See The Hair Makeover That Took This Beauty From Long and Drab to Short and Fab

From long and drab to short and fab, this stunning long hair makeover by Elizabeth Stenstrom and Vanessa Briand of L Salon & Color Group took our breath away!

L Salon & Color Group Long Hair Makeover

“The original hairstyle was very long with no shape, style or layers,” explains Stenstrom.

March Makeover - Before

“Our model was ready for a makeover to go along with her new job. She was looking for something that was modern and fashionable, yet professional as well,” says Stenstrom. “Most of all she wanted a hairstyle that would play up her best features and accentuate her face shape.”

March Long Hair Makeover - After

The final look is a graduated A-line layered bob with a fresh, brighter color. All over layers create softness and give major versatility to this sophisticated look.

“To emphasize her piercing blue eyes and beautiful cheekbones, I created long full bags and longer layers throughout,” explains Stenstrom. “This created softness around her face and really accentuates her cheekbones.”

You can find both Stenstrom and Briand working their hair magic with L Salon & Color Group in San Mateo, California. You can also see more of their work on the salon’s Facebook page and Instagram.