35 Cute Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair Right Now

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Having a cute hairstyle for medium-length hair is awesome. It’s long enough to put up yet short enough that you don’t need much time to plan your hair routine for a night out.

We have a compilation of classic, modern, funky, fun, and flirty looks for everyone to try and test. So pick your favorite of these super cute and fun hairstyles. Some of the cutest hairstyles for medium-length hair include braids, curls, waves, twists, feathered cuts, and more!

So before your next hair appointment, check out these photos of cute hairstyles for medium hair!

Cute Mid-Length Thick Ringlets
Instagram @studio_mostton

#1: Mid-Length Thick Ringlets

Upgrade your mid-length wavy hair with tight, defined ringlets. To get shiny and defined curls, plan to use a thermal spray and a small barrel iron.

Side-Parted Thick Medium Hairstyle for Brunettes
Instagram @studio_mostton

#2: Side-Parted Thick Hairstyle for Brunettes

The thick medium hairstyle for brunettes is a perfect choice for those looking to enhance their natural volume and add dimension to their locks. This style features a side-parted look that adds an element of sophistication and versatility. The weight of the hair is well-distributed, creating a balanced and flattering appearance. This hairstyle works best for women with thick hair, allowing easy styling and manipulation. Using a round brush when you blow dry will give your hair the most volume. For extra hold, apply mousse to your wet hair. Finish your styling with a medium-hold hairspray.

Cute Medium Brown Sugar Hairstyle
Instagram @gustavomigl

#3: Medium Brown Sugar Hairstyle

If you’re exploring a new style, consider the medium brown sugar hairstyle. It features a classy lob cut and a striking balayage, which has the potential to impress your friends. Many benefits come with this hairstyle, especially its easy maintenance and flawless color application, giving it a vibrant look. You can style it straight for a sleek, edgy feel, add curls, and use a texture spray to achieve a comfortable, boho vibe.

#4: Bold & Bright Copper on Medium Thin Hair

Bright golden copper paired with a bold fringe and a blunt cut gives you an edgy vibe. Bright hair color can fade quickly. Try Pravana’s color-enhancing treatment in copper. Make sure to turn your flat iron down. High heat is a major contributor to color loss!

Cute Voluminous Makeover for Mid-Length Hair for women with thicker hair
Instagram @studio_mostton

#5: Voluminous Makeover for Mid-Length Hair

A brunette makeover for mid-length hair is a soft way to add definition to your facial features. I suggest going darker on your hair if you tend to get washed out by lighter hair colors. If you add warmer undertones of chocolate, this can accentuate deeper eye colors.

Face-Framing Balayage Medium Hairstyle
Instagram @nicoledivine__

#6: Face-Framing Balayage Medium Hairstyle

A center part, soft waves, and face-framing balayage highlights create an easy-to-style hairdo for women’s medium haircuts. Adding extra volume to your root area is necessary for this face-framing style. Try Kevin Murphy’s Anti Gravity spray near the scalp for great volume without build-up. Heart-shaped faces wear a center part best, but any face shape can wear these pretty waves by changing where the part is. Hair that is medium in thickness and naturally wavy or straight is best for styling. Practice these waves! They can be tricky to get the first few times, but once you find your groove, this style is fast and easy.

Cute Money Piece on Mid-Length Dark Hair
Instagram @glamourbycee

#7: Cute Money Piece on Mid-Length Dark Hair

Try a cute money piece on mid-length dark hair to brighten your face. If you’re wondering what is a money piece? A money piece is a term that is used to describe face-framing highlights. This is a great way to add a pop of color without much maintenance. You can go bright and bold or soft and subtle; it will look great. This color technique is best for cute mid-length haircuts or even longer layers.

Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Hair
Instagram @gustavomigli

#8: Asymmetrical Bob for Medium Hair

There is something fun and exciting about having your hair swept to one side and appear longer! This asymmetrical bob is great for all ages and hair types.

How To Style Your A-Line Bob:

  1. Apply styling cream to damp hair and comb through to ensure even saturation.
  2. Blow dry using a medium round brush, smoothing hair down as you dry in sections.
  3. Once hair is completely dry, use a 1½-inch curling iron and curl hair in sections from midshaft to ends.
  4. Mist curls with hairspray while the curls cool.
  5. Separate and arrange curls with fingers.

To style cute medium haircuts like this, a great styling cream that gives you soft hold, body, and shine is Pravana’s Model Behavior. Play around with all the ways to style this asymmetric bob. Braid one side, add tighter curls, or go poker straight!

shag blowout for fluffy medium-length hair
Instagram @jhair_stylist

#9: Shag Blowout with Bangs for Fluffy Hair

Ask for a shag blowout for fluffy hair to give your strands layers and a bouncy look. If you are doing your blowout, use a small to medium-sized round brush and pull each section up and out. Lock in your volume using the cold button on your dryer in each section.

#10: Bardot-Inspired Layers on Medium-Length Hair

This is a Bardot-inspired layered haircut with a lot of layering around the face.  The cut is between a medium shag and long layers. Such layered haircuts for girls with medium hair can be worn air-dried on wavy hair, blown out (as shown), curled with a wand for a beachy vibe, or styled with a lot of volume for a more retro feel. It’s one of those cute medium-length hairstyles that’s so versatile. The fringe can be longer and side-swept to give the illusion of length on the face. Or you can ask your stylist for a middle part to frame your face (as shown). Use quality products to ensure low-maintenance hairstyling over time.

#11: Cute California Waves on Medium Hair

The blonde balayage contrasting with their natural, darker color brings out the waves in this cute medium-length haircut for women.

Picture of an fun and outgoing medium cute hair
Instagram @haarwerkbeuren

#12: Fun and Outgoing Magenta Red on Medium-Length Hair

Magenta red on medium-length hair? Yes, please! These colors are fun and subtle tones of lighter and darker pink. Get a color-protecting shampoo and avoid alcohol-based products to keep your hair bright and long-lasting! This is bright and colorful, so you must enjoy it and try different styles. There is decent upkeep that comes along with this color, but it’s worth it to have cute hair! Anyone can rock this pink hair.

#13: Mid-Length Effortless Pink Petal Half Updo

This pink color is on an effortless half updo. This color fades nicely into softer shades of pink. To keep the color fresh, use Joico Color Butter in the shade “pink” as it fades. Also, try Joico Color Therapy shampoo and conditioner to help protect the color. Hairstyles for girls with medium hair like this are quite easy to do and maintain.

#14: Cute Half Up with a Twist Hairstyle

This look is a half-up, half-down with a twist. This cute medium cut is simple but formal. The half-up, half-down style provides mobility when dancing but is still nice and formal enough for the ceremony. To style your hair, cute hairstyles for medium hair need mini hair bands, bobby pins, and hairspray! These three items will help keep your style in the way you started.

Silver Color Melt for Medium-Length Hair Girls
Instagram @jade__ly

#15: Silver Color Melt for Medium-Length Hair Girls

There’s a ton of depth and high contrast in this silver color melt. As a stylist, gray is one of the hardest colors to achieve; as a client, it’s one of the hardest colors to maintain. If you want gray hair, be prepared for countless hours in the salon and spend a lot of money. For the color in this photo, it took 8 hours to achieve. However, sometimes gray isn’t possible in a day. Your hair has to be bleached to the point where it is absent of all pigment.

Because this silver color requires intensive bleaching, proper home care is necessary. Use purple shampoo such as Barcelona by Pulp Riot. Also, try Celeb Luxury Silver Colorditioner and Olaplex #3 treatment. You must wash your hair with cool water and as little as possible (one to two times per week). Gray is very similar to pastels as it only lasts a few washes. Gray is super high maintenance and only for some women, but wow, it’s beautiful!

#16: Elegant Waterfall Braid on Medium Hair

A medium hairstyle and balayage color are very soft yet elegant. Waterfall braids are perfect for any occasion. The beach wave curls make it even softer and bring out the dimension of the color.  It’s a low-maintenance color cut that only requires a toner and a trim every 5 to 6 weeks. However, this depends on how often you shampoo your hair and the type of shampoo used. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo for colored hair. As for the hairstyle, medium hair is a lot more manageable. With this waterfall braided hairdo, you can leave your hair down but still look flawless for that special event.

Rosey Long Bob for Medium Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#17: Rosey Long Bob for Medium Hair

Opt for a long bob with the perfect rose pink color.  When it comes to cute medium hairstyles for women, think about how often you style your hair.

Side-Swept Braid with Waves on Medium Hair
Instagram @sabinakbeauty

#18: Side-Swept Braid with Waves on Medium Hair

This side-swept braid with waves on medium hair captures that free spirit vibe. Adding a braid to your curled or wavy hair will accomplish that. You can swag any hairstyle with a braid. Cornrows, fishtails, French braids…they all give some flair to your hairstyle. Even if you don’t feel like doing waves or curls, adding a braid and throwing your hair in a bun can be super chic! For the waves, use Kevin Murphy’s Doo.Over. It’s a dry finishing hairspray that you spray on the hair before you wave or curl. It reinforces the curl to stay a little longer, and since it’s a dry powder spray, it removes any excess oil from the hair and scalp.

Half Updo with Loose Curls on Mid-Length Hair
Instagram @sarahair92

#19: Half Updo with Loose Curls on Mid-Length Hair

This half updo with loose curls on mid-length hair is simple and cute! Think about comfort first. If you tend to sweat around your face or get annoyed with hair around your face, then it would be best to pull that front hair back into a half-up style. Additionally, if your hair is thick or thin, a half updo is always an easy way to look good and can be worn for any occasion!

#20: Side-Swept Front Dutch Braid Medium Hairstyle

This side-swept front Dutch Braid with soft tousles, and curls let the hair out of the face completely. All while adding interest with a braid and not looking too harsh or tightly pulled back. It can be dressy or casual for medium to long lengths.

For thicker, coarse hair, use smoothing products. If your hair is thin or fine, root lifting and volumizing products are a must. It’s also important to use a thermal protectant when curling hair to protect against heat styling. If you have time, set the hair all over first because it gives the hair a bend and helps with the braid. If you are in a hurry, you can always do the braid first, then curl the remaining hair.

Take a deep side part for the braid, start the braid at the hairline, and continue until one to two inches behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins. Touch up the curls and smooth or mess up as desired. This shoulder-length feminine style is good for all women and girls.

Ashy Ombre Medium-Length Hairstyle
Instagram @hairbyseany

#21: Ashy Ombre Medium-Length Hairstyle

This medium-length hair features a dark root faded into really ashy ends. The mid-length cut with loads of texture and movement cut into it. You have to try Phyto Volume Spray and Unite’s Texturiza spray! The volume spray goes in at the roots before the blow-dry. Texturize will finish the style and help keep the hair cute and looking done but not too polished.

Medium haircuts for women can be worn with almost any face shape because this cut is all in the detail. Choosing the right stylist is key to helping you with your exact hair and style. The color is fun and can be worn by various ladies.

Pulled Out Fishtail Braids for Medium Hair Girls
Instagram @katiedidmydo

#22: Pulled-Out Fishtail Braids for Medium Hair Girls

A cute hairstyle for medium-length hair can be a simple and easy fishtail hairstyle for all women. The two fishtail braids can be worn sleek, tight, or pulled out for a fuller, more live-in style. All you need to recreate these braids are a few elastics and dry shampoo! Use a dry shampoo instead of hairspray for these lived-in braids. The dry shampoo gives the hair a bit of grip but doesn’t leave it too tacky or firm. The braided hairstyle is perfect for medium to long and average to thick hair. To recreate this, you should be familiar with braiding. Fishtail braids are easy but take longer than a standard three-strand braid.

#23: Trendy Angled Bob for Straight Medium Hair

This trendy take on a classic angled bob cut has an asymmetry that gives it that little bit of edge you don’t necessarily get from a classic bob. The great thing about this cut is its versatility. You can wear it sleek and straight as shown or curled and tousled for a more lived-in look. Use a good heat protectant for any hot tool styling; texture spray is necessary for that lived-in, tousled look.

If you opt for a more sleek and straight style, a product like Davines Oi Oil is amazing for smoothing down any little flyaways at the roots and ends. It’s not your mom’s bob. This is a trendy and modern way to wear short to medium-length hair. Straight, fine hair would be ideal for this cut, but it can easily be achieved on wavier textures with some extra styling.

#24: Half Up Dutch Braid Medium Hairstyle

This cut is a trendy everyday half-up style featuring a Dutch braid into a messy bun and beachy waves. Cute hairstyles for medium-length hair like this are super versatile. Medium-length hairstyles for girls look great on most hair types and face shapes. For fine hair, the multi-directional waves will add some much-needed volume, and the loose waves around the face will add a nice softness to the face. For cute shoulder-length hairstyles like this, use a texture/salt spray for added texture and a setting spray to make it last all day!

#25: Effortless Spring Knot for Medium-Length Hair

This effortless spring knot for medium-length hair is an understated way to keep the hair back off your face. This style is so versatile that it can be personalized with braids or accessories. You could even add a couple more knots down the back for more of an evening vibe. If you want to create length on a square face shape, you could backcomb more height into it and soften your face in the front by keeping pieces out. Do not overload your hair with too many products. Before blow waving and using hot tools, use a heat protectant. Before setting the knot, use a dry texturizer like Oribe. Set the entire do’ with a malleable hairspray like Working Spray from Oribe.

#26: Relaxed Boho Look for Mid-Length Girls

Here is a textured, relaxed, boho cut for mid-length girls. The center parting mixed with the textured waves and rough “back-knot” creates a feeling of effortlessly casual styling.

The lady in the photo has an all-one-length medium haircut and is quite thick. It isn’t easy to do an upstyle. However, having the back knot removes the bulk of hair at the back that would otherwise stick out in a triangular silhouette. The style looks best with a center part, as the hair will curtain the face perfectly.

Cute medium hair called urban edgy vibe
Instagram @ciarasikes

#27: Medium-Length Hairstyle with an Urban Edgy Vibe

This medium haircut is for ladies looking for a reddish hair color. Ask for the vibrant, shiny color (5VR by Matrix So Color). Red lasts long but has a beautiful fade that doesn’t portray brassy tones. The best way to achieve this style is to blow dry your hair straight. Next, use a 3/4-inch curling iron to curl the middle of your hair, grabbing big sections and leaving approximately two inches of the ends out. Curl your head like this, hairspray lightly, then run your fingers through it. Finish off with hairspray again.

Back Dutch Braid Medium-Length Hairstyle
Instagram @ruri_o_o312

#28: Back Dutch Braid Medium-Length Hairstyle

Who says your hair is too short for braids? This Dutch braid is simple and fun. It’s easy to recreate and the perfect second or third-day hairstyle. A light hairspray that allows you to layer the hold is great when creating braids. Try Super Shape by Pravana. Any face shape can wear this braided style. However, hair that is long enough to braid and is medium to thick creates beautiful braids.

soft waves on medium-length hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#29: Soft Waves on Medium-Length Hair

Beautiful, rich brown color with soft highlights and waves rippling through medium-length hair! Keeping brown hair color rich and shiny is as easy as a weekly conditioning treatment. Try Pravana’s Coco Brunette in the Color Enhancers treatments. Heart-shaped faces wear this wavy style perfectly, while hair that is medium to thick and naturally straight or wavy makes styling easy.

How To Style Your Medium-Length Hair:

  1. Shampoo and condition hair with moisturizing products.
  2. Blow-dry hair with a medium to large round brush (depending on hair length).
  3. Section hair into three sections, one in front of each ear and one in the back. Keep a two-inch section out and clip the remaining hair out of the way.
  4. Using a 1 to 1 1/2-inch curling iron, work in two-inch sections and curl them, starting midway down the length and down to the ends.
  5. Let the curls cool, then brush through with a wide-tooth comb.
  6. Finish with a small amount of smoothing cream.
Under Lights for Mid-Length Cute Hair
Instagram @kevinhairsalon

#30: Under Lights for Mid-Length Hair

An extra-long bob with bright blonde shining from under a rich dark brunette is fun and right in style this season. A great gel for soft hold and no stickiness is Biolage Agave Nectar Gel. Blonde, not your color? Try any color of the rainbow to peek from underneath — red, violet, or even blue!

#31: Cute Blonde Lob with Deep Side Part

The medium to long bob is great on so many different beauties! For finer hair, a volumizing product is a must. There are both creams and mousses, and it’s up to personal preference on what’s best for you.  Kevin Murphy Full Again and Pravana NEVO Full Again are great mousse.

How To Style Medium Bob:

  1. While hair is still damp, apply a thickening cream or mousse. Comb through to ensure it is evenly applied from roots to ends.
  2. Blow-dry hair in sections, pinning hair not being dried out of the way using clips.
  3. Bring sections down and smooth with a large round brush as you dry.
  4. If desired, finish this style with a flat iron set for your hair type at the lowest heat setting.
Cute Copper Curls on Medium-Length Hair
Instagram @hairlove.bysilvana

#32: Copper Curls on Medium-Length Hair

These mid-length highlighted copper curls will draw attention everywhere you go. Diamond, oval, and heart-shaped faces wear this well. Hair that is naturally curly makes it easiest to style, but straight to wavy hair that is medium to thick can work, too. Consider getting a perm to make your straight hair easier to achieve curly locks. They are making a comeback, and many stylists are experimenting with them to create natural-looking curls.

Soft Ombre on Medium Hair
Instagram @maija_riga

#33: Soft Ombre on Medium Hair

This flawless transition from rich brown to soft caramel on mid-length locks is soft and striking. A high-quality curling iron or wand is important to keeping your hair healthy. Bio Ionic irons are amazing! This is a great lighter color for the woman who doesn’t want to be blonde. Bring pictures to your stylist and ask if this color would work for you.

Cute Sweet Chocolate Auburn Medium Hairstyle
Instagram @kelseywighair

#34: Sweet Chocolate Auburn Medium Hairstyle

Rich chocolate brown hair styled into soft waves gives you a classic yet fresh vibe. For cute medium-length haircuts, Pravana’s Super Shape hairspray is awesome! Use a fine mist for a soft brushable hold or layer to intensify the hold factor. It never builds up on your hair and washes right out. To dress up hairstyles for girls, try adding a sparkly clip on the side or an adorned headband if desired.

#35: Soft Shag Cut for Older Women

A soft shag cut for older women can work wonders for softening your facial features and helping to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The soft layers, especially around the face, can be custom-detailed to compliment your face and hide areas that you want hidden. Keeping layers a bit longer throughout the haircut can avoid the mullet look and achieve something more subtle but beautiful.