25 Freshest Burst Fade Buzz Cuts Men Are Getting Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Burst Skin Fade with Line Up Buzz Cut on Guys with Beard
Instagram @mikexbarber

#1: Burst Skin Fade with Line Up

There are a few variations of fades. You can find the best one to suit you. This buzz cut has been coupled with a burst skin fade haircut and lined-up edges. A burst fade is done around the ears leaving length at the back. The hairline has need edged in to make the style stand out.

Burst Faded Buzzed Sides with Low Beard Fade for Gents
Instagram @_barber.bene_

#2: Buzzed Sides with Low Beard Fade

Beards must always be considered in a style, although some clients don’t want them touched. This beard has been faded tightly into the chin, which works really well with the burst fade on the sides. If you’re unsure about finding a barber specializing in beards, always check out their social media.

Burst Fade Haircut for Men with Thick Beard
Instagram @tccuts

#3: Burst Haircut with Thick Beard

When incorporating a beard into haircuts, thought needs to be considered on how high you want the fade to go. For thick beards, it’s best to keep the fade close to the skin or extend it to the top. Maintaining a square line for the beard promotes a masculine jawline. It also maximizes contrast with other facial features.

Short Modern Burst Buzz Fade for Young Men
Instagram @iwko.barber

#4: Short Modern Burst Buzz Fade

Buzz cuts make for a cool, hassle-free summer. The modern burst buzz fade is ideal. The hair is short, almost bare, near the ears. It blends at the temple for a smooth shift to the top, creating a stretched fade. Dark hair makes line-ups look extra sharp.

Low-Maintenance Short Buzz Crop with Burst Fade Cut on Guys
Instagram @cutsbycameron

#5: Low-Maintenance Short Crop with Burst Fade Cut

If you want an easy style this low-maintenance short crop with burst fade could suit you. The sides have faded to the skin around the ears and blended into the short top. The best thing about this cut is that you’re ready to go, straight out of the shower!

#6: Very Short Mullet with Buzz Fade

This short mullet with a buzz fade is the perfect summer look. It’s a cool style that’s easy to manage. The neckline has a neat, modern twist. Care is taken to avoid cutting into the natural hairline. This keeps the look tidy as it grows out.

Bald Burst Fade with Buzzed Waves for young Guys
Instagram @negocutz

#7: Bald Burst Fade with Waves

The tight curls with Afro hair can be styled for a different look. This bald burst fade with waves is different from your normal buzz cuts. You need a strong product like pomade to create the wave with Afro hair. Apply it and slowly comb it away from the crown in one direction. Applying a finishing spray will give you extra hold.

Buzz Cut and Burst Taper Fade with Sideburns on dudes
Instagram @alebarbervz

#8: Burst Taper Fade with Sideburns

This burst taper fade has been arched low at the temple point. The low arch at the temple transitions well into the beard’s sideburn. When requested, I carefully create the line where I shave the hair. One can easily lose this line if not blended properly. A careful shave also creates a neat line-up, enhancing the overall style.

#9: Beard Buzz Cut with Drop Fade

Buzz cuts don’t always need to be extremely short. The top has been left longer on this one. This buzz has been coupled with a drop fade, keeping it low and allowing more transition into the length. It has faded out tightly into the beard, leaving slightly longer for a cheek lineup.

Very Short Burst Skin Fade for Black Men
Instagram @klipperkulture

#10: Short Burst Skin Fade for Black Men

Burst fades can be done at different heights at the temple it works with most hair types. This short burst skin fade for black men has been kept low to stretch out into the transition at the top. This works well with short and buzz cuts and leaves a good amount of hair to line up.

Burst Faded Straight Buzzed Hair for Boys
Instagram @ronaldomx201

#11: Burst Faded Straight Hair

Straighter hair will give a cleaner fade. It can be stretched more, and the skin on this burst fade has been kept low to create a seamless transition to the top. The base of the neckline has been lined in to make an eye-catching statement. I always keep it as close to the natural line as possible to make sure it grows out better.

Burst Buzz Temp Fade with Shaved Line for Gentlemen
Instagram @kaiquedanasa

#12: Buzz Temp Fade with Shaved Line

This old-school buzz has been given a modern twist in the form of a temple fade and lined edge. A small but effective line has been shaved in to break up the dark hair. I always razor in designs and line ups. This exposes the skin underneath and creates a good contrast to make it stand out.

Buzz Cut and High Burst Fade with Hair Tattoo for Men's thick Hair
Instagram @21_fades

#13: High Burst Fade with Hair Tattoo

Many want a low-maintenance summer cut, and a buzz ticks all the right boxes. This buzz has been done with a high burst fade and a design razored in at the back to enhance the fade. Designs need to be placed in the best place to highlight certain parts of the cut. Ask your barber for advice.

Buzz Cut Burst Fade Textured Cut for Men
Instagram @dinhobarber_19

#14: Burst Fade Textured Cut

I am getting asked for more and more burst fades and I am seeing more and more. This burst fade textured cut has been lined up at the base to add a cool finish. it has been taken to the skin around the ears and blended tightly into the top. There has been enough length left in the top to add texture to the style.

Burst Fade with Buzzed Cut Short Sides and Nape for Boys
Instagram @amirbarber2002

#15: Burst Fade with Short Sides and Nape

Buzz cuts are a sleek and easy-to-maintain style. This one has been coupled with a higher burst fade to create a nice transition from skin to hair. To make the style pop, the barber has lined all of the edges. It’s best not to cut too deep into them as they can grow out very quickly with darker hair.

Buzz Fade Cut Burst Fade with V Hairline on Men with receding hairline
Instagram @thebarberjdg

#16: Buzz Fade Cut with V Hairline

Lining it up into a V while doing a buzz cut fade is a great way to embrace the natural receding line. And you can do this while still maintaining a style. To keep the shape of this cut, I recommend seeing your stylist or barber every 2 weeks!

Low Burst Cut with V-Shaped Neckline for gentlemen
Instagram @themanecavellc

#17: Low Burst Cut with V-Shaped Neckline

Buss cuts are a summer favorite. You can modify them with eye-catching designs. This buzz has a low burst with a v-shaped neckline. The neckline has been lined in for an eye-catching finish. It has faded to the skin around the ears and blended into the length creating a seamless transition.

#18: Disconnected Burst Fade Haircut

Bust fades are cut in over the ear in an arch, similar to a mohawk. This style has been coupled with a longer buzz blending into the length. Some buzz cuts are lined in at the hairline. This gives an eye-catching and sharp finish. I recommend a line up for a strong hair hairline as it stands out more.

High and Tight with Buzzed Burst Skin Fade for Gents
Instagram @itzorlando

#19: High and Tight with Burst Skin Fade

Buzz cuts are popular in the summer. This high and tight with burst skin fade will be seen often. With buzz cuts, I always like to take them high, making the top stand out more. The fade is shaped perfectly around the ears and transitions into the length to complement it. The hairline has been lined in to finish it perfectly.

Classic Buzzed Crop with Burst Fade for Men with Beard
Instagram @total_image

#20: Classic Crop with Burst Fade

If you’re getting a short haircut, consider this classic crop with a burst fade. It’s a timeless hairstyle that blends a short, textured top with a taper fade. For styling, I recommend matte wax or clay to build an edgy, spiked texture as this style grows out.

#21: Short Burst Fade Cut with Surgical Part

Try this short burst fade cut with a surgical part for a sharp hairstyle. It has a tightly faded back and sides leading to a defined surgical part line. I recommend this style for a trendy and edgy look. It showcases attention to detail and adds a modern edge to the overall style.

Buzzed Burst Skin Fade for Short Curls on Black Men
Instagram @rawcutz__

#22: Burst Skin Fade for Short Black Curls

I recommend this burst skin fade for a striking hairstyle. It combines texture and volume with a skin fade that gradually tapers down to the skin. This contrast creates a stylish and classy look. You’ll need very little maintenance other than a pre-booked haircut with your barber in 2 to 4 weeks.

Clean Burst Fade Haircut on Men with Buzzed Thick Hair
Instagram @christhebarber.97

#23: Clean Burst Fade Haircut

Darker hair is harder to fade, but the color creates a fresher fade. This has been done with a clean burst fade. It has been taken to the skin around the ears and blended into the top to smooth the transition. When searching for new styles, find examples of the same color. The results can differ quite dramatically.

Burst Zero Fade with Buzzed Line-Up on Boys
Instagram @el_flaco_cuts

#24: Burst Zero Fade with Line-Up

Buzz cuts are a favorite for the summer. It’s a cool and low-maintenance style, but you can add a twist to be more eye-catching. This buzz has been done with a burst zero fade and a sharp lineup. I personally like to buzz the top off first so I can see where to create the transition from skin to hair.

Burst Skin Fade and Buzz Cut on Guys' Dark Blonde Hair
Instagram @stanleyjohns__

#25: Burst Skin Fade on Dark Blonde Hair

There are many names for different fades for hair. Here is a burst skin fade on dark blonde hair. The curve around the ears defines the ‘burst fade’ style. The fade has been taken down to the skin and blended into the short top. Since the scalp is more visible on blonde hair, fades on blondes appear shorter than on other hair colors.

Are you contemplating a burst fade buzz cut, but not sure if it’s the right style for you? Hair trends come and go, but how do you know if this one is a fit for you? Don’t fuss, we have someone who can help. With years of hairstyling experience, Jonathan Villota, a sought-after barber, is here to guide you through every strand of this much-cherished cut.

Meet The Expert

Jonathan Villota
Jonathan Villota
Jonathan is a CEO and barber with 10 years of experience.
You can find him at Live In The Cut in Woodside, New York

The Right Hair Texture

In the words of Villota, “The Burst Fade Buzz Cut is one of my favorite haircuts to do! It is a hybrid of new school style and classic clean cut.” But which hair type suits a burst fade buzz cut the most? Villota suggests if you have thick coarse hair, this style will accentuate your fade!

Choosing the Cut for Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays an important role in deciding if the burst fade buzz cut is for you. According to Villota, “If you have a more square or oval face shape you can surely pull off a burst fade buzz cut. We keep the crown area of your head heavier with this cut. So, it adds to the slim look of your head if that’s what you are aiming for”.

Styling Tips and Product Advice

The beauty of this style is that it’s easy to keep up with. Villota points out, “This style is just like other short hair combo with skin fade. It is a low fuss cut and lasts at least a month! For a young, busy entrepreneur, this cut will always look fresh”. However, he warns that it may not suit those in more formal fields like banking. So, decide your cut based on the image you want to project.

Photos of Awesome Burst Fade Buzz Cuts for Men