The Hair Makeover That Instantly Turned This Blonde Into Cover Model Material

From an everyday blonde lob to a BOMBSHELL blonde bob, this stunning hair makeover by the talented Frances London DuBose is a serious head-turner!

November Hair Makeover - Bombshell Blonde Bob

According to the South Carolina-based stylist, the original hairstyle simply needed “life”. “Her hair had a lackluster texture that was very dry on the ends and looked very heavy with no shine or life,” explains DuBose.

Bombshell Blonde Before Makeover

DuBose designed the shape and completed the cut first since she did not need to color the over twelve inches of hair she was going to chop off. The new cut is shorter underneath with long layers throughout the head-form to lift off the weight. The final look is a much more loose and carefree style!

November Makeover - Bombshell Blonde After

“The model’s natural color was a very drab level seven,” says Dubose. “I added highlighted pieces around the face perimeter and used a level ten in a gold shade glacé over the entire head to add sparkle and shine overall.”

You can find Frances London DuBose at the renowned London Hair in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. You can also see her work on the salon’s Facebook page.