The Long Wolf Cut: 21 Coolest Ways to Get It With Long Hair

wolf cut long hair
Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut for long hair is a fusion of two timeless haircuts—the shag and mullet. It’s structured with tons of layers to enhance women’s natural texture. This is the viral TikTok hairstyle worn by iconic celebrities like Debby Ryan, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish.

Stylist Angelica Arvizu from Arlington, TX, specializes in vivid colors and alt hairstyles. According to Arvizu, the wolf cuts are meant to look rugged and distressed. Ladies can style it with their personal touch.

“Long wolf cuts are a shagged mullet hairstyle that is amazing for the alt community. They can display that angsty style with their hair, clothes, and makeup,” she shares.

Unlike neat haircuts, blended layering creates a fun and dramatic look. It brings many layers, volume, and texture to tresses using razors and thinning shears. If you’re up for this idea, go for it!

Arvizu’s #1 tip is to invest in a good texturizing spray. She points out that “not everything has to be slicked down and boring.”

Otherwise, opt for something else if a heavily layered cut somehow scares you.

When seeking advice from your hairstylist, don’t forget to ask how to style your hair, especially the bangs.

“The bangs pull the entire look together,” Arvizu explains. Knowing the steps and techniques is crucial to recreating the style at home.

Are you ready for such a dramatic hair trend? Here are the photos of the most popular wolf cuts for long hair!


#1: 80s-Inspired Long Wolf

Indulge in a nostalgic and voluminous look by choosing an 80s-inspired wolf cut for your long hair for your next haircut. Short, shaggy layers are one of the best ways to create an extensive voluminous look to your hair. Avoid this haircut if you have very thin, fine hair, as it could make it look too sparse and stringy. Ask for lots of texture in your hair to encourage natural curl patterns to show off and define themselves.

#2: Long Wolf with a Shaggy Face Frame

The wolf cut is the perfect choice if you wish to keep the length while adding texture and volume to your hair. You can instantly update your look with it. The inside layer of the hair is cut short. This gives a feeling of no distinct section while maintaining texture. The length of the hair creates a frame around the face. Fully blow-dry the hair. Then style it with a curling tong and tousle it after it cools down.

Bright Copper Long Shaggy Wolf
Instagram @thibaut.coiffure

#3: Bright Copper Shaggy Wolf

A shaggy wolf cut’s greatest elements are the fringe and wispy face-framing layers. However, if you have fine hair, I suggest you avoid over-layering the haircut. Add vibrant colors like bright copper to give the illusion of full body hair.

Stunning Long Wolf with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#4: Stunning Long Wolf with Bottleneck Bangs

A long wolf with bottleneck bangs is the latest trend. But you want to avoid thinning it out with too much layering. It may be helpful to grow your hair to one length, giving your stylist more to work with.

Beautiful Long Wolf Cut Makeover
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#5: Beautiful Long Wolf Cut Makeover

Try this beautiful long wolf cut makeover if you have thick, dense hair. Be aware that this may not be the cut for you if you have fine or thin hair. The most significant advantage is keeping length while removing weight and volume. The heavy layering and curtain-like bangs frame your face and add movement and style. It will always look great whether you wear your hair up or down.

Extra Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#6: Extra Long Wolf with Choppy Bangs

Try an extra-long wolf cut with choppy bangs if you’re tired of dull hair. Ask your stylist for short layers on top with a disconnection into the long layers to maintain the length. Slide cutting is a great way to achieve this. You’ll want to punk up the top with a volumizing spray applied to the roots and lift them when drying. You can let the rest air dry for a rocker chick finish.

Layered Wolf Cut for Long Length Wavy Hair
Instagram @rayanaragan

#7: Cut for Long Wavy Hair

Women with long, wavy hair can (and should) also try a wolf cut. A fantastic feature of a wolf cut on long wavy hair is its ability to bring out and enhance your natural texture. So if you’re blessed with beachy waves and curls, expect to see some significant volume and bounce with this beauty.

Wolf cut with Lots of Long Hair In the Back

#8: Lots of Long Hair In the Back

A wolf cut has many layers that are longer in the back. Long wolf hairstyles are shaggy cuts that give an illusion of length and volume, especially black hair that lacks movement and body.

Long Wolf Cut with Bangs
Instagram @randa.rivera

#9: Wolf Cut with Bangs

A wolf cut hairstyle for long hair looks great on all face shapes, add in bangs, and you have the perfect style for square, heart, or round face shapes. The wolf cut gives many shaggy layers to prevent having flat hair. The cut is shorter around the face, giving the desired amount of face-framing.

Long and Tapered Wolf Cut
Instagram @hairbykarafina

#10: Long and Tapered Wolf Cut

A long, tapered wolf cut with short bangs and thinner ends is hot on the scene, and anyone from straight to curly can wear this latest trend. This wolf-cut mullet on long hair helps retain the length while providing a fantastic texture. Styling can be achieved with texture paste or volumizing mousse.

The Very Long Wolf Cut
Instagram @altrhairstudio

#11: The Very Long Wolf Cut

Change your look and keep your length with the long wolf cut – the best of both worlds. The shorter layers and curtain bangs will completely change how your hair looks when curled. Plus, you won’t be losing the waist-length hair you’ve worked so long to grow.

If you want the wolf cut on a long hairstyle, ask your stylist for a short layered shag haircut with bangs that leaves as much length on the ends as possible. If your thick hair isn’t as long as you’d like it to be, consider incorporating extensions for the most luxurious shaggy wolf cut anyone has ever seen.

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#12: Textured Wolf Cut for Fine Hair

A textured wolf cut for thin, fine hair is a great way to add body and movement, giving the illusion of fullness. This mullet wolf haircut works on medium to long hair lengths.

Long and Heavily Layered wolf cut
Instagram @____anu

#13: Long and Heavily Layered

Rock a long and heavily layered haircut for an edgy and trendy style. This long wolf hairstyle is said to have originated in the salons of South Korea. It’s an excellent cut for long, thick Asian hair because it adds so much movement and volume. A Korean wolf cut on long hair features short choppy layers that frame the cheekbones and longer fringe.

Long wolf cut with curtain bangs
Instagram @oh_its_m0

#14: With Curtain Bangs

If straight-across bangs aren’t for you, try the wolf cut on long hair with curtain fringe. The wispy curtain bangs on layered hair add a boho vibe that looks great with any face shape.

The trademark look for the wolf cut is lots of volume at the top layers and the natural waves that don’t require hot tools to style. Use an air-dry cream like R+Co Cool Wind pH Perfect Air Dry Creme in towel-dried hair, and you’re out the door in a flash with this low-maintenance cut.

Flattering Wolf Style for curly hair
Instagram @stylesbytrev

#15: Flattering Wolf Style for Curly Hair

A flattering wolf cut on long curly hair enhances nearly every curl or wave pattern. The short layers on top and around the face strengthen the curl pattern and help avoid the dreaded triangle shape. Plus, this will add gorgeous height in the crown. Curly bangs add even more fun to this cool-girl cut. For the ultimate curly wolf cut, scrunch your favorite curl products in soaking wet hair and let air dry for defined-not-crunchy curls.

#16: Long Wolf Cut without Bangs

If you like the idea of a long wolf haircut but aren’t ready for bangs, try out a longer version sans fringe! This wolf cut without bangs crosses back into the traditional shag category by keeping the longer layers more blended. Allowing the hair not to get so choppy makes this look complete with or without bangs.

long layered wolf cut
Instagram @nothingobvious

#17: Long and Layered

Another way to personalize a long and layered wolf cut is with a carved-out fringe. This face-framing trim gives off some major 60s vibes with a modern twist. If this voluminous wolf haircut is your style goal, be sure to ask your stylist to razor-cut your fringe for that extra sharp and shapely look.

Wolf Cut for long wavy hair
Instagram @hairabee

#18: For Long Wavy Hair

Wolf cuts have cemented as a staple for all hair types- long and wavy, super straight, ultra curly, and everything in between. The wolf cut provides movement and bounce that benefit any hair texture. You must dip your hands in some products to achieve the complete look. Try adding a root lifter or volumizer to your blow-drying routine for extra oomph or even a dry texture spray to your ends after styling.

#19: On Long Straight Hair

Wolf cuts are buzzing now as they’re a super flattering option for long, straight hair.

The main component of this wolf cut on long straight hair is layers. Lots and lots of choppy, chunky layers. This technique lends itself to straighter locks, creating a texture that the hair doesn’t already have.

#20: Long and Shaggy

The wolf cut can also be longer, softer, and shaggier- like this more romantic version of the popular crop. This wolf cut with layers is a more “extreme” shag mullet version that goes well with medium-length or longer-length tresses. Depending on how you style it, you can still achieve the bouncy romance of its shaggy 1970’s predecessor.

Hip-Length Wolf Cut
Instagram @hairbynadja

#21: Hip-Length Wolf Cut

This wolf cut hairdo consists of shaggy bangs and many shaggy layers with a combination of a mullet cut on longer hair. This allows for longer hair in the back and shorter in the front, which is perfect for hip-length hair to achieve more volume and movement. A wolf cut with long hair makes updos like a high ponytail possible.