @bcfbarbering

#2: Buzz Cut with Designs

Opt for this buzz cut with designs for a modern and daring hairstyle. It adds a creative twist to the classic buzz cut. This style uses clippers to create patterns, lines, or shapes on the buzzed areas of the head. The designs can range from simple geometric patterns to more elaborate and personalized artwork. This allows individuals to express their unique style and personality.

#3: Buzzed with Shaved Lines

A haircut with shaved lines adds a personal touch to a fade. For a perfect hairstyle, find a barber in your area who is good at designing. Depending on your preference, you can let the barber create a design. You can also suggest a design you like. A discussion with your barber is key to getting the best hairstyle.

Very Short Buzz Cut Haircut with Skin Mid Fade for Guys with Beard
Instagram @met_cutz

#4: Very Short Haircut with Skin Mid Fade

During your next visit to the barbershop, consider a low-maintenance yet stylish look – a very short haircut paired with a skin mid-fade. Depending on your hair type and color, ask your hair professional for a mid-skin fade buzz cut using a 2 or a 3 guard. The only daily requirement is shampooing to remove any unruly hair and promote a healthier scalp.

Low-Maintenance Tapered Buzz Cut for Gentlemen
Instagram @luisbarber25

#5: Low-Maintenance Tapered Buzz Cut

A tapered buzz cut is a low-maintenance and classic haircut. It includes a modern taper fade around the temples and nape. This haircut works best on dark hair. It needs little daily upkeep or styling. Still, a barbershop visit every 2 weeks is good to keep its shape and prevent it from growing round.

Fresh Skin Faded Buzz Cut for Men
Instagram @duplexbarberia

#6: Fresh Skin Faded Buzz Cut

A popular no-nonsense style is this fresh skin faded buzz cut. The advantages of this style are that its low-maintenance and have a clean finish. With buzz cuts, you can take the fade really high and tight into the top. I personally think that it compliments the style and makes the bold hairline stand out more. It will help you to blow dry the top forward but isn’t necessary. A small amount of pomade will give you a slight shine on top.

Buzz cut + temp fade for guys with thin hair
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#7: Buzz Cut + Temp Fade

A buzz cut with a temp fade is an excellent hairstyle option for men with thin hair. This look is achieved by keeping the hair very short on top while blending it into a tapered fade around the sides. One benefit is that it requires virtually no maintenance, making it perfect for busy guys. This style is suitable for men of all ages. But it can be effective for those with receding hairlines or thinning hair. It will help you look great while rocking a wash-and-go hairstyle with no product needed.

Balding Buzz Cut
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#8: Balding Buzz Cut

Who says balding guys can’t flex a new buzzed haircut? With this buzz cut style, you can use your thinning hair to your advantage. Plus, your facial hair will look super duper cool with your new hairdo!

Faded buzz cut and beard for thick-haired men
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#9: Faded Buzz Cut and Beard for Thick-Haired Men

A faded buzz cut for thick-haired men is ideal if you do not want to deal with your thick, medium to long-length locks. It’s a perfect way to cover bald/ thinning spots, making them less noticeable. Style your haircut with a beard to create a scruffy, lived-in look.

Easy buzz cut for a receding hairline for men
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#10: Easy Buzz Cut for a Receding Hairline

A buzzcut for a receding hairline is the recommended cut if you are suffering from a receding hairline. Most guys think that long hair is the remedy, but it’s not. These cuts complement receding hairlines by not drawing much attention to the problem area.

#11: Trendy Mohawk-Inspired Buzz Cut

A great way to add freshness to a traditional buzz cut is by creating a mohawk-inspired buzz cut. A clean skin fade may look easy but cutting this close to your skin without irritation and precision is no small feat. Special clippers are the tool to use. The buzz length mohawk slims down your head shape, and the angles pull your eyes inward, giving the illusion of a longer face.

See more mohawk fade haircut ideas.

Stylish buzz cut with a hard part for dudes
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#12: Stylish Buzz Cut with Hard Part

A buzz cut with a hard part is the perfect cut for men who like the ease of styling. The barber’s use of a straight razor to etch in the part offers crispness and a modern edge to your cut. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror each day to maintain the shape and length. A fresh haircut should be done every 2 to 3 weeks.

The Professional Undercut Buzz Cut for Guys
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#13: The Professional Undercut Buzz Cut

While it may look like your normal buzz cut, this undercut variety is unique for its uniformly shaven sides. You can still style your remaining hair however you want while keeping the rest spic and span.

Classic Ivy League Buzz Cut for Men
Instagram @jaaderlewis

#14: Classic Ivy League Buzz Cut

Enjoy your buzz cut while sporting the good ol’ ivy league style. Get your sides shaved then style your hair on top for a wonderful hair combination.

#15: The Butch Cut

Generally short but still longer than the usual buzz cut, the butch cut can be your ticket to keeping things neat while having enough hair for a grow-out.

Classy Military Buzz Cut for Guys
Instagram @ivan.9.6

#16: Classic Military Buzz Cut

Plain and simple—these military buzz cuts emphasize tidiness and orderliness. Shaved up sides with a little buzz growing up top to ensure no stray hair is in the way of the mission.

#17: Number 3 Buzz Cut

You can wear a buzz cut and still have a relatively thicker mane on top using a number 3 clipper guard. A natural look for youthful dudes, this one’s a must-try at least once in your life.

Old School Buzzed Top for Men
Instagram @wester_barber

#18: Old School Buzzed Top

The drip in buzzed styles like this is oozing! A clean edge and a drop fade is the trick to highlighting your buzzed top. Get the look courtesy of your favorite professional barber and his most trusty clippers.

Induction Buzz Cut for Guys
Instagram @kazukiogata_

#19: Induction Buzz Cut

Named after the fresh guys that join the military, this is one of the cleanest buzz cuts out there! The military induction cut is simple, leaving some hair for growing out and head coverage but keeping it short to give that orderly look.

#20: Popular Crew Cut Buzz Cut

A crew cut buzz cut is such a timeless style for all men! This one gets rid of stray hair around your face, revealing your most dashing self. Characterized as low-maintenance and an on-the-go cut, use clippers with a comb guard to achieve this cut.

Simple High Buzz with a Line Up for Men
Instagram @hicksonhair

#21: Simple High Buzz with a Line Up

This is a high buzz cut with a line up. The best thing about this look is how clean and sharp it is. If you have a strong hairline and you want no hassle with styling your hair, this could be a good look for you. It always looks better on darker hair because you can see the fade a lot more.

Fresh Burr Buzz Cut for Dudes
Instagram @nektaly

#22: Fresh Burr Buzz Cut

This burr buzz cut is a mid-bald fade with a #2 on top. It’s a simple look that never goes out of style. It’s really practical and easy to maintain with no product required. This haircut would fit best on a variety of hair types – straight, coarse, and wavy.

#23: A Number 4 Buzz Cut

Here’s a number 4 buzz cut that’s convenient, clean, and easy hairstyle. However, not all dudes can get this hairstyle. You would need to have a straight front hairline, and it would look better on thick hair textures. You can do it any time of the year, but men prefer doing it in summer because it’s easy to wear. If you wear a beard, you can do a very sharp beard with a low or high fade or wear it naturally thick and wild.

#24: Professional High and Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight buzz cut is a short, simple, and classic men’s cut, which is and always will be fashionable. It’s a buzzed top and faded sides that usually use an electric clipper to achieve. Although there are various ways of buzz cuts such as the uniform cut or butch cut, this cut is skin-faded from the side and cut uniformly from the top using the #3 clipper guard. I would advise men considering this chop to trim their hair at least once every week or two weeks to keep it clean and tidy and maintain the style, especially from the sides.

Buzz Cut with a Beard for Men
Instagram @ar_fades

#25: A Buzz Cut with a Beard

This is a low Caesar and a skin taper with a beard and line-up enhancement. My favorite thing about this cut is looking at the pop of contrast that the skin taper brings out on the sides and back. It gives it a cleaner and fresher look. Also, when using enhancements for this Caesar buzz cut, such as dyes or airbrush, I recommend using a shampoo with no alcohol content to extend the life of your enhanced look. Check out more mens taper haircuts.

#26: The Long Buzz Cut

This long buzz cut is a mid-zero fade blended tightly with the top. Then, it’s taken down to a finger-width length with as much texture worked into the top as the hair would allow. If you have lighter or fairer hair, this isn’t the style for you because of how short you take it on the sides. You’ll never get enough contrast to make the cut pop, which you find with darker or thicker hair.

Buzz Cut with Skin Fade Style for Guys
Instagram @dksbarbershop

#27: Buzz Cut with Skin Fade Style

A cut with a skin fade offers a fresh and authentic look. This haircut is almost for any face type. Except if you have an asymmetric face with long ears. If so, you should opt for another look with longer hair. This look is not recommended for guys with professional jobs.