28 Hottest Long Wavy Bob Haircuts Anyone Can Pull Off

Long wavy bob haircuts and hairstyles
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

A long wavy bob is a women’s hairstyle that is cut at shoulder-length and styled with waves. If you’re aiming to draw out the confidence in you and show off your feminine side, there’s no easier and more stylish way to go than to wear a sophisticated, wavy lob haircut!

Celebrity it-girls Camila Mendes, Kaitlyn Dever, Hailey Baldwin, and Alicia Vikander all took the wavy lob hairstyle as their signature looks, and there’s no question to it! A modern, carefree hairdo that’s all-in-one, a long wavy bob can blend layered hair, add volume and impeccable movement to fine tresses, intensify beautifully-done balayage, and slim down almost all types of face shapes.

Plus, you won’t believe how much versatility you’ll get in just a single hairstyle. Like it angled and stacked? In an A-line or paired with a fitting fringe? You’ll wake up every morning feeling excited to look in the mirror and check out those adorable tresses!

Ilona Warner, an Indiana-based hairstylist, shows us how she does the easy-hair look with a fresh cut and natural-looking waves. Wavy lobs top the list of the most sought-after hairstyles, not just because it’s perfectly pretty but also because these soft medium-length strands allow you to subtract minutes from your morning routine – the ultimate woke-up-like-this look!

Hungry for inspiration? One updated compilation of romantic, easy-going waves coming right up! Get your own long wavy bob hairstyle below!

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#1: Perfect for Thick Wavy Hair

Thick hair as a canvas for showing luscious waves is a perfect set-up to look stunning! The highlights are much more noticeable with the texture on this long wavy bob cut.

Related: See more short hairstyles for thick wavy hair.

Long Auburn Bob with Waves and a Money Piece
Instagram @colorsbyjaime
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#2: Long Auburn Bob with Waves and a Money Piece

You’ll look neat and fashionable with a long auburn bob accompanied by waves and a dyed section at the front, known as a money piece. A money piece is perfect for creating a dramatic color without adding too many highlights throughout the rest of your hair. Proper placement of the money piece around your hair parting point will beautifully compliment the cut and your skin tone. Your bob shape should have minimal layering to make it easier for you to curl your hair around a 1-inch barrel for soft waves.

Long Wavy Bob with Ashy Balayage
Instagram @novaperruquers
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#3: Long Wavy Bob with Ashy Balayage

An ashy balayage on a long, wavy bob enriches the look and adds volume to fine or thin hair. Hair with multiple tones can appear thicker. For styling, I suggest using a light mousse that adds volume to the hair and helps maintain curls.

Long wavy bob black hairstyle
Instagram @beautifully_slayed_04.23
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#4: Fabulous Bob for Black Hair

This perfect long wavy bob haircut for black hair made out of the frontal sew-in wig, is curled from the middle hair down to the tips for added elegance. The volume brought by the curls spices up the style even more.

Natural Blonde Waves on a Lob Cut
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#5: Natural Blonde Waves

Try natural blonde waves when you have a long bob haircut. Wearing your hair in a center part is one of the best ways to keep your curls natural looking. Be prepared to use a dry shampoo or texture spray to add texture to your roots and ends.

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#6: Blonde Balayage on a Wavy Lob Cut

One of the best trends is a wavy lob with a balayage. You don’t have to go full on with the color. If you can, keep it on the natural side by asking for barely-there color with a higher contrast money piece. This will give a sun-kissed look. Style in loose waves for a beachy look.

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#7: Soft Blonde Beach Waves

Brighten your day with soft beach waves! A universally flattering hairdo, the blonde beach waves look best when you avoid letting them get too brassy. Don’t forget to use an in-shower toner or purple shampoo regularly to fight unwanted yellow tones.

Buttery Blonde Lob with Waves
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#8: Buttery Blonde Lob with Waves

Try a buttery blonde lob with waves for a beachy hair vibe. This easy-going medium-length cut is versatile and can be worn by all different hair textures. For fine hair, layers will give movement and body. For thick hair, remove bulk to lighten it. Loose waves done by a curling iron gives the cut a messy, carefree look.

Blonde Wavy Lob with Dark Roots
Instagram @shmoakin_hair
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#9: Blonde Wavy Lob with Dark Roots

A blonde lob with dark roots helps is extremely stylish and customizable to suit your face shape and hair type. Blonde hair with darker roots helps maintain a more blended grow out if your natural color matches the added color level.

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#10: Outstanding Naturally Wavy Hair

What’s the key to flaunting natural waves? Use big barreled curls, rollers, or tie your hair right after the shower, and you’ll achieve this long bob on wavy hair.

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#11: Wonderful for Thin Hair

Perfect for thin hair, this long bob for wavy hair is a crowd-pleaser. With a much lighter look, the texture offers a softening effect to your whole look, making you look all dolly and cute.

long blonde wavy bob
Instagram @tanjas_hair
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#12: Outstanding Wavy Blonde Bob

If you think being blonde means sporting a solid monochromatic color, then you are in for a treat! Having blonde locks can be exciting, with different shades to choose from. With this long bob with wavy hair, you can show off your different “blondes” and in just one hairstyle!

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#13: Lovely for an African American

Black girls need some big curls! Let them catch you with this long wavy bob hairstyle that is sure to bring out that pretty face of yours!

long wavy inverted bob
Instagram @auralisflores
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#14: Flawless Inverted Bob

More loose curls can be styled at the front with this wavy inverted bob. Ease up your nape with shorter but fuller, more layered locks.

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#15: The Perfect Angled Bob

The angled cut on this long wavy bob hair adds volume on top of the texture that the soft waves provide. Caramel highlights on this mocha hair are very much on the front page of making you look glam, thanks to the waves that make them shine even more.

long wavy bob sew in
Instagram @cam_cbsquared
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#16: A Remarkable Sew-In Bob

No dull day is spent when you’ve got a new hairstyle to wear! The wavy style of your sew-in bob is an easy wear, doing wondrous things for your look. Casual and elegant in all aspects, this one never goes out of style.

long wavy bob with fringe
Instagram @locksbyalanah
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#17: Beautiful Wavy Lob with Fringe

Long wavy bobs can be arranged in all sorts of manners. Picking a soft wavy look with a light fringe gives a very delicate look. This one’s a favorite among young teens.

Amazing Blunt Bob
Instagram @leventkilic0
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#18: Amazing Blunt Bob

Thin wavy strands on this long bob cut resemble a wet, morning hair look that says, “I don’t care, I look cool in this messy bedhead.” The texture is the trademark of the look, with the blunt cut as a balance to the messy vibe of the style.

Long Wavy Bob Weave
Instagram @ilovekeeesh
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#19: Chic Long Wavy Bob Weave

Symbolic of fluidity and femininity, long waves like these are iconic to this bob weave. And since it comes in a pre-made manner, you’ll be able to try this look anytime easily.

long wavy asymmetrical bob
Instagram @beauticole_
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#20: Beach Ready Asymmetrical Bob

This look is a long asymmetrical wavy bob (or lob) and can go for women looking for a bit of an edge to their look while still looking organic and earthy.

Know that adding texture is what is going to make this look unique. Beach waves, crimps, curls, whatever you prefer, you can add. Using Hair Resort Spray and Touchable by Kevin Murphy is how we accomplished this lived-in texture while still looking healthy and shiny.

long wavy bob with bangs
Instagram @amorelandhair
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#21: Soft Wavy Bob with Bangs

Opt for a pretty lob with bangs. In this case, a blunt perimeter was done all around as opposed to an inverted perimeter. Ask your stylist to finish with some soft, textured, long layers to bring dimension to the cut and remove weight from the midrange of the hair.

The best thing about this haircut would be its versatility. There are so many different ways to shape, layer, and style this cut. Finish this look with soft waves and a texture spray to give it a lived-in look.

Lobs are a cut that can be personalized to any hair type, thickness, and personal style aesthetic. Especially with the blunted perimeter, this can make finer hair appear fuller and thick hair appear tamer just by changing the types of layering and texturizing used. This look can be worn blown out straight styled in waves.

A go-to products for achieving these looks would be Amika’s Plus Size Mousse, as well as Bumble and Bumble’s Glow Thermal Protection Spray when blowing your hair dry. These two in tandem are a fierce duo to keep your hair protected from the heat as well as adding soft volume.

For finishing products, try Amika’s Undone Matte Texture Spray and Fluxus Light Weight Hairspray if you’re curling your hair to keep your style looking textured and lived in all day.

If you’re opting for a smooth blow out, use one drop of Bumble and Bumble’s Hair Dressers Oil and work it through the mid-shafts and ends of the hair to keep your blow out looking polished and silky soft.

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#22: An Eye-Catching Graduated Bob

Consider a graduated bob, angled longer in the front and highly textured in the back.

It’s an edgier look that requires someone who takes care of their hair and does it most days. This look could be done on thick or thin hair, but it might not have the same volume effect on thin hair.

This long wavy bob would need to be styled with more products and different texturizing techniques. This is the perfect look for ladies who want shorter hair, but get annoyed when it sits on the back of their neck. You can cut the under layers down more while still maintaining some length in the top and front.

long wavy a line bob
Instagram @hairforbuddha
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#23: Fantastic A-Line Bob

This look has soft textural waves that are great for an everyday look or going out!

A go-to product to create this look is Eleven Australia Haircare and followed by Eleven Australia Flat Iron. Use Miracle Hair Treatment to prep the hair. Then, follow with Eleven Sea Salt Spray, which will add texture and movement through the hair.

Blow-dry the hair with a medium round brush. Section the hair out and curl with iron. Once you have finished curling the hair, go back in and straighten ends out for more of a lived-in finish.

Grab a wide-tooth comb to brush the curls out. Then, use Eleven Australia Dry Shampoo to add texture, gloss the hair with Eleven Australia Smooth and Shine Serum, and finish off with Eleven Australia Give Me Hold Flexible Hairspray.

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#24: Stunning Long Wavy Bob on Brunette Hair

It’s a beach waved bob, and the best thing about it is the excellent swing it gets with this length!

A 1/14 inch curling iron is the perfect size to use. Finish with a texturizing powder to get the body and a textured separation through the waves.

long layered bob wavy hair
Instagram @tease_salon_
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#25: Layered Bob

Consider some contrast of the dark base and the bright blonde pieces, especially when it’s styled with these loose waves.  The blonde really pops.

This look is perfect for any woman who can’t make it to the salon on a regular basis. With this wavy bob, you’ll have all the style but not the upkeep. People will think you just had your hair done even though it could have been a few months prior. It’s so easy to add a few waves and go.

The go-to products are Redken 450, Babyliss 1″ curling iron, Kenra Dry Texture Spray, and Kenra 25 hairspray. All of these products work well with any hair type and add protection, texture, and hold.

long wavy bob with side bangs
Instagram @danalysenghair
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#26: Trendy Wavy Lob with Side Bangs

This look is a modern, messy shag. It’s very soft, feminine, and sexy. The movement creates a lived-in, relaxed feel while still being modern and city chic.

These looks are amazing for smooth or wavy hair, and offer a more textured and messy feel. If you have straight hair, work with a 1 1/4″ curling iron to create some beach waves to make the look have more volume and texture. Clients have to love a bit of hair around the face, and a big soft sexy fringe is a must for shags.

For wavy long bobs with texture, work with dry shampoos and texture products like Dry Me from EIMI Wella styling and the Texture Touch also from Wella EIMI. First, blow out the hair for volume, work in the beach waves in opposing directions for fun texture, and then use the dry shampoo for shape, hold, and more texture.

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#27: Fantastic Side Parted Lob

The blunt cut lob is one of the most sought-after bob haircuts with its blunt, super-texturized, and naturally wavy look. It’s versatile and easy to style, which makes it suitable for every head. If your hair falls flat, seek the help of a texturizing spray like Kevin Murphy’s Hair Resort ($30). Mist the lightweight product through damp or dry hair for undone texture or focus on the roots for volume.

long bob wavy hair round face
Instagram @candicemanibog
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#28: A Gorgeous Bob for a Round Face

The combination of baby lights and balayage was utilized to create this gorgeous color. If you have a real infatuation with red hair, opt for a copper glow! It ‘s bold yet dimensional, and the color placement compliments the haircut.

This textured, wavy long bob was cut with a razor, and the razor creates texture and movement in the hair while also removing bulk. The best thing about it is the messy, undone but done feel of it. It’s almost as if she “woke up like this.” It’s perfectly tousled with subtle piece-y bits that just make the look pop.

This haircut is great for medium to fine hair. It’s the perfect California beach babe vibe while it also feels sultry enough for a girl’s night out!

For this look, use a one and 1/4-inch curling iron, alternating every other section curling away and toward the face, leaving just the ends straight to create the perfect wave. After the curls have cooled, lightly comb through, and tousle hair using your fingers or a wide-tooth comb.

This style is all about the texture, and in this case, the more, the merrier! Finish the look using your favorite dry texturizing spray to create volume and really bring that style to life. Here, Kevin Murphy’s “Bedroom.hair.” was used. It smells delicious and gives a light, weightless hold while spicing up your style. It’s also great for revamping your curls on second or even third-day hair!