32 Hair-Taming Long Shaggy Hairstyles for Women with Thick Hair

Cindy Marcus
Cindy Marcus Hairstylist, Editor-in-Chief

Long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair are multi-layered cuts that remove bulk to create a lighter feel.

Hairstylist Reanna Read of Wallingford, CT, loves the versatility of this hair idea. It’s great for all hair types and textures, whether natural, blown-out, or air-dried!

The perimeter and surface layers are crucial in any hairstyle. But to complete the shaggy look, don’t forget the texture built within the hair.

“These interior layers create movement in the shape, affecting how the hair behaves,” says Read.

Before getting a shag, discuss with your stylist about your desired outcome. Are you looking to enhance your thick hair or condense it?

Read explains, “This helps your stylist work on a shape you’ll love. They can make proper product and styling recommendations to support your look.”

During the consultation, ask if your chosen style will work well with your hair texture. Understand the steps to recreate the look and how much time it’ll take every morning.

As for the maintenance, discuss how frequently you must schedule salon visits.

Check out more hair inspiration here. These images show the most popular long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair.

Long Shag with a Roughed Up Blowout for Thick Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#1: Long Shag with a Roughed Up Blowout

A layered haircut comes to life with a long shag, roughed-up layers, and a big blowout. For added flair, consider accompanying your style with a thick, vintage bang. If you desire supreme lift, consider Eleven Australia’s powder. This powder enhances grit and texture and ensures lasting hold.

Long Shag with Dark Tones for Thick Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#2: Long Shag with Dark Tones

A long shag with dark tones looks stunning on thick hair. This type of haircut is perfect for thick hair as it balances volume from root to tip.

#3: Shaggy Butterfly Cut

One of the best hairstyles to bring instant fullness and body is a shaggy butterfly cut. This long shag haircut for thick hair consists of short layers. Shorter face-framing layers will accentuate a strong jawline. Finish with a 1.5-inch wand for effortless waves.

#4: Pretty Long Shag with Choppy Fringe

No matter your hair’s texture, size, or shape, a shaggy cut can flatter it. How your bangs, frame, and fullness lay should depend on your face shape. If you have thick hair, a shag haircut can help reduce weight and bring back waves to your style.

Long and Shaggy with Internal Layering for Thick Hair
Instagram @yukistylist

#5: Long and Shaggy with Internal Layering

If you have long hair and want a shaggy, lived-in feel, you should consider adding internal layers. This will reduce the weight in your hair, allowing more movement and ends that will create the look you are going for. Texture sprays are great. However, I recommend using sea salt spray. It clings onto the hair and provides a true definition.

Long, Thick, and Shaggy Hairstyle
Instagram @studio_mostton

#6: Long, Thick, and Shaggy

If you want to bring volume to your hair, try long, thick, and shaggy layers. Creating shaggy layers on long and thick hair allows for bulk to be removed while still maintaining volume. For fine hair, utilize lightweight and long-lasting products like a dry texture spray.

80s-Inspired Long Shag with Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @ernestomeneses

#7: 80s-Inspired Long Shag with Layers

This women’s shag haircut is the perfect choice for those with long, thick hair wanting to recreate an 80s-inspired hair trend. The layers and choppiness add incredible volume to your hair, giving it a dynamic and voluminous look. The thickest hair benefits from this cut as it removes weight from the sides. This provides balance, prevents a severe shag look, and gives it appeal across various face shapes. The length of the cut is crucial to maintain the natural curl pattern and prevent excessive shrinkage. Start with wet hair and apply a volumizing mousse to style this look. Then, create waves using a gentle twisting motion. Finally, finish it with a texture spray to maintain daily volume!

60s-Inspired Long Shaggy Cut for Thick Hair and for ladies with layered hair
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#8: 60s-Inspired Long Shaggy Cut

A modern take on a 60s-inspired long shaggy cut is perfect for ladies with thick, long hair. This cut creates volume and movement while leaving length for a nice effect. Long shags will have many layers strategically placed to remove some weight from the sides. This makes it a great option for women with thick hair who want an effortless finish. To get the most out of this cut and style, apply a lightweight styling cream to damp hair first. Focusing on the ends, add a couple of oil pumps and give your haircut definition and shine while letting air dry.

Anime-Inspired Long Purple Shag for Thick Hair and ladies with extra long hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#9: Anime-Inspired Long Purple Shag

For those with thick, extra-long hair, consider an anime-inspired long purple shag. This color and cut combo of choppy layers with fringe creates body and dimension in the hair. Invest in Celeb Luxury Viral Purple Colorwash Shampoo and Purple Colorditioner Conditioner. It will keep your locks looking super vibrant in between appointments. If you prefer texture and dimension to your thick hair, the shag cut is perfect for you.

Long Thick Shag with Reflective Blonde Tones and Layers
Instagram @rachelwstylist

#10: Thick Shag with Reflective Blonde Tones and Layers

If you have super thick hair, this shag with layers would be a great option! You can add a little more dimension by adding some reflective blonde tones. I suggest you talk with your stylist about the proper haircut schedule and styling tools to keep this look in shape!

#11: Voluminous Shag with Peekaboo Highlights

Try a layered cut for your thick hair with a voluminous shag with peekaboo highlights. A modern shag has soft-moving layers that are great for thick hair. Ask for bangs to conceal your forehead or frame your face. Allow your stylist to take weight out of heavy, dense areas to create weightless movement. It will help to prevent your hair from being weighed down for a more voluminous style.

#12: Grey Blended Long Shag

If you’re looking to shape your long, coarse hair but want to keep your length, ask for textured layers. A razor cut is a great way to remove bulk, add shape, and simplify styling. The tousled layers will also give you volume and open the hair when curled. This gives a fuller appearance without all the weight. Ask your stylist for styling tips and tricks for your new cut.

Long Soft Shag with a Deep Side Part for Thick Hair
Instagram @salsalhair

#13: Long Soft Shag with a Deep Side Part

Your hair will grow out nicely when you ask for a long soft shag with a deep side part style. If your hair has a slightly wavy texture, it will thrive in a haircut like this. But don’t forget to pre-book your touch-up in 8 weeks. That way, you can keep the lived-in look fresh.

Long Shaggy Thick Black Hair with a Blonde Money Piece
Instagram @hairbyelvisp

#14: Shaggy Thick Black Hair with a Blonde Money Piece

An edgy take on a huge trend is shaggy thick black hair with a blonde money piece. Starting with virgin color or lighter color will be the quickest way to achieve the bright money piece against this dark shag. But with patience and multiple visits to the salon, you can most likely achieve this contrast while keeping the hair healthy!

#15: Straight Shag with Bangs for Round Faces

Consider a straight shag with bangs on round face shapes. Ask your stylist to use a razor or slicing technique with shears on cuts for thick hair—balance round face shapes with eye-enhancing framing pieces that flip out and away.

Long Beautiful Dark Brown Shaggy Hair with Choppy Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @hirohair

#16: Beautiful Dark Brown Hair with Choppy Bangs

Spice up your beautiful dark brown hair with choppy bangs. Bangs will make you look and feel younger instantly. If you can’t commit to bangs fully, try working your way up to it with some short face-framing layers first.

Long Shagged Cut with Loose Curls for Frizzy Thick Hair
Instagram @skipdoeshair

#17: Shagged Cut with Loose Curls for Frizzy Hair

Try a shagged cut with loose curls for frizzy hair. Embrace your curls and your frizz with the perfect shag for a long hairstyle. Removing some weight with interior layers will help lift and shape your natural curls. Use a little hair oil or balm to tame some of the frizz, but embracing the natural texture is beautiful.

70s Long Shag with Razored Layers for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair
Instagram @nothingobvious

#18: 70s Shag with Razored Layers for Women Over 50

Consider a 70s shag with razored layers for women over 50. Give your mane a lift along with those cheekbones with a razor shag. Ask your stylist to remove interior weight and shape your face with layers to hit the features you want to bring out.

Long-Length Shag with Feathered Layers for Thicker Hair
Instagram @shannelandhair

#19: Long-Length Shag with Feathered Layers

Try a long-length shag with feathered layers. A waterfall haircut is a long shag for thick hair. Adding layers throughout the hair will create a beautiful effect of dips and waves. Remove weight through the ends and layering to highlight your facial features.

Long Razor Cut Shag with Middle Part Bangs for Thick-Haired Women
Instagram @highnoonhair

#20: Razor Cut Shag with Middle Part Bangs

Go for a razor cut shag parted down the middle with bangs. Keep your long cut stylish by adding bangs and razor-cut textured layers. Balance your face shape with a middle part if you are a diamond, pear, heart, or inverted triangle face shape. This is one of those low-maintenance, shaggy haircuts for women of any age because this look keeps a nice shape as it grows.

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Mid-Back Choppy Shag with Straight Bangs for Thick Long Hair
Instagram @aaashleee

#21: Mid-Back Choppy Shag with Straight Bangs

Go for a mid-back choppy shag with straight bangs. Soften up a shaggy cut with long textured layers and eye-framing bangs. A beautiful style is for ladies in their 20s and 30s who want a low-maintenance style.

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Long Two-Toned Shag with a Middle Part for Square Faces with Thick Hair
Instagram @jerjonjebeauty

#22: Two-Toned Shag with a Middle Part for Square Faces

Consider a two-toned shag with a middle part on square face shapes. Soften square face shapes and balance the face with a middle part. A shaggy style gives a rock n roll vibe and compliments all lengths of hair and thicknesses.

Medium-Long Shaggy Haircut with Curtain Bangs for Thick Hair
Instagram @ruteboazhair

#23: Medium-Long Shaggy Haircut with Curtain Bangs

Go for a medium-to-long length shaggy haircut with curtain bangs. If you need help to stay looking professional but want a modern style, try a shaggy haircut with minimal layers and more of the ends sliced piecey. This style is great for busy women in their 30’s and 40’s.

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Long Shag with Face-Framing Layers for Thick Straight Hair
Instagram @kissmebronze

#24: Shag with Face-Framing Layers for Straight Hair

Go for a shag for straight hair with face-framing layers. Long, shaggy hairstyles for thick, straight hair are great for removing weight and allowing more movement to the hair. An easy way to style a long shag is by blow-drying the long face-framing bangs with a 1 1/2 inch round brush – turning away from the face giving the style of shag, and letting the rest of the hair down in its natural state.

Long Curly Shag with a Fringe for Thick-Haired Women
Instagram @toriwiget

#25: Curly Shag with a Fringe

Opt for a curly shag with a fringe. Long shaggy hairstyles for thick, curly hair will release your curls into freedom. Lightening up the hair with crown layers and face-framing will give your hair body and shape. Hand style the hair with heat for a quick dry or set with your favorite curl product till it’s dry, and massage the style with your palms until you achieve the desired shape.

#26: Layered Shag Cut for Women Over 70

Go for a layered shag cut if you’re a woman over 70. Women over 70 rocking a long style can enjoy the comeback of shags to create a soft texture and easy maintenance style. Add crown layers and a few beachy waves for body if your hair is finer.

#27: Long Shaggy Hair with Wispy Bangs

Rock a long, shaggy haircut with wispy bangs. Shapeshift your long haircut into a lightweight style by getting textured layers. Remove bulky weight for fewer headaches due to too much hair, and frame the face with piece-y bangs that hit right above the eyebrows. A great style for low-maintenance and pear face shapes needing more width at the crown.

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Razored Shag for Long Wavy Hair on Women Over 40 with Thick Hair
Instagram @prismahairco

#28: Razored Shag for Wavy Hair on Women Over 40

Try a razored wavy shag on women over 40. Long shags with layers all over and face-framing around the eyes work great for oval and long face shapes. A long, shaggy hairstyle for thick, wavy hair can be styled with a 1-inch curling wand or natural curls with a styling balm and texture spray.

Waist-Length Shag with Face-Framing Bangs for Thick Haired Ladies
Instagram @sara.m.cr

#29: Waist-Length Shag with Face-Framing Bangs

Rock a waist-length shag with face-framing bangs. Thick hairstyles rock a shag so well with layering up the crown and mid-layers to help remove weight and carve movement into the hair. Face-framing bits around the eyes help bring out the natural beauty. For volume in the crown and bangs, try using “Powder” by Hairstory.

Long Layers on a Shag Cut for Women Over 60 with Thick Hair
Instagram @y_ctrl_

#30: Long Layers on a Shag Cut for Women Over 60

Rock a shag cut with long layers for women over 60. A long shag haircut for thick hair offers endless opportunities for styling, carving out some weight, and enhancing your texture. Face framing and styling away from the face give the face a natural lift by drawing the attention upwards.

Very Long Textured Hair with Shaggy Layers for Thick Hair
Instagram @jordanaveryz

#31: Very Long Textured Hair with Shaggy Layers

Go for a long, textured hairstyle with shaggy layers to achieve a modern hairdo with a lot of texture and style. With these shaggy haircuts ideal for thick hair, focus on layers in the crown to thin out the ends and then around the face to bring out your best features.

Long Shag with Crown Layers and Bangs for Thickest Hair
Instagram @davidwbullen

#32: Long Shag with Crown Layers and Bangs

Go for a long shag with crown layers and bangs if you want tons of volume to show. If you’re looking for low-maintenance, such long and shaggy thick hairstyles with lots of short layers will give longevity and grow out nicely. For the thickest hair, you will want lots of texture and weight removal with a combination of shears and razors.