15 Most In Demand Long Perm Hair Ideas Right Now

Perms for long hair

Perm for long hair is a hairstyle done by subjecting the hair to chemicals to achieve a permanent curly or wavy texture. What better way to sport your lovely long locks than with major amounts of volume?!

Maybe you think about those extra big and frizzy permed hair of the ’80s, but now it’s time to turn your head to its contemporary, voguish versions that got a lot of celebrities opting for it! Topping the list of permed A-listers are Joan Smalls, Salma Hayek, Ashley Graham, and Amanda Seyfried, and everyone’s liking how they play up their spirals.

Unlike before, modern techniques give you the chance to choose what size of curls or waves you want to achieve. From beach waves to voluminous coifs to curled bangs, you can now easily attain a mermaid-boho vibe or a classic fit-for-royalty look with those lengthy strands!

Not just that – getting permed hair today doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beloved tresses’ health and integrity! The secret to curls that are full of life is to moisturize religiously and use products that won’t harm your beloved hair.

There’s no denying that the perm hair revolution is starting and will stay for a long time! Let’s now head down to this updated array of perms for long hair. Feel free to screenshot your fave permed hairstyles for long hair!

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#1: Partial Spiral Perm

Unlike your normal spiral perm, this one’s a bit more loose, all thanks to a long curling rod and some mousse to keep it in place. After treatment, you’ll be out and about with full-bodied hair teeming with texture and bounce.

Perm for long thin hair
Instagram @amandhhhhha

#2: For Long Thin Hair

A definitive way to achieve maximum texture is to have your thin hair kinked up likewise. You can already do so much styling with this kind of perm that is also easy to manage and maintain.

Loose perm for long thin hair
Instagram @vis_ooi27

#3: Long Loose Perm

Achieve the natural waves with a perm! Those long locks could use some texture towards the ends, which gives a superb contrast of the roots from the ends.

Large curl perm for long hair
Instagram @brisdalebeauty

#4: Large Curl Perm

It is best to use big barreled curlers to achieve locks this thick. A layered arrangement is the best choice for this cut, as this would create more bounce.

Corkscrew perm for long hair
Instagram @meldavishair

#5: Corkscrew Perm

A very easy and achievable hairstyle for a lot of women. Just get your curling irons ready, and you’ll be rocking this perky vertical spirals in no time!

#6: Long Curly Perm

Those long locks could really use some styling up! Curled perms offer texture and hold up the body of your hair, which gives it a really thick look.

#7: Long Hair with Bangs

Getting a perm can be as casual as sporting those natural-looking waves from root to tip. Texture and a wild form that is all the style nowadays with face-framing bangs are the ultimate perks of this redeeming hairstyle.

Wavy perm for long straight hair
Instagram @anissa.at.iss

#8: Long Wavy Perm

Your long locks just got an upgrade! Get the look with a soft wavy perm, then style with styling mousse for refreshed curls all day long.

A Modern Perm
Instagram @jobosco

#9: A Modern Perm

A contemporary take on the tightly permed curls, this one is more inclined to giving your hair those much-desired beach wave look. Utmost texture and body are achieved, perfect for a casual day out.

#10: For Long Thick Hair

The best canvas for those curlies? A long blanket of thick hair! Get those locks permed to achieve a glorious wavy look for texture and flare that would bring out your femininity.

Perm for long fine hair
Instagram @maxeyhair

#11: For Long Fine Hair

Fine hair could surely use a little bit of perking up with texture. The curls help in giving these strands a livelier look, with these long tresses as a perfect slate for your curlies.

Perm for long hair with loose curls
Instagram @malloryonhair

#12: Perm with Loose Curls

Q&A with style creator, Mallory Granrath
Hair Stylist @ Pure Nashville Organic Salon in Nashville, TN

How would you describe this look?

This look is the result of a long hair spiral perm using my favorite perm solution, Organic Colour Systems ammonia-free solution from the UK. To style it, we used Innersense Sweet spirit leave-in conditioning spray and Innersense volume lotion then diffused.

Any advice for someone considering it?

Know that this end result did not come easily! First, it took lots of prep work to get her long bleached hair prepped for a perm. We did a Malibu crystal gel vitamin C hair detox 2 weeks before getting any build-up off her hair that might hinder the gentle perm solution from penetrating her hair. After we washed that out, we then followed up with Organic Colour Systems power build protein treatment. My client then continued the prep at home doing the power build protein treatment 4 more times (2x/week) till her perm. If she didn’t do that, she would not have enough protein/strength in her ends, and the lightened parts would just simply not take to the new shape.

I rarely say yes to do a perm on clients with bleached hair because it is simply just not strong enough. This client was already an existing client of mine, and I was the one who lightened her hair. I knew what I was working with, and I knew she was willing to put in the work and invest in the pre-perm work, so that is the only reason I agreed to perform this service on hair this lightened.

Clients often tell me they want a perm so their hair will be less maintenance, but that is far from reality. If your hair is colored, you have to keep up with weekly protein treatments to keep your hair strong post perm, properly applying the correct curl supporting products on wash days and drying properly. Sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase is a must to not rough up your cuticle after a perm. Continuing with correct at-home care is just as important!

If you are a client thinking about getting a perm, you will be a much better candidate if you do not have bleach on your hair. If you wash your hair every day, you are also not a candidate for a perm. Once you get your curls/waves, you do not want to disturb your curl pattern or dry out your hair by washing too much. Powdered dry shampoo like Oway plant and mineral refresh is my favorite right now for those non-wash days.

I always require an in-person consultation before booking a perm with me. That way, we can see if you are a perm candidate, discuss, and book any pretreatments, along with time and cost of service.

Beach wave perm for long hair
Instagram @minjoohair

#13: The Beach Wave Perm

Q&A with style creator, Katayama Minjoo
Hair Stylist @ Sola Salon Studios in Tustin, CA

How would you describe this look?

This hairstyle expresses her natural curls and a feminine feeling different from the usual unnatural curls. The part I see most feminine after doing digital perm is the part I’m most satisfied with.

Any advice for someone considering it?

People who can’t care for their hair or have to go out busy in the morning needs to learn how and be good at styling their hair. Hair with bleached color should be avoided. Healthy hair is the best condition for a perm.

#14: The Spiral Perm

Q&A with style creator, Susan Lee
Hair Stylist @ Pomp and Proper in Vancouver, BC

How would you describe this look?

90s comeback! I love that a spiral perm can add so much texture and volume to naturally straight hair or enhance natural wavy or curly hair. It’s big, sexy, fun, and definitely attracts attention!  Another great thing Maryanne has noticed since getting her perm is that the added root-lift has made her hair look less greasy, therefore allowing her to shampoo once a week!

Any advice for someone considering it?

Getting a spiral perm can take several hours in the salon – the more hair you have, the longer it will take, the more it will cost. It’s better to have a haircut with layers, so you don’t end up with a triangle, so I like to cut before and after the perm. On Maryanne’s hair, Jessy used two-rod sizes in the back sections, and I decided to use 4 different rod sizes on the top and front to create the effect of more layers and to make it look more natural.

Getting a perm can be low maintenance, but you do need to put a little effort into styling the curls. I would recommend going as long as you can between shampoos, using a curl specific or hydrating sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Pureology Curl Complete or R&Co’s Cassette are great choices. To refresh your curls in between shampooing, you can dampen your hair in the shower or spritz with a water bottle and spray Pureology’s leave-in Color Fanatic. One of my favorite styling products for a perm is Pureology’s Curl Complete Style Infusion, it is a 2 in 1 cream-gel combo. Once you apply your products, gently scrunch your curls, air dry then boost your curls with a diffuser on low-medium settings. Try not to touch your hair a lot during the day – this will eliminate frizz and keep your curls looking amazing!

Multi Textured
Instagram @mspauline212

#15: Multi-Textured

Q&A with style creator, Pauline Messina
Hair Stylist @ Beautique Day Spa & Salon in Houston, TX

How would you describe this look?

This is a look I achieved by wrapping the hair a certain way when perming this client’s hair.

Her hair is quite dense, so the curls came out full and soft. We were going for a beachy look that required little styling. She’s a first-time mother and works full time, so her time is very little for a high maintenance hairstyle.

My favorite thing about it was how natural and effortless it came out. Doesn’t it make you want to perm your hair?

Any advice for someone considering it?

Your hair must be dense, meaning that you should have a good amount of hair. Fine hair can be permed, but it won’t be as full and bouncy as this client here in the picture.

After the perm, there are a few rules to follow. No shampoo for 2 days – shampooing before the 2 days will drop the curls. No hand bands and ponytails – pulling the hair back to tight will pull out the curl and could cause breakage. No conditioner for one week – using conditioner before that time could pull out the curl but will definitely relax the curl.

Good products are a must. Products that are volumizing are best. Products with too many moisturizers could pull out the perm faster then you want.

I would totally recommend this for anyone who wants a wash-and-go look, beachy waves, a new mom. It’s such a great look for anyone wanting to have a trendy look without the hassle and damage blow-drying and hot tools could cause!

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