33 Awesome Burst Fade Haircut Ideas for Men in 2024

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Low Burst Fade with Highlights for Men
Instagram @osman.karaev

#1: Low Burst Fade with Highlights

This low burst fade with highlights is quite cool. Frosted tips have long been a trendy and unique style for men’s hair. Together with a mohawk, which never goes out of style, these two create a stylish pairing. This fusion suits most hair types and textures as long as they are properly modified. At your next appointment, don’t forget to ask for a bald burst fade around the ears that fades into a mohawk shape. Also, ask for foiled highlights to add brightness and contrast. In 6-8 weeks, make sure to go back to your stylist. They can apply gloss to freshen your bleached ends and trim your hair to keep it in shape.

#2: Burst Faded with a Messy, Curly Top

A burst fade haircut with a messy, curly top is currently popular. This style is perfect for people with curly or wavy hair who want less bulk on the sides and wish to highlight their hair’s texture on the top and back. Tell your barber you want a burst fade that begins with a zero and blends into a length of 3 to 5 inches on top. The exact length on top will depend on your hair’s curliness. I suggest using Malin Goetz sage styling cream. It gives a satin gloss finish and has a light hold, which helps reduce frizz and enhance texture.

#3: Textured Cropped Hair with Burst Fade

Burst fades usually match most styles. In this case, it’s styled with a textured cropped top. When creating a burst fade, I first set a line in a circle. Then, I determine the next length based on the width of this initial line. It’s important to follow these steps as they guide the creation of the fade and help maintain a consistent workflow. You might not achieve the desired burst fade without appropriate focus.

Burst Fade with a Full Beard for Men
Instagram @preacher_._

#4: Burst Fade with a Full Beard

This burst fade with a full beard is a trendy style. Try this style if you prefer a faded, edgy, yet clean-cut look. It features a point cut and textured feel up top, paired with a burst fade around the ears. You can easily adjust this style to suit any facial hair or hair type by making subtle changes. Guys with straight hair can use matte clay to style, while those with wavy or curly hair can use a curl cream. This will allow you to style your hair daily.

Skin Burst Fade with Design on Guys with Thick Hair
Instagram @mhd1shakeri

#5: Skin Burst Fade with Design

I’m seeing more of a popular style known as the skin burst fade, which incorporates a design. The fade arcs around the ear, leaving a length of hair at the back, which can be trimmed short or styled into a mullet. The line design is placed at the temple blend point, helping it stand out more in darker hair. To ensure designs last longer, I always use a razor.

Sharp Burst Fade Cut for Dudes with Thick Hair
Instagram @osman.karaev

#6: Sharp Burst Fade Cut

A burst fade is a hairstyle that is very sharp, defined, and textured. The top of this hairstyle can be styled with a texturizing powder for an edgier, messy look. For a well-maintained burst fade, consult your barber or stylist at least twice a month.

Burst Faded Short Hair for Guys
Instagram @0800barber

#7: Burst Faded Short Hair

A burst fade on short hair will give your hair a fun shape while still maintaining its short length. This variant of the classic mohawk features a subtle fade around the sideburns and ears, presenting a slim appearance. It suits most guys and is ideal for slimming out rounder face shapes. To achieve this look, towel-dry your hair and apply a firm hold gel liberally. If you want extra volume or need to mask thinning hair, use a blow dryer and apply matte clay from roots to ends.

#8: Razor Cut Burst Fade

The razor-cut burst fade is a stylish option for men with thick hair. The burst fade gives a gradient effect. It lets the hair go from long on top to short at the sides in a round way. It looks like a burst of hair. If you have thick hair, you should try this style. The short sides cut down bulk but allow much volume on top. You must visit the barber often to keep the Burst Fade’s shape. Styling this haircut is easy. A bit of pomade or styling cream can give texture and form to your hair. The product helps mold the hair in the way you want.

Perfect Short Mullet with a Burst Fade for Dudes
Instagram @tamas_tanos

#9: Perfect Short Mullet with a Burst Fade

A short mullet with a burst fade gives an updated look to a classic hairstyle. This style features short hair around the ear. The length tapers even shorter towards the top and back. This creates a sleek contrast. Ask for a short mullet with a burst fade if you want a unique, trendy look. This style displays your individuality. Regular trims are needed for this style. They keep the length even and the fade sharp.

Voluminous Curls with Burst Fade Cut for Young Men
Instagram @mmichaeljoseph

#10: Voluminous Curls with Burst Fade Cut

Working with curls has to be approached differently than straight hair. Taking off too much can make it look shorter than it really is because of the bend in the hair. The curls mix with a burst fade and we partly separate them to give the feeling of more length. Dry curls with care, as excess drying can lead to frizz.

#11: Burst Taper Haircut with Fringe

In a burst fade style, some hair is left longer at the back. The back hair can either be further faded or lined in. Lining in the back hair creates a neat look and nicely molds the style around the neckline. Stylists leave the hair longer on top to style the curly fringe. To hold the style and add texture, I recommend using Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Low Burst Fade for Men's Thick Hair
Instagram @barberfirmat

#12: Low Burst Fade for Thick Hair

Achieving a good fade on thick hair is possible, but it isn’t always simple. The low burst fade of this hairstyle is visible around the ears. It blends well into the length of the hair, resulting in a textured look. I always use the point-cutting method to reduce the hair’s bulk and create a sense of movement.

Burst Fade Mullet with Beard on Men
Instagram @_cutzbyrozz_

#13: Burst Fade Mullet with Beard

I always believe that in a finished look, a beard is just as vital as the hair. The mullet, short above the ears, complements a thick, faded beard. A well-trimmed base of the beard highlights a masculine jawline. For a dry texture, finish by applying Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder on the top.

Fade Burst Haircut with Bangs and shaved lines for men
Instagram @crisvale_hair

#14: Fade Burst Haircut with Bangs

Burst fades are closely cut around the ears while leaving some length on the back. Then, this length gradually transitions to the top. You can do the fade at different lengths. However, I prefer shaving it close to the skin and blending it well with the back and top. You can fade or line the nape of the neck. I recommend exploring different styles to find your preference.

Short Waves with Mid Burst Taper Fade on Guys
Instagram @benjixblendz

#15: Short Waves with Mid Burst Taper Fade

With curly hair, you can create a lot of texture, as evident in the style featuring short waves and a mid-burst taper fade. In a burst fade, the hair is cut short around the ears while leaving a longer length in the back. This style is somewhat similar to a Mohawk, though there are differences. Longer hair is left on the top to create the waves. To achieve this style, you need a strong hold product and a comb to guide the hair in the same direction.

#16: Faux Hawk with Burst Fade

Burst fades resemble fohawks since both styles maintain some hair length at the back of the head, extending it down towards the neck. In these styles, the hair is trimmed close to the skin around the ears, forming a circular shape, gradually increasing to match the top length. If you want to replicate the matte, dry, textured look, I recommend  Crazy Bull Space Dust Powder.

Modern Burst Fade with Shaved Nape Line for Boys
Instagram @giovanna.styles

#17: Modern Burst Fade with Shaved Nape Line

Designs can really change a style, like this modern burst fade with a shaved nape line. The fade, which circles around the ear and flows into the base of the nape, is enhanced with the design. When I create hair patterns, I consider the style’s shape. I ensure that the design complements the overall look.

High Burst Fade with Textured Top on Men
Instagram @betos_cuts

#18: High Burst Fade with Textured Top

A burst fade’s defining feature is how it shapes high or low around the ear. This version of a burst fade, with a textured top, extends higher above the temple area. It retains more length for added texture.

Men's Medium-Length Burst Fade Haircut
Instagram @benjixblendz

#19: Medium-Length Burst Fade Haircut

This medium-length burst fade haircut features a heavy blend. This style leaves more weight at the transition, creating an over-directed flow into the top. Such haircuts look great with darker hair, as they create a good contrast from the skin to the heavy texture on top. The barber uses a lot of point-cutting to achieve the flow.

Mohawk Undercut Burst Fade and Beard for Guys
Instagram @sinister.cuts

#20: Mohawk Undercut Burst Fade

Burst fades and mohawks are similar in that they feature a particular shape. But subtle variations exist between them. The disconnected top section provides the necessary weight for the Mohawk. The burst fade shapes the shorter sides, resulting in a blend of the two styles.

#21: Quiff with Burst Faded Sides

If you’re looking for a twist on an elegant classic, a quiff with burst-faded sides is a great choice. The burst style leaves lots of length on the top for shaping. Use a wide tooth comb to get textured strokes through the top.

Curly Burst Fade with Short Sides on Guys
Instagram @fadez_by_rik

#22: Curly Burst Fade with Short Sides

A curly burst fade is disconnected to leave hair length on top. The fade goes down to the skin, and it’s blended out into the beard. Adding texture to the curl’s ends helps make them stand out and improve the curl shape. Apply Argan oil to damp hair and leave it to dry naturally to create hold in the hair.

Short Tapered Burst Fade Curly Cut for Dudes
Instagram @jett.the.barber

#23: Tapered Burst Fade Curly Cut

Burst fades, like mullets, are cut around the ears. But with burst fade, the back of the hair is kept shorter. A decent styling gel can enhance your curls and give a strong hold.

Slick Back with Burst Taper Fade for Bearded Gents
Instagram @jett.the.barber

#24: Slick Back with Taper Fade

Burst fades, like mullets, are cut around the ears. But with a burst fade, the back of the hair is kept shorter. Maintaining slick backs typically requires a good product. If you prefer a shiny look, try using pomade.

Short-to-Medium Mullet Burst Fade for Men's Textured Hair
Instagram @galak_benyh

#25: Mullet Burst Fade for Textured Hair

Curly hair must be cut differently because the strands go in all directions. The mullet burst fade style is cut short down to the skin. Then, the fade blends tightly into the top of the hair. The hair is left longer in parts to create a stylish, textured mullet look. With curls, I like to apply Argan oil to damp hair to help control the frizz.

Medium Spiky Mohawk Burst Fade for Guys
Instagram @gary_visions

#26: Spiky Mohawk Fade

Mohawk fades come in all shapes and sizes. A mohawk mixed with a burst fade can leave more hair to style. Lots of texture has been cut into the length. I like to use point-cutting and texturing scissors for lots of movement. Style your hair so that it looks as dry as possible. A pomade is a good option for guys who prefer a shiny look to their hair.

Short Afro Burst Fade Haircut for Black Men
Instagram @vicstylez_smp

#27: Afro Burst Fade Haircut

Afro hair is a unique hair type to cut and style. In this photo, the burst fade is disconnected from the top to keep the sides tight. The sides are cut with most burst fade haircuts, leaving length at the back. So opt for a higher fade in the back of the head for a more rounded shape.

#28: Textured Burst Taper Fade Style

Burst fades are done around the ear. The amount you do depends on your advice and your client’s requirements. This textured burst fade goes high into the top and finishes behind the ear for this edgy cut. It has been taken down to the skin for a clean finish and length left on the top for a textured style.

Short Wavy Hair with Mid Burst Fade for Gents
Instagram @_beexiong

#29: Wavy Hair with Mid Burst Fade

Burst fades keep the sides short and length on the top and back, very similar to a mohawk. Mid burst fades are low-maintenance compared to mohawks, as they can be left to grow out and still look good. This makes it a versatile style as you can grow out another look.

#30: Mid-Length Messy Mohawk Fade

Mohawks come in many different shapes and styles some are thin strips, and others can be thicker. This messy mid-length mohawk fade has been trimmed by the ears to leave as much length on top to style. Your barber may have a different technique for styling curls. So always ask for advice.

Burst Faded Curly Hair for Boys
Instagram @denzelcutz

#31: Burst Faded Curly Hair

The burst fade on this curly hair makes the length on top stand out. It has been faded down to the skin and blended into the length with a small disconnection for a creative finish. Curls allow more texture for your style but styled wrong can leave frizz. Ask your barber for advice on products.

Men's Short Hair with Burst Skin Fade
Instagram @garvax.barber

#32: Short Hair with Burst Skin Fade

This short hair with a burst skin fade leaves a neat finish, especially with the line-ups. The sides have been faded back out into the facial hair to create a nice flow. These fades couple up well with shorter styles, even buzz cuts, for a sharp look.

Burst Fade with Natural Curls for Men
Instagram @starzthebarber

#33: Burst Fade with Natural Curls

This burst fade on natural curls leaves a defined and voluminous length. The fade has been taken down to the skin to create the contrast from the base up to the top. The disconnection has been cut in to allow for more length for a more eye-catching finish.

Do you like the idea of a burst fade haircut? Known for its unique blend between a skin fade and intricate detailing, this edgy style is not everyone’s game. But fear not, master barber John Rivera shines a light on this trend. His insight helps you decide if this cut works for your hair and face shape.

Meet The Expert

John Rivera
John Rivera
John is a founder & master barber with over 16 years of experience.
You can find him at The NY Barber in New York, NY.

Ideal Hair for a Burst Fade

Curly, coarse, and thick hair types are best for the burst fade haircut, Rivera says. Why? The skin fade needs a good amount of hair for a smooth shift. Light, thin, or fine hair might not give the right texture or volume.

Face Shape and the Burst Fade Haircut

Two face shapes work well with this style. If your face is square-shaped, a laid-top burst fade will balance your look. A faux hawk style looks best on those with a pointed chin. Rivera says these different styles and shapes go well together.

Styling Tips and Products

Every lifestyle has a haircut that suits it. Rivera offers tips for working men, busy dads, and retired folks.

For busy fathers, Rivera suggests a shorter top. It means less time spent styling your locks. For working men, a burst fade with a 1/2 or 1 grade cut is best. Tight styles might not fit well in an office setting. Rivera recommends matte paste or slick pomade for such hair.

In retirement, a scissor cut might suit you more than a burst fade. Rivera says an age-appropriate cut is the way to go.

Photos of the Trendiest Burst Fade Haircuts for Men