Short Layers on Long Hair: 13 Examples of This Hot Trend

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief
Short Layers for Long Hair
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#1: Long Thick Hair with Short Layers

If you want your hair long enough to make complete layers out of it, do it! Go for volume that stands out from every angle!

Short layers on medium to long hair

#2 Layered Medium to Long Hair

Snipping more layers in a shoulder-length cut will create more flared out ends. Keeping the layers to a minimum would have a more organized look.

long shaggy hair with bangs and short layers

#3 Long Hair with Bangs

Keep it simple and natural with some soft-cut fringes and long, layered locks. Doesn’t this black shaggy hair rock?

Long Hair with Short Choppy Layers

#4 Long Hair with Short Choppy Layers

Deciding the length of your hair influences where your shortest layer will start. The client chose to keep her hair longer with textured layers.

Layered Long Wavy Hair
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#5: Layered Long Wavy Hair

The long layered wavy haircut gives you the diversity to be creative with your hair. You can style your hair straight or soft curls or very wavy. This is a haircut for any woman who loves to have long hair. It’s a fresh and young look. It’s great because the cut can be adjusted to frame any face shape. On wet hair, I love to use Seven Second Detangler Leave-in Conditioner by Unite Hair Care followed by Unite Boosta Volumizing Spray to create root volume.

Short layers on very long hair
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#6: Shorter Layers on Very Long Hair

Creating shorter layers on waist-length hair makes a textured look. You should try this out if you’re going for a more rugged appearance.

#7: Short Layers for Thin Hair

The small, graduated layers help to volumize straight, fine hair.

#8: Short Layers on Straight Hair

Start by parting the hair horizontally, making layers to be cut. Then, gradually cut per layer. Blow dry and brush out for maximum volume.

#9: Short Layers for Fine Hair

Delicately cut up layers onto hair to create volume and body for fine hair. Have those flowing locks while keeping a little bit of flair at the ends.

long hair with short front layers
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#10: Short Front Layers

Giving long hair those much-needed short layers could extremely change your appearance, in a good way, of course. Set out for that softened look while maintaining length.

#11: Layered Curly Hair

Opt for a layered curly haircut. Ask your stylist for round layers if you want a layered style to suit your curly locks. This will give you a uniform layered throughout that looks great curly or smoothed out. This will avoid a triangular shape in your curls.

#12: Short Feathered Layers

This is great for those having thick hair and would prefer to balance out the body of their hair. Due to the shorter top layers, the volume is more easily achieved if the top tends to be heavy and flat. It’s also amazing to bring some life and style to fine-textured hair. If one has naturally wavy hair, a good leave-in product, allowing the hair to air dry, does very well and looks beautifully beachy.

#13: Long Hair with Short Layers on Top

I love to do this cut! This is a long hair all over a layered cut. It consists of face-framing layers, long layers, and short layers. Styling this cut is super easy. It looks great when you flat iron it, blow it out, curled, or even air-dried it. Just make sure you have the right product for the right style.

Short layers on long hair is a haircut that’s cut with different lengths to bring in volume, remove weight, frame the face, and allow for flexible styling. Owning lengthy locks can sometimes be a burden, but by getting short layers, you can actually gain more!

Having different lengths transforms a monotonous look into an edgier, more dynamic one. Hair artist Gabriel Deodato‘s layered hair creations prove how phenomenal and effortlessly beautiful any mane could be when styled with layers no matter the texture.

Styled with bangs, beach waves, highlights, or a shag – short layers on long hair are the key to hatching the modern messy, lived-in look that everyone’s crazy about. With the right hair styling products, you can recreate countless looks at home and still look fresh and unique every day.

Fitting for any personality, this haircut requires frequent visits to your hairstylist because the overall look primarily depends on the lengths of your hair. If you need more convincing, take inspiration from the gorgeous Boho looks of Hollywood babes Amanda Seyfried, Dakota Johnson, and Elizabeth Olsen!

Keep on reading below for the most popular looks and more details on how to do long hair with short layers!