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We Set This Hair On Fire! See How It Happened…

From a sleepy, auburn-ish shag to a fiery red bob that’s full of amazing texture, this stunning makeover by the talented Candy Shaw is a serious head-turner!

Makeover - Drab to Fab Red Bob

According to the Atlanta-based stylist, the original hairstyle lacked a defined shape. “By cutting the hair to the chin, it placed the focal point on her cheekbones and eyes instead of her nose,” explains Shaw.

Fiery Red Bob Makeover - Before

First Shaw precut the hair with a razor to open up the curl and texture. After cutting and defining shape, she pre-lightened the hair with a bleach bath. Once the hair was pre-lightened, Shaw glazed the hair with a golden red orange and processed it for 30 minutes.

Fiery Red Bob Makeover - After

“This look has total versatility,” says Shaw, “as it can be worn straight or curly. You can even show off the neckline by adjusting the part deeper to the side to make the bang appear longer.”

You can find Candy Shaw at the renowned Jamison Shaw Hairdressers in Atlanta, Georgia. You can see her work on the salon’s Facebook page.