The Long Wolf Cut: 15 Coolest Ways to Get It With Long Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A wolf cut for long hair is a fusion of two timeless haircuts—the shag and mullet. It’s structured with tons of layers to enhance women’s natural texture. This is the viral TikTok hairstyle worn by iconic celebrities like Debby Ryan, Miley Cyrus, and Billie Eilish.

Stylist Angelica Arvizu from Arlington, TX, specializes in vivid colors and alt hairstyles. According to Arvizu, the wolf cuts are meant to look rugged and distressed. Ladies can style it with their personal touch.

“Long wolf cuts are a shagged mullet hairstyle that is amazing for the alt community. They can display that angsty style with their hair, clothes, and makeup,” she shares.

Unlike neat haircuts, blended layering creates a fun and dramatic look. It brings many layers, volume, and texture to tresses using razors and thinning shears. If you’re up for this idea, go for it!

Arvizu’s #1 tip is to invest in a good texturizing spray. She points out that “not everything has to be slicked down and boring.”

Otherwise, opt for something else if a heavily layered cut somehow scares you.

When seeking advice from your hairstylist, don’t forget to ask how to style your hair, especially the bangs.

“The bangs pull the entire look together,” Arvizu explains. Knowing the steps and techniques is crucial to recreating the style at home.

Are you ready for such a dramatic hair trend? Here are the photos of the most popular wolf cuts for long hair!


#1: 80s-Inspired Long Wolf

Indulge in a nostalgic and voluminous look by choosing an 80s-inspired wolf cut for your long hair for your next haircut. Short, shaggy layers are one of the best ways to create an extensive voluminous look to your hair. Avoid this haircut if you have very thin, fine hair, as it could make it look too sparse and stringy. Ask for lots of texture in your hair to encourage natural curl patterns to show off and define themselves.

#2: On Long Straight Hair

Wolf cuts are buzzing now as they’re a super flattering option for long, straight hair.

The main component of this wolf cut on long straight hair is layers. Lots and lots of choppy, chunky layers. This technique lends itself to straighter locks, creating a texture that the hair doesn’t already have.

#3: Long and Shaggy

The wolf cut can also be longer, softer, and shaggier- like this more romantic version of the popular crop. This wolf cut with layers is a more “extreme” shag mullet version that goes well with medium-length or longer-length tresses. Depending on how you style it, you can still achieve the bouncy romance of its shaggy 1970’s predecessor.

Stunning Long Wolf with Bottleneck Bangs
Instagram @victoria.hairart

#4: Stunning Long Wolf with Bottleneck Bangs

A long wolf with bottleneck bangs is the latest trend. But you want to avoid thinning it out with too much layering. It may be helpful to grow your hair to one length, giving your stylist more to work with.

#5: Long Wolf with a Shaggy Face Frame

The wolf cut is the perfect choice if you wish to keep the length while adding texture and volume to your hair. You can instantly update your look with it. The inside layer of the hair is cut short. This gives a feeling of no distinct section while maintaining texture. The length of the hair creates a frame around the face. Fully blow-dry the hair. Then style it with a curling tong and tousle it after it cools down.

Medium long wolf haircut with soft graduated layers

#6 Softly Graduated Wolf Cut Charm

Embrace a fresh take on the wolf cut featuring softly graduated layers that cascade down, adding volume and a playful bounce at the ends. This cut is flattering for straight hair with a medium density, as it creates a natural lift without looking too sparse. The subtle layering around the face gently sculpts and is versatile for most face shapes. Styling can be as simple as a blowout with a round brush to accentuate the layers. While daily styling is minimal, the layered look does benefit from regular trims to maintain its shape and bounce.

Long platinum blonde wolf haircut with voluminous layers

#7 Platinum Waves in a Luxe Wolf Cut

This long-length wolf cut is an absolute head-turner with its platinum blonde waves that offer a luxurious feel. The sweeping fringe and voluminous layers provide movement and shape, complementing those with medium to thick hair density. The platinum shade, while striking, requires a commitment to maintenance to avoid brassiness. It’s perfect for someone who loves to make a statement and is willing to invest in regular toning treatments. Despite its glamorous look, this style is surprisingly versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Long natural black wolf haircut with textured layers and bangs

#8 Natural Textured Wolf Cut with Bangs

This cut with long, sweeping bangs is a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look. The disheveled layers add a relaxed, carefree vibe to the thick, straight hair, providing both movement and a flattering shape. The natural black color enhances the texture of the layers, creating a look full of depth and dimension. This cut is versatile for various face shapes, especially if you’re fond of bangs. Keep in mind that the thickness of your hair might require thinning out the layers occasionally to maintain the style’s effortless appeal.

Long dark wolf haircut with face-framing waves

#9 Dark Waves Wolf Cut Elegance

Featuring a luscious long wolf cut, this style incorporates gentle waves that work with the hair’s natural texture. The face-framing layers draw attention to the cheekbones, making it an ideal style for heart-shaped or oval faces. The rich, dark color not only emphasizes the hair’s natural shine but is also low-maintenance.

Long curly wolf haircut with voluminous layers and highlighted bangs

#10 Cascading Curly Wolf Cut with Highlighted Bangs

This curly wolf cut with full bangs offers a stunning, voluminous look that’s perfect for naturally curly hair. The long layers are cut to boost the hair’s natural bounce and vitality, while the highlights add an enchanting dimension that brightens the face. It’s a fabulous choice for thick hair, making a statement with its shape and volume. The bangs require regular trims to maintain their form, and using a diffuser when drying can enhance the curl definition. A curl-defining cream will also keep the curls well-shaped and frizz-free, emphasizing the cut’s playful nature.

Long layered wolf haircut with burgundy color and side fringe

#11 Burgundy Bliss Wolf Cut with Side Fringe

Opt for this burgundy bliss cut, featuring a sweeping side fringe that complements the long, layered style. This hairdo is perfect for those with straight to softly wavy hair, looking to add a vibrant twist to their locks. The layers provide movement and versatility in styling, while the rich hue brings warmth to various skin tones. While the color is stunning, it may require maintenance to keep it vibrant. The side fringe will flatter many face shapes, but keep in mind that it will need regular trims to maintain the perfect sweep.

Long wavy wolf haircut with choppy layers and bangs

#12 Boho Tousled Wolf Cut with Bangs

This boho-inspired wolf cut with full bangs offers a relaxed yet chic look, perfect for adding volume to wavy hair textures. The disconnected, choppy layers give life to the hair, creating an effortlessly tousled effect. Sun-kissed highlights throughout enhance the texture, making this style a go-to for those wanting a low-maintenance but stylish mane.

Bright Copper Long Shaggy Wolf
Instagram @thibaut.coiffure

#13: Bright Copper Shaggy Wolf

A shaggy wolf cut’s greatest elements are the fringe and wispy face-framing layers. However, if you have fine hair, I suggest you avoid over-layering the haircut. Add vibrant colors like bright copper to give the illusion of full body hair.

Beautiful Long Wolf Cut Makeover
Instagram @thebangsbabe

#14: Beautiful Long Wolf Cut Makeover

Try this beautiful long wolf cut makeover if you have thick, dense hair. Be aware that this may not be the cut for you if you have fine or thin hair. The most significant advantage is keeping length while removing weight and volume. The heavy layering and curtain-like bangs frame your face and add movement and style. It will always look great whether you wear your hair up or down.

Extra Long Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#15: Extra Long Wolf with Choppy Bangs

Try an extra-long wolf cut with choppy bangs if you’re tired of dull hair. Ask your stylist for short layers on top with a disconnection into the long layers to maintain the length. Slide cutting is a great way to achieve this. You’ll want to punk up the top with a volumizing spray applied to the roots and lift them when drying. You can let the rest air dry for a rocker chick finish.