Long, Shaggy, Wispy Haircuts Are Trending & Here Are 19 Cool Examples

Long shaggy wispy haircuts
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Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long shaggy wispy haircuts feature tons of layers to give thin, fine locks extra texture and body. The cut is in considerable length to carry out various styles.

Stylist Mercedes Trimble of Mansfield, OH shares her thoughts about this look. “This long shag is perfect for women who want an easy, flowing, and low-maintenance style,” she states.

A shag cut grows out seamlessly. It works great with curly and wavy hair textures.

Women with straight locks might struggle to style the cut. Fortunately, it’s adjustable to what people need and want. Straight-haired ladies can ask their stylist for options.

When consulting a professional, be honest about your lifestyle and your ideas on home styling and upkeep. This will be your stylist’s basis on how to cut your tresses. They’ll also be able to make suggestions that fit your lifestyle.

Trimble’s ultimate advice is to make sure what you want. Don’t double guess, as this transformation cut creates an entirely different look.

“If you don’t like the layers and bangs, they’ll take some time to grow out. Otherwise, you’ll have to visit the salon every 8-10 weeks to freshen up the cut,” says Trimble.

This wash-and-go hair idea is a must-try! Come, see these inspiring images of the trendiest long shaggy wispy haircuts and plan your next salon visit.

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Soft Shag with Wispy Bangs for Long Straight Hair
Instagram @maggiemh

#1: Soft Shag with Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair

If you’re new or nervous about shags and disconnected haircuts, a soft shag with wispy bangs for straight hair is an easy way to dip your toe into the water! The layers in this long shag with wispy bangs are kept mostly around the face, so it’s a great way to start without committing to cutting disconnected internal layers.

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#2: Choppy Shagged Cut

A choppy shagged cut is an impactful way to update long locks. Women with long hair who opt for a shaggy cut will gain more volume and movement throughout their lengths and draw more attention to the eyes.

Feathered Layers on Long Shaggy Hair
Instagram @axfagundes

#3: Feathered Layers on Long Shaggy Hair

Women looking for a bouncy, cascading ‘do should try feathered layers on long shaggy hair. While this crop compliments even the longest hair, it can be tailored to any length for maximum volume.

Face-Framing Layered Shag on Women Over 50 with Long Hair
Instagram @bareeminimum

#4: Face-Framing Layered Shag on Women Over 50

Women over 50 should try a face-framing layered shag. This wispy cut will draw attention to your best features with its plethora of layering and carved-out fringe.

Long Shaggy and Wispy Layers for Fine Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#5: Long Shaggy Layers for Fine Hair

Long shaggy layers can do wonders for fine hair! This romantic, wispy haircut compliments finer locks due to its use of layers and body-building cutting techniques.

#6: Wispy Shagged Cut for Women Over 60

Women over 60 look fabulous with a wispy shagged cut. If you are majority silver or gray, a wispy hairstyle will bring out the dimension within your locks, allowing light to hit every strand just right. Pro Tip: To keep your silvers extra soft and shiny, try incorporating a weekly treatment into your shower regimen- like Olaplex’s “No.3 Hair Perfector”.

Wavy Layered Shag for Wispy Long Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#7: Wavy Layered Shag

Long, shaggy, wispy haircuts are in and the wavy layered shag is a stunning example! Women with longer hair will love these type of haircuts as it helps remove weight and refresh their hairstyle without losing a lot of length.

Wispy Curtain Bangs on a Modern Long Shag
Instagram @nothingobvious

#8: Curtain Bangs on a Modern Shag

Curtain bangs on a modern shag creates a look that is equal parts classic and trendy. With wispier hair coming back into style, this crop will keep you current but with a timeless edge.

#9: Very Long Shag with Heavy Bangs for Round Faces

Shaggier crops, like a very long shag with heavy bangs, are best for round faces. A round face shape can benefit from a shaggier crop because of the contrast in angular layers to soften lines in the face. Pro Tip: if a fringe is not for you, this cut also looks stunning!

Long Razored Shag Cut for Women Over 40
Instagram @nothingobvious

#10: Razored Shag Cut for Women Over 40

The razored shag cut is perfect for women over 40! Long shags add a youthful, playful feel to any woman’s style, at any age.

Mid-Back Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#11: Mid-Back Shaggy Mullet for Thin Hair

A shaggy style can be worn with almost any hair density, and a mid-back shaggy mullet for thin hair is no exception to the rule. The sections for disconnection need to be smaller with more length left out at the bottom to maintain a full appearance, so the majority of your texture will remain in the crown and around the face!

Textured Shagged Layers for Long Wavy Hair
Instagram @tthechopshop

#12: Textured Shagged Layers for Wavy Hair

Having natural texture in the hair makes textured shagged layers for wavy hair so simple for styling. The benefit of a shaggy haircut is it doesn’t have to be perfect, so diffusing your wave or curl will add great body and movement to your look!

Long Haircut with Subtle Layers
Instagram @aaashleee

#13: Long Haircut with Subtle Layers

If you are in love with keeping your length, a long haircut with subtle layers will maintain your length while adding a bit more body and texture! With medium to thick hair densities, a long haircut can quickly get overwhelming and heavy, so breaking up the shape and adding some layering will lighten your look and make styling more manageable.

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Waist-Length Shag with a Fringe
Instagram @bailiewengler

#14: Waist-Length Shag with a Fringe

Even when we love our long hair, it can get overwhelming, so a waist-length shag with a fringe is the perfect way to add movement and bounce to your style! A shaggy hairstyle on really long hair will help take limp, dense shapes to a fun, trendy cut!

Long Shag with Wispy Layers
Instagram @hair_ritualist

#15: Long Shag with Wispy Layers

If you are looking for a trendy haircut, you need to try a long shag with wispy layers. The texture adds a ton of movement for long cuts, so anyone with thick, limp hair will feel revitalized!

#16: Wavy Shaggy Hair with Interior Layers

A softer approach to a hot trend is wavy shaggy hair with interior layers! The crown layers are disconnected from the length so you will still maintain your long locks but have a lot of movement up at the top.

Long Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Square Faces
Instagram @nothingobvious

#17: Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Square Faces

A fun way to spice up your long hairstyle for square faces is a shag with face-framing bangs. A square face has straight features so adding texture and softness to the fringe and layers will help soften and balance your appearance!

Long-Length Wispy Razored Cut with Bangs
Instagram @jpattonsalon

#18: Long-Length Razored Cut with Bangs

An edgy approach to a long style is a long-length razored cut with bangs! There is a lot of disconnection in the layering so this is not for someone that is new to layering their hair, but it’s a transformative way to add a style to the hair while keeping all of your length at the bottom.

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#19: Tousled Shaggy Hairstyle

If you like the wispy style, on-purpose bedhead look, you have to try a tousled shaggy hairstyle. The layering is kept soft and textured on this long shaggy wispy haircut so styling should be manageable with volumizing products and a dry shampoo or texture spray!

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